Wine Company @ Dempsey + Shanghai Dolly

We had planned this like eons ago. It’s not easy to get Kel due to her commitments. She had suggested Dempsey and well, I wasnt particularly in love with this place because it’s so inaccessible. But Jy and me went along with it because Kel haven been there before. Her notti colleagues laughed at her because of that. Haha. Very bad ley. =P

As expected, we got lost inside despite going there on a cab! I meant to find the lounge which Rain, Jas and me had spent the last enjoyable night out but we couldnt find it. I dont even remember it’s name. Arrghhhh. My 2nd choice was The Wine Company but we also cant find despite walking along uneven roads and slopes for more than 15minutes . Duhz! I only know these 2 places at Dempsey. Haha. Oh not that I always decide where to go among us, but usually they dont have much ideas where to go because they seldom drink/club outside. Except with me of course. Muahahahaha.

Okie Eventually we tried to look at the map(geez….) and had to flag a cab AGAIN to get to The Wine Company. Totally famished and tired upon reaching!

Ordered a mountain of food but yet cant finished. They were fantastic!!

From left to right; 

1) Sausage Platter ; A variety of sausages but no doubt my favourite will be the cheesy ones. Served with mustard. Yummy! Pretty big portion.

2) Wine Company Signature Pizza(w/ chicken mayo) ; Very big portion, definitely to be shared among 3. Drenched with mayonnaise and fish flakes. Thumbs up!

3) Smoked duck pasta ; Smoked duck was tougher than expected but was okie. Okie I shouldnt expect the same smoked duck as per the one I had in Dozo. However, still a nice but pretty normal dish.



If it werent for my precious darlings beside me, guess I cant even smile for pictures. Btw, this perm was before the re-perm, so the hair was longer…. The pic of 3 of us was self-taken by Kel, she li hai siah!! Actually there were a few more lah, but not well taken, seh one side. Haha Practice makes perfect!

Oh…I was so fascinated with the food that I forgot to take pic of the wine we savored… Well, being a foodie. Heez. We had a total of 2 bottles of white wine before Kel and I cried for red, to much of Jy’s annoyance. The chit was so particular with her teeth that she was reluctant to drink red wine, for fear of it staining her teeth. Aiya, then I told her, “Since you’re going to laser your teeth soon, you should drink all the red you can, THEN go laser teeth mah! Laser liao then cant drink for a long long time liao!” Eventually she gave in. Keke. Somehow, the red chosen was too strong and powerful…and we didnt manage to finish it. =(  I hate wasting alcohol. Haha.

After that we adjourned to Shanghai Dolly. Meant to show Kel how fun was it, just like how Jy and I enjoyed it the last time. But sadly, it disappointed US that very night. The music was so boring, house music all along. The band was not fantastic too. I had a surprise that night too, for someone nudged me and asked me whether I was from CCHSM.


It was my secondary school classmate but I totally cant recognize him. However, I recognized the pretty lady beside him. =) So funny. They were boyfriend and girlfriend then and I…stupidly exclaimed, “Oh you 2 are still together!” I’m happy for them of course!! You know how weak relationships are these days mah! You cant blame me for being surprised! However, she exclaimed a big “NONO” and said he’s married but not to her.

It made me so embarrassed that I also dont know what to say. Ah….then I asked why a group of them were out. Some are my classmates but some were from the neighbour’s class which I dont know. Turned out all of them attended another of my classmate’s wedding. =)

Eventually Kel, Jy and me shifted to another table because it’s so cramped there and we old ladies prefer to sit than stand huh. So also didnt talk much with them. I was still pretty melancholy that they can recognise me because I was hideous back then in high school.

Maybe I still am. Sianz.

And why I have to bump into them with my f* hair leh??!!! Can understand how I feel?

Bleh~ OF ALL DAYS!! DUhz!!


1st time to………..Shanghai Dolly!

And Joy & me love it!!

I believe it will be our new clubbing ground, NOT that we always go clubbing though.

Due to our own different commitments, actually we dont meet up very often. But whenever we meet, we always have loads to catch up and not to mention, have loads of fun!

As usual, Joy and me hanged around BQ area for beer as warm up and catching up, as it’s more conducive for chatting. Also, the free ktv dont hurt. =P And usually, after few jugs of beer, Joy will want to change venue, mostly to club. Haha. We were actually both pretty sian of the usuals….like St James etc. Frankly speaking, our favourite still remained as the old Madam Wong. But it had already closed down. The old double-o was not too bad until the crowd got younger and younger. Joy detests young crowd. Hahaha. She finds them(the young dandies) not very…appealing! Lol.

And I suddenly thought of Shanghai Dolly which is located at Clarke Quay. I saw it before when I took cab from Clarke Quay before but has never went in. So I asked Joy whether wanna give it a try and she said go ahead. Surprisingly, there was no cover charge on a PH eve and we simply strode in.

Once inside, we simply love the disco music which they were playing. =D One look around, we saw mixture of different age groups. I’m not that particular with the crowd(unless they come ka-jiao me) because I love dancing to the music more. So music’s more important to me. But I’m relieved that the crowd were mostly not very young, which is more of Joy’s preference. 😛

So I told her, “You always complained crowd too young. Now here many aunties and uncles, you happy liao la?”

Then she “Yayaya!” Lol.

I dont really care lah but I added, “Good also lah, among the aunties, we’re considered young. Muahahahahaha!” and she agreed. Lol.

So we stayed and ordered a jug of beer. Holy shit, coming S$50 for 1 jug of tiger. No difference from having a cover charge. Oh well, at least it’s fun. Every 1 hour interval(I think), there were band performance. Something like dragonfly’s style. But their songs were more ancient. Lol. I kinda enjoyed them. Haha. *paiseh* Well, I’m semi-ancient, can or not?! =P I like the band too! I think the guitar/drum/keyboard players all played very well.

I think many people were inside because of the free entry but few bought drinks. Hence, we’re even able to get a table with a mere jug of tiger. Lol. Made some new friends and shifted to an even bigger table with sofa seats. The girls were pretty friendly and not snobbish at all. It’s really a pleasant surprise, considering…considering most girls are not friendly with strangers bought to their table in a club. Haha. I talked to one and her name is Tiffany. When I asked about her age, I almost fainted.


So “fresh”. I mean, YOUNG, was the first thought that came to mind.

When Tiff saw my exaggerated action of flopping back into the cushions, she promptly asked for our ages which…….of course I’m not willing to say lah! Embarrassing k?!

However, I whispered to Joy, “Oei, she’s 22 you know.”

Joy’s expression was like “Wtf?” HAHAHA

Anyway, I asked Tiff, “Eh….are you the youngest in the group or you’re all the same age?”

“Oh…..She’s(pointing to another girl) 1 year older than me, 23. ”


“Then that guy is the OLDEST. 24 years old.”


Me: “Erm, okie.”

Joy and me were feeling pretty ridiculous because there’s so many people closer to our age in the club and yet we still end up in a group which was SO MUCH younger than us. MeH~!

Anyway, the young chit kept pressed for our age and when we finally told her, she said things like, “Oh really dont look like…bla bla” those kinda things.

She should have seen me in broad daylight and without makeup manz. Bah~

Drinks were plentiful but we were real full so we didnt drink much with them too. Before we knew it, it was already 4am! Oh my god!

Great times flies fast!

Alright, here’s a galore of pictures. Of course they’re from my Lumix LX5.

I love my camera!! No more dark, blur and grainy pictures please! =D

Again, slideshow lah huh~ =P Hover on pics for captions.

Joy has so many coolz(hip hop style) and cute expressions! =)

I’m so freaking tired.

(Applied “off” days from blog for 1 week. =P)

Sat drinks nite cum Post Bday Dimsum Brunch

Sat was out with my fave drinking kakki Rain. As much as I enjoyed my night out with the girls at Coffee Bar K for cocktails last Sat, it suddenly dawned on me that it’s extremely illogical when I spent a much higher amount on much lesser and lighter drinks. Doesnt makes sense loh, I told Rain. =P Yes, that experience was nice but still, I guess I’m not a “cocktail” person. =P Wine, beer, liquor, spirits, yes. But not cocktails.

So back to BQ we went. And we tried a new bar. It was awesome. Beside from the pure white modern tables and deco with lovely blue lights, every table has their individual touch-screen LCD to select their ktv songs. Fantastic or what? Hee. No more struggling of writing chinese song titles on papers and the trouble of submitting to the waitresses. We just “touch touch touch” and wait for our songs to come. What’s more, they serve San Miguel. It’s my first time trying out the beer and I love it! It was very smooth, not too sweet, not too light nor heavy.

I always find Heineken too light(no beer taste) while Tiger too bitter. Carlsberg is not bad and of course Hoegarden is the best. But BQ dont sell it. And I seriously prefer San Miguel to Hoegarden. I just love the taste. Somemore, they’re selling a tower(2.5jugs) at only $45(after happy hr). We had 2 towers….and guess what…they made a mistake and only billed us 1 tower. =P

I really enjoyed myself that night and got to know a new friend, Pearl. She is Rain’s friend and is really easy to talk to. She struck me as a very candid and confident person who’s not afraid to say what she wants. I really admire that alot because I’m so sick of hypocrites around me. We had alot of fun and I think we would have MORE fun if she drinks! She only drinks plain water. *faints*. Nevertheless, we had an awesome time. Erm…we even adjourned to Clarke Quay….went 2 clubs before heading home. Was is Zirca? Geez…I’m so…”forgetful”. =P I only remembered we didnt pay for any cover and had loads of dancing. =D

Great Night. Looking forward to the next session!

Reached home at 5am…………..and woke up at 11+am to get ready for Sunday Brunch!

Lovely couple KS and Lin are so nice to treat me to a post bday sunday brunch!

So sweet and thoughtful right? Actually I’m pretty chin-chai one, as I 100% respect the boss who’s paying. Haha Lin said KS meant to treat me long ago as I’m their 红娘 , a.k.a, I’m the one who introduced them. Lol. It’s certainly my pleasure and I’m so very happy for them now that they’re blissful and stable together.

So far they’re the only couple whom I’ve successfully pull the red strings. =S Hope to get more lovely people together. =D

Oh ya if you ask me which cuisine I prefer for a sunday brunch, I’ll definitely choose piping hot dim-sum as I have been craving it for the longest time. =D And the more important reason is, they’re easier on the stomach for someone who woke up late, had alot of drinks the previous night and probably cant eat much. =P

So we end up at Taste Paradise as highly raved by ladyironchef. Erm…I found the review grossly overrated…highly suspected it’s a paid review=P

The deco was indeed impressive but I didnt take alot of pics because I was so damn famished after Lin and I reached. Mr KS caught up with us much later. I hate my camera. The shots with flash are not nice as they make the colours dull. And shots without flash are usually blur. We took many shots but only the ones I took of the couple and 1 group shot managed to be decently clear.

Though the dim-sum brunch was not the best I’ve tasted, but I really really appreciate Mr KS and Lin for the post bday treat! =D Oh they also gave me Isetan vouchers too(forgot to take picture)! Thank you very much! Next time we can try elsewhere for good dim-sum! =) The Asia grand restaurant at Odeon Tower….Slurps!

Arena + house *ok, pics up*

I thought I had recover my voice but this morning, my voice was hoarse again. Probably because yesterday night I shouted too much, amidst the noisy environment in Arena. I like the band though and the music. WX, SL and me shared a bottle of vodka after paying our entry which came with 2 drinks. Aiya. Nevertheless, a very fun night!

Something weird about Arena is considered bright for a clubbing place. And nobody dances! I was like the only siao char bor dancing there. But not very drama kind lah..slow, subtle kind, I think. HAHA. SL took pictures, will get from her to update bah. I really think my blog lacked pictures..just not enthu to snap lately. I didnt even snap pictures of my new house, yet.

I suddenly find it very funny that every time I club, in my very very vague memory, I will end up playing 5-10 with the neighbour table. Okie lah, it isnt such a bad thing to make new friends especially when my facebook is so stagnant. But just not enthu already. Talk about out of the scene. (=.=)””’

SL drank really little and she looked uber cute with her specs. Really love her complexion. =) WX got drunk! We sent him home. He’s pretty heavy! Imagine handling a medium sized tipsy man with my high heels. I insisted sending him to his block(by foot) and was particularly perplexed why he didnt want the taxi to drop him there. I finally let him on his own when he insisted to go up his storey himself. The neighbour table guys were pretty helpful. They helped us to hold WX from Arena right to the cab area. It was around 2-3am. Dont remember.

I was rather tipsy too actually. And SL dropped me off after WX. We still left half a bottle so will be going back within a month to finish it. =P

Alrighty. Some pictures.

SL looked so cute in her specs! I looked damn bah bah loh..cant stand. Argghh.

Dono simi vodka..

WX very enthu in taking pics


Urgh. Dont know why I look slutty here.


My house is mostly completed except

1) toilet accessories not yet installed
2) a piece of kitchen glass backsplash pending due to wrong measurements
3) kitchen gas haven connect
4) sofa to be redeliver due to my rejection.
5) casement unit aircon to be installed in common room(wait for mover)
6) storage bed to be assembled(wait for mover)
7) sticking of wall decals
8) curtains not up yet…early feb. Sigh.

Hopefully can get 4) by coming week. Stupid loh. Some problem with the mechanism and one big yellow patch behind on the white leather. Dont they have a basic QC check before delivering. Waste time and effort.

As for 1), thanks to Hoe Kee, I just realised the vanity cabinet got a crack. It looks hairless but my plumber told me dont risk it because the heavy basin will be sitting on top of it. Haiz. Hope delivery can be done soon. Need to arrange with plumber again.

Basically I’m very satisfied with the overall look of the house. Simple. The only regret was that I should have chosen a more prominent laminate for the wardrobe. It just looked stark plain white from far and the tiny flowery details are only visible when you’re like 10cm away. =( Dearie regretted not doing the toilet tiles because he thought they can be washed out. I feel they’re still okie lah, especially after decals were sticked(yet to do). He’s like complaining at least 3 times a day to me. Veryyyy irritating. Hopefully the decals will make a difference and he can…shut…up… =P

Still got a lot of things haven buy. Will probably drop by Carrefour. Free delivery please.

Dragonfly’s anniversary

Few days ago was that insect-clubbing place’s anniversary. Dragonfly, I meant. 😛 Iv was kind enough to extend the invitation to me. I seldom join the gang for clubbing unless there are occasions. On anniversaries, there will be be performances and free flow so I went.

Seriously, until now I’m still not sure which is which club as they’re so many clubs in St James. I roughly know which is Movida and Dragonfly(and now, Powerhouse) but sometimes I dont even know where I am because they kept move around, especially when I’m SUCH a direction idiot. =.= We were queuing for drinks when I asked Ce where were we so that I can messaged WY. I think the person behind me must have fainted. 😛

Anyway, the freeflow was, serious manz, as in, pretty thick with alcohol, the real thing. I think I’ve never tasted freeflows as thick as the ones for this occasion. The martell green tea and burbon coke. Damn. Even the smell can make me faint. Double-o is a close second in terms of quality for their freeflows. Speaking of which, I haven go there in ages. Reminiscence anyone? Ha.

There were varieties too, as in the different housepours and wines. But as we’re closer to the counter which serves housepour(wines at different counter), we did not have wine for the night. Which was lucky…else I think more people will K.O and some might K.O even earlier. Haha. For the music wise, I was struck dumb when the 1st song cruised into my ears was 被爱的女人 by Coco. Love her, AND her songs. Despite it’s weird listening to sentimental songs in a club, I did enjoy a few classics such as 值得 by Sammi etc. As the night progress, the songs became more retro, like 失恋无罪 etc.

Most of us were merely playing fist games and drinking, or else having girl’s talk since..I dont know…kinda weird dancing to chinese songs. And the highlight of the night would be in the midst of our chat(between me and WY), we suddenly saw a FAT spider-man-like creature hanging in the air on some spider cobweb thingy. Before I can make out WTF is that UFO, that “spider-man” creature suddenly spread his “wings” and starts to FLUTTER them! *pengz* So is he a spider or a butterfly? Or dragonfly? And BEFORE I can come to a conclusion, glittery snowflakes starts to fall like Christmas, machiam 演唱会 like that. Hahaha.

WY and I were laughing so hard that I dont even remember what was the song which was playing. Anyway, when that fat “spider-man” finally “alighted”, he began to strip to his..only…glittery underwear of red and blue. Okie that reminded me of “SUPER MAN” again. This year’s themes is about super heroes eh? Albeit fat ones. He started to sing super super retro songs which I’ll be embarrassed to even admit that I recognized them.

After which, we adjourned to Plush at Boat Quay for more drinks. WY went home as she’s tired and cant drink much as she drove. I was like, “of all days, you choose to drive on a free-flow night?” =.= Ce and Se surrendered and went off too, heard Ce puked few times in the toilet already. I cant believe that because she’s our QUEEN! I’ve never seen her puke before. Okie perhaps because I’m lousy and always passed out before her. HAHA.

I wont say I have ALOT to drink there but the few different types sure makes me high. And I didnt even realised at all….until WY asked out loud when we’re outside the club, infront of soOooo many people, “why are you behaving like a small girl?” OMG, I’m so embarrassed. We hardly club together and she has never seen this side of me…so she was surprised, and I’m of course, embarrassed. I know myself, I will become…kinda…hmm…you know….like a little girl lah..whiny and stuff when I’m high. Wahahaha. Definitely more likable than the usual cool and poised lady. LOL. But I think it’s certified…guys TRULY like whiny girls more. DUhz!

We had beer at Plush. Few more rounds of games and I remembered playing a game of pool. I think I won. Hmm ya. Hahaha Anyway…sigh…I thought I can return home in great condition but….haiz…I puked. 4 times. Thank god dearie not angry with me. =P Oh I tried taking pictures with my phone but they’re either too dark or over-exposed. *shrugged*

And you know the funniest thing was, Ter called me while we were in Plush. When he said he’s still in St James, I was shocked because all of us thought he went home! Obviously he passed out SOMEWHERE at the club and only just awaken! Guess what, he still took a cab down and joined us at Plush. Haha.

Eventually we took cab back together since he stayed Jurong. So long again, till the next club, which wont be coming soon. 🙂

Rojak post

Aiyo! I cant help myself from giggling after reading the so-famous-XX’s blog. Lol. Albeit devilishly. Haiz I’m so mean. But I really cant help but to agree with some points made.

Anyway I’m not that free to comment that much or stage a war with someone who blogs her living. I dont earn my living via blogging. Though I read her blog from time to time when I have nothing better to do and although I cant stand her new blog frame with her super-big-ass-poster pictures, she does have a few pretty informative and entertaining entries once in a while. Like the recent blackberry(BB) post. =)

Ir told me she bought a BB too! And she raved about it greatly. Haha She didnt encourage me to buy but she certainly shared many good aspects of the phone. Most of them being repeated in XX’s blog and she named 1 more aspect; i.e, aunties dont use BB, only professionals use it. She meant like….erm..kinda more branding lah.

Hmm I wont buy a phone just because it does(in one way or another) looks more..professional or branded. Simply, I only buy things which I like. Whether it’s the functions or the outlook etc. So I actually dont buy branded bags just because they are branded. And I wont act as if I like golf just because it’s a common classy hobby of most rich. =) Walk a few miles or take a buggy just to have a shot? No thanks. I rather play badminton or swim, even though I run the danger of being drowned. =P

I admitted I’m pretty interested to change my phone. Blame dearie. Because he mentioned he wanted to change too. Seeing him being clueless, I walked around to gain inspirations. In the process, I’m hitched too. =P Currently much interested in Samsung Jet thought I’m feeling guilty for harbouring the thought because I’ve only used my Nokia N91 for 1 year only. When I asked about the trade-in value, 1 guy at some shop said only $100 because it’s a very very very model. Tamade, feel like slapping him. You can always say it nicely instead of degrading my phone till like that okie. I asked Ir’s friend, he can offer me a value of $180. Lalala~

Samsung jet is retailing at $698 without contract. Ir’s friend quoted me $580. He said he received good feedback of the Jet. I’ve tried before, pretty easy to use even though it’s touch-screen. Most importantly, it’s possible to sync the contacts easily with windows mobile via microsoft outlook. This is my only Achilles heel. I really need that. Dearie too, as I told him it’s high time he migrate from the old and lou-ya motorola phones’ platform/interface where contacts couldnt be sync.

And Motorola hor, also one kind lor. Like for YEARS, they dont have many outstanding models, just that V9, after umpteen and umpteen times of “upgrading”.

This version camera better.

This version colours display nicer.

This version is limited rose gold edition.

But it’s the same phone!!!

What the hell are the engineers doing manz? Just sitting there and thinking what else left to upgrade? Their number of new models are soooo pathetic that we’re suspecting are they closing the mobile department.

One shouldnt be stagnant.

I have many stuff to update so pardon the abrupt the sudden of topics here and there.

I think it has been few weeks…since we shifted into our new room with irony. Haiz…sometimes I still wonder did I make a right decision. So much so when we passed by the temple we frequent at Jurong, we walked in to offer some joss-sticks and I attempted to draw lots.

It was a so-so lot lah but it was trying to console me that things will get better though not so soon.

=( ok lor.

Reviews of Master Chang. Hmmmm….he seemed to know his stuff but I’m not amazed with his ability to see that my old room dont suit me with it’s darkness and “yin” qi, especially when the big, green amulet is so obviously sticked on my door. And if his eyesight and hearing is okie, it’s not difficult to see that indeed the people in the house often get sick. Because I was apparently sick that day and brother Xiang was sneezing like mad.

What I dont like is he doesnt really answer nor return calls despite the promise that he will answer questions after the audit is done. He only reply emails, and not very promptly too. He did took few hours for the whole audit but I didnt feel it’s very comprehensive, just very general. I had like less than 10 advices from him written on a piece of paper. Feels like nothing much. He said it’s a so-so house, so what he did can only minimise the bad effects but wont really have outstanding effects. That’s so encouraging.

He gave me a very very general bazi reading which doesnt sound very positive to me. The worst was he mentioned that I might have health problems next year. Hmm….I think I have enough insurance already but I will just double check to see if there’s anything I can add on. Lol.

The second audit, a.k.a for the new house will be a lower rate of $359 but I’m considering whether I should take it. He didnt impress me, sad to say. Ir said their houses were viewed by a high monk who only accept angbaos. Perhaps I should ask her. She said he’s good, even her hubby learns some palm reading from him and is very zun lor! He’s the one who predicted I will get attached around 6 months later after the last breakup and will get married this year when I was just 6 months into the new relationship. Hahaha!

I had mixed feelings regarding the change of rooms but I know it’s silly to start regretting nor to compare the odds. But I just want to face them and accept it. Rain is very nice to console me when I told her about the shift; the cons of shifting in the living room. Many will sound incredulous and even hinted if I am out of my mind to listen to a mere fengshui master. But not rain. She said it’s no big deal and she also slept in living room before. Plus no aircon, the skin/complexion wont be so drying too.

So sweet of her. She doesnt know how much better I feel after hearing those.

Okie now, the pros and cons

1) room is bigger, more storage, and things were arranged more neatly instead of being crammed up everywhere in the old, tiny room. More space to maneuver, less blue-black from bumping into corners.

2) Bright, airy, natural wind and breeze(during daytime). It really feels so much better not to be cooped in a room where lights have to be on 24/7 unless sleeping. It’s less oppressive too. No more stuffy nose because no aircon. One feels more energetic and less nua or lethargic.

3) For no known reason, the room just seems cleaner. Perhaps because it’s less cluttered

1) No aircon
I have to admit I prefer aircon anytime. =(
It gets pretty warm at night although daytime is pretty windy. And actually I dont really like fan blowing at my body especially face or head.

Although it’s 3 VS 1, but the only con is very detrimental. =( Sigh. Can only live with it I guess. Perhaps I will buy 1 more fan. Downgrade siah.

Vickki’s rashes and ear infection haven recover even after 2-3 weeks. I’m getting alittle annoyed with the vet because apparently all her tricks dont work! Waste my money and effort. Everyday I have to stuff pills down Vickki’s throat and it’s a nasty business. On top of her, cleaning of her ears and dripping eardrops. Instead of bathing her once, it’s now twice every week. Guess what, her condition just stays the same just like few weeks ago.


Ir told me her dog suffered rashes from heat and I wondered Vickki might be the same and not food allergy as the Vet has suspected. Damn lor. So tomorrow I’m going to get a groomer to shave off all her hair so that it’s cooler for her. Cum get another fan to air our greenhouse to minimise the heat, just like what Ir always do. I can learn so much from Ir. =)

Celebrated Iv’s and Ce’s advance birthdays at dragonfly. I’m really not so much of a clubber these days because of impending age but I guess I cant reject since it’s once in a year thing. And both of them somemore. =P But because I know they are such sociable people with tons of friends, I made sure some of my closer friends like Ch, Jy and Ja were around else I will just die of boredom if the hosts cant entertain me.

Saw many familiar faces there like,
Jovi, the kawaii girl who always try to vie for the bill,
Ka, the newbie, good-tempered girl at mahjiong
Ste and her new bf Mon who looked happily attached,
Ce’s hubby Se and Bry also around,
and of course last but not least, T, the GS queen, who was unfortunately sick that night.

No wonder she wasnt busy flirting. Lol.

Basically we had a fun night. I met Jy for shopping of their pressies and reached St James at 9pm. We bought Iv 2 ties from Pedro and Ce, a diamante necklace. I hope they like them.

Happy birthday to both of you and I wished everything just goes well for you. Stay cheerful, funky and kinky always! Kekeke!

There were 2 cakes, tons of drinks and lots of 5-10 games. I always get excited when playing 5-10. HAHA. Humph that time I was quite tipsy when playing with Rain’s bf, Jeff. Thou shalt not lose again. =P

So much fun!

Wow! It has been some time since I got high and laughed so much! I always had fun when I’m out with my usual girls but like I said, nowadays I seldom get high from alcohol, the normal beer and chivas, already. I dont understand why. Maybe I’ve aged? If I drink too little, I will feel nothing. If I drink too much, I will go straight to puke. If I drink in moderation(not too little or too much), stomach will experience discomfort.

Only red wine can work it’s magic on me. And yesterday, Rain and Jas were so nice to accompany me to share a bottle of shiraz at Boat Quay, Red Mansion. Its located directly opposite the kopitiam, at the T-junction. It was a beautiful place with posh oriental deco, plush red-cushioned chairs, sexy waitresses in oriental/jap costume and black boots. Totally coolz!

Initially I thought the pricing would be very expensive but actually they’re quite okie. A bottle of red costs $50 and per glass costs $13. Half a dozen of chicken wings is around $10. Boat quay pubs hardly serves red wine and I’m delighted now they have one, moreover one of such great ambiance. Not too noisy, with lush surroundings. Though the pricing of the spirits and beer etc might be a little more expensive than the norm boat quay pubs. But we thought it’s pretty worth it. Instead of normal ktv system, they engaged a live band of two to sing English sentimental songs. You can dedicate songs too. The performance was only okie though.

It has been ages since I met rain and she bought along her colleague Jas who is a charming 21 year old. I just got to know her age though I guess her to be 19 before I knew it. Now you wonder what’s a sweet, young thing like her doing with 2 lao aunties? Lol. But we did had so much fun. We were laughing non-stop that we had to be careful to watch our volume, and ahem, image.

That day was a busy day for me. Dearie and me went Marsiling, Tanjiong Pagar, then chinatown to run our errands. Especially getting the nice, red and black oriental quilt cover set for our Guo Da Li as well as buying pressie for little Kelphina. Too bad LP was unable to work that night, thus I’m unable to pass her the pressie. Though next time I will really prefer her to sms me too instead of rain alone.

We camwhored quite a bit in the beautiful Red Mansion. However the pictures were with the girls as I did not bring my camera. I’m just so lazy lately. Jus and his friend came to join us for awhile too but left very soon, like in 45minutes? Might as well dont come right, duhz~

After Red Mansion, the 3 of us adjourned to another pub. God save me but after the first mouth of beer, I got pretty blur as you know mixing wine with beer or with whatever shit is pretty “xiong”. Rain’s bf came to join us shortly. Damn lah I performed badly with my 5-10 and sang like shit. My head swam madly and dont ask me how but ultimately we ended clubbing at Sabai Club, Shenton way.

Weird huh, why lately many people go there? Because of the chio thai girls? Anyway, there we saw more of rain’s bf’s friends. Nice music and dancing. More 5-10 and more drinks. But I drank in moderation since I knew I’m getting blur. And the more blur I got, the more I lost in games. Arrgghh, pretty pek chey manz..I seldom lose so much one. Hng! =P

However, it’s Jas who got overly drunk! Rain and me were almost helpless to handle her. Hello its not easy for us to handle a girl of 1.69m tall when we’re so-not-very-tall! And it’s so funny when she’s obviously sooo knock-out but yet she kept insisted “I’m OKkkKkkKk. I’m really OkkKkKKKkK.” Damn funny lah. Thank god..nothing big happened. But really, we really should take note of her alcohol intake in future. =P

Rain had paid for the drinks that day and rejected my transfer of money. So I owe her a BIG treat. No problem though as we both like Red Mansion very much. It wont be long till we visit there again. And hopefully, apart from Jas, LP is able to join us again. JJ too, kinda miss her. =)

One incident which got me pissed off that night was when I took the cab home alone. It was already 4+am and I’m already so tired. There, the f*cking stupid cab driver commented

“this place very hot hor, many people come hor”


“here got a thai disco and also a night club right?”

*ignore* as I was pretty shagged out already.

“so you came out from the disco..or the night club?”

TAMADE!! Immediately I was jerked wide awake with that offending sentence which implied that I look like a hooker! Okie lor, I might be toOo sensitive for my own good but I just felt annoyed about that redundant comment!


Instantly, he realised he said something wrong and mumbled apologetically, “yayaya sorry, what matters is that you’re going home now right?”


I’m not wearing anything indecent what. Just a tube flowery dress that falls below the knees. In what way I looked like a hooker? I must get the pictures from Rain and Jas. Arrgghhh!