Sigh. I’m spilling saliva all over the keyboard over the beauty of some pre-wedding photos I saw at forums, taken at Lijiang, Yunnan.

They are truly truly amazing leh. At first glance, one would have thought they are digital effects. But they’re not, other than the basic editing. The sceneries are truly that amazing…

Jade dragon Snow Mountain at Lijiang. Wah lau…reminds me of the show Snow Mountain Flying Fox(雪山飞狐).

Even the lalang field there seemed extraordinary, serenely beautiful…

*wails* I also want white horse!!!! =(

Not 1 but 2! *faints*

I really dont know how to describe….

Old town feel…

It’s cold there, wont even need to worry makeup melt lor!

Machiam in a scene for acting pugilistic movies..


More pictures of the couple at


I LOVE such pictures and I always thought it wont be possible to shoot such pictures because they will cost a bomb.

Guess what? Will 气死你 lor(I dont mean I 气 them, I 气 myself!!). The package from only S$2800. The price varies depending on the locations the package covers. I’m not sure how much pictures it includes but heck, each additional picture only S$10. TEN BUCKS ONLY!!!! Give me 100 additional photos anytime!

I feel like killing myself now.

It’s like 8 to 10 times in Singapore and the pictures weren’t even half as nice.

This kinda pictures wont even need digital design actually…perhaps merge the pictures together.

I dont even feel like going to view my photoshoot pictures liao. Super anti-climax I tell you.

The ones from here are also nice. Taken from Shenzhen, also a good bargain.

I now have funny funny ideas in my head already.

And this song seems appropriate to soothe my broken heart now.

周杰倫 – 青花瓷 Nice lyrics…


Bridal photoshoot – bad

Many many things to blog. As you would have known, our photoshoot was the day before. I would have put up a list of stuffs to bring but after our photoshoot, I realised many things I brought were so redundant because basically there wont be time or convenience to use them. However, the necessities needed can be used in the studio or car on the way, like

1) Bottles of water
2) Some bread to munch
3) Blotters
4) Loose powder for touch up
5) Hair accessories
6) Body accessories like necklaces, earrings, furwrap etc
7) Eyelash glue or nail glue(if you’re wearing fake nails)
8) Eye drops
9) Additional pair of contacts
10) Cash/handphone
11) Some pills
12) Camera to capture some preview shots for your family members.

Provided you have a sensitive and zi-dong husband and not one who will just sit there motionlessly to play his stupid handphone game because you will be too busy with changing hairdos to do any snapping.

Things to do before the shoot
1) Facial (optional, 2days before)
2) Facial/eye masks
3) Crest whitestrips to whiten your teeth
4) Shave anywhere you deem fit if needed
5) If wearing short outdoor gown or backback gown, prep your legs/back with Shills Sexy Legs foundation if needed.
6) Manicure/Pedicure
7) Shape your eyebrows for a smooth draw
8) UV sunblock for body
9) Sleep early
10) Dont drink too much water

This is a list of things to note, but I think it’s quite impossible to make sure all can be done due to time.

Our photoshoot was horrible. =( I just dont know where to start.

We were pretty clueless on how to pose nor smile naturally, despite me having surfed some sites. And when we smiled, we looked SO FAKE, as claimed by the photographer Ah Ting. She’s quite funny actually, haha and I appreciates her candidness. That should be our major problems. Secondly, dearie cant stand still for most of the night shots which made them blurry. And my makeup didnt last at all. It melted grossly within hours and I cant touch up as I did not bring the compact nor blotter out due to too rush for time.

We’re supposed to go outdoor at 2pm and we only managed to set off at 5pm! Really took too much time in the indoor studio already, which consisted of 4 outfits. The indoor backdrops provided were such a disappointment…mostly are plain with not much furniture like sofas to take pictures with…but Ah Ting claimed there’s no need for flashy backdrops as they’re going to digital-design our backdrops and the album layout etc.

Much time were consumed for the change of hairstyle for every outfit. I lost half my hair because of that because we’re in a rush. The makeup artist, Miki did everything pretty roughly. I didnt stop her because I know we’re pressed for time. My poor scalp. =(

As I’ve mentioned, she’s pretty hot in the makeup industry and it took as far as 1 month in advance to book her. She’s a Taiwanese lady, 10+ years in experience, with excellent service, professional and great attitude. However, I only find her makeup so-so. Her hairdos were great though. I wont blame her for the melting of the makeup, perhaps my silky make-up base ampoules suck but she did not do anything outstanding for my eyes. In fact, I thought they looked smaller than they’re already are. Sigh! There also wasnt any change in eye shadow colours for every outfit as promised by Capio.

It seemed to me that I’m the one who can flatter my slit eyes the most till the largest they can look under artificial products. I will be interested to try Dilly, I heard she’s very good in eye makeup and enlarging them. But too bad, she’s not available for booking through my bridal unless I hire her with top up of cash myself which is pretty costly.

All in all, it was a super tiring experience. Breakfast at 9am, makeup at 10am, photoshoot ended at 7+pm. We simply munched some bread in the car for our lunch only. It wasnt anything that we enjoyed but rather something which we wanna get it over with. It would be so much better if I have go according to my initial plan to split into 2 days of shooting. Because by evening, dearie was so tired that he cant stand still nor even make out a smile.

I feel I’m just so suay lah. I postponed my initial first AFP exam because it clashed with my ROM date. And when the next intake came, it clashed with my photoshoot date(have to arrange with photographer/make-up-artist). That’s why I postponed my photoshoot, partly being I also gained weight lah. And Miki is only free for 2 days in April, 16th and 17th, but dearie cant make it on 17th. Arrghh so we squeezed everything on April 16th, which coincidentally falls on my AV day. Despite being on Yasmin to stop the cramps as well as to delay the cycle, I was feeling bloated all along and my outdoor gown actually felt so tight. It almost cant be zipped up!

Just so so suay~

Haiz. Okie There were also some wonderful stuffs. Like, I feel my gowns are gorgeous! Every single 1 of them.

We’re pretty lucky to catch some blue skies and fluffy white clouds at the time of 5+pm at some greenery slopes near Hort Park. At least if we didnt look our best, the scenery will be great. It wasnt a very hot day even though the sunlight is good. Ah ting kept saying we’re lucky.

We then went Blair road for some old shophouses shoot. We tried to take pictures at the railway track but was chased out by the stupid bangalas. I heard last time was allowed leh. Finally we went Fullerton and boat quay area for the standard evening shots. The views were stunning but it was very very crowded with people. I think there was a bigwalk event by JpMorgan. Some of them plainly bo chup and ran through us even though we were taking pictures while some were nice enough to wait or round Ah Ting. For the former, I feel they’re terribly rude and inconsiderate. But for the latter, I feel they’re so uber sweet and nice like angels. And I always “salute” with an apology and mouthed my thanks to them. Some are very nice people who congratulates and compliments us. Singaporeans are not that bad after all.

We saw another couple nearby too but it seemed they missed the most enchanting hour for the shots. By the time they took, the sky was pitch black and Ah Ting said the shots will not be as nice as with the dark blue skies.

So all in all, I did not habour much hope for real outstanding pictures. We saw some on the camera..and we’re werent impressed by the special angles Ah Ting took. I mean, we appreciate her hard work…but after we got home, we realised we mostly had same poses but with different angles of our faces and line of sights. It’s like, our posture stayed the same, but our face will be requested to turn left, right, up, down, coupled with different line of head up but look down etc.

We were too busy adhering to her commands that we’re like stiff puppets. It will be good if she simply suggests poses and we do so naturally, with minor adjustment for her angles etc. You know like a good director in a movie will direct you how to act, draw your emotions and feelings and slowly LEAD you to discover your potential by acting naturally. But instead…she’s pretty emphatic about commanding everything from top to bottom, till we almost forgotten that actually we did have the freedom to pose something we would like and probably will do better on something which was not instructed so stiffly. And with time, our “follower” mode were simply stucked.

What she did so wrong was that, she directed poses with specific angles and twists, and not with feelings. Instead of saying, tilt your chin higher, how much higher etc, she should say something like, “look at your husband with awe and adoration”, then naturally I will tilt my chin in such an angle she described with the right emotions in my eyes. I mean we werent professionals lah, so we pretty much go with the flow of emotions and picture descriptions. It will be so much better if she is better at leading our emotions, imaginations, and thus our expressions, e.g, “look far away and focus your sight on something and pretend that you saw something fascinating instead of “Look at your eye level or look far away”. Get what I mean?

Though I believe she really wants the best for us as she’s partly commissioned-based. As in the more pictures we add, the more commission she made. I just hope pictures really turn out nice…..or very disappointing.

She did mentioned about putting emphasis on our expressions as minor edits can be done with photoshop, but not on facial expressions. Anyway, I think our different poses will be very limited..and I doubt we will add many pictures too. Good then, we can save more money since married couples around us advised against spending too much on albums which will ultimately end up collecting dust in wardrobes.

I’m just consoling myself lah actually. =(

Wedding Cartoon animations

Just finished viewing Huey’s tons of pictures of her wedding on Facebook. Ahh…so heart-warming! =) To tell the truth, initially I was abit worried about her not getting attached for a long time. But she being a virgo, I know she’s the kind who wont get attached for the sake of being attached, and also wont settle for anything less. True enough, her 1st boyfriend is her hubby, who has proved to be an excellent investment!! Lol.

In a nutshell, I always feel whenever we accept a guy, we ladies are “investing” our feelings with them, hoping to get a “return” of feelings and not just a whole chunk of sweet nothings. Sometimes we gain(we dump people), sometimes we make a loss(people dump us), sometimes we break even(mutual breakup). So if both happily together and never break up leh?? —> Financial Independence/Freedom.

Muahahaha. Just kidding lah. Sorry too much studying about finance got into me. Of course I dont mean by dumping people means we “gain”. You must understand sometimes the “dumper” dont feel good too. Because ultimately we did invest our feelings into it. =( So no matter who proposed a breakup, all parties suffered a loss. A loss of chance, a chance to happiness. A loss of feelings, the feelings of everlasting love. A loss of responsibility and status, of a girlfriend. And lastly, a lost of a promise. A promise which was meant to last.

Anyway back to the main point. Huey married her first boyfriend. How cool is that? I mean, she dont need to trial and error la or go through heartbreaks just so to wait for the right one to come along. While some of us are kissing so many frogs until our prince comes along, she took the shortcut! I’m really happy for her. And the next wish I have for her is that her marriage stays blissful and sweet forever, of course.

She looked absolutely beautiful and sweet in the pictures and on the actual big day too. The gatecrashing video express highlights was also nicely done by her friend. Excellent. But the photographer has much to improve. Few pictures were blurry and well, angles arent perfect. Despite so, Huey still look very pretty!! Well, pretty girls will always look pretty in all angles. Unlike me. Sigh. I also know I’m a fussy nut to crack to begin with. That’s why we signed up with a professional photographer, Albert, at Everafter Pictures.

The price slashed my heart alittle. To me, 2K is considered very expensive lor. Photography is something which I dont know how to appreciate very well. If not for that repeated-millions-of-times slogan, “it’s a once in a lifetime thing”, I wont spend that kind of money manz. And somehow, we, or rather ME was kinda tired sourcing for good photographers, so at our 2nd last stop(the last stop was OneEyeClick actually), we gave in. Too tired to go on searching and comparing already.

Even so, I checked out in forums and also did a rough market survey on the majority of wedding couples’ willingness to splurge on actual day wedding photography. And majority who voted were around the range of 1K to 3K. Some commented it’s ridiculous to spend so much money on photography as it’s basically snapping of pictures while some commented since it’s a once in a lifetime thing, should engage the best you can get. Because it’s good to capture your happy memories in style and a bad photographer will spoil everything.

I think both have their points lah…I’m in between the 2….so I’m also in between their budgets. Lol.

Anyway, the poll might not be an accurate one. I only know dearie’s buddy J engaged the same photographer Albert. Kel’s photography is $1000 I think(if I didnt remember wrongly), from her bridal studio “Sophia Collection”. But she had spent money on hiring a couple to sing live love duets(a lovely touch) as well as making the customized cartoon animation video of their love story.

I didnt ask how much she spent but it’s confirm not cheap. The cartoon animation is cute and very in now, but too bad the cheapest I’ve searched online is $688. Wah lau, need or not? A 3-5mins of cartoon animation need $688? Super exaggerating. Watch it 10 times also 30-50minutes only…for $688 we can watch 49 movies manz. There are also other sites doing it at $800-$1200.
Crazy. Simply crazy. Anyway, since I’ve did some research, might as well state it down here to share with you.

Coffee & Tea – From $1200 onwards

Stefine – $1200

MeowStudio – From $900

WowMedia – $800

Blackcurrantworkz – $688

Qing Dynasty – From $600 onwards

MyWeddingCartoon – From $599 onwards

Ecoworz – From $499 onwards

Boxmagic – $300-$500

I seriously feel they are all overpriced based on their quality.

I’m still thinking of alternatives. But might need to take more time and trouble. Hmm……..I’ll probably wont share my alternative until I can be sure it works. =)

So stay tuned~


Have you ever have a time whereby you feel everything is not going your way and you feel as if it’s the unluckiest period of your life?

That’s how I feel right now.

I felt Im so wronged. Wronged for doing absolutely nothing which earned all these bad luck. Sigh.

Had dinner with dearie at Whampoa Market tonight, his favourite teochew steamed fish. He, the poor thing, had to bear with me. I did complaint a little to him tonight. Considered little already compared to my usual “quantity”. Actually women are very simple. They complaint and complaint but after that they’ll be alright and they forget. At least Im like that. Things actually go wrong when they stopped complaining. Or when they stopped talking.

I wasnt complaining much tonight because I was pondering about many things. Like a friend of mine said, I always have funny funny ideas running through my head all the time. I was just thinking stuff like..why some people will like that…wont they be blablabla…stuffs like that. Haha. And thinking of all the unlucky stuff which happened in this year as well as ongoing now, tears just welled up in my eyes. Im not sad. Because I know Im still considered very fortunate amongst many people. Having a loving boyfriend. Still able to splurge on stuff I like, especially sumptuous food. A wonderful mummy who always cook my favourite food. And also a bunch of very good friends. Im just shedding tears of frustration. It’s like, “why cant things be right for me for once?”

Ash just sms me yesterday that her camera doesnt have flash and that pictures might not turn out nice for my ROM. As in, the pictures might be dark, blur, unclear etc. As my ROM venue is indoor, it’s kinda dark. I dont think I can run that risk although she said she still can be my photographer for the day. I asked her why didnt she tell me earlier, especially when we agreed on the arrangement months ago. She said she’s very sorry and that she was expecting some cash inflow which ultimately did not come in in time for her to buy the flash for her camera. The flash costs $500. So I proposed why dont I lend her money for the flash first and she can take her time to return me. I understood her discomfort about money matters as she’s also a prideful person like me but I humbled my tone and said, “please just treat it as doing me a favor because it’s difficult for me to find another photographer at this last minute when my ROM is only 3 weeks away. And my ROM date is quite a hot date. I swear I will not pester you for the money. You can return me when you have it, it’s no hurry.”

I was fully prepared for her rejection for the lending as I know her very well. 8 years of friend. But the actual reason for the rejection actually took me by surprise. Apart from the reason that she’s uncomfortable of owing a debt, the main reason is she dont wish to spend $500 on a flash which is not of priority to her. I asked why. I thought every camera needs a flash. She explained it’s because the external flash is usually used for wedding photos which she dont do most of the times. She rather spend more, like $1000 on a better lens for her camera which she deems as a better investment because most of her freelance jobs are art galleries pictures. All these camera stuff are quite foreign to me so I also didnt ask further.

But the fact now is very clear to me. She dont intend to buy the flash and she knew months ago that her camera might not produce clear, bright, nice pictures. But yet she only choose to tell me yesterday.

You know how I feel?

Figuratively speaking, I felt suddenly…like the world closed down on me. Like…darkness fell. Dont know why. That feeling was very sad. I…actually took some time to register the fact that she can do this to me. *breathe* Hmmm….Am I making this into a big deal?

Anyway, no use feeling sorry. So I frantically went online to search forums etc for any nice, freelance photographers. Most, like I’ve expected, were already booked on my ROM date. Then some are freaking expensive because they are popular or for whatever reason.

I know it’s a small thing, the photography thing. It can surely be solved. At most spend more money or else keep it simple by asking my friends to take pictures for me with my SONY 8.1MP digital camera. Of course I can. Huey also did it, didnt she? And the pictures are wonderful. =)

But maybe I just cant take it when a bomb was being thrown to me in the midst of all my frustrations. It’s just, double blow.

Actually, it’s not that I want to make such a big fuss of this ROM lah. Just that I thought it’s a once in a lifetime affair and the gown is being made-to-measure(because I have no choice since the rack dont have many gowns), I feel it’s a pity if mediocre pictures are taken. Not that I feel Im beautiful in any way and that lousy pictures will spoil my image etc. It’s not that. I have seen some wonderful wedding pictures and it’s not about whether the groom is handsome or the bride is beautiful. It’s about catching the moments. The enchanting moments that both vowed to be together blissfully for the rest of their lives. The smiles filled with happiness. My colleague who also ROM this year even engaged a videographer for their ROM because he feels that the signing of the papers legally signifies the vow and the bonding, so it’s much more important than the customary wedding.

I have some very happy stories as well as sad stories around me regarding about proposals and marriages. I can tell you some of my friends have as big as 1 whole carat of diamond for their wedding ring which costs a 5-figure as well as glorious weddings done in grand splendor with no less than $8K. But sad to say, the magic and splendor ended there. Im very, very sad for them. But things are getting better for them already and Im glad.

Therefore after all these sad happenings, I really adopted a new and more light-hearted attitude towards all the wedding preparations. It’s not that I lost my faith in marriage. I have absolute faith in my marriage and my husband-to-be. I just meant, the nitty-gritty stuff like how big is the diamond, the bridal studio package or which hotel to hold the banquet etc, which usually meant to alot to most women, now matters lesser to me. So what if you have the biggest diamond ring or the highest-valued condo as home or the most elaborate and glorious wedding of the century? If the marriage dont breed happiness, it’s just a lovely packaged box which hides a loveless marriage shell. I would rather have the best marriage than the best wedding. Because wedding lasts a day while marriage lasts a lifetime.

Not that all the preparations are not important, of course. As I said it’s once in a lifetime thing, I will still try to make sure it’s OK. Im still a fussy and a person with high expectations but it’s purely to satisfy my own vanity and desire to attempt to be the most beautiful bride for my husband-to-be. Just let me be a fussy, vain peacock for these 2 days, ROM & Wedding day, will ya? If you must know, I hardly go for hair treatments, facials etc unless it’s credit card promotions. Perhaps a manicure or pedicure once in a while for indulgence and rebonding once or twice every year. So my dearie, do excuse me for my extreme obsessiveness for these few months past with slapping on masks or applying body lotion. =P

I know very well, what lies after the wedding is so much more important than how a wedding looks on the surface. Like wise, how a man treats you with his heart is so much more important than stuff he does on the surface with honeyed words or gifts.

Meanwhile, any form of encouragement and consolations for my current plight is vastly appreciated. Any nice photographers recommendations? I have these 3 photographers for consideration.

ROM $300
Up to 3 Hours Photography Coverage
Unlimited Number Of Exposures/Photos
Will TouchUp/Color Correct All Photos
Return of all images on a DVD

$900 (Actual Day Wedding Photography)
Up to 10 Hours Photography Coverage
Unlimited Number Of Exposures/Photos
Will TouchUp/Color Correct All Photos
Return of all images on a DVD

Click the Labels: Wedding Day and Outdoor photography.
ROM – $450 which includes 2 hours of service, 100 4R prints in a slot in album and cd of all photos taken.
Wedding day – $1400 which includes 10 hours of service, 300 4R prints in a slot in album and a dvd of all the photos taken.

$280 for 2.5hours with soft copy returned.

I actually like pictures of 2) most but Yixin charges the highest.

Basically I prefer to have the soft copy instead of the fotos itself as I prefer to develop them if I liked them enough. Im currently looking at the ROM package only but I asked for the AD package just in case if negotiations can be done for both packages signed.

Do drop me your views if you have time to view them. =)

Thank you.

Bon voyage

Last Saturday night was being spent at i-Rumours at Clarke Quay as a farewell gathering for Ge as she’s flying to London soon to join her boyfriend, for maybe 2 years. Initially, I did not plan on going because I literally dont know her well as she has left the agency before I joined. But I’ve heard of her name sometimes and also bumped into her together with Sh while shopping with dearie at Raffles City once. She strucked me as a very sweet girl with no airs, not to mention totally gorgeous. Perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect height, perfect smile and perfect figure. I really respect her for her devotion towards her boyfriend all these years. It’s not easy to maintain a long distance relationship. London leh, so far. Not even malaysia or aussie.

I almost cant believe the place charges a cover charge. I dont know how much though, because Ed opened a bottle to waive all our cover charges, together with Dearie, F, SH, Ge, himself and me. If you like dragonfly then perhaps you will like i-Rumours. Kind of canto disco. Sometimes the band will sing, sometimes it’s playing house, techno or retro music. We played dice, and I taught them the “animal game” inspired by Iv too. We went back around 3+am.

Hope everything work out for her in London, for work and for love. =D

Did I mention ChinaOne’s cheese fries is totally heavenly? I have been fantasizing it for 2 days straight. Shall go get it soon.

Oh yah. I’ve got Ash to be my photographer on my ROM day! Im so happy can? I always know she has a passion for photographer and she got one big ass bulky camera which she took awesome pictures. But I didnt know she actually do freelance too and is so professional about it. I actually meant it to be a simple affair. Like perhaps 1 or 2 hours for snapping pictures of the venue, food, group pictures, the solemnization and also the breathtaking room which we are going to stay for the nuptial night. However, Ash was being totally pro and generous about it. Besides charging me for a much lesser fee than she usually charges, she said she’s gonna be there whole day just for me, as well as doing some edits, touch-ups and all the chim chim effects which Im clueless. Im so touched with her selfless giving. =D Though I said I dont want her to be so tiring and vexing to take photos for so many hours because I want her to enjoy the buffet and the occassion too as a good friend. But she insists. =.= Well, Im in for a treat! So so happy. I know I wont be shy infront of her and Im sure Dearie will love her. Of course not in that way lah, otherwise I will be jealous. Hee. Below are a few of her works which I simple adore, the angles and the effects everything. There’s simply too many of my favourites though I try not to put up pics of her and her frens without her permission, so please view them from her blog ya. And Baileys is sooOooO Cute!






Do leave her a message at her blog if wish to engage her services. =D