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What a pleasant week with all the good movies~

Movie Title: Painted Skin
Ratings: 4.99/5
Comments: I see no reason that anyone should miss such a great movie. Thank goodness it’s not the usual boring china movies which graces art and style etc etc for I have no eye of appreciation towards artistic movies like “The Promise” etc. There is action, great acting and plot. It really depicts how strong can one’s love be, regardless between human or demon form. I enjoyed Zhou Xun, Cheng Kun and Zhao Wei’s acting very much. I reckon Zhou Xun has a chance to snarl the Golden Horse Best Actress award. Donnie looks like shit in the movie but at least he fights charmingly. Qi Yu Wu is totally expressionless during the show. =.= Does he know what he’s acting as? =P The movie has a wonderful and meaningful ending too. It makes it so that there are no “bad guys” in the show, at least to me. All are just victims of love.

Movie Title: Mirrors
Ratings: 4.8/5
Comments: It has been such a long time that I’ve watch a spine-chilling film. =) Very very thrilling and filled with suspense. Nice plot but a lousy ending. That’s about all.

Movie Title: The House Bunny
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: It’s a bimbotic movie and I had review it as it’s own genre. It’s funny enough and I’ve enjoyed the movie.

Movie Title: Step Brothers
Ratings: 2/5
Comments: I have never like such genre of movies. Just accompany dearie to watch only. Though it has some sort of storyline but it really lacks force. Imagine two 40+ years old guys behaving like kids. How gross~ I’ll tell myself I’ll never watch another movie of Will ferrel(or whatever his name is). And he’s really resourceful to have found another guy who is grosser than him, to star alongside him in this stupid movie. They make a great pair.

And oh, I love my new phone!! And I totally went crazy with the loads of GORGEOUS themes at Oh And if you like the hellokitty theme on my previous post, I got it at =)

Some of the gorgeous skins which I cruised upon at I’ve downloaded most of it. =)





















Erm…yah…I think I got a little overboard with all these themes. Lol. But arent they adorable? =) Change a theme a day can definitely freshen up one’s mood.

Im crazy with 欧阳震华’s TBV HK dram serial 法证先锋. I’ve always like such detective serials, preferably with some humour and romance too. Both Part 1 and 2 are nice. Other HK stars starring are 佘诗曼, 蒙嘉慧, 林文龙, 钟嘉欣. What I also like about this series is I’ve learn a great deal of knowledge about forensic science. It’s really an eye-opener. Initially I caught this serial by chance at UUsee, a live streaming site. You can download the program, it works like PP-live. Other than watching livecast, you can always search for the episodes yourself and view episode by episode. There are other old and new movies, as well as korean, taiwanese serials and entertainment shows.

I watched halfway into 法证先锋 Part 2 when suddenly the links dont work. Alarmed at some settings might have gone wrong, I reinstalled the program again but somehow dont know why cant work. =( I switched to but after watching for a few days, it suddenly stopped in the middle of 1 episode WHERE IT’S MOST GANJIONG and prompt me to pay a premium to continue watching. *hot* Wah I hate such sites. So evil. Left me heart itchy in the middle of the night. I must either pay the premium to continue watching else have to wait few more hours to watch. BUT when I tried to watch the next day, it still cant load! The same prompt appeared and demanded me to pay! Over my dead body. =P It’s not as if their whole range is nicely loaded there. What if I’ve paid and somehow couldnt find 1 of the episodes or what if the site suddenly close down lehhhhh? I rather go buy the vcds, at least it’s more reliable than online and I got to watch them again and again. But it’s not available in Sg right now yet. Sigh.

Few weeks ago, dearie and me were having dinner at Ajitei Restaurant at Taka. By the way, it’s a very nice Jap restaurant which serves pretty nice alacarte jap food. And then, I saw 1 tall, slim, sexy lady wearing a tube and hot shorts stalking out from the restaurant. She has nice, wavy hair, willowy, great figure coupled with slim long legs. Tan and healthy-looking. What a hot babe, I thought before I shifted my glance up to her face(I bio her legs first. haha). Hmm but it’s quite a disappointment. Dont get me wrong, she’s not ugly. Neither does she has serious wrinkles or lots of pimples or bucked teeth etc. It’s just, her face looks old. It’s not that her complexion is bad. Her complexion is quite OK but just..her face looks old. You get what I mean? Auntie-face. Sigh.

I told dearie sadly that, no women can escape the horrible natural process of aging. It’s true that we can use expensive skincare, do lots of facial even injecting botox, BUT botox only relieves wrinkles and soothes away lines. Collagen can plump up and firms the face. Laser and intense-pulsed light can improve complexion. But ultimately, we will age. The face will change, will mature. Despite how good the condition one can maintain, firm boobs and asses, slim silhouette, long flowy healthy hair, firm and beautiful complexion, one look at a face which looks like an auntie, you’re still an auntie. And by dressing sexily, no matter how well-endowed you are, you are not hot, not sexy, just lao2 heow2(old-flirty?). Pardon the language but I cant think of any other more polite word to convey the same meaning. Even an auntie driving a convertible will earn frowns, not to mention an auntie wearing skimpily despite how good she might look.

Dearie then commented, “then dont heow2 la. Old already then wear more modestly loh. Wear like your age and nobody will say you.” But that’s like so sad. =(

*frownz* I started to think of my ultimatum. I do love to wear sexy sometimes because of the different styles I like to adopt when I have different moods for the day or night. Although now Im not super fat nor look older than my age but Im wondering what happens after a few more years. Now at 26, it’s very soon that I’ll touch the number 30 soon. Does that mean by then, I must start to cover up my bodies and wear aunties’ clothing? No more mini-skirts, no more tubes, no more hot shorts? *ponders* I’ve also reached a conclusion. Other than maintaining yourself well physically, you must also have a young face! A baby face! Only then, you can pull it off! Sigh. Perhaps in future, the doctors might come up with an elixir which can slow down aging process and make all look as youthful when we’re 18. Lol. Imagine a 38 year old women look like 18 year old(assumes she maintained her skin and figure real well), isnt that scary? Haha.

With our advanced technology, it’s not a rare sight to find young mothers or early aunties having long flowy rebonded hair, good complexion with light make-up and slim figure wearing spaghetti straps with jeans. How I envy G for looking the same all these years! And it’s not because I meet her quite frequently. She really has a baby face with baby skin complexion! She really look no more than 23. Standing beside her, Im often being misunderstood as the older one. =( That’s so sad. Although I look at most 1 year younger or else, exactly like my age. Met up with G just now at Lot 1. She commented I looked fairer and she also noticed I’ve lost some weight. Though it’s kinda queer I dont feel myself got fairer despite applying whitening body lotion diligently once every few days.

Many people are asking how my ROM’s preparations are coming up. hmm Nothing much…the gown is still being tailored in process. Probably be ready by 7th Oct. It’s a design came up by my designer as well as me. =P I’ve chosen the fabric myself at Arab Street…hopefully it’s nice.

Reviews about Pasta Cafe at Taka. It’s not bad.

Mushroom soup

Fried calamari. Very nice

My ham and bacon pasta. Not bad, but gets a lil’ sick after awhile.

Dearie’s seafood pesto cream and slipper lobster pasta.

Ice-cream also nice

They have very fresh and generous helpings of seafood, so at least I find the price still reasonable. Not like that stupid TCC’s seafood aglio aglio whereby only 2 small scallops with 3 prawns at $18+. =P


Blood Boils!

This stupid wordpress is taking so long to load! And it’s freaking wasting my precious time especially when I have a whole lot of tantrum and complaints to throw! Therefore I shall type in MS Word first, later then transfer over.



Some people must be dancing with joy. Evil people. Anyway, how did it happen?

Well, this morning, for some unexplained reason, I woke up earlier than usual, which was around 11+am. Many people must have the urge to want to bash me up right now. Even though I woke up myself without the help of alarm, Im still very lack of sleep. Sleepy and tired. Surprisingly, mummy was home and did not went to work. Upon asking then I know she’s not feeling very well and will be taking MC today. Despite how weary I was, I thought I’ll just accompany her to the central to see doctor. Dressed in t-shirt and shorts, I was surprised to see her nicely clad in a dress. After we went downstairs then she said she wont see doctor since her previous hospitalization has used up all her MC leave. She will just buy some cough syrup to drink. I told her I have quite a lot left from our common family doctor and she said that’s even better because doctor’s medicine is good.
I thought we’ll just have a simple breakfast and then go back since I planned to go office today. But mummy feel like eating at Lot 1. For awhile, I think she looked more energetic than me.

Okie so we went Lot 1 and took our brunch at some fancy N.Y restaurant which serves so-so food. I was longing to go home to nap awhile but then mummy said she wanna go library to see some recipes. Off we went to the library, she borrowed none while I borrowed 4 books. We also loitered into few shops where I bought a laptop cushion before mummy said she wanna go Popular Bookstore to see recipes too. After which, she said she wanna go NTUC go do some grocery shopping. I nearly fainted but nevertheless still accompany her go. The 4 books and a laptop cushion I bought are really quite heavy. Coupled with the 3 big bags of grocery shopping items….and the cold aircon blasting my hands and legs…Im really ready to topple. We quickly grabbed a cab. When I reached home then realized my handphone is no longer around. I suspected it slipped out from my pocket when I was squatting to view some items when shopping. When I dialed my number, my phone was off.

I remembered my phone has full batt so the phone couldn’t have died. Moreover my HTC Touch dial was a PDA phone which is not easily off. It can only be off via flight mode or reset. There’s simply no doubt that the SOTB/BOTB has picked up my phone, off it and decided to usurp it.

Although it’s a super lousy phone which I felt like slamming it into the floor sometimes.

Although I’ve intended to change my phone already.

That doesn’t mean Im happy that some greedy and selfish being was happily looking for buyers for my 3month old phone which I bought at $350+.

My last phonecall was to dearie complaining that I always cant hear a thing whenever I dialed people’s handphone number. Dearie was saying he can buy me a new phone which I say no need lah. Though in my mind, I’ve already decide to change a phone. But dammit, the next instance I have lost the phone. If not, at least I can get a $100 trade in? or $150? Damn.

Once back, I’ve changed my msn nick to, “I LOST MY HANDFONE. I HOPE THE BASTARD/BITCH WHO PICKED IT UP AND DECIDED NOT TO RETURN WILL HAVE HIS/HER FACE ROTS.” to pre-warn any friends who cant get me via my handphone.

But, my nick….Very funny meh?

Instead of all the consolations that Im prepared to get, a few of my closest friends start to message me things like “HAHAHA” or “LOL” or “Bet you’re still cursing the person who…bla bla bla”


Perhaps the way my nick makes some of you laugh, the evil way..whatever..but Im really angry!

And the last message I had nearly send my blood boiling;

“you dropped the phone or people steal it? If you dropped it then you abit mean leh..”


Already SUPER bad mood liao and this joker can send me this kinda thing!

Im MEAN? Im MEAN in what sense? I admit Im mean most of the times but this time Im definitely NOT!

What logic is this?

If I dropped my handphone and then the lucky winner who picked it up, off the phone, decided to keep and sell it away for money is doing nothing short of “reasonable reaction” and my cursing of him/her is MEAN?

And if somebody steals my handphone and then my cursing of him/her is not considered being MEAN?


There’s no difference between the 2 because both of them is keeping something which doesn’t belongs to them KNOWINGLY! IT’S JUST WRONG!!

Stop humming there “chey, if it’s you who picked up a quite-new phone, you wont keep it meh?”


There was once when I picked up 1 pretty new and trendy phone at orchard but I waited for the owner to call. Ultimately I went to meet him up to return him. And NO, I did not even browse the pictures inside to see whether it’s a guy or girl or whether if it’s a handsome guy or whatsoever. It’s just plain rude to look into something which do not belongs to you. Male or female, when the owner calls to redeem, I will know, anyway, not as if the sex matters. But I reckon most Singaporeans are so greedy will definitely keep such a phone, so I put it into my bag to safe guard it until the owner comes and claim.

There was another time where I saw a deserted phone too but I simply did not take it. I’ve forgotten why, but perhaps I wasn’t feeling very Samaritan that day to want to spend time to return it to the owner, thus I didn’t take it. Was keeping my fingers crossed that the owner come and reclaim it before some greedy person takes it again.

That sickening friend of mine is like the typical Singaporean who thinks it’s OK to keep a handphone which somebody left behind just by switching it off and then selling away. Thinking, “chey I also never steal his handphone, it’s he careless leave it behind and I kio4 tio2(picked up). He deserves it.”

If you think that then you’re a LOSER. And if you’re a LOSER, then don’t ASSUME everyone is also a LOSER LIKE YOU.

I don’t DESERVE to have my handphone LOST okie JUST BECAUSE I was so tired and sleepy from the lack of sleep but still determined to accompany my mother to (supposedly) see the doctor and to accompany her for her grocery shopping despite feeling frozen in NTUC and carrying at least 5kg of stuff back home. Though I can probably blame 90% on myself for such accident happening.

I don’t DESERVE to have my handphone LOST okie JUST BECAUSE some lowly, greedy, conniving scoundrel/b*tch decides to keep my phone by cowardly switching it off.

He or she has NO RIGHT at all.

Okie. Im shiok now. Feel so good after letting it out. Actually Im pretty appeased already and also feeling quite happy now. Mostly because I didnt like the old phone very much too. And the main reason is because…no…not because dearie buy a new phone for me. I dont feel it’s nice to let him always splurge on me especially after he spent like $900 for my birthday. The reason of my happiness is because I think I’ve found an even better phone!

Nokia N81 (not the 8GB one)

Nahz, I wonder why Nokia dont differentiate the 2 models with an extra letter or something. It’s like everytime people ask me what phone Im using, I need to say “Nokia N81, not the 8GB one”. Duhz, freaking long lor, and machaim sound very inferior like that just because my phone is smaller in space. *stuck out tongue*. Ah wei my younger bro is using the 8GB one. I dont need 8GB mah, since I got 4GB MP3 player already, moreover dearie bought that for me. I also dont play games, dont watch videos. My N81 is…roughly about only 100MB internal memory I think…but expandable up till 4GB. Currently I have the 2GB micro-SD card given free. Im satisfied already. Ah ya it costs $498, handset only. And the main main main reason that I squealed with joy just now is because I’ve sync ALL my contacts and calender appointments with the software without a single manual input with my finger! And not to mention, I found a SUPER KAWAII THEME for my phone!!

HELLO KITTY!! Cute or not?

Heez! It looks even better for the real thing because it’s a sweet and bright pink, and yet not that flowery or bimbo enough to make all the letters unclear. Even the icons are soooo adorable. Meet me and I’ll show you. Heez!

Okie it’s a long entry. Shall go now. Smuacks~

I still hope his/her face ROTS anyway. Yah~ And Im not guilty for having such a thought. Amen.

Aging Quickly

Ser is nice enough to ask me if I have anything renowned products I need to buy because she’s quitting her job at T3 soon. Staff purchase discount, though she’s not sure because different brands have different discount. I really have a headache thinking of what to buy. As I said, Im getting more and more auntie, whereby I just feel I NEED to buy something if it’s on discount. Last time Im not like that one!! Geez. Anyway, upon browsing magazines(女人我最大is out already! It’s great), forums as well as some cosmetic counters, Im still very confused and couldnt decide. Im kinda embarrassed to ask too much questions from the SA at the counters because I know ultimately Im not buying from them. But most SAs at Taka are still pretty nice lah even though I said Im asking my friend to buy at airport. It’s very difficult for me to buy products because I have combination and sensitive skin. And Im allergic to..
1)Bio-essence Firming cream
2) Lancome oil control toner
3) Shisedo Whitening cleanser
4) Skinfood milky cleanser
5) YSL’s pressed powder

So very mafan lor…sometimes will waste money when I realised Im sensitive to it after I buy. =(

Anyway there are still products which Im quite interested in…
-Lancome sunblock(I think can use as makeup base too…since my Shu Uemura’s UV base is finishing soon)
-Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (but dont know whether Ser’s company got sell…because her’s is Estee Lauder/L’oreal)
-Biotherm Hydration Gel (green bottle for oil-free)
-Clarins (quite many stuff I wanna try from them)

Ir also rave about Clarin’s products. I’ve used their Facial Contour lift lbefore as well as Body Lift. It works well, nice scent and is non-sticky. But Ir said unless the discount is more than 25 percent otherwise no point because metro sale offers 20% off for Clarins. That threw me into another bout of confusion. Im also paiseh to bother Ser to check so many things…for price/discount etc…because her colleagues and boss not very nice. Wait she kanna again when she check all this for me instead of doing sales. Sigh…So I think I rather dont buy lah. Save some money. Maybe got sale then buy lor. Hope she find a good job soon.

Im actually looking for hydration products…as in 保湿 where the Taiwanese are always raving how important they are. I hate putting stuff on my face because I dont like the sticky feeling. Hydration products are usually gel-based and very cooling…hmm…but I still no idea what to buy la. Any good recommendations can tell me.

Though sometimes I buy so many stuff, also never use. Sigh. I cant deny Im not aging anymore. So sad. I really can see my complexion aging. Most probably is because I NEVER use any sunscreen up till this year. That’s horrible. Sunscreen is very very important because it will reduce the amount of damage by sun and deters skin-aging. I usually use 2-way cake because it’s more convenient but these days, I hardly use them anymore. Either I use blemish-balm and top with loose powder..or else its light foundation with loose powder. It’s less harsh on the skin though I still feel my skin is under-hydrated despite being oily on the T-zone. These few weeks, I also had another heartbreak. That is, I started to realise I have faint shadows under my eyes already. =~( Im so sad. I thought that’s about the ONLY good thing that god as bestow me with, but now, that only privilege has been taken away!!! *Wails* And sometimes…my eyes will look abit puffy…I hope eyebags wont come…else….*screammmmmsss*

In this world, you must either be very diligent in skincare otherwise you must be very rich. To quote Thomas Ong in “一切完美”, “世上没有丑人,只有穷人”。 How true~ Even if you are diligent in all your skincare regime, you might not have achieve better results with the latest skincare procedures. Look at Dawn Yang. Plastic surgery all that(Im not condemning her, plastic surgery is no big deal). Despite the whole lawsuit with XX or how most Singaporeans despised her because of her plagiarism, she can laugh and fly over to NYU to study for a degree, throwing everything behind. I believed she must be affected. Nobody likes the whole world condemning her. But with the money her family have, she can leave Singapore and stay in London. She can change a whole new wardrobe of friends, acquaintances, change her face, change everything, with money.

SanLu Milk – AIA – GEL

Sigh. It seemed there are not much positive news when one open the newspaper nowadays. All the market figures have been a sea of red with an occasional green. It’s really quite depressing. At this period of time where I feel all of us must stand together to survive this crisis, there are more depressing news such as the toxic Sanlu Milk products from China and natural disasters here and there. Is this really a bad year for all of us? I’ve read that 52,857 children has been hospitalised, 4 children have died and 104 are still in serious condition, with symptoms including kidney stones. It suddenly struck me deadly that so many products have milk in it, which might cause the contaminated products to flow into Singapore unknowingly.

The follow items have been recalled due to the possibility of containing the toxic milk.
-Mento’s yougurt bottle
-Oreo wafer sticks
-Dove chocolate
-Dutchlady sterilised milk
-Wall’s All Natural Mango
-Mini poppers Ice-cream
-Magnum Icecream
-Moo Sandwich Icecream
-Mini cornetto
-Youcan Icecream

Please avoid consuming them and spread this to everyone you know.

China….What are you doing???? The overpopulated country who always prided themselves on their achievements but hardly sorry for the heinous catastrophes they have caused! Incidents like that are not the first time already! And this time we’re talking about babies. Innocent and fragile lives who step into the mortal world with a fresh start. They cant choose what to drink, only to consume whatever their parents gave them. The parents must be heartbroken, to think they fed poisonous milk which harms or take away their babies’ lives by their own 2 hands! How would you feel?? This is not an issue whereby money can make amends.

Many people especially my clients have been asking me what will happen to AIA and should they surrender their policies with them given the current situation for AIG. Yes, Im from Great Eastern, you forgot again, dont you? =P

This is like the 2nd crisis of AIA after their “Critical Year Option” storm in Jun, 2003.
Im really shocked of AIG’s situation because….they’re the largest insurance company in the whole world! Oh my god, really. Neither happy nor sad. Whether you like it or not, we know that this symptom really hints that whole world might be taken by storm, DESPITE their exposure to the Sub-prime issues or Lehman Brothers and its affiliates. Because if AIA’s insurance claims cant be approved….I dont even dare to imagine what will happen. They are distributed across 130 countries and god knows how many policyholders!

Im really quite surprised that so many Singaporeans are so..prudent. Hmmm…of course first thing first, I will ask what kind of policies are that, the remaining terms of years etc, purely for curiosity. Some agents loitters around outside AIA passing namecards soliciting business. Geez…how low can they get. It’s like 落井下石. There are even some unethical agents persuading AIA’s policyholders to surrender their policies. Please dont heed their advice. As of now, I still dont see the need to go surrender AIA’s policies especially when it results in a loss of coverage or cash value. Not a wise move at all. The situation is not as gloomy as it may looks.

Firstly, the U.S government has given an unprecedented loan of up to 85 billion dollars to AIG to help it tide over it’s cashflow problems. As the term “cashflow” suggests, it means they did not have enough time to liquidate some of their assets to pay the liabilities which they’re guaranteed to pay for sub-prime borrowers as guarantors, and not that they’re teetering on bankruptcy.

Secondly, for a country as Kiasu, Kia-si as Singapore, how can the Singapore Authorities easily allow such risk to easily penetrate Singapore? MAS, the Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS requires all life insurance companies to have a minimum capital adequacy ratio of 120% for their life funds. What it means? It means, it’s like a compulsory pre-deposit which you have to give me, erm no, to PLACE with me AS ASSURANCE if you wanna earn money from my citizens thus reducing the income tax and GST(goods & services tax) that I can earn from them via their income and consumption. *rOllz eyes*

Although, nothing is 100% guaranteed in this world. The Lehman Brothers has been standing there erect and tall for the past 100 years and more, yet it has fallen just like how people thought Titanic will never have sink. AIG and AIA is based in U.S. There’s no doubt they would be most affected. Generally, the closer one links to U.S, the greater will be the impact, just like earthquake. Except that earthquake links by territory, this links by the area of investments and the country of origin.

When one is headquartered in U.S, it makes sense that if it falls into a financial turmoil, the last thing it can do after approaching lenders/government for assistance or selling away liquidable assets, is to close down branches they have in other countries. The smallest country perhaps, or either, the least profitable branch, to get some cash first. So AIG and AIA in Singapore, I wont swear on my life that it’s really going to be all rosy and sunny ALL THE WAY. It’s OK now and what lies in the future…seriously nobody knows….hopefully there’s a silver lining.

I certainly hope AIA is as rich as it portrays and that AIA Singapore’s top man, the executive vice-president and general manager, Mark O’Dell has resigned from the company with immediate effect truly by personal reasons like what AIA claimed and not otherwise. This guy, really shouldnt leave so urgently at this time.

Finally, some asked, “So how is Great Eastern doing? Any danger looming? Why has Mr Tan Beng Lee to retire as Group CEO at this period of time?”

To quote our M.D

Dear all Agency Leaders
Financial markets have been affected by the financial turmoil in the USA.
Great Eastern is pleased to inform all our policyholders that we have more than enough
capital and financial resources to honour all our obligations (ie claims, maturity
proceeds, surrenders, and other liabilities) to policyholders at all times.
MAS requires all life insurance companies to have a minimum capital adequacy ratio of
120% for their life funds. Both Great Eastern Life and OAC have a capital adequacy ratio
of over 250%.

Our life funds have insignificant exposure to sub-prime and Lehman securities. The
majority of our life funds is invested in fixed income securities, including corporate and
government bonds.

Tan Hak Leh
MD, Singapore
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd
Reg. No. 1908 00011G

Time to 老黄卖瓜,自卖自夸? HAHAHA.


Great Eastern Life(GEL) is very solvent.
Like what our M.D said, GEL has more than 250% capital adequacy ratio, more than enough to cover all claims or maturities. Strong market share of 28.7% in terms of weighted premiums of new business. Earlier this year, GEL Declares Special Bonus of $287 Million for 2007. For your info, this Special bonus are not those in the policies. These are extra bonus which GEL declared to their policyholders on their own freewill. Also, few months back GEL gives $500,000 to NUS to establish bursary in memory of the late Howe Yoon Chong. This year May, GEL has pledged 2 million RMB to ChongQing Government for the earthquake. Just 1 week ago on 15th Sep, GEL still continue to distribute its high annual dividend payout of 4% GreatLink Global Real Estate Securities Fund even though subjected to the harsh market economy. This year JUNE, GEL’s limited period product SupremeSaver, a fixed deposit product offering high annual projected interest of 3.18%, 3.28% and 3.38% consecutively(depends on capital amount tier) has also fetched more than 600million in just that 1 month. Besides that, as this year is GEL’s 100th birthday, GEL is celebrating their birthday with a Centennial Wish Lucky Draw by giving out $10,000 every month for this whole year for lucky policyholders and also another $10,000 every month for lucky GEL life planners.

Not trying to praise my own company for it’s achievements but these are plain facts and not of biased opinions. Moreover, does it seem to you a company which is tight on it’s finances will be so generous in so many aspects just for appearance sake? Probably not.

CEO Mr Tan Beng Lee’s leaving
Ahem. A better word to replace “leaving” would be “retired”! He’s already 65 and has worked in GEL for 8 long years. Give him a break ya? Lol. Mr Ng Keng Hooi, 53, will succeed Mr Tan Beng Lee. He will join Great Eastern Holdings with effect from 1 December 2008. Mr Tan will help ensure a smooth transition in leadership. Therefore you can well deduce such a decision cant be made in like few weeks or months? GEL cant possibly anyhow find a Ah Mao Ah Gao to replace the CEO immediately right? We, the planners have know the news around 6months back. Which means the decision might have been planned around 1 year ago.

GEL is stable and has strong financial backing.
GEL is based in Singapore, a company with strong market share and a subsidiary of OCBC bank. GEL also have other branches in other countries like Malaysia, Vietnam etc. So to speak, to assume the worse, GEL will close down other branches in other countries first instead of closing it’s headquarters in Singapore, by which OCBC will strongly discourage. GEL is an old and established company, turning 100 years old in 2008, with prudent and conservative approaches in all their management of assets and life funds. Only an insignificant 0.47% of GEL’s investments are with Lehman Brothers so we’re not really affected. Like what our M.D said, majority of GEL’s own life funds is invested in fixed income securities, including corporate and government bonds. You will really learn to appreciate the beauty of diversification and investing in bonds when economy hits low.

I would say GEL is a very very very prudent company, to follow after the style of OCBC bank. Like you can see when almost every bank and insurance company in the country has launched their China, Korea or Vietnam funds, OCBC and GEL is always the last to launch. Lol. But they’re prudent! Most of the times, GEL’s project returns on illustrations are very conservative but they often under-promise and over-deliver. All the past records can show and I’ve seen them before.

I meant to write this entry few days back but simply cant find the time. And this entry took longer than I’ve expected. Hopefully it serves some assurance to all of you out there, no matter you’re AIA, Prudential, NTUC or Great Eastern policyholders. We’re all 1 big family. 唇亡齿寒。

Ah seriously I have no time to lament more already. If you have read this entry up till here, I appreciate your patience and attention. Thank you! Hope I haven bore you. Lol. Though most of my friends wouldnt be that interested in finance news and stuff I guess. Haha. Ah yaya I gotta rush for my appointment already. A referral by my brother. Hmm.. By the way, some of my friends received my sms about a car showcase recently and outright assumed Im moonlighting or changed job when they didnt even have the patience to read till the end of the message. Lol. Im simply forwarding the message for my brother who is a car agent now. He’s doing really great now, Im happy for him. Therefore anyone wanna buy cars, I can introduce him. He might be able to give a better deal with more freebies etc. As for me, Im still with GEL. Time flies, coming 4 years+ already with GEL. Therefore any queries can always ask me, I’ll be happy to answer. Of course even more happy if you have business for me ya!

Haha Okie Cya. =)

(P/S No time to check the entry! Shall check tonight!. Meanwhile, pardon any typo~)

Vickki the Bitch

Dammit! Vickki, that son of a, no, that bitch-of-a-bitch bit me until my finger bleed again! *GROWL* Im SO angry!! Precisely what is her problem manzz??? Dearie and I pampered her quite dearly. Just now, she was on my bed playing when suddenly she caught a ball of tissue paper and began to chew on it. Of course I tried to pry it out because most probably that tissue paper is filled with germs which I had sneezed into it but forgotten to throw. Without warning, she just sank her short but lethal teeth on my index finger(right hand) and refused to bulge!! This is really the first time that she bit me WITHOUT the intention of REMOVING her teeth!! OMG! Horror! I was wondering, this time die already because nobody was around me at that time to help me pry open her mouth. Will I lose my finger?? I tried my damnest with my only left hand to pry open her mouth and when I finally got free, you’ll know what will happen to her~ I grabbed the nearest weapon I can find, which is a clothes-hanger and spanked her mercilessly. THAT BITCH!!!!! Then I locked her up inside her playpen(her common toilet) so that she can repent being this willful AND to prevent her from anyhow shitting/urinating inside her usual home(the balcony) as a revenge against me and thus angering me further!! You dont think she’ll do that? SHE’LL DO THAT!!! The last time I spanked her, shortly after, she PURPOSELY urinate in the living room and not in her usual playpen where she always do. Im so shocked because after she has been trained, she has never once urinate in other places. That really goes to show how BITCHY she is!! So please dont blame me for heartless for she fully deserved what she’s getting!!


Movie Title: Mama-mia
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: It’s quite a comedy but the songs are not really to die for…The plot is rather draggy though it reveals Greek in all it’s glorious splendor.

Bitchy Me

Really lack of updates because Im so busy. Busy with what leh? Of course with sales appointments and not to mention dealing with stupid employees working in my company. Im SO BUSY dealing with the errors they always make you know. But thank god, Im ZAI! So Im able to spot them and pull through it. A bunch of idiots who dont know how to apologise when they’re at fault but kept trying hard to emphasize that they’re correct. Do all you want Losers, Im totally fine if you wanna insists you’re correct WHEN YOU’RE NOT, but just get the stuff done! *Rolls eyes*

Hmm What to update? Too long didnt update, a bit lagging. Hmmm…Well, Im back not long from Chijmes and China One at Clarke Quay. Met up with S, where her hubby joined us much later. It’s lots of fun where we gossiped and played games. 2 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc with my favourite CHEESE FRIES. I drank quite alot because need to block for dearie who will be the driver. =.=

Before that, dearie and me went Fullerton Asian Spa to utilise our free spa voucher from our company, i.e, a Couple’s Spa package which consists of a 45min massage and a 20min flower bath. Some pictures, though not well-taken.





I chose Indonesian massage while Dearie chose Swedish. Hmm…mine was..not very satisfactory, though still very relaxing lah. Why not satisfactory? Alas, because my therapist cant maintain a consistent degree of strength through the massage la. Then I had to keep remind her to go “harder” or “softer” because her pressure kept changing! And I thought it’s kinda normal for them to exert more pressure on areas like back, shoulder or legs and lesser pressure on areas like hands or stomach right? My god, she kneaded my buttocks SO hard that I wonder will I have blue black tomorrow or not! After I told her to go softer abit..she went all soft on my legs and back too which I dont feel a thing. ZzZzz It merely felt like people soothing my skin with aromatherapy oil. My therapist was also abit chor lor and..I dont know how to say la…she just made me feel abit weird when she asked me “Do you want me to massage your breasts?”


I think she can always say in a better way? Like, “would you like a chest massage?” It’s like, if I say “Yes, Please do massage MY BREASTS”, that’s like soooooo…sooooo LES! I’ll definitely prefer my massage back in Bintan where my therapist made me so comfortable with her massage(yes, she also massaged my breasts, or rather, chest she called it) and not a least bit embarrassing. Singaporeans are just…..duhz…more conservative and perhaps more uptight bah..which makes the whole thing kinda not natural. After the massage, dearie stepped into the round bathtub filled with warm water and flower petals. I asked out loud with my top clearly exposed(because no towel for me to cover! dammit!) should I join dearie together in the tub or after he’s done because the tub seemed so small. My therapist replied me with a straight face with my breasts clearly exposed to her that I should join him together for a 10minutes flower bath, after which we can take a proper bath in the bathroom, totalled not more than 20minutes. I have to walk across the room to step into the tub stark naked..okie, not stark naked but only with my disposable GIGANTIC maternity-size pantie. THAT’S INDESCRIBABLE!! DONT KNOW HOW TO SAY LAH! And I thought I was being modest!

It’s still a relaxing experience. Fullerton’s service cant go very wrong though I’ll definitely prefer Bintan’s Angsana Spa. Their venue, service and even tea, is so much more wonderful.

Watched 2 movies lately too.

Movie Title: Death Race
Ratings: 4.7/5
Comments: It’s really a thriller. Love it. It seems such a long time where I watched such a nice movie. With plot, action, but maybe not much humour. Very very exciting with your eyes locked to the screen.

Movie Title: Bangkok Dangerous
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: Hmm..Nicholoas Cage always have nice scripts, I’ve noticed, though dearie commented his face dont have much expressions. Haha. Nevertheless, it’s still a not bad movie. But I’ll have to warn you there are alot of narrations, not much humour and a very sad ending. God, I hate endings with suicides. It’s so silly!

Today, rather, Now is 14th Sep.
8th Sep was Je’s Birthday and 9th Sep was L’s birthday. Happy birthday to the 2 beauties. I wish them eternal happiness with their loved ones!

8th Sep, WY, me met L for a dinner and of course a night out at BQ with drinks since the birthday girl clearly said she applied leave for the next day. As WY and me were very sporting, we did stayed till 3+am…where I almost concussed from fatigue. L’s bf came to join us around 1+am. When L went to the ladies, he smuggled out a SLICE of chocolate cake from Coffee Club from his backpac, put a candle on it, lighted it up and waited for L. When L came out, she was having this “what are you up to?” expression on her face. It’s really funny. But she’s really being a sport by finishing the cake and also the Barcardi 151 shot(if I rem correctly) which her bf ordered after we sang her a Happy Birthday Song.

Seriously, I told dearie,

“Please. Dont EVER present me with ONE SLICE of CAKE for my birthday. I dont know what will I do to the cake.”

Dearie burst out laughing and said of course he will never do that. I did a quick recap of all my birthdays and I did not recall anyone ever presented me with ONE SLICE of CAKE for my birthday before. Sweet Jan bought me a cheese cake, A and S bought black-forest cake, D and E bought me mango cakes, T bought fruit cake, ex-bfs bought fresh cream and Swensen ice-cream cakes, dearie bought chocolate cake etc…dont quite remember with the others…BUT there’re all WHOLE CAKES. I understand it’s very difficult to get a decent cake at 1+am…but…you can always get one at 24hours Swensen at CrownPrice since it’s also not far away from the 24hours Orchard Coffee Club which the slice of cake was bought? Otherwise, dont buy lor. For me, I rather have NONE than a pathetic slice. IM SO BITCHY AND HARD-TO-PLEASE, I KNOW. But COMMON lah, not as if L’s bf is earning peanuts. More than $60K a year, I reckon he can do better than present a slice of birthday cake manz. And it’s not as if we’re 18 or 19 years old anymore where 1 slice of cake is oh-so-romantic. L is 26 like me and her bf is 27 already!

Really really, no offence!! L’s bf is still very sweet to buy L a PSP for her birthday and mind you, a PSP not cheap OK. It’s very obvious L’s bf pampered L well and they loved each other deeply for more than 2 years. It’s just my personal opinion of MY own expectations towards MY OWN BF. Dearie so poor thing because he has such a bitchy girlfriend, not at all nice and sweet like L. =)

I have yet to buy a cake for dearie for his birthday before. Because the only birthday I’ve celebrated with him was in Bintan where the getaway was completely arranged by me. And it’s not possible for me to get a cake because the staff said they dont have cakes at night on the whole island!