Gimme a break

New year is coming. I really wish “it”  f* up lesser so that I can have less shit to clear. It really douses my mood. =(

And, sometimes I wonder why some people talk in a way that’s soOooooOOo intolerable. The best part is, they totally think it’s fine! The most fantastic part is, these people often feel it’s other people who have the problem, it’s never their problem. (=.=)”””””’

The real funny thing is actually many people think along the same line and often roll eyes or giggle in unanimous consensus. To the point that, it’s freaking funny with the forced straight-faces. I might be real wicked to be one of the few but what can I do? Nobody likes telling people off and letting people tell them off. Not as if they can accept with grace.

But that probably means, irritating people will continue to be irritating forever. Sigh. Any way to hint without being offensive?

They’re not bad people. Just…well….not to be “consumed daily”.

I told dearie, “If one day, I became irritating unknowingly, please do tell me. I dont wish to be a clown, laughed by masses and not knowing why people laugh.”

Dearie: Of course, I’ll tell you dear, but I know you wont become like that. =)

Aiya who knows, when one ages, one will change. Perhaps I’ll become more lo-soh….actually I already felt I did get more lo-soh liao leh! =P …Dont know why, I kept repeating what I said, for fear of people didnt hear properly or catch me. =(  That’s the first symptom I think. I did try to curb from repeating myself.  Lol.


My perm……….

I dont like my new hair. =((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Ok lah. No use crying over spilt milk. Dont have nice curls, then I make it into nice waves lor!

Initially, it’s truly my intention to perm my hair, though not into curls, but into waves. I even searched for pictures with styles I love.

I also researched online and read about the new airwave perm. However, as much as I heard it produce nice waves like above, it’s not lasting. Slightly more expensive too, because it’s not as damaging to hair.

At this point of time, I saw this.

I went through “mountain and sea” and finally got the contact of the hairstylist. Enthusiastically, I went to visit him. I wasnt disappointed. When the digital perm was done, I was very pleased for it looked exactly like the one in the picture above and were the curls I loved and thought I can never achieve. However, deep down in my heart, I know it’s not going to be lasting because when he was removing the rollers, I can see that my hair werent very curled. It’s his professional and meticulous blowing skills which brought out the curls. After that, he also told me lots of things about maintaining my curls. Sigh…I thought I can manage to keep the same style with expensive products like Sebastian Potion 9, good shampoos and treatments. Also PLUS my handy Philips hairdryer which comes with the humongous perm equipment attached. I thought I can! But I failed. It’s really pretty difficult to twist out the curls cum blow-drying them meticulously with lots of patience, which I dont have lah.

So I went back to him. And after much discussion, he decided to gave me a re-perm but airwave perm instead, so that it’s less damaging. Still, I have to snip off as long as 2 inches of my hair because the ends were simply too damaged. =( It’s now slightlyyyyyyy better……BUT STILL, instead of curls, I now have waves instead…..  I’m glad hair’s texture wasnt made worse. As much as he was all smiles and all that during the whole 4 hours of re-perming, and even bought me Wendy’s french fries to eat(and refused to accept money), I will not recommend him for perm. But because his service is so good(he’s a nice guy lah, pleasing to the eyes too. Haha), I shant mention who he is too. I might go back to him if I ever want rebonding or cut etc. I shall give him the benefit of the doubt, because he said my hair dont have much 弹性 after too much rebonding and colouring. It might be true, who knows?

So well……………….Yup. I still thanked him nicely for the 2nd perm, wash and blow, cut, treatment and all the service given. Though please dont think I earn anything like that, because it’s another tedious 4hours at the salon which I dont enjoy at all. =.= Perm is $260, plus cut became $300. Excluding the stuff for hair that is. =P And well, Sebastian Potion 9 disappoints me.

L’Oreal Hair Mix Spiral Splendour is SO much better.

Stronger hold and styling.




However, sad thing is I cant find it anywhere now. The last I bought was from White House salon at bedok where I did my previous perm. The perm was pretty lasting around 6months, it’s nice, however, very ordinary.

Kinda regretted why I didnt snap a picture of the fresh perm then. Sigh….anyway…there’s the new perm pic……………………….Say Hello to Auntie Fion………..*wipes tear*

All in all……I dont regret perming because the main reason why I wanna perm is because I have been dropping alot of hair until it’s limp and flat. At least it looks more voluminous now, though I’m pretty sian my length shorten by so much. Just have to start keeping it long all over again. Sigh, need to colour my ugly roots too since the perm brought out the colour which is….pretty obvious now.

faint ahhhhhh

Maybe I should stay away from ALL guys who are attached/married.


3 unhappy things today =(

1) After checking Co’s email. Sigh.
2) A friend blamed me for “shua3” him because he came down from Tampines to Jurong to wanna join us for mahjiong but we left, hence he made a wasted trip.

The thing is, not I jio him one leh. Is Iv who jio him. And I dont understand why? We already have more than 4 players. We had 5, just that 2 of them are couple so they take turns to play.

And I told that friend I’m going with my friend and she dont want to stay late, and if she leaves after 2 rounds, I also wont stay. However, I thought since Iv jio him, he will stay and continue to play. Iv + Couple + him = 4 legs mah.

But Iv didnt stay! He left for dragonfly and it’s not our fault!

In the first place, I didnt jio him.
In the second place, I also didnt promise I will play till late or wait until he come.

So why KP me?

3) My curls didnt last. Curls become waves instead. Kinda sad.

I know….

I know I shouldnt feel…dejected….

But I cant help it…. =(


I really hate to have too much emotions sometimes.

Why I always care how people feel but nobody care how I feel leh?

Beneath all that tough and strong exterior, I’m still a sensitive and emotional being.

How I wish I can be as practical, pragmatic and emotion-less like some people(absolutely NOT pin-pointing anyone in particular. Just feel there are people like that in this world).

I think I will be happier.



The most horrible thing happened to me just few days ago. Dearie and me were watching “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and after it ended, I suddenly experienced a very intense pain in my chest, more to the right side. It’s a very intense, throbbing and burning pain.

“As if my heart was constricting, or being strangled!” I wailed to dearie with a woebegone face.

Dearie: Eh but your heart is on your left side leh. Not right side leh.

Me: (Blur and enlightened, but still in pain) Eh YA HOR! So……what is inside here(pointing to my right breast)? (In chinese “那这边有什么??”)

Dearie: Eh…dont know leh..maybe lung?

Me: zzzz………….

Okie, so whatever organ inside that specific spot below my right breast, it’s damn painful lah.

Unfortunately, dearie chosed that day to park at his old house(very nearby) other than Jurong Point and I had to wait for him to come fetch me. I tell you, I ALMOST threw all inhibitions and “face” away by sitting on the floor because I really cant take the pain! But of course I didnt…however, tears were already trickling down my face because really very painful. Ahhh…so paiseh.

Stupid me did not suggest going to the hospital immediately and thought 2 panadols can stop the pain when I got home. I laid on the bed for around 1 hour plus, the pain still not go away but it’s not as intense when it first started. From the beginning on a scale of 9, it came down to 7…but still pretty painful. And there’s also a burning sensation in the chest. Left with no choice, dearie bought me to see a 24hrs doctor. However, it was very crowded so I told him to bring me to Mt Alvernia as other government hospitals will also be very crowded.

I’m so thankful there’s only 1 person before me. It was already around midnight then. The nurse did an ECG for me and good news…the doctor said it’s highly UNlikely that I have heart problems at my age…and it’s most probably muscle spasms in the chest. While I’m perplexed how can that get SO PAINFUL and INTENSE, the doctor said it’s perfectly possible because it’s in the chest. He further explained chest muscles are one of the most hardworking muscles because they’re working whenever you breathe. Since you probably cant stop breathing, they dont have “off day” lah.

Anyway, I was advised not to do any strenuous exercise, like rugby etc, in the event that the muscle spasms was caused by over exertion. Perhaps swimming is fine. It’s damn funny loh, I dont understand how I could have that problem when I did not do any strenuous exercise(duhz, I almost NEVER exercise). Sigh, it might be due to digestive order or stress, so I’ve googled. Anyway, the doctor prescribed me some muscle relaxant/painkillers and some medicine for my possible gastritis…when I told him about my frequent stomach pains after every meal. Aiya, since no patient after me, I just asked all I can and get the medicine I need loh.

“Basically, just stay away from spicy, oily and sour food, that will probably help.”

Looking at my sullen “green” face, he added, “ya I know that means you’re only left with choices like porridge, bee hoon soup etc…but you can regulate lah, dont eat them(spicy/oily/sour food) too frequently.

I’ve heard that before from my family doctor…but wah lao….seriously…I’m fine with avoiding sour food/drinks……..but spicy/oily food? No more chicken wings? No more nasi lemak? What’s a nasi lemak without chilli? Chilli crabs leh? What’s chicken rice without chilli too? Harshbrowns? Sotong balls?


After we collected the medicine, I popped it immediately but the pain only totally subsided at around 5am. Poor me. =(




Not much mood to blog…or rather…no mood to do anything else. Am down with coldsore and it hurts. =(

Currently spending my time watching 锁清秋 at Pipi. A very very nice show.