Happy Occassions!

Im so so deadbeat yesterday and I slept like a log at around 3+am. Haven slept so early in ages. And I should sleep even earlier. For coldsores, as you know, needs lots of rest and recuperation to heal on top of medication. Strictly no stress, no late nights. So I always told dearie not to qi4 me when I have coldsores. =P

Wow yesterday was a long and happy day! Firstly was Li’s & Nel’s ROM at Li’s condo’s function room with a nice pool backdrop. Next was Kel’s darling baby Kae full month shower.

I cant sleep the previous night because of a cramp-like kind of pain in my left abdomen. And it lasted till early morning, leaving me with almost no sleep and a stomach filled with butterflies. I woke up late and wasted alot time waiting and calling for cab. By the time I reached Li’s place, I was 5-10minutes late. I thought, lucky only 5 or 10minutes…shouldnt have missed anything right? Shit! Their solemnization was already over. Argghhh! They actually solemnize on the dot, 2pm, which was the timing Li gave me. You dont know how much I hated myself then for being late! Despite the gracious couple and Auntie and Uncle did not blame me and yet asked me to eat more of the buffet, it did not relieve much of my dismay and annoyance at myself.

I shall endeavor to give Li’s a fantastic hen’s night for remedy. So fast. She’s taking her photoshoot next month and then flying off in March. Was chatting to Auntie and Uncle about how much they will miss Li when 3 months straight after engagement, she’s going to fly off to Japan for 3 years. They’re still coming back in Dec for the wedding though and Auntie said they will follow them back to Japan for a short holiday. So happy to see the couple settled down though I will missing Li when I can hardly see her in Sg already.

Wy jio go Japan to find Li together. I was abit hesitant because I probably dont have much time to spare next year when Im preparing my wedding too. And hor, Japan very EXPENSIVE leh. I spent a bomb there last time and am not sure whether I would like to spend another bomb there again. I will prefer to take the money and choose another destination to fill up my sparsely filled passport.

So far, I’ve only been to Malaysia(also counted OK! Lol), Bintan, Vietnam, Taiwan(twice), Korea, Japan, Hongkong(twice*), and Macau*. *Going in January*. You see, so few places and I’ve haven been to Europe or U.S. =( So when Gen jio me go London to find her again and again, I almost salivate with desire. Especially when I saw the pictures of her and Sha having so much fun there. =P But a big trip for next year is definitely out of the picture lah…perhaps 2010 already, our honeymoon. THAT, must negotiate with Dearie. =P

Li looked real pretty in her bought white cocktail dress.

Im afraid only 1 picture, sorry because I was hideous in all the other pictures with my very obvious swollen, red-tipped lips lor. *wails* The buffet spread was of sumptuous ingredients but they tasted only so-so, to be frank lah. The scallops werent fresh, smoked salmon long gone when I arrived(hello..Im only late 5-10minutes leh..), hard prawns and no desserts to be found. I had to leave at 3pm to Kel’s place because actually her buffet started at 1pm! So I only ate abit and proceeded to take a cab down. Oh ya I’ve no idea what to buy for Li since she can very well afford everything. *winkZ* And it’s inappropriate to buy them Precious Moment stuff(despite my phobia for it) because they wont have a house till 3 years later. So to solve my headache, I gave Li $50 taka vouchers where she can spend.

Fortunately whampoa and tampines not very far apart. I reached Kel’s place in around 10+minutes. By the time I reached, the house was already filled with people. Kel’s place is big leh! 5 room and it’s 132 sq metres. Old housing are really bigger in area! She bought at 280K only! Although the location is abit inaccessible lah. But I love the house, nicely renovated too with lots of potential.

Ohhhh Baby Kae….he’s always sleeping yesterday! Until some of Kel’s friends cant take it and forcefully woke him up to play with him. Aiyo!

Gorgeous Mama Kel! She still look as hot, frankly speaking. And she’s still slim! Yaya abit of fats around the waist lah, normal, but Im confident she can shed it off, given the vain pot she is. Haha!

I had no chance to carry Baby Kae. =( Nevermind, got chance in future. G and Jy left awhile after I reached. G got a date, woohoo! Bumped into her and the “mystery” guy when Iv and me went Tampines Mall later on. And Jy got to go home look after her Baby Enzo too. Hmm she did have some problems with her mother-in-law and Im not over-sensitive when I suspected something was wrong previously on friday drinking night. But Jy is like that one, she seldom like to talk about her problems because she dont like to burden her friends. I also wont ask about her problems unless she chose to tell me or when I see her in very bad shape. I will say, she’s still fine lah. I think ALMOST every daughter-in-law got some sort of “thing” with their mother-in-law. It’s only whether it’s on the surface or beneath the table, and how jialat only.

I seriously dont feel my MIL like me very much too but I feel I have treated her with due respect and much much more. I wont elaborate much here else it looks like Im showing off how much I did for her while XXX…………..so I will stop here. Dearie is extremely protective of his mum and I dont blame him~

Iv and I left Kel’s place at around 5.30pm to go Kar & her boyfriend Ken’s house to play mahjiong, which is only few bus stops away. We went over to Tampines Mall to buy some food, that’s where we bumped into G and her date. Secretive her! G has really no lack of admirers but probably she’s too picky already! Aiya but we didnt see the face of the guy because his back was facing us. Oh ya!! Thanks for your belated Christmas pressie girl. Haha.

Ken & kar are staying together in an executive masionatte. Although it’s 154sq metres, Kel’s house looked bigger actually. Perhaps it’s because Ken’s apartment is split into upper and lower levels. We played 2 rounds of dong nan xi bei and I ended up with 0 profit and loss for a 5dai $10/$20 stake. Damn funny. Oh well. Free game. It was fun.

$20 20minutes cab ride back. Fast, honest cab drivers really make my day(and night) when they fetched me back to my sweet home when Im so tired. =)

And to end the post, Vickki’s new hairstyle. I tie one ok after I bathed her just now. Cute right.



Christmas & Boxing Day!

Dearie and I watched “Yes Man” on Christmas Day.

Movie title: Yes Man
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: It’s a real hilarious show. Frankly speaking, we felt Jim Carrey’s shows had a drop in standard years in the recent years. I dont remember the titles but they were a disappointment. Especially the stupid “Number 23” or something. But this time round, “Yes Man” is a refreshing treat of his usual standard. It kept me laughing throughout the show and it’s very meaningful too. It teaches us to enjoy life and to live life. Ultimately you only live once. So dont live inside a closet.

Yesterday, I met up with Jy, Iv, and Ce after a long absence. Jy had finally retreated from her confinement and was hard up for a good drink! Too bad I couldnt drink because of my coldsore. But they made me drink anyway! Argghhh Pouring that chivas into my green tea whenever Im not looking. I said I cant drink liao mahz…they hor….. But okie lah, heng my condition did not aggravate. It’s getting better too. We’re at Cyclone pub where Jy’s good friend is the boss. She was a mass of emo state where she hugged her for a long time after quite many drinks. Hmm was pretty worried about her but I guessed she’s only feeling nostalgic I think. She’s still smiling like nobody business even after we left the pub. Albeit abit high and blurblur.

Of course lah…the way she’s drowning the liquor. Iv, Ce and I didnt drink much at all but somehow 1 bottle of Chivas finished and Jy ordered another bottle. =.= If I can choose, I certainly wont go that ktv pub again. Aged population I would say. Not that it bothers me BUT when all the oldies loved to yell into the mikes for their retro songs. Then it posed a problem to me. What’s their problem manz? I know some of them has a powerful voice but it doesnt means it’s nice when you’re bursting the eardrums of everyone in the pub OK. Hence whenever it’s their turn, the ktv waitresses to adjust the mike till the lowest volume and when it’s the others’ turn, they will adjust back up otherwise it will be too soft.

If you have a gift of a powerful voice, do use it wisely and not extravagantly. Why cant they understand it’s useless to sing the entire song with the same power? It doesnt give the song any flow of melody or depth at all when the whole song is blasted. And I really admired the courage of some people who dare to choose songs which they hardly can handle but yet tried too hard. You can always choose to sing it in a “soft” way or in another style if you simple cant project it’s triumphant crescendos. And if you know you cant reach the high pitch, then go practise it in a ktv lah…

dsc028491The pool was free all the way so we kept play by putting our names on the board. Haha.

dsc02852Jy & Ce. Can you imagine both are mothers already? They still look as good as charming single ladies.

Pardon my swollen red upper lip, didnt bother to apply gloss because I applied medication. Sigh I look hideous.

Me with Iv, the vain b*tch. Haha!



Jy, obviously high and semi-drunk.

At around 1+am, we adjourned to St James, dragonfly. Hmm you know I usually dont club there. But Jy was feeling happy and high, so I accompanied her along. Though I stayed not long and left early with the others still enjoying the night. Somehow the music and the over-crowdedness just dont appear appealing after 1hour plus. IM TRULY GETTING OLD.

It’s been awhile since I update pictures of Vickki and my dearie. There they are. Oh Vickki has been promoted. She’s free to roam about the house most of the time now. Finally, she has learnt about 95% of self-control of her output. She’s also more guai already. Perhaps she has finally grown up. But she’s still a terror when nobody is watching..that cunning little thing.

The loves of my life

she looks like Persian cat right?!

Super noti girl

Some more Xmas pressies

TheFaceShop nailpolishes from DeR

Couple handphone pouches form Est and Angi

Thank you all!!!

Thus end my rojak post.

Not going to check the post already as Im starved. Gonna catch dinner.

Christmas Eve

Tough luck! I had cold sore in the very early morning of Christmas eve. =( Since cooping up in the house and worrying over it will not help, dearie and I went out. We hate the crowd, that’s why we didnt go town. Instead we went West Mall and get my TheFaceShop items.

3 items and above for the Su Hyang Snow series will entitle members to a 15% off. So I bought 2 beginning serum, 1 essence and the toner, mostly for stocking up purposes. I realised TheFaceShop is also not very cheap lor. For 1 small bottle dont lasts very long. Especially the beginning serum, it seems the bottle finishes in every 2 months. And every bottle costs $50+…geez…I think the pricing is comparable to SK-II lor.

But forget it. For the sake for the upcoming photoshoot and nuptials everything, I’ll just use it for the time being, since I dont have a better alternative. Unless new products attract me. They came up to around $177, a savings of $30+. I made dearie pay for them. Letting him off too easily eh…But really dont have much practical stuff which I need for the time being. Shall make him to pay for my future shopping until I’m satisfied. Humph! =P We went arcade to play arcade then went Clementi Kbox to join dearies’ buddies and their spouses for KTV.

Kbox is really greedy. They’re always trying to “chop carrots” during festive season. They charged $50nett per pax yesterday night. Al sneaked in and the waiters were kind enough to open 1 eye and close 1 eye. Hence our bill came up to around $43 per pax. Initially we were only allowed to sing from 10pm till 1am. For 7 of us, it’s definitely not enough. Especially when Al, dearie and me reached around 11+pm. Fortunately I saw JJ there. She is my friend as well as ex-colleague in Kbox. I introduced her to work there and she has been there ever since till now. I was really happy to see her as it’s difficult to meet up with her especially when she stayed very far away and her kbox working schedule is really no day no night type.

As she was really busy yesterday, we only managed some chats now and then. I introduced my hubby to her as well as asked how is she. I’m glad she’s happily attached now as well as fruitfully busy with both studies and work. Quite funny lah when we chatted because she asked whether my hubby is “the guy” which we’re talking about when we last met. I said “ya lor”. She’s like, “wah that time like this say say only, then now married liao. You hor…”. Lol. Say me, she also mah. She’s also attached with the guy which she “say say only” last time and they’re still good till now. Coincidentally, they’re together around the same time dearie and me got together. Haha. But she said most probably marriage is not so soon as her boy is young. Ya lah. =)

All thanks to her, we’re able to sing till 4am! We had a lot of fun. After that, went supper too at nearby kopitiam. I slept at around 6am while dearie at 8+am. Woke up at around 4+pm. Shiok!

Xmas Surprises!

I received a few surprises today! Christmas pressies from my colleagues. They are a surprise because when I gave them Xmas pressies this year, I dont expect anything back. And particularly when this culture is not really prominent in the office. I dont really give Christmas gifts all the time too, just dont have that culture ya. I dont eat turkey lah, I dont eat Christmas dinners la, I dont sing Christmas carols lah, I dont exchange Christmas gifts lah, probably because my friends also dont practice such customs. But this year, call it a flash of interest. But it’s really no joke to wrap 20+ pressies, even though I did not wrap it very very nicely, not that I didnt try! My back ached!

Merry Xmas!

Diamante pendant on chain from Mary

Pink piggy wrist rest from Tanny

Micky & Minnie couple picture frame from Cat. Oh she bought from HK.

Another couple picture frame from Terry. Look like a pair of boobies to me. HAHA.

Precious Moments couple mini picture frame from Sandra.

Okie. I think I’ve developed some sort of phobia towards Precious Moment after my ROM. Lol. Nevertheless, they’re still very sweet. Thanks to all my sweet colleagues, they’re all so thoughtful. Smuacks!

Oh Forgot to include Irene’s Xmas gift(because I’ve already opened and use liao. Haha). She gave me a pair of fake eyelashes too. Keke. Thanks so much!!

Oh I forgot to mention what I gave them. Actually I used the same shiny wrapping paper as Sandra. Haha. My pressies mostly includes all sorts of masks(good ones OK), fruitty lip blams and Carebear glosses. =)

Should I buy?

I’ve been eyeing this for like the longest time.

Sexy peep toe mid calf bootie oxford stiletto heel. Lace up detailing with zipper closure.

Should I buy?

Amount is in US$. Shipping will amounts to around $15-$20. So will costs around..$70-$80.

Difficult to find this design in Singapore. At such prices too. But again, it’s an online website, what if it’s not as nice in real? Hmmm……..

Twilight, Terrific



Rating: PG
Consumer Advice: Some Violence
Genre: Romance/ Thriller
Language: English with No Subtitle
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Main Cast: Kristen Stewart , Robert Pattinson , Billy Burke , Peter Facinelli , Elizabeth Reaser
Runtime: 121mins

Finally. After 1month plus of refraining ourselves from watching uninteresting movies/cartoony-movies out of boredom, we finally watched one which kept our eyes glued to the screen and seat warmed with anticipation.

I wont be a spoiler, so dont worry, you can read on. It’s definitely worth 4.99 stars to me out of 5. Initially I though it’s just a simple romance film which depicted a giddy teenager who conveniently falls in love with a good-looking vampire. But the film is definitely more than that. Catherine is one director whose shows I’ve never seen before. Is she famous or anything? Im pretty sua-gu when it comes to hollywood directors but this is one hell of a show she directed. It’s full of drama, thrills and propels you sinisterly into a realm which seems so dangerous and sinful but yet captivating and attractive. It seems so real but yet illusional. As if it’s happening right there but yet out of your reach.

The vampire, starred by Robert Pattinson was sinfully gorgeous but yet dangerously chilling. I think he acted pretty well for his role. Kristen looked better and better everytime I looked at her. But I much preferred Ellen Page(In “Juno”) to have that role because I feel she can act better. She’s pretty too. Kristen’s acting was like…pretty much…bland in the show..except when kissing Robert where she turned so passionate. Lol. Either that her 17 year old student role was supposed to be like that, not easily excited, not lively, dont smile much etc. Dearie added Kristen might be more suitable as she is taller to pair with Robert. Sigh…the woes of all shorties like me. And you’re also in for a series of laughs during a show. It’s actually quite funny.

Ok. So do catch the show. =)

Saw darling Ser at Sephora! There were hoards of people in the shop and once there, dearie immediately spotted Ser and Ser immediately spotted dearie too. And dearie added that it’s probably because both of them are taller, then he chuckled. Humph! Seeing Ser busy, I also cant talk to her much. But she told me her staff discount is 20%-30%! Keke. But after browsing 1 round, I dont have anything to buy, so I told dearie I wanted to find Ser and tell her we’re leaving. He, immediately spotted her again with almost no efforts. Tall people indeed have more pros. Easily spot people and easily be spotted. 😛

Didnt know I will see Ser as I didnt expect to go Sephora too. So didnt bring the Christmas present leh. Shall jio her out soon!

Yes We have made up

It’s sooner than I thought it will be. I intended to ignore him 3 days one. WOAH, SO PETTY! Ya I am, especially when some hot buttons are being pressed.

When I dare you to do something in retaliation, in this case, switching on the FM radio again, you better dont do it! Else, dont regret on the consequences for I meant everything I said, i.e, dont talk to me, which translates to “I wont talk to you ever again.”

Basically, I ignored my stoopig husband all day, had a few outbursts when he tried to goad me into overturning his defence about,

He: I didnt hear that part about “if you on the FM again, then dont ever talk to me.”!

Me: It’s so quiet in the car after I switched them OFF, how can you not hear?

He: I didnt rudely ask you to shut up leh..I only “shhh” you with a smile and tap you on your thigh. I wasnt rude! I was just trying to ask you to stop so that we can listen and then discuss later.

Me: “shhhhing” someone off is just plain rude when you’re interrupting and a smile nor tap doesnt make a difference to me. Especially we’re on the same topic. It just irks me when some other woman’s views might be more important to you than me especially on a topic like “The best compliments a lady wish to hear.”!

He corrected me by saying that night it wasnt Jean Danker nor is she his favourite DJ. But THAT’S NOT THE POINT!

Anyway, awhile I was ICE Queen(totally ignore) and awhile I was FIRE Queen(with outbursts). Punctuated with occasional tearing, I still did not incline to answer him that much despite his apologies. Why, his attitude wasnt very good lor! Like, “I already apologised many times liao, what else you want? What you want me to do then you dont angry?”

Why some guys can be so dense sometimes??? Obviously you need actions and do SOMETHING! “Sorry” big deal ahhh. =P

Anyway, when I finally broke my silence and spoke to him again was when I discovered he finished eating all my potatoe chips! Despite my intention to ignore him the whole night, I couldnt tolerate but screamed at him “You turtle! You finished all my potatoe chips and now I cant eat!”

He looked so innocent and hammered that I have to bite back a laugh.

“Then I go buy lor…what type you want?”

“buy the sour cream and onion, brand must be Pringles. Also buy jJack&Jill spicy and BBQ flavour potatoe chips…and also….nahzzzzz I go with you lah, wait you buy wrongly again.”

That’s how we made up. But Im not totally appeased lor. I told him he has to pay a price for causing me distress.

“Let’s be practical. You have to buy me something I want.”

He looked as if the world has come to the end.

“what you want….?”

“dont know…tomorrow go some boutiques shop first.”



But dont worry lah, I wont burst your limit one. Dont need so much. =)