Short update

You know I’m so damn tired. It has been a long time since I occupied myself sOoOOo efficiently and effectively. And I realised, HAHA, everyone got 24hours, but it’s up to you to go and manage. Although I STILL dont feel I have enough time, indeed I did achieve more for the past 1month because I slept lesser and also woke up earlier everyday!!

ANd it’s proven. 7hours of sleep is best for your health and for your day. You may still feel tired for the first 10minutes after you woke up, but once you washed up and bathed, it’s very refreshing. So start your day early!

Ya and I know I’ve been super lack of updates lately. So many things never blog. Jas’s birthday, Coco’s concert, chill outs and clubbing nites. But thank god Jas and Rain both updated their blogs regularly and I can just read there. =P Most pictures with them too. I’m glad dear Jas enjoyed her surprise. =) We really had so much fun and laughter for the whole night, well, that is until she had to leave lah. =( Hopefully….she can have more freedom…soon.

Alright, tomorrow, or rather later(Sat) will be like the first full day weekend in the past 1 month for me to relax and I’m going for a (small) drink with Jy and Iv. Sunday will be REST again(yes I really need it), also not really rest loh. Gotta do housework and bathe Vickki. Maybe can catch a show with dearie too. He has been wanting to catch Katherine Heigi’s new comedy. We’re both her fans. She’s gorgeous and yet so cute and funny.

Next week! Next week I will be more free!
Please book next weekend for me will you, SL, Jas, Rain, Kel, Jy, Gr, Ir! Missing ya!

JB!! Ktv!! Pub!! Club!! Omg…….cant imagine I’m so guai for the past 1+ month. =P

Cel will be giving birth anytime soon! Hopefully more happy news and less sad news…..had attended 2 wakes for the past 1 month. Sigh.

Then I also got this stupid diarrhoea problem for like, 2weeks? I kept LS after EVERY single meal and what’s more, the tummy pain is super super pain those kind. =( I ate medicine liao but I’m like LS-ing EVERYDAY. Eat 1 meal, lao 1 time. Eat 2 meals, lao 2 times. =~~~(


Take care and have a lovely weekend all!!