Reminiscence of dearie’s proposal & our 1st Tokyo trip!

Currently watching 鱼跃在花见 on Funshion. Aiyo, I almost cough blood. Myolie is really irritating in the show, as in, her role. I definitely dont mean she’s irritating on a personal level. She always struck me as a very smart and humble lady. =)

The show is really a gastronomic adventure for Japanese cuisine lovers like me. Especially sashimi…..slurps! A gentle warning though, dont watch it with an empty stomach. It’s funny actually. Our Japan trip is finally confirmed on 7th-11th April and this show serves as a wonderful “appetizer”. I’m so looking forward to the trip. Will probably meet up with L in Tokyo if nothing goes wrong and I’m excited about her showing me all the shopping paradise and splendid Japanese sashimi!

To reminisce our previous Japan trip(half work/play, MDRT experience), below is an entry(not in full) copied from my previous blog. It served as a very sweet memory because dearie proposed during our 1st Japan trip. =)  Thus making this 2nd trip all the more meaningful now that we’re back re-visiting after 2 years of marriage. =) Oh it’s even the same season too, around APRIL with the sakura blossoms. Hope we can catch them though. Notice any difference in us? Definitely a difference in dearie. He gained more weight and looked more handsomeeeeee now huh. Haha. I definitely aged. =(  However, the pictures simply stirred my heart warmly. =D


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Konichiwa Japan

Hi Guys Im back!

I had mixed feelings yesterday when I reached Narita Airport for departure back home. I mean, it feels good to be back home where I can UNDERSTAND what people are talking and not looking like an idiot when 1 Jap after another mumbled a long string of Japanese to me without me understanding a single syllabus. On the other hand, it means the end of my holiday, unable to shop anymore, and back to the hard, cruel, realistic Singapore, where the lousiest customer service exists.

We flew by Northwest Airlines, flight at 6am on 10th April. Few hours before we left home, we were still packing our suitcases. Haha. Reached Changi Airport at 3.20am(as usual, dearie is very prudent) where we had..supper? Then we proceeded to check in at 4am. Northwest serves nice cabin meals, if you want to know, service pretty good also. Online booking flights within 24hrs can be done but make sure name is keyed correctly. They charged a US$10 for edit of wrong name on e-tickets.

Snoozed in the plane of course. When I woke up, dearie was nowhere to be seen. Before I even have the foggiest idea on what was happening, the crew announced, “Here is a special message dedicated to Fion….”


There came dearie’s singing…


“Dear ah! 我愿意用我的一生去爱你,去保护你,去照顾你,你原意嫁给我吗”



Finally he came towards me and grabbed the ring box on my food tray(geez I so disoriented that I didnt even realize it’s there) and proposed again after opening the ring box right there with the whole plane passengers looking on!




What else can I say but yes? Keke *blush blush*

********Applauses again********

Im very very surprised! Even though I expected a proposal coming in Japan but I never expected in this way! Again, he never fail to give me surprises. He reckoned I would never have expected it’s in the plane before we even reach Japan. Many colleagues congratulated me as well as acquaintances from my company taking the same place. So nice of them.

There was this male colleague, who offered a handshake after congratulating me, added, “Congrats! You’re not left on the shelf. Haha”

I couldnt quite get his joke as I feel getting married at age 25 is considered early already. For the past me, I will never get committed at this age. Hello! This is Singapore, not India lo. I must have looked damn perplexed. But I guess it’s considered pretty normal for me bah for mean remarks to come now and then because Im mean to people I dont like now and then too. Lol. Lalala. Who cares, so long so Im happy with the one I love. =)

(P/S Hmm….this goes to prove I’m really one who forgives and forget, because 2 years down the road now in 2011, I really cant recall who is this colleague! Haha. =)

Oh ya. For this trip, I dont know why many of the pictures turned out blurry even though they looked okay in the camera. =( So many cant post up. Anyway, cant post too much otherwise will take very long to load.


Reached Narita Airport in Tokyo at around 1+pm, app. 6 hours flight.

Upon reaching, I realised I forgotten to put in my memory card in my camera. How dumb can I get? Must be because I wanna delete off pictures in the card to have more memory and I left it in my laptop by mistake. I was so so sad. I deleted all pictures in my internal memory in order to take more pictures but the max they can store is around 10+. =( Many colleagues offered their SD cards but they’re all not compatible. Damn Sony for being so exclusive. Finally, after searching all his various memory cards, Larry came up with one 1GB SOny Memory stick! I was so grateful that I can kiss him on both cheeks!



Toyoko-Inn at Chiba. The room is small, but cosy and impossibly clean.



Quite the smallest toilet I’ve ever seen in hotels, however, still pretty equipped


As you would have known, accommodation is super expensive in Japan. Our room costs app. S$177 per day, shared by me and dearie. So for 5 days, its S$885 for both of us. Actually on day 4, we shifted to Toyoko-Inn at Shinjuku, still the same hotel but different branch so it looks totally the same. The only draw back would be the tv channels I reckon. They’re showing the same shows everyday! At least for the 5 days that we are there. Since we dont understand Jap shows, its “Ocean Thirteen” and “No Reservations” everyyyydayyyy. Thank god I like Catherine Zeta-Jones in “No Reservations”.

Day 1
By the time we settled down everything, dinner all that, cum traveling via walk+train, its around 7+pm when we reached Disney Sea. Traveling took alot of time. We didnt take cab because their cab fares have killer rates. Its around few hundred S$ for a journey of around 30minutes.



So cute. The train to Disney Sea was damm cute with mickey-mouse-shaped handles and windows.



Dearie and Larry acting cute.


Admission ticket costed S$44(3100yen). By the way, S$1=70yen. Good thing was that although the admission ticket was expensive, all the rides inside were free for you to take, so there’s no extra hidden costs.





Its Spring carnival and Disney Sea’s 25th Anniversary Eve! And they had celebrations with fireworks.




This view was totally enchanting. It’s as good or else better than what the camera captured.


Does this reminds you of Shakespeare’s Merchant In Venice or Midsummer Night’s Dream? It’s so Venetian style and romantic. Dearie and me took the Vienna Gondolas boat ride in the quay. Did I mentioned its raining at that time? Haha


Lovely splendor inside the gift shops


Their so-called House of Terror.

Dearie and me can never forget this. Eil, WJ and Larry enthusiastically encouraged us to go play it. “Its very very fun!” They echoed together.

We strolled in, to find a Japanese girl giving a story telling session beside a small statue which looked like those native african statues, hinting of mysterious power and magic. As we dont understand Jap, I can only guess the haunted story is about this statue which possessed evil power which subsequently lead to the death of somebody via accident in a elevator, as depicted by the outside of the haunted building.

After that ended, we went through a door where there’s another session of story-telling, which again we dont understand a single word. After which, we were being leaded up a staircase and told to take one of the seats in one which looked like a small theater. I thought its another story telling session again..before uneasiness crept into me when I saw seatbelts attached to the seats.


I was feeling very very eerie and suspicious already and felt like leaving the mini “theater” no matter how dearie might laugh at me for being such a chicken. But, he said, just wait and see. Okie. After the jap girl mumbled something; “&^$@#$%^&*$%^&, SAYONARA!”, suddenly a door jammed shut, closing the entire “mini theater”!!! Lights went off and it was so dark that I cant even see my fingers!!

Siao liao this time. I thought to myself. Okie nvm…then a small 3D screen appeared infront of us, just like a theater, albeit, the laser images projected were so 3D that they looked so real. Heng ah…so there’s another show being shown right here, just that its secluded and closed up, I thought. It showed a man being somehow cursed by the statue and disappeared. The statue disappeared shortly after too after its spine-chilling laughter.

Suddenly, the whole “mini theater” began to vibrate!! And it began to move violently!! Dearie still trying to console the frantic me, “Dont scared dont scared”. Then it began to descend slowly…before it shot up in lightning speed to the highest level of the building where we can clearly see the skies and outside! It stayed stagnant for 1 second before it plunged without a warning and hanged in mid air. Hovering for that 1 deadly second again, until it finally plunged full force downwards right to the ground!!

I tell you, I think dearie screamed even louder than me. =.=”” Or rather, we both screamed as if there’s no tomorrow. And its very embarrassing. Lol. Finally the door opened…and we staggered out on legs which felt like jelly.

We OLD already!! Cant take this kinda shock one!!

Day 2
We woke up early and departed to Makuhari Messe to register for our MDRT experience convention. Then, we went Meiji Shrine temple. Its very special such that we have to walk a very very very long way inside by foot then we can reach the temple. Its totally unaccessible by cars nor bicycles. I guessed it showed the sincerity. Unlike chinese Buddhist temples, there were no statue inside. Jap gods, I think there’s only some sort of amulet. It was fully blocked out to the common public and we were made to pray in like, 30m away. The whole group of us exited by the wrong exit and made a large detour back. My legs almost broke. We had dinner hurriedly and walked another few miles to shop a while at Harajuku, where burberry shop already closed. So disappointed.

Day 3
Seminar started as early as 9am. Ended around 5pm.




After which, Larry, dearie and me left separately for Ueno Park while the others went shopping at the cheap electronics first before they joined us later. We dont have any electronics to buy so we skipped that. We didnt regret. We have extra 1 and half hours to catch some nice pics at Tokyo Ueno-onshi-koen Park where there were still some full-blown sakura trees! We thought we’re unable to catch it since its already mid april.





This is not cherry blossoms(I think), but I love them more! I think they’re prettier. Currently checking on their identity. Looks like peony though.

After the others arrived, we shopped 1 and half hours more at Ueno Hirokoji, where we bought lotsa foodstuff. Most are guys’ stuff actually.

At night, we went and attended the special dinner which company arranged for us. The food was scarce and so-so but got free flow beer and sakae. The crowd went crazy. Stupid david borrowed my camera to take videos.

They kept force Andy and Gerrard to drink until they buay tahan. Lol. We had so much fun.


Andy and Gerrard so seh. Lol

Day 4
Seminar again. Then We shifted to Toyoko-Inn at Shinjuku and did shopping there. That’s where I bought our burberry blue labels and some clothes.


My Burberry buys

Day 5
Went Asakusa Kannon Temple at Asakusa, Lei Men. And shopped at Nakamise Shopping street where alot of traditional foodstuff were sold. After that, we went Ginza, shibuya, 109 building for more shopping. The shops closed as early at 8pm. What the fish manz.



Day 6
Around 4 hours to shop only as we’re preparing to depart already. Walked around in Shinjuku, lovely shopping there where I bought my best buys. Some went back to Ginza to buy somemore Burberry’s blue label. Haha.

In Japan, everything is so expensive. Things were at least doubly expensive, or else triple or even 10times more.

Clothings cost approximately around S$70 or more. That’s the normal pricing. For slightly better clothes, they can easily reach 10,000yen or more, meaning $140+. Honeydew costs around S$50 each, and watermelons S$70 each. Crazy! The cheapest meal of udon, via ticketing using vending machines and then redeeming it at the counter, will costs around 400yen which is around S$5.70. For slightly better meals, they will cost around S$14. Presentable foodstuff usually costs 800yen, 1000yen or more, which are more and S$10+. Their transportation single trip train tickets costs around S$4+ per trip on the average. Their Daiso stores sell good quality economic stuff, each costs S$1.50

Okie so what are cheaper there?

1) Burberry blue label
Only exclusive there, and cheaper than normal Burberry label.
2) Fake Eyelashes
3) Diamantes
4) Fancl


*Skipped pictures of my shopping*


Awwwwww~ Cant wait to relive all of these!! =D



Want to eat sausage?

I’m not in the best of mood because my lips are swollen again. Same old problem, coldsore. Sigh…how can I ever get rid of this for good.

So for the time being, I’m hiding at home. I have a review with mentor on thursday but if my lips are still swollen, I will get an MC. I dont enjoy seeing people with my sausage-lips. Speaking of which, I recalled a very hilarious movie which Tony Leung and many other stars like Lin Qing Xia, Jacky, Maggie, Leslie, Carina starred in, 东成西就.

I can NEVER forget the way Tony looked with his sausage-lips and giant ears.

AND the ultimate conversation between him and the 店小二.

Tony: 给我拿两条香肠过来
店小二: 客官, 您不是在吃着吗?
Tony: 我不可以打包阿?! (**I laughed till toh!**)
店小二: 行行!


I’m not as jialat though currently but was close to it years ago when my coldsore was really serious. So dear dont stress me okie. It always aggravates when I’m under stress.

Sigh, must wait for it to recover before I can meet my friends. I haven meet Rain and Eil for a long time and kinda missed chatting with them. Chris too, and tracy for her post birthday.

“Better than a Pyschic” By Mercedes

The House Bunny (2008)
I love the movie because it never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve watched it. Kinda bimbo I know. I love the soundtrack too!


* “I Know What Boys Like
Written by Chris Butler
Produced by Chad Hugo, Kenna
Performed by Katharine McPhee
Katharine McPhee Appears Courtesy of RCA Records/19 Entertainment

* “Take A Bow”
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* “Shake It”
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* “Shut Up and Let Me Go”
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* “Think You Want It”
Written by DJ Colette, Tim Kvasnosky and Tim Shumaker
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Courtesy of OM Records

I especially love this;

* “Better Than A Psychic
Written by Rodney Jerkins, Lashawn Ameen Daniels and Dernst Emile
Performed by Mercedes

But I cant seem to find any free download of the song online. When I tried to find the soundtrack so that I can buy the whole damned album, I cant find it too! The closest I found is the link to listen to it, at It’s like they never release the soundtrack at all! Need so exclusive or not? Fine lor…at most I open that link whenever I want to listen…

Initially I didnt even what’s the song title. I just knew it was playing during the movie when Shelly dances with the old folks at the nursing home. I had asked dearie to search the song title for me but he said cant find. But when I tried to find, I can find it lor. Duhz! He’s really making me more and more pissed lately, by accumulating numerous minor things into 1 big mountain as time goes by. Knowing him, he wont help me find one lor. Put it this way, he will help to find lah but he doesnt put his heart into finding it. Because everything I asked him to do something, he either made a blunder of it, else he dont get it done.

How I miss those days when I’m younger and has suitors. They’re always so sweet and always trying to make my day with little little things. But they dont know those little acts meant so much to me. What I mentioned, what I got. No matter is music, books or dvd. They were delivered or courier-ed right to my doorstep. And take note I only mentioned about stuff I love which are difficult to find, like collectibles. They are not expensive or branded stuff. So they probably dont cost alot but alot of time and effort are needed to find them. And I appreciate them very much.

Yeah. Wake up lah I know. I’m a married, fat, grumpy, wrinkly Lao Char Bor now. Nobody loves me anymoreeeee. Boowoo!

Sigh….Lately we quarreled alot. It’s all about my displeasures with him. They’re small stuff but they were accumulating…and I had enough… Despite how I tried to act normal, I’m not happy with him. And he doesnt seem to give a shit. =(

Why are all the Saggis like that?

I really need some time alone these few days.

Life, fate, friendship

Quite many happy occasions around me in the month of May. =)

May Birthday Babies include Viy, Gen, Est, Mary, Ken, Zen, Haz, Dav and of course our newly, freshly borne Xav, who is the 1st baby of my long ago childhood friend, M. Xav is a very fit and chubby 3.838 kg Ox baby who happens to be a taurus too! I was saying he will be very stubborn when he grows up as it’s bull + bull. Haha. Happiness come in doubles. M’s younger brother, X who’s also my long ago childhood friend got married on labour day, 1st May too.

Congrats and happy birthday to all!

It really amazed me how time flies. Around 20years ago, we were still kids who ran about at the corridors as we were neighbours at Clementi. I remembered I just started Primary 1 at Pei Tong Primary when we shifted to Clementi and became neighbours. They stayed the 8th floor while us, the 5th. Because our parents(mother and mother) are such great friends, we shifted to yewtee together. That’s also coupled with a good amount of luck that we’re able to successfully ballot for flats in Yewtee and what’s more, our blocks are like 10minutes walk away.

It has been 20 years! Now X and me are married and M is already a father!

Mummy lamented about the amazing coincidence that the 3 of us has good news all during this year; X had his customary in May; I’m going to have mine in Aug; M also has his first baby borne in May, all during this year. It’s kinda true. Though I’m pretty paiseh that I’m unable to attend X’s wedding even though Xiang(my bro) told me they’re so nice to invite me. As I’m afraid of the renowned superstitious clash, I didnt go lor. I did, however, asked my brother, Xiang to extend my congratulations to him. It’s actually abit weird lah because we haven really talk in years due to going to different schools and so on, but I cant help sending a greeting. Happy occasion mah. =) Mummy and Xiang attended the wedding though at ParkRoyal hotel.

Xiang, on the other hand clicks very well with the 2 brothers. When I think back, it’s very funny. Because last time I used to quarrel with the 2 brothers as they always like to make fun or “bully” my younger brother, Xiang. I was very protective as I’m the older sister. To think now they’re like the greatest of friends. It’s quite ironic actually. Haha.

Truly, I really admired the friendship my mummy and their mummy shared. 20years. No joke. I think so far my longest friendship is with Huey, 19 years and counting!! Since primary 2. Hee…I’m pretty confident that I can break the 20th mark too and more so!

Sigh, I missed chatting with her face-to-face though we just had a long msn chat lately. I feel I can totally say whatever I like infront of her and wont be afraid of offending her. Mostly is because the chance is very low because we shared same views on many things. Secondly is because she’s just so, so, so nice and sweet-tempered, not that I will purposely go offend her la. But I just feel some friends have taboo subjects you cant touch and I have to be extra cautious not to even go near them. Huey, machiam dont have taboo subjects one leh, like me. Haha. And she’s always able to give me constructive comments. Hmm..sounds familiar. I think she said that about me too. Haha. The most important thing…after talking with her…..I always feel as if a load is off my shoulder…whole body feel so light…it’s just very comfortable. Good. =)

But we can only meet “properly” in JUN as her weekends are usually spent with her hubby. Poor thing..she said everyday go home is face 4 walls because her hubby always on shift work and only off on weekends. So how can I usurp her weekend when her time with hubby is already so little? Then weekday afternoons she got to work, evenings I got to work. So cannot lor. Her hubby is going to Australia in Jun for work. I can visit her new home too!

All thanks to her for sending me her wedding schedules, checklist and banquet list templates for me. It really helps alot and saves time. Though I still spent hours on it…not easy okie…they’re more or less done. I’m still working on the wedding montage. Hmm…anyone with nice photo slideshow software to lend? DVD photo slideshow professional v7.98 is great. However trial can only up to 36 pictures. %&*(*&^%^&* Microsoft Moviemaker not really up to standard leh…the pan and zoom effect not very good…unless there are ways to customize them. I’ve tried tons of products and so far finds DVD photo slideshow professional v7.92 to be the best. All others are pretty crappy.

Oh, Huey was saying she can accompany me to go buy 4 dian jin because her FIL open gold smith shop one, can get discount. WAH!! But I’m too tired after browsing so many stalls already(kinda anxious..=P)…that I finally settled with a set of 18K gold diamond set last week. Actually I kinda matched it myself while shopping with Mummy. =) The pendant is from Sookee while the others are from Goldheart. Well…since their designs matched very well…and I feel only Sookee’s pendant is nice while Goldheart’s earrings, ring and chain are nicer so I bought from both lor. Anyway since their stalls are side by side at Jurong Point. Keke. Though I look abit like a siao charbor who shopped to and fro from the 2 stalls. =P

Okie…you must have feel weird…isnt 4 dian jin to be bought by MIL? Indeed it should be. But we’re flexible mah. And my MIL is SO NICE. I called her up and told her about the promotion discounts and how tired I am browsing over…*counting*…8 different stalls…that I dont wish to shop anymore le and will settle with this set which I like. Think there’s hardly any shops left too lah. But I told her about the price of the whole set and how dearie nodded his head too(because is dearie paying). However as some items need to get new pieces and ring need to be resized, I told dearie and MIL that we’ll go to collect together so that she can see the design then. She’s quite ok with that. =) By the way, it’s in rose gold since mummy is superstitious about white gold(bai jin sounds like condolences). I pretty like them. =)

*************Abrupt change of topic***************

Guess you all heard about H1N1 virus in Mexico. Actually initially, I thought naught of seems to be getting worse leh. MIL was pretty anxious and ji dong about dearie going to Africa coming friday. At first…I tried to soothe her by saying there’s nothing to worry. But today dearie mentioned to me that he has 2nd thoughts too because apart from the swine flu, Africa is the country with the 2nd highest homicide rate. He googled about that especially after how his buddy, J, scared him about how the locals dashed to snatch his leftover food the moment he stood up because they’re too poor and hungry.

I’m not that afraid of the crime thingy as they will be mostly in groups..I reckon the risk is not that high….just avoid going out alone or at nights. However, I’m quite worried about the virus as dearie’s immune system is not very strong. How about the quarantine too? If skali suay suay kanna fever and be quarantined at the airport, the whole group is going to leave without him. And who knows how long he’s going to be quarantined in a foreign country? My thoughts started to run wild and suddenly I froze and said to him…”dear…you cant have anything happen to you leh…our wedding is in AUG…if you..”anything”…I cant take it one leh.”

I think I really cant take it if *touch wood* anything happens. I will crazy lor. Dearie said “yeah I know, mummy also said the same thing, that the wedding is coming soon, dont take unnecessary risks. Health is more important than a free trip. Holidays can take anytime mah”. Actually I’m quite unhappy why the company cant postpone the trip instead of announcing things like “go at your own risk okie…if now back out no need pay penalty fees..but no incentives will be replaced/refunded at all okie”.

Very “wat” right?

But dearie said company has paid for the airtickets and stuff already so it’s also not their fault nor within their means to really postpone the whole trip, alot of cost are involved. However, I have my own set of theory too but probably wont mention it here. =P

I really feel disappointed for dearie as he had expressed his interest to explore such a exotic country. But he said if by going, he will have to worry about the virus, the crime rate and making the whole family worry about him, he wont enjoy the trip too, because he will worrying about us worrying him(that’s his quote). ZzZzz. So he’s most probably cancelling the trip lor…and said he got more time to accompany me.

Bah…like real. More time come out also not for me one la.

Movie title: Horsemen
Comments: Actually while I’m watching, I do find it engaging. However the ending is very disappointing and after the movie ended, I realised the movie’ something’s not right. Because, in this type of movie, serial killing, usually you will see some hints which the killers dropped on the bodies and the detective will try to crack them and set a trap or something. I always enjoy the battle of wits. However, there’s no battle of wits involved at all. Because the detective kept find 1 body after another without detecting any clues in time. The killers either turned in themselves(bleh..) or else killed themselves(bleh..bleh..). Kinda mo ming qi miao, now that I think of it. But while’s actually quite thrilling lah. No gory scenes at all, not that I mind…but it makes it..disappointing…dont have the horror effect at all. Unless you find a body being hooked like a pig gory. The body looks so fake that I dont find it gory. Looks like pig skin anyway.