Blog appearances are deceptive

My hair is becoming more and more like Sadako. Long, messy and black. Hmmmm……hands itchy. Feel like doing something to it.

Quiteeeee…interested in the cut+dye+highlight for $188. Though I know it will definitely make the hair less healthy.

Had 2 pleasant experiences with Jeric Salon. The first experience was at The Central when my long hair(with extensions) was styled by Michelle(the manager recommended by Iv) for Kel’s wedding as jiemei. They(my long hair) were not easy to manage but she did a great job. My second experience was my rebonding at Bugis Junction. was done by some guy whom I’ve forgotten the name and sweetie chris. It was good. I dont want the typical rebonding which will make the hair look flat but yet not to the extent where it looks like nothing has been done. I got what I wanted and the great thing is, the effect is lasting. It’s not that straight now la but that wasnt my priority. I rebonded merely to make my hair more manageable and to improve the texture.

Jeric surpasses Jean Yip anytime. I had a few bad experiences with them. Let’s not go into it.

Anyway, anyone interested to join me? Maybe I’ll dye my hair copper and highlight with pink ash strips. Yeah, “and you think you’re still a sweet 18 year old studying accounts or 22 years old working in a company where nobody cares whether you got hair on the head.”

Less adventurous.

Coffee brown. With….red highlights?

By the way, are there any more unique colour combinations but yet subtle and sedate enough not to be seen as a freak?

This looks cool. Copper with lilac highlights.

I koped this from some blog, who also koped from some other sources so I think no need to quote any. =P

The colour looks cool hor! But too bad Im not a doll, cant take those colours lah. Oh ya I suddenly realised with a pizza face(like me), you can still afford to look chio! That is to have ultra-humongous -eyes-like-the-ET and a tiny-till-cannot-see-mouth atop translucent perfect complexion, JUST like this doll. For the complexion, Im working hard on it. For the former 2, they’re only possible if I go for plastic surgery manz. And Im not going under the knife. So scary! Not that vain to warrant the operation and aftermath.

Anyway, I think the promo starts only on 1st Dec. Stupid poster, not very clear lor. Nevermind, maybe I can call Chris to ask when Im ready to go do it. Thanks to her that I got the member card too.


This article is damn funny! I wonder who’s the author.

How to buy a house

(This column will make use of many abbreviations without explanation. It is the author’s opinion that if you don’t know what CPF or O$P$ means, you have no business buying a house in Singapore.)

IF you are a young couple, you might be looking for a place of your own.

But you may not know how to begin.

As someone who just got his own home, let me help you.

Since most of us aren’t filthy rich, we will be looking for an HDB flat, which is subsidised. That means it will take you only one lifetime to pay it off, not several.

If you are not over 35, the first thing you have to do is get married.

Often this begins with a proposal.

This can be very complicated, if you (the guy) decide to take the romantic route.

I don’t recommend this.

You can also do it the simple way, which is how I did it, and how thousands of happily married Singaporeans did it.

First, turn to her and say: “Let’s buy HDB together.”

Girls love surprises, so you want to do it where she least expects it, such as in a hawker centre.

She might say, as my own wife did: “Was that a proposal?”

Look her in the eye now if you haven’t already and reply, loudly: “Yes!”

You can start the ROM application, right after she stops crying.

Now you’re on the way to being married, it’s time to check your CPF account.

Since you can’t use the funds there right now, it’s not really money, is it?

The next step is to work out what your budget is and compare it with how much the flat you want costs.

At this point, resist the urge to flee to some place with cheaper homes, like Malaysia or Europe.

Now, you can apply for a new flat, a built-to-order (BTO) flat, or a resale flat.

There are pros and cons for all of them.

A. New flat

Pros: Cheap. Fast to get.

Cons: Much depends on your getting a good number in the lucky draw. Hundreds of flats, thousands of applicants, all desperate like you and willing to kill.


Pros: Relatively cheap.

Cons: Takes a lot of time. You may have to live with your family for many more years until your “dream home” is built.

C. Resale

Pros: Fast. Versatile.

Cons: Expensive. Crazy people.

Decided? Now, apply for a loan.

Next, lie in bed all weekend wondering when you’ll ever pay it off. Make plans to flee to Malaysia/Europe.

Personally, I did resale, because (A) required luck I didn’t have and I’d rather deal with crazy people (C) than live with them (B).

You need to understand that some home-sellers and housing agents are insane and/or money-grubbing weasels.

On the phone: “We are looking at $300,000.”

When you meet: “We are looking at $350,000.”

When you do agree: “Sure, let’s sign on Monday.”

On Monday: “Oh, I can’t sign right now. Uh… My mother, the co-owner, left the country. Yesterday.”

As for how to pick the right home, it really depends on each individual.

The rule of thumb is, if someone spraypainted the address with O$P$, or the neighbour is a strange old man who looks oddly like Gary Glitter – avoid.

Also, ensure your home is not within walking distance of your in-laws, for the same reason as O$P$.

Once the sale is agreed upon, you will have a cooling-off period of one week before you need to sign anything else. Then there is the first meeting, the loan approval and so on.

It can be depressing, with the realisation that until you pay off your debt, the bank/HDB owns you.

But perk up! Because you are now a homeowner! Congratulations!

This article was first published in The New Paper on November 9, 2008.

Was randomly reading a few blogs where I came across a female friend who blogged that she interpreted her husband’s invitation to go live overseas together as a proposal.

You can also do it the simple way, which is how I did it, and how thousands of happily married Singaporeans did it.

First, turn to her and say: “Let’s buy HDB together.”

“Thankfully my husband did not say that to me. BUT… well… it was something similar. I think it was something like “Let’s go live overseas together” which was interpreted by me as “Let’s get married 1st then go live overseas together.”

Give up my life, family, friends and career in Singapore? In the name of love?? Sorry! Not my cup of tea. For a happy marriage, a loving husband and possibilities of wonderful kids? Ok. That sounds doable.
Yes. That’s how and why we got married. How unromantic.

But that’s Singaporean man for us. :p”

How ironic and amusing. Because a group of us heard an entirely different story from the hubby BEFORE they got married. And he didnt sound happy when he’s relating how he’s being cornered into a marriage. You know the stage whereby “shit or get off the pot”, just like in The Bachelor movie. We all knew he was going overseas for work that time and were all so happy for his double good news of getting married. Little did we know that he was seriously vexed when the girlfriend suggested that they go ROM and then she can accompany him to the states.

“and what’s wrong with that?” I asked. “Arent the two of you very stable? Together for 3 years already isnt it?”

“3 years doesnt mean we’re ready for marriage.” He finally confessed. I dont remember his exact words but it’s something about their personality mismatching. Like, they always quarrel over small matters and they always get blown up by the dramatic girlfriend. As in, she will stalk off immediately, ignore the boyfriend for 3 days etc. Lol. I must confessed I was like that when Im 18. Keke.

“eh, you 2 usually quarrel about what?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Like, there was once when I told her Im going to play in a live gaming competition which requires teamwork and reflex, Counterstrike(C.S) between some timing. That is to prep her that Im either unable to take calls nor chat for long during that time. But she dont get it and still called me. You know C.S la(Yeah I know because I play too). If we stay motionless for more than 5seconds, most probably get shot by enemy liao and die liao. How to take calls? To answer her calls, I’ve already “died” numerous times. This is a game where team win is important. And finally when Im anxious to put down the call, then she got angry. *sigh*

When I said Im going to the states, she enthusiastically proposed we go ROM and then going with me. She think things so simple. What can she do when she go to the states with me? It’s not easy to get a job here and meanwhile I have to support all the finances. Im so stressed out down there with the current situation but yet she’s so enthu and excited about going oveaseas to stay. *faintzz* And from the frequency which we always quarrel, I really dont think we’re ready to get married, YET. But perhaps because all her close friends are tying the knot, she wants some sort of reassurance too. I cant possibly say “no” now already after she happily announced to her friends. If I did, it’s the end of us.”

A few of us were shocked as well as sorry to hear that from him because on the outside they look OK. And his gf doesnt look like that kind who will easily get angry and then sulk for few days leh. Rather, she look like the very mature, sensible and realistic type! But anyway, they got happily married and still are now! Good for them! Im just surprised to see that how one can say different things on own blog, especially about own personal matters. Or either that, either 1 must be lying lor. And blogs are really not accurate at all for deciphering a person’s personality. Why, “Give up my life, family, friends and career in Singapore? In the name of love?? Sorry! Not my cup of tea.” can sound so realistic and unsentimental but little do we know the real person in question is a such sentimental softie at heart who willingly proposed to the boyfriend that she will give up her family, friends and career to accompany him to the states, just so the hubby dont have to eat canned food everyday!

So ah…even blog appearances can be deceptive. Haha.

Ok…I mean, since they were already happily married and I doubt they read my blog, so I think it should be okay to post here bah. =P


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  1. Gabby says:

    Eh Jeric sounds not bad based on what you and other people on eh?

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