Review of Spectacle Hut – Unprofessional

Around 2 weeks ago, I realized my power of sight has deteriorated. Hence, I went to a few spectacle shops to view their different frames as well as prices. I finally settled my new pair at Spectacle Hut, having chosen a titanium frame. In the past, I always dread wearing my specky because it always cause me headaches. Other reasons include: I dont like to wear specs because it’s uncomfortable if I have any skincare on, or inconvenient if I wanna put masks.

Fully expected my myopia as well as astigmatism to increase. I was still surprised, because my astig has no change while lazier eye got lazier.


Anyway, after the order of my specky was finalized, I consulted Eve, the lady who tested my eyes, what degree should I buy for contact lens(without astig). Because I was told the degrees for specs and contact lens are different; i.e, contact lens degrees should be slightly lower.

However, Eve gave me a much much higher power than my actual degrees are. Her reason being: I’m buying contact lens without astig and I need to compensate that. I dont know how she calculate but she mumbled about adding half of the astig to myopia degrees.

Old power: LHS 475, RHS 550
(Old Contact lens power: LHS 450, RHS 525)

Astig: LHS 125, RHS 75(remain the same)

And so, I was advised:

New power: LHS 475, RHS 600
(New Contact lens power: LHS 525, RHS 625)

“You’re very sure? I use this to go and buy my contact lens ok?” I confirmed.

She replied in the positive, confidently. And I went home and started ordering my 5 pairs of Korea cosmetic lens via spree.


After few days, my specs were ready. When I went to collect, Eve wasnt there and her colleague tended to me. As the contact lens degrees were written on the collection slip(which he needed to keep), I asked him to copy the degrees for me on another piece of paper. He took a look and matched it with my actual degrees, and said it will be too heavy if I follow Eve’s prescription. He changed it to;

Eve’s prescription: LHS 525, RHS 625

New guy’s prescription: LHS: 500, RHS: 575

Such a big difference for my right eye!

When I mentioned that I’ve already ordered my lens, he said I can try to change my order. I said I will try, but if I cant, and Eve’s prescription come up to be too deep for my eyes, I will want their company to compensate me.

We exchanged quite a couple of sentences but in short, he said they will only be responsible when I buy contact lens from them. If from other shops, MAYBE. And if I buy from private sprees, it’s totally impossible.

I’m of course, FUCKING PISSED LAH.

Hello, your colleague advised me the wrong degrees which not only will result me in buying unsuitable degrees, it will also harm my eyes if I unknowingly wear them for as-long-as-it-takes-till-the-next-checkup.

Do you know how detrimental that can be?

He kept on emphasizing that the lens I bought via sprees might not be approved by some 3-letter-organization. But THAT’S NOT THE POINT! The point is: because of your unprofessionalism, I’ve made a wrong decision, suffered a loss and bought unsuitable lens which might be detrimental to me in the long run. And he got the cheek to say even if I bought my lens from reputable shops, I might not be able to get them liable also. How I wish to slap that “act-sorry-but-silently-smirking” face.

“Even if we’re willing to compensate, how should we compensate? On what basis? Since yours is a private spree.”

What an idiot. Compensate based on selling price plus postage, a.k.a, the total amount I paid lah.

Anyway, I refused to argue with that idiot further since we’re on different wavelength. So I said, “We’re see. See whether I can change my orders in time, and if it’s not possible, we’re see whether the degrees are suitable for me to wear. If not………….hng.”

Shot him a killing glance before I turned and stalked off.

So, I frantically emailed the spree organizer to change my order.

I started to wonder what should be the proper way to calculate the degrees for contact lens from the original spectacle’s degrees, if astigmatism is in question.

I went to another shop, i.e, the shop where dearie made his spectacles and asked the assistant. And he said, yes, there’s a need to compensate the astig but maximum only compensate 25(or 50, I dont remember). If astigmatism is too high, it’s better to wear contact lens with astig. There’s no other way to compensate high astig by increasing the myopia degrees because it might be too “heavy” for our eyes especially contact lens is so much nearer(practically on our eyeballs) to our eyes as compared to spectacles.

And he advised LHS: 475, RHS 575

Merely a 25 degrees difference for left side, from the new guy’s prescription.

So I can finally, confidently concluded Eve totally cant make it.

From what I learned, (if I’m not wrong), firstly, you’re supposed to minus 25degrees from your original (spectacle) degrees for contact lens.

For example, if your degree is 500, then only wear 475 for your contacts.

And depending on your level of astig, you can add on half of it, subjecting to a max of 25 or 50, depending on your preference.

So there’s no need to add if your astig is 25 or lesser but optionally, you can add a max 25 for an astigmatism of 50-95, and min 25 or max 50 for an astigmatism of 100 or above.

This is what I’ve learned from the kind optician which I last consulted at Yew Tee Point.

THANKFULLY, I’m able to change my spree orders.

And no more Spectacle Hut from now on. Their service and professional level sucks BIG TIME!



The most horrible thing happened to me just few days ago. Dearie and me were watching “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and after it ended, I suddenly experienced a very intense pain in my chest, more to the right side. It’s a very intense, throbbing and burning pain.

“As if my heart was constricting, or being strangled!” I wailed to dearie with a woebegone face.

Dearie: Eh but your heart is on your left side leh. Not right side leh.

Me: (Blur and enlightened, but still in pain) Eh YA HOR! So……what is inside here(pointing to my right breast)? (In chinese “那这边有什么??”)

Dearie: Eh…dont know leh..maybe lung?

Me: zzzz………….

Okie, so whatever organ inside that specific spot below my right breast, it’s damn painful lah.

Unfortunately, dearie chosed that day to park at his old house(very nearby) other than Jurong Point and I had to wait for him to come fetch me. I tell you, I ALMOST threw all inhibitions and “face” away by sitting on the floor because I really cant take the pain! But of course I didnt…however, tears were already trickling down my face because really very painful. Ahhh…so paiseh.

Stupid me did not suggest going to the hospital immediately and thought 2 panadols can stop the pain when I got home. I laid on the bed for around 1 hour plus, the pain still not go away but it’s not as intense when it first started. From the beginning on a scale of 9, it came down to 7…but still pretty painful. And there’s also a burning sensation in the chest. Left with no choice, dearie bought me to see a 24hrs doctor. However, it was very crowded so I told him to bring me to Mt Alvernia as other government hospitals will also be very crowded.

I’m so thankful there’s only 1 person before me. It was already around midnight then. The nurse did an ECG for me and good news…the doctor said it’s highly UNlikely that I have heart problems at my age…and it’s most probably muscle spasms in the chest. While I’m perplexed how can that get SO PAINFUL and INTENSE, the doctor said it’s perfectly possible because it’s in the chest. He further explained chest muscles are one of the most hardworking muscles because they’re working whenever you breathe. Since you probably cant stop breathing, they dont have “off day” lah.

Anyway, I was advised not to do any strenuous exercise, like rugby etc, in the event that the muscle spasms was caused by over exertion. Perhaps swimming is fine. It’s damn funny loh, I dont understand how I could have that problem when I did not do any strenuous exercise(duhz, I almost NEVER exercise). Sigh, it might be due to digestive order or stress, so I’ve googled. Anyway, the doctor prescribed me some muscle relaxant/painkillers and some medicine for my possible gastritis…when I told him about my frequent stomach pains after every meal. Aiya, since no patient after me, I just asked all I can and get the medicine I need loh.

“Basically, just stay away from spicy, oily and sour food, that will probably help.”

Looking at my sullen “green” face, he added, “ya I know that means you’re only left with choices like porridge, bee hoon soup etc…but you can regulate lah, dont eat them(spicy/oily/sour food) too frequently.

I’ve heard that before from my family doctor…but wah lao….seriously…I’m fine with avoiding sour food/drinks……..but spicy/oily food? No more chicken wings? No more nasi lemak? What’s a nasi lemak without chilli? Chilli crabs leh? What’s chicken rice without chilli too? Harshbrowns? Sotong balls?


After we collected the medicine, I popped it immediately but the pain only totally subsided at around 5am. Poor me. =(



My hubby hor….

Me:(suddenly) Dear, 我真的很爱很爱你, you know?
Hubby: (wary) 你又想怎么样…?
Me: 他妈的…

Few days ago, when we went mummy’s place for dinner..

Mummy: 你的嘴唇怎么会肿?
Me: Ulcer loh..很痛
Mummy: Aiyo! 肿到脸也是有一点肿leh
Me: ………..那是肥lah…….


Movies Galore

Movies Galore!

Some of them might be late, but whatever la~

Movie title: Repo Man
Ratings: 4/10
Comments: Firstly, the plot already striked me as highly unbelievable. To top it off, it’s filled with extreme gore. For a wonderful finale, I hate the ending!

Movie title: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Ratings: 7.5/10
Comments: It’s certainly much better than the part 2. Bella’s facial expression still looked as blank as possible, Jacob was still trying his damnest to be sexy and Edward was trying to act cool as usual. Lol. While I’m not highly receptive to the idea of Bella’s amorous entanglement between the 2 guys, the show is funny.

Movie title: Predators
Comments: Among other episodes of this sequel(Aliens VS Predators), this has got to be the worse. We have always known there’s little plot, just 2 different species fighting for centuries but we’ve always count on the thrill and digital effects. However it was a major disappointment this time. I fell asleep at some part.

Movie title: Blood Pledge
Comments: So freaking boring and not scary at all. And the story is really so meaningless. I wonder who’s the idiot who came up with the stupid script about students making this mass suicide death pledge. AS IF the suicide cases in Korea are not enough.

Movie title: Despicable Me
Comments: It’s usually not my preference to watch animation films but after positive reviews by colleagues, we went to catch it. And it is so funny and entertaining. Liked it very much. =) Agnes is so cute!

Movie title: Old Cow VS tender grass
Ratings: 6/10
Comments: Hmm…it’s not as funny as Jack Neo’s usual films but it was okay la….Though, it’s not a must-watch.

Movie title: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Comments: Nicholas Cage has never looked as suave and cool in this show. =D Must be the new hairstyle which hid his receding hairline. Keke. I’m always a fan of such mystical storylines and the digital effects never disappoint me. =D

Movie title: Triple Tap
Ratings: 8/10
Comments: Watched this online and it was pretty good. Liked the twist in plot.

副离子?? haha

Just now went mum’s place for dinner. Again, my cute mummy regaled me with interesting and lively discoveries. =)

She mentioned that recently, her buddy(same as prev post) is very passionate about a kind of amazing material(can be made into tops/socks/wrist-bands etc) call 副离子(not sure whether the characters are correct) which is supposed to worn on the body to regulate health.

“副离子 is not rebonding meh?” I guffawed.

Anyway, I was pretty skeptical as I tried something like that from 女人我最大 before which promised to slim me down, and it doesnt work! Humph!

But as mummy gave more and more live examples of her friends, we started to somewhat believe medical science might be advancing in stellar speed which is unknown to us.

Live Examples
1) a friend with diabetes with only 1 kidney left always have needle holes on his arms due to his treatments. Because of his diabetic condition, his arms are often red and infected.

After using: no more infections and rotted skin, though skin is still red

2) a friend with insomnia also find it more comfortable and easier to sleep with the 副离子eye-mask as well as the 副离子mat beneath her.

3) a friend with menstrual cramps and bulging tummy also experienced improvement

4) a friend dont wish to waste the water used to wash the 副离子 items and thus used them to water her plants. Surprisingly, the plants grew even better

5) a friend with consistent coughing for months totally recovered after using the 副离子wrap around her neck to sleep every night

If you are feeling incredulous, so am I.

Dearie jokingly said, “if wear on the head, can grow more hair or not?” while I asked, “wear liao can grow taller or not?”


K lah. But we dont wish to douse mummy’s enthusiasm. There might be a seminar selling coming up and if I’m free, I will tag along to hear what the promoters are saying. Is it really amazing and what theory is behind the 副离子? I shall find out. If it’s really beneficial to health, I will definitely share it.

I always know my health is not good and I constantly worry about dearie’s spine. If the 副离子 is really good, he definitely need one for his back and I need one for my abdomen where I experienced menstrual cramps every month. Actually dearie said I need for my whole body. =PPPPPPPPPPPPP As if you’re doing better.

They’re not really expensive lah. If really effective, I dont mind to buy. Because I’m really at my wit’s end. Being an exercise-idiot(运动白痴), I swept many supplements off Watson’s shelves, hoping any 2 pills a day can improve my immune system. However, each time after I consumed for not more than 2 days, I will be down with sorethroat or ulcers(like what I’m having now) because they might be too heaty for me. What a waste of my expensive supplements…wondering what to do with them. My Omega 3…Vitamin C….bla bla

Some interesting facts of the 副离子 materials;
1) can only wash them with COLD water.
2) Absolutely no sunshine when they’re wet
3) must be hand-wash

There are some people wearing the 副离子 already. Sometimes, they wear their tube top, beneath a jacket. Or if you see non-athletes wearing suspicious ugly black colour wrist-bands, it might be of those things too.

Cant imagine that I’m considering to go to such “seminar talks”. Seriously getting more and more AUNTIE. *faints*
Soon, you will see me wearing those ugly black colour wrist bands and beads on my wrists already. Muahahaha.

Treasure your loved ones…

(Take note: wordpress’s timestamp is always not accurate)

Listening to the pattering of raindrops on the window panes, I was suddenly overwhelmed with nostalgia.

Dearie had just floated into a deep slumber. Finally my heart was eased with relief. As 1-2 hours ago, he suddenly woke up from his sleep and stared blankly into space, clutching his hand to his chest. At 4+am in the morning, it freaked me out as I stared at him in silence, wondering was he sleepwalking.

Apparently, he wasnt and he said he had difficulty in breathing. I understood that feeling perfectly as I experienced that just a few weeks ago. Alarmed, I got him a glass of warm water with a pill which was taken to aid in breathing for asthmatic patients. The pills were mine of course, prescribed for me to open the airways so that it’s easier to breathe. As the pill was no elixir, it was until 1+hour later before his breathing was regular. And I accompanied him through, making sure he was alright. Despite how we’re consumed with fear, we’re glad that we dont have to visit 24hours clinic or the A&E department.

And you might be thinking we’re making a mountain out of a molehill when it’s merely a case of breathing difficulties. Let me tell you something. Few weeks ago, I received a call from mummy, telling me her friend had being sent to the hospital unexpectedly. Reason being: Difficulty in breathing.

I sucked in my breath, and for around 5 seconds, I said nothing. I was having the similar problem for the previous few days but was thankful that it subsided.

The friend is the hubby of Mummy’s buddy and around 50years of age. I always addressed him as “Uncle”.

Well, I’m thinking….it should be something minor and not anything catastrophic to worry about. We were just being cautious after-all. Uncle will probably be discharged after max 2 days, I thought optimistically.

However, 3 days passed but Uncle was still hospitalized and was shifted to the ICU.

What happened??

Mum said Uncle had contracted H1N1 and the condition was complicated and aggravated by his diabetes. The doc even advised us to be prepared for the worst.


To me it was like a bomb descended from the sky, out of nowhere. To his family members, they probably felt the sky fell…………

Another 5 days later…Uncle left…..just like that.

Seriously, how can anyone be really mentally prepared for a death of a dear loved one in mere 8 days? And who can guess that the initial symptom of breathing difficulties can lead to death? Yes he has diabetes, which we all know will complicate any tom-dick-and-harry illness but still, he was still joking, laughing and kicking 8 days ago despite diabetic and all.

I arranged to meet mom at the wake. Her tears just fell uncontrollably at the sight of Uncle’s face. I looked at him for only 3 seconds and had to forcibly tear my gaze away, pulling mom with me. Because I know my tears will also fall if I looked longer. I certainly dont wish to ignite any of the family members’ grief with my tears as I knew they were all holding up, strongly. They were all very strong. “I must be strong too”, I told myself, especially when I’m there with the documents for Auntie to file the death claims.

As much as I dont wish bring up the subject of claim settlement so promptly and efficiently at the wake, I think they will understand as I’m helping by endeavoring to deliver the cheque as soon as possible. We know money cant bring him back…but at least…it’s his token…his token of love for his family.

Diabetes is like an evil, scary and extremely deadly accomplice.

My ex-employer’s both legs were amputated as a result of that…and have to sit in a wheelchair forever…and do you know how brilliant he is? He manages his business together with his wife and is like the most humble and nicest person around. Haiz…..

For those who’s unaware, anyone with diabetes(no matter how minor) are not allowed to buy medical/major illnesses insurance. For savings/investments…maybe. So get yourself covered as early as possible to avoid rejection.

Therefore, can you imagine my anxiety when dearie woke up in the middle of the night with breathing difficulties and saying he might need to go hospital if the condition continues? Sigh…thank god he’s okie now.. I’m not feeling good these days too. While I revel in the joy of my healing coldsore, I suddenly developed ulcer and it is freaking unbearable when the bottom lip is swollen. It is so swollen that the ulcer grinds against my teeth even when I’m doing absolutely nothing! Not to mention it is a chore trying to eat, shuffling all the food to the right for chewing. To make things worse, I was also down with cough and running nose. I’ve sneezed for a few hours already and it only just stopped sometime ago after I had my 2nd pill of Clarinase. Sigh…….I should go sleep now. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow.

Treasure your loved ones…………Wishing everyone good health and happiness, as I believe these 2 are the most important things in life.


It has been a joy reading Rain’s blog on her Europe 37 days adventure. Not only there are plenty of the gorgeous babe’s pictures, pictures of the various renowned monuments with background history, there are also interesting discoveries and valuable tips.

While I was on my trip, I also did mentally note down those points. But alas…when it’s my turn to blog, I realised there were soOoo many things and details. If I were to be precise and detailed, my Europe trip will take more than 3 entries. Not to mention, some facts and info were long forgotten after I’m back. =P So I truly salute her patience in blogging the trip. =) Hmm….and it calls to mind that I hope in the near future, we can go tour together! Perhaps not as long and far as her last trip. Maybe we can go taiwan/hongkong/korea etc. =D

And this is what the lovely babe bought for me.

Crab Tree & Evelyn

From London

Hand therapy

Damn big tube. I think I can use very long. Lol.

I am very very touched because hers was a backpacking trip. Imagining carrying my gift(together with all her other friends’ gifts) on her tiny back all the way back to Singapore…somemore she isnt big size to begin with.

Awwwww……….thanks so much sweetie!!



Hopefully year end we can arrange a trip together. =D

While packing them into my bulging wardrobe, I realised I realllyyyyy have alot of brand new stuff not yet opened. Some are gifts from friends who went overseas. OMG, I need to use them soon already because they are accumulating!

From left: From Der/Eil from NZ and Hui from Japan.

Hair dye & Lip gloss from Li from Japan.

Awwwww! I’m so blessed! =D Thanks for all!! I hereby declare I dont have to buy any more body/hand lotions from now till next year!!