Chest pains + Zouk on Good Friday Eve

I think for once in the last 3months, I’m able to sleep well without any “heart pains” or rather, chest muscle spasm or aches or whatever. It simply hurts like hell! Taken painkiller prescribed by a doc at Mt Alvernia, I’m glad it works. The last 2 docs didnt seem to help at all. Sigh.

Dr Yam said there is an mis-alignment of muscles at my 3rd/4th rib cage and I was simply flabbergasted. While saying, he tried to press a few pressure points on my back saying he can re-align them. But it’s too painful for me till I cried for him to stop. He said the joints of my right rib-cage are probably mis-aligned when I carry too heavy things with right hand(and snapped out of alignment) and now, they’re probably swollen. That’s why it hurts so much and is difficult to re-align back. He further prescribed me medicine to reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling…so that I can go back next week for the re-alignment…..

It’s still going to hurt…but probably not as much as today. He said it’s inevitable..else I’ll have the pain long as nothing is done. It’s just like when you dislocate your shoulder, you just have to locate it back lah. When I complained that I have difficulty breathing at night on top of the pain when I breathe, and all this is affecting my sleep. Doc then explained the whole rib-cage kinda work like a dragonboat team. So let’s say 2 out of a team of dragonboat players are not rowing the boat, naturally, the other members need to work harder, the direction might go haywire etc. It’s the same scenario when say, 2 ribs out of the whole rib-cage is mis-aligned…thus…I’m unable to breathe properly….which resulted in pain in the chest.

Haiz…..on to happier things.

Had a wonderful night out with Jov, Cel, Iv and Ed at Zouk, Phuture on Good Friday Eve. Didnt take pictures because I stupidly left the camera in the bag which was being locked in their lockers. Oh Just knew CITI Bank card got free entry. Is this new or what? Totally dont know about this, since I haven stepped into Zouk for like 5 hundred years.

1-for-1 drinks before midnight too. We had so much to drink. Beer, Long island tea, Vodka….etc. Madness! Some, I dont even know what they are. Submarines..of…was that red bull? Ahhh Dont know lah. Was kinda tipsy but okie, still steady. Kekeke. But hor, reached home puked. =X Thank god no hangover.

It’s a pity Jov left early. We still had fun with games…and…socializing. Haha. Love the R&B music too. And seriously, with the 1-for-1 promo…beer is even cheaper than in Boat Quay. So surprisingly. Phuture’s crowd run late though…it wasnt until 12+ then people flowed in. The club was totally empty when we first arrived. (=.=)”” Planned to meet Shan who always frequent Zouk but she only called me the next day saying she got food poisoning. Poor girl. We had a chat and she cheekily remarked that Zouk guys are guys whom most girls will like. Lol. Haha…hmm….ya I got to agree leh. Okie well, cant say much because hubby reads my blog you see. Boo~ =P

Thanks guys for the fantastic and fun night! Thanks to Iv and Ed for the huge amount of drinks! Jov dont accept my money for the cab, Cel dont accept my money for the drinks. I owe them another round of drinks! Zouk again soon! =D


Newborn baby found buried alive in Eunos

Newborn baby found buried alive in Eunos

By Ewen Boey | SingaporeScene – Wed, Apr 20, 2011 1:25 PM SGT

A newborn baby is found buried alive in Eunos. (Yahoo! file photo)A newborn baby is found buried alive in Eunos. (Yahoo! file photo)

A newborn baby boy was found buried alive with a trash bag twisted like a rope around his neck in a rooftop garden of a Eunos Crescent block.

Retiree Tay Kim Sia, 60, was having a smoke atop multi-storey carpark Block 31A on Monday when he heard a mewing noise coming from the garden.

To his horror, he found a baby buried in a shallow grave. The infant’s mouth was stuffed with mud and dried leaves, and he still had his umbilical cord attached.

The baby has since been taken to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and is in stable condition.

The police are trying to track down the baby’s next of kin.

Tay told The Straits Times (ST) that he was smoking at the sixth-floor garden when he heard soft mews.

Speaking in Mandarin, the father of 11 said, “I thought there was a cat in trouble, so I pushed the bushes aside to look around.

“Then I saw a little foot sticking out of the soil. I told my friend who was smoking nearby, and he said it must be a battery-operated soft toy, and that I should not bother about it.”

However, the senior citizen still hopped onto the waist-high planter and dug the baby out with his bare hands.

He then brought the baby into the Tembusu Seniors Activity Centre on the same floor where the latter was cleaned and had the trash bag around his neck removed.

The senior citizens in the centre described the wide-eyed baby as dark-skinned, beautiful and healthy. It was also noted that he looked barely a few hours old.

Droplets of blood were discovered at a nearby stairwell, but it is not known if the baby was delivered there.

Police found some bloodied clothes, bunched up and hidden in the bushes just a few metres away from where the newborn was found.

Those found guilty of child abandonment can be jailed up to seven years and fined.



I simply cant imagine who could have done such a thing?!!?

It’s simply inhumane and grossly heartless!!

Stuffed leaves and mud in the few-hours-old baby’s mouth?

Attempted to strangled him to death by tying a trash bag around his neck?

Buried him ALIVE in soil?

Found guilty will be jailed up to 7 years?

Whoever did this ought to be hanged!

Nonono. Hanging is too good for her!! (Highly suspected it’s the mother who is the killer). She should have her own taste of medicine…exactly like how she attempted to kill her baby. The baby was described as dark-skinned, wondering if the baby might be a Malay or Tamil baby.

I really hope they will catch the murderer. Seriously, no matter how much a mother can hate her child just because the father is a bastard or rapist, that’s no way to treat a life with such savagery.

I think and think and think, analyzing what 苦衷 the mother can have. But still noooOooo. No matter what reasons she has, she can always put up the baby for adoption, put her outside a hospital etc etc. Nothing can be worse than killing him(what’s more in such a cruel way) and usurping his chance to survive!

God bless the baby with strength and power….so that he can overcome any obstacles…and most importantly….and get over the knowledge that his mum had tried to murder him… Seriously hope no one will ever tell him…..ever…

我。。变。。聪明了吗? 哈哈!

跟朋友说了一席话,她突然说,“。。。。哦! 你变聪明了耶!”

很大的事,但还是觉得委屈。 就向朋友吐了吐苦水。因为没证据,我(难得地)说了

朋友说:“会吗? 她是这样的人吗? 不会吧? 也太那个了吧?”


不出所料,过了一段不太久的日子,朋友自动打电话给我,说:“嘿! 你说得对耶
! 她真是那种人耶! ” 当然,朋友也是吃了她的亏,才会有所体会。

我自是一副,“See I told you. (*&^%$#$%^&*”。 哈哈! 好笑!

朋友说 “。。。。哦! 你变聪明了耶! ”


论,这。。。好意思吗? 朋友通常只需要一个能聆听的对象。他们知道自己该做什
就是在这里,给予鼓励,支持! 而不是一整套的督导和教训。

? (=。=)”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””


何必呢? 浪费时间。 哈哈! 每个人都有自己的意见,我绝对尊重。如果我自己有一
只要是朋友, 你们一定会有我的支持! 再不认同也好,我也会站在你这边。=)

爱你 leh!!

Me: Dear!!  我爱你 leh!! *sparkle in the eyes*

Hubby: (wary) 然后 leh?

Me: 可以帮我拿 laptop 进房间吗? Heez!

Hubby: (=.=)””” Okok

Me: 谢谢 Dear!!

Hubby: Dear!! 我更爱你 leh!! 你可以自己拿吗?

Me: Hahahaha!


Just sharing some funny stuff. Of course please dont be mistaken that I always ask hubby help me do this and that ok. I’m merely shag out today with all the housework, bathing Vickki cum ironing his shirts. Naturally we always help each other when one party is shag out. =)

Oh…one good tip to share for great relationships:


Always say please and thank you! 可以。。。吗? And 谢谢, no matter howwww tiny the favor might be. It’s to show your appreciation and of course respect. =D


Till now, I always thank him for washing the dishes(occasionally) or hanging the clothes(daily), and he always thank me when I cook for him, even if it’s maggie mee….or iron his clothes etc….or rather…we thank each other for almost everything la.

Do not underestimate the power of P’s and Q’s. =D

Ending the super short entry with a cute pic of Vickki. She’ll always pester me to carry her or let her sleep on my lap on her first day of bath. And she can stay there all day until I have cramps. Love her lots. =D






深,有谋略, 野心, 和心机,雍正不如深情款款的八阿哥来的讨喜。但不知怎么,我的视线
就是离不开四阿哥。=P 他的眼神,好深情,也好忧郁。所以,一直悄悄希望四阿哥和

剧长35集,我居然看完了! 很难的哟! 结局蛮好的。值得一看! 听说有Part 2。原班人马。

Vivienne’s Baby Shower

It seems like a dream. It felt as if I’ve attended Christine’s wedding not long ago and pop, here comes the cutie baby, Vivienne! Time really flies, dont you think?

Love this pic! So sweet!!



Vivi with dear grandpapa(I think)


Was craving for my turn to carry sweet Vivi and snap pictures but she started crying. =( It wasnt then Chris told me she’s suffering from colic. =( It’s not a serious condition lah, but just persistent crying for no discernible reason. I can just imagine how 心痛 Chris might be because of the need to give Vivi medicine at such a tender age. Cel too….when she spoke of the blood tests which her dear Brissha had when she’s newly born…..I can clearly feel the nobility of all mother love. No worries though, Brissha is very healthy now. Vivi’s also gotten better, thanks to the specialist at Thomson. From what Chris said, the other GP doctors consult are mediocre. Hmm….I shall take note.

With another 2 mummies by my side, Cel and Jovi, they began to share meaningful and heart-melting stories in the course of their pregnancy. I’ve learned so much more about breast-feeding now, keke, but still, rather distressed…erm no, disturbed, by some of the..out-of-the-norm stuff…which involves…bleeding and pain… Okie, I shall stop here lest I scare some mummies out from their decision to breast-feed. But it’s all so heart-warming you know. The guys will never understand. Breast-feeding is also not as simple as you think.

We chatted for quite a long while, while waiting for Sean to finish his mahjiong. We then adjourned to Jov’s house for more mahjiong. Pengz! Haha. It’s my first time playing shooter style(5/1 stakes). Kinda nervous but actually, it’s not as frightening as I thought. It’s pretty hassle free lah because rather than every round having the need to open your drawer at least once or twice, because of win/lose, flower/animal bite or 杠(4-of-a-kind), now you hardly open because even 杠 is shooter style. Woah! That really depends on your luck already seriously. I’m still not accustomed to it. Everytime someone let another someone 杠, I will still open my drawer. (=.=)”” Until Sean said, “We play hor, open drawer means need to pay liao.” ZZzZzzZ

It’s actually less tiring, less hassle and perhaps in a way, fairer bah. I can dont open my drawer for like 3 consecutive rounds, as if no win no lose. ZzZz. Machaim playing free games. Haha. But seriously…if you’re really down on luck, shooter style is really not advisable. But again, if one is really down on luck, do what also lagi suay…just like when I’m down on luck, wait 20minutes for cab also no use. And when I finally got one, the driver is like a direction idiot just like me. Bleh~

Ok, overall, lucky smalllll win of $30. Hmm…I seldom shoot lah, usually 1 or 2 dai only. Initially I won double but because Jack 哥 keep 自摸 and there’s a few 暗杠, so decrease the winnings. Anyway, 开心就好. Heez!

Yay! I survived through my virgin shooter-style mahjiong. Lol.

Morning Glory & Sanctum

Ratings: 2.8/5

Comments: Hmm it’s supposed to be a comedy…but it’s only funny during the near end. Nothing much to comment other that it’s boring boring boring and very slow-paced. Not impressed by the plot too. Expect nothing like “Devil wears Prada” even if it’s the same screen writer. Can see Rachel’s efforts in her role but….some chemistry is simply missing. Perhaps she just dont have a funny bone? Katherine Heigl or Anne Hathaway might be a better choice.


(Disclaimer: Watched this online)

Ratings: 4/5

Comments: Entertaining and thrilling flick. I got so agitated by the few assholes in the show that I was cursing and swearing while watching. Haha Thank god I didnt watch it in the cinemas. But of course, I think the suspense and thrill will be even greater if watched in the cinemas.