I thought this is funny

I came across a stranger’s blog entry which was freaking funny and decided to share with you guys. I suppose if I leave the link behind to credit him, it wouldnt be some infringement of law or plagiarism and wont antagonize him bah? =P Do read that entry as it’s pretty entertaining and it provides a flow to the very funny excerpt of the entry below:

Unique English Names: Following the common names situation, the society now grows and many new names have been introduced during meetings, get-to-knows and stuff. Just as how the society would evolve, with the famous “Be Unique” phrase (which I think many people are still seriously misunderstanding it), people are now creating their own English names. There’s three categories for unique names: the creative ones who thought up original, unique yet simple names (Not mentioning examples), the not-so-creative ones who thought up common words but still a sounding name like: Apple, Orange, Cherry, Rain.(Nothing wrong with that actually), and the super-duper-ultra-one-of-a-kind-unique names that actually fail to meet the basic understanding of what a name is.. Example: meet Kentlord, some guy in Facebook. I honestly don’t know if it’s actually a name but here’s a nice situation.

Mr. Kentlord: “Hi, I’m Kentlord.”
Me: “I’m sorry.. Gaylord?”
Mr. Kentlord: “No.. it’s KENTlord”
Me: “Geng Lor??”
Me: “Jesus Christ… why can’t you pick an English name like Bob… your Chinese name Ken Lok very hard to pronounce..”

(God, I seriously hope he doesn’t see this.. )



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