HSBC bank rocks. CITI sucks!

This post is to commemorate HSBC bank!

We know that CITI and UOB has always been the widely used card because of their various merchant discounts. But seriously CITI bank service sucks BIG TIME. I’m referring to their hotline tele services. They are simply rude and do not know the basic manners, for the tone doesnt even sound right. And the hotline takes forever to be picked up. While they’re so proud of their 24hours tele-banking, that’s utter rubbish! Yes after midnight, the line gets through but try waiting for 30minutes or more. Because the max I’ve waited is 30minutes and it’s still not answered.

Crap! If not for their merchant discounts, I would have dump the stupid old damn card long ago.

Not much encounter with UOB services so I cant comment much. I only know they’re very emphatic about their annual card charges because Dav once called to “threaten” to cancel the card, hoping that they can waive off the charges, but only to have the CS officer coolly tell him, “in that case, please kindly cut the card into 2 will do.” Muahahaha, if I remembered the incident correctly that is.

Initially dearie and I got the HSBC card is because they offer discounts for GV movie tickets. And we have not regretted since(even though for now OCBC gives a higher discount for the tickets). Because we realised their perks has been increasing widely thereafter.

The CITI and UOB merchant discounts booklets are sent every month and it’s not difficult to notice that theirs are mainly 10-15% off mainly ulu restaurants while HSBC offers much better deals, like 1 for 1, complimentary facials and massages(just that I’m too busy to go), special rates etc. And slowly, you will realise for some exclusive restaurants, their discounts are usually tagged with HSBC cards only.

I dont mean “exclusive” as expensive, I merely meant they usually dont have any credit card offers. For example, IceColdBeer, Waraku Japanese Restuarant etc. Some exclusive offers include 1-dines-free-with-4 for hotels hi-tea and buffets, with Marriott, Fullerton etc. Still got many more. Off hand cant think of so many. It’s always exciting to flip the HSBC rewards booklets while I usually throw the CITI and UOB ones into the bin. They’re always the same.

And if you have realised, CITI and UOB always seem to go together. Like if CITI has discount, UOB also have. In my opinion, just get a UOB will do. Unless you want the CITI Dividend which offers the yearly dividend. But I also cant see the money leh, too little already despite the amount dearie and me spent.

Oh And I’m coming to the gist of the post. Today I received my HSBC credit card bill. I’m almost prepared for that…the $45 late charge…and yes it was there. =( Somehow I just missed paying the last bill of exactly $28.84 by 1 day. Arggghhh! It was like…duhz…it’s just a small bill…not even $50…and somehow the absent-minded me forgot about it lor. And to pay a late charge of $45 and $2.50 finance charge on a $28.84 bill simply is not justifiable to me. But I knew I’m in the wrong…because I knew I paid late…but seriously I thought a $28 dont matter that much to warrant a late charge of $45.

So I…meekly..keke…called the hotline just now. Bravo! It’s sat and my called was answered in 1minute. I said, I thought if the bill doesnt fulfill the “minimum $50”, there’s no urgency to pay and I didnt know the late charge will apply. But I literally pleaded with the guy to please waive off the charges because I know I’m in the wrong..

“This will be the last time I promise”

The guy laughed and said okay…but told me maximum only 3 times waiver.

Still can 3 times? So that means I have another 2 attempts. Lol. But thank god he cant see my expression as I hurriedly emphasized, “no no, just this 1 time will do.”

He also told me even if outstanding 1ct I also need to pay or else the late charge $45 will still apply. ZzZz.

I was smiling like an idiot while I thanked him profusely for the waive and wished him a great day.

See, so easy.

The last time I called that damn stupid CITI bank, their attitude has been downright condescending and arrogant and I do not think it’s my fault AT ALL the other time for paying late because they didnt send me my bills!

Then the stupid b*tch said it’s because I’ve opted for E-billing. I said yes I did, a long time ago but they continued to send me my bills by mail every month anyway and failed to open my e-billing account until MANY MONTHS LATER. So I continued to be reliant on the paper bills until they abruptly stopped without even warning me.

“But you’re still able to log in online to view your outstanding balance, Miss. And the account showed that your first login was in *insert some month in 2008*”, she retorted smartly. She thought.

“Yes I did log in when I first had the account but I find that it’s too troublesome. Since I always check my post mails with other mails that I have, I’ve stopped logging in since I can pay the CITI bills which was mailed together.

And if you can see my first login, why dont you look at my LAST login? *mentally rolling eyes* Because after a long period of not logging in, I had forgotten my password and I’m unable to log in already.”

As a final explanation, I said, “look. I did not purposely pay late. I paid late because I was all along waiting for your posted bill. And because your hotline is so difficult to get through, I had to roughly gauge how much did I spend so that I can pay a random amount to the card. And because it’s a hazard guess, I have paid in EXCESS of a hundred dollars, albeit a few days later. Does that look like I wish to avoid my bill or I dont have the means to pay hence the late payment?”

The STUPID b*tch finally relented and waived off the late charge and menacingly warned me it’s the only time. Meanwhile, I asked that loser to reset my online password.

Asshole lor. Hng. Premium bank. I hope they close down.

Duhz. But I probably dont wish that, for that will push us into a more gloomy recession mood. Hng!

HSBC rocks!


No more drinks..

Sigh. Cant sleep so came here to blog. Dont understand why I can sleep like a log last time after drinking but nowadays I cant, because stomach always feel uncomfortable. Did not drank alot but I wished I drank lesser. What can I do when I have 2 sisters, where Jy always dupe my drinks whenever I went ladies while the other Kel always make me drink when playing group 5-10? Hmmm….what a long sentence. Haha. Haiz..Jy wanted to finish her bottle of Chivas…so keep pour. =.=

And I’m dreading my hen’s night…they say will “give me a good time”. =( Then then Kel said she must throw me into the water too like how she was thrown last time at Cafe Del Mar. =( But but that time is Jy asked the angmor to throw one leh! Not me leh….yuan you tou…zhai you zhu….boowoo…But Jy kept deny. Dont know she really forgot or act one. Kns! Anyway that time I also kanna thrown into the water hor…in fact only Liz and G didnt. That G, hid in the toilet for 30minutes then dare to come out. Booooo! Jy said we will get our dues on G’s hen’s night. Haha.

Anyway, I’m sure it was an unforgettable hen’s night for Kel. It was the perfect excuse, or reason for Jy to ask the angmors to throw Kel into the water, I remembered vividly. Unforgettable mah. =P

Important lesson learnt.

Hen’s night venue must be NO WHERE NEAR WATER.



Haiz. Central kopitiam also got beer. Maybe have to hen’s night at my house liao. Haha. But doubt they allow it. =S

We took some pictures at the pub just now but not convenient to post now as it’s difficult to grope in the dark. Damn funny. You guys see a giant lobster before? I’ll show you next time.

Dearie has been lemming to go back Intercontinental Hotel again, or a short break in whichever style. So do I. =( But it’s difficult…… Actually I have a simpler wish, which is to stay home and rest for the weekend. For both weekends. I’m lately glued to old movies and have been watching them online. Despite the technology might have been a tad old, the action moves are still pretty outstanding. And comedies, they wont be out of style. I’ve also realised most old movies are less heavy in storyline. However, the “thrill” factor is there, especially for horror vampires shows. And still funny.

Vickki is feeling better and more or less back to her old self. But she still sleeps more than she usually does. Hmmm….good thing is she can jump and run liao.

Vickki’s Neutering

Before the Chinese New Year in January, I booked an appointment with Dr Grace Heng from The Joyous Vet for Vickki’s sterilization. Business must be good, for the earliest appointment available was the day before, which was 25th Feb. Dr Grace Heng is a very renowned vet in the industry. She has a wide-spread reputation for being the cream of the crop as well as very caring towards animals. What’s best, they’re located so near me, in Choa Chu Kang Ave 3 at Sunshine Place.

I know some of you might be thinking to neuter Vickki is a very cruel thing. The point is, I also dont bear to see her go under the knife. The thought really sickens me. But I finally conceded after one particular visit to the vet. She told me if I dont neuter Vickki, she more or less will contract breast cancer when she’s of old age. “More or less”. I’m shocked and alarmed by that discovery.

I’m not worried about her accidentally getting pregnant because she’s in good hands. Since we all know dog’s life span usually wont surpass 15 years unless they’re godly healthy. I just wish to prolong Vickki’s life for as long as I can, by keeping her as healthy as possible and reducing her risk of contracting any disease as low as possible.

The vet said if I neuter her, it will reduce her risk of contracting ovarian and womb cancer. And if the op is done before her 2nd menses, her risk of getting breast cancer is zero. If however it’s done after that, it doesnt reduce the risk at all. Vickki has to go without food and water from midnight onwards. I sent her there around 12pm and fetched her back around 8+pm in the evening. And both occasions, the clinic was very packed.

My heart pained to see her in low spirits and fatigue, for it’s obvious the wound is still abit painful. The whole family are very concerned, seeing her not of her usual lively, greedy self. Usually she will run to receive us when we came back. After the op, she managed to walk but very slowly. No running and strictly no jumping because that will stretch her wound. She always shift her position from time to time as if no position can be totally comfortable with her wound on her stomach. Thus we gave her one of our big pillow to lie on.

She cant have any food and water too till the next morning 6am. And since she just had an op, I’ve decided to cook some soft macaroni for her to eat rather than giving her the usual pet food.

To wake up at 6am is no easy task for me.

I woke up at 6.30am instead and then set a 15minutes snooze while the macaroni were soaked. Then I woke up again to boil them while I snoozed again for 20minutes. I finally woke up again from a 15minutes snooze as I waited for them to cool before I served them to my Princess Vickki. By the time I flopped onto my bed(like the 4th time) at 7+am, I was as dead as a corpse. And you know what, Vickki did not eat her macaroni till in the late afternoon. I think she dont have appetite to eat prior to that. So much so for my effort. Sigh. Nevermind. But she ate little too….my heart pained again when she’s usually such a glutton.

Haiz. Anyway she’s better today. Ate more, walked faster, but most of the time, she laid on the floor or on cushions. Her stitches are “dissolvable” so there’s no need to go back to remove the stitches. There’s a need to look after her most of the time when possible to prevent her from licking her wound which was sprayed with antibiotics(silver in colour). Else there might be infection. I can only go out after Wei came back from school because nobody was home.

Am very grateful to Dr Grace Heng as she also fixed her umbilical hernia too during the op. Although the nurse said it was a “by the way” thing, it clearly showed how caring and how much Dr Grace loves animals for she did not want her to go through another op in future nor have that birth disorder for the rest of her life. Guiltily speaking, I totally forgotten about the hernia because it’s not life threatening. But I’m really glad she fixed it for me, what’s more at no extra charges.

I was told the wound need 2 weeks to heal and Vickki is not to be bathed. Oh my god I thought, she will probably stinks like hell. No choice as we cant get the wound wet. Meanwhile, I hope she can recover much much faster and back to her old self in no time. I miss the old her.

A new fridge & Pending Photoshoot

So many things, so busy. Sigh. Down with sorethroat, cough with frequent bouts of headache. =(

There are 2 things which I’m terrified of them breaking down.

One is aircon. The other is the fridge.

Our 13year old Mitsubishi fridge had finally waved it’s last goodbye. Sigh…my poor icecreams had to be thrown away, so sad.

The day before, Mummy, Wei, dearie and me went Audio House at Liang Court to buy a fridge, after being attracted to their policy, “guaranteed lowest price or your money back”. It closed very early at 9pm though. And I thought we should be able to make our purchase within 45minutes. I was so wrong.

Dearie always love shopping in electrical stores. And he LOVES to shop for fridges, TV even though it’s much too early for us to browse. Hence, we almost had our mind set on Fisher & Paykel for their economical price, simple design and 4-ticks-energy consumption savings. But Mummy has different ideas. We loittered here and there and debated much over different brands and models. There’s so much to consider when buying a fridge.

Firstly, determine the dimensions(Width, Height, Depth) available to store the fridge. We had measured ours.

Secondly, determine your priority needs for a fridge. For e.g, a big freezer because you store tons of icecream or a gigantic chiller because you store tons of beer etc. Or you like a fridge which saves the most electricity etc.

Thirdly, narrow down your selections to your favourite brand(if any), the kind of design you prefer(2 door/3door etc), your needs and of course your budget.

It was no easy task for there were dozens of models around. We were actually set on 1 model from Fisher&Paykel at $1099 but they’re out of stock till March. Our food cant wait that long. Hence the search and comparisons started ALL OVER AGAIN after 30minutes.

We ended up with a Mitsubishi 3 door latest model fridge which has a 3-ticks-energy-consumption savings. It’s also very economical with a price tag of $999 including delivery charges and disposal of our old fridge(or trade in). That made all of us very happy. It’s titanium-plated which makes it scratch-proof, and is even better than stainless steel. Titanium looks like a matte bluish metal colour. I like. Heez. We spent 1hour plus just so to choose a fridge! Finally we left 10minutes prior to them closing.

I loved our old fridge. It’s a 5 door, pretty complicated huh. Actually it’s not. The top consisted of 2 doors side by side which opens up to the main chiller. Lower down, there are 2 separate freezer drawers, 1 beneath the other. I love it because our icecream, frozen dim sum and tang yuan got separated from the frozen raw meat. Hygiene sake. The bottom is another 1 large chiller drawer for all the vegetables, fruits etc.

And the best part is, we seldom need to top up water and we absolutely dont need to break ice cubes. Because there’s a water bank in the main chiller where you fill up water. And ice cubes formed will just automatically drop into a large, deep, container in the freezer drawer beneath it where we store our ice-cream. The ice-cubes trays must be built in or whatever because it’s totally not visible. A fully-filled container can easily filled 6-8 glasses with ice-cubes.

There is never a case where we dont have enough ice-cubes in the container unless we forgot to top up water, which is like only needed…every month? It is completely automatic because if there are too few ice-cubes, it will produce more. But if the container is full, it will stop producing ice-cubes from the water bank. It’s just wonderful.

So far, I still feel our old fridge is the best despite being an old model compared to the latest models. The latest models are stylish, big in appearance, automatic and everything, but didnt you realise the spaces are very limited? Especially those gigantic 2 door fridges. Inside are a dozen cubicles which simply take up too much space. Bulky mess.

But mummy said our old fridge used to cost around $3K. (=.=)”’ Wei said we have “downgraded”, and now we must accommodate to the new habit of filling up water in the ice-cubes trays and then turning them over to get the ice-cubes. ZzZzz. I haven done that in 13years. Kinda missed our old fridge already… =(

Yesterday, went Capio there to see how’s my wedding gown and also for a fitting. It doesnt fit again because Capio said I’ve slimmed down again. She said everytime she saw me, I will lose some weight. “Measuring tape dont lie, my girl”, she said. It’s weird. I really dont feel I shed any weight at all..but maybe I did…with all the stuff that’s going on. However, I still feel my waist is thick and told her I wish to shed more before the upcoming shoot. She literally beg me not to because it will be improportional already since the can-can made the gown rather humongous for the bottom. (=.=)”’

The gown is still not yet finished, some more beading to be done at the top with minor changes here and there. But I’ve chosen another 2 evening gowns for the shoot. I will choose the traditional costume 1 week prior to the shoot. Dearie will also choose his suits then. Capio said I can still choose a different evening gown for my actual day in Aug if new gowns catch my eye.

I’m actually in a dilemma whether to separate the indoor and outdoor shoot into 2 different days. Because I hate to wake up that early and gets fatigued easily since shooting will be around 10hours or more. If I separate into 2 days, it wont be so rush and I also dont have to get up so early. However, need to top up a $80 for all the etc.

Should I separate or not?

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A post from nowhere

Oh man. I really cant sleep despite taking not one but TWO times of cough medicine. It’s supposed to cause drowsiness and it’s not working! Before you think I purposely drink cough medicine to make myself sleepy, no, I’m really having a cough.

I wont say I dont feel unwell but I cant say I feel well either. Lately, or rather most of the time, my stomach have mood-swings. The feeling is frustrating. It’s like, not very hungry, neither very full but timing often says it’s time to eat something. It often throws me into a dilemma whether should I eat. Something must be wrong somewhere. Perhaps the nerves whose role is to detect hunger accurately and precisely, are not working properly. The signals are always unclear. By the time when I realllyyyyy feel hungry, it’s actually over the limit. As in, the real hunger already caved in and I’m weak all over. Hence, gastric.

Appetite-suppressant pills do that, but weird, I haven been taking them for now.

Anyway, I made a lovely discovery today of my friend’s blog. She’s quite a private person so it’s too bad you cant view it unless I got her permission to publish the URL first. Although I haven meet her before yet, I really enjoy our online chats and our gaming. Her blog entries are entertaining, informative too and it’s going to be another fave past time of mine rather than me wasting my time reading forum postings of stupid girls over their stupid BGR problems.

How many times must I repeat?

“He’s just not that into you lah!” Go catch the movie lah.

Her blog is filled with saliva-dripping pictures of all the delicacies she made/baked too. Straight-forward, candid, precise perfect English sentences with her sense of humour, added with a pinch of spunk and spice just make my day. Upon reading, I got more and more surprised and fascinated about how we are so alike(in a good way of course). Haha. I kinda realised even the way we wrote our blogs and the things we complain are quite the same. Lol. But one difference for sure, her English is at least 20times better than mine. Hahaha.

One of the similarities is how crazy, fussy we are with food and our motto would be, “we live to eat”. Not only that, we seemed to have some similarities in food we love too.

My list of FAVE food
1) Prawns
2) Scallops
3) Lobsters
4) Crabs(chilli/black pepper)
5) Cheesy bratwurst sausage
6) Cheesecake
7) Tiramisu
8) Bacon and ham (especially wrapped around asparagus or 金针菇
9) Eggs
10) Salmon
11) Frog legs
12) ice-cream
Hmmm…………that’s all for now…

She bakes awesome pastries and cakes too. What’s more, she just stays nearby my block only. I would love to learn from her, if she’s willing to teach that is. Hmmm…but most probably she will be lazy to teach, if my guess that we’re are alike, is correct. Lol. Because if it’s someone asking me to teach her how to bake this or cook that, unless it’s a real easy dish, I’m also pretty lazy to teach eh. Perhaps recipes sharing are OK though. Hee. But you know, I appreciates her honesty and straight-forwardness very much. She’s as candid as me. No excuses, no lies. That’s the way it is.

Finally the drowsiness kicked in. Ciaoz.

He’s just not that into you

Movie Title: He’s just not that into you
Ratings: 4.8/5
Comments: Very entertaining. A hilarious comedy. For a show with a combination of few different stories, I’m glad they actually “blended” them very well. Like each story is independent on it’s own, while still able to be pieced all together as a great movie.

The “pointers” or love-signs addressed by the movie were pretty amusing though not foreign to me. Have yet to read the book but I guess it’s all about the same stuff. I think it’s all pretty common sense huh. As in, if a guy doesn’t calls, then he’s not interested. That’s like, the basic. Everyone should know that. But obsessed people in love often failed to see that. Usually, I tend to be stupid AFTER I’m in a relationship and not prior to that. There’s much lecture for me but thank god I’ve lived through them and survived through them. Yes!

I can share a few pointers too, while I’m here. Just simple, basic ones. Oh and I realised I’ve blogged them before at blogspot.

Here’s again. Ctrl + C and Ctrl+ V is wonderful.

Signs that he’s not that into you(and yup you should find a better guy)

1) Somehow, he always misses your calls and your messages. And seldom or no replies

2) He can suddenly go MIA

3) His fridays, saturdays, and eves of PH are always not available. Or either that, he only spares you 2 hours like a dinner or a movie, thats it.

4) Before this, he always have time for you. Now he’s so damn busy with his work, his studies, his dog, his mom or his car.

5) He starts to complain without having enough personal “space”.

6) He starts to encourage you to see other people and hinting the 2 of you are not really compatible in many ways

7) He’s always secretive with his hp, as if its plated with gold.

8) He never confirms appointments with you. Its always a “see first” or “confirm later with you ok?”

9) He’s not attentive to you and his eyes wanders around

10) He appreciates his guy’s night out much more than cuddling with you(other than sex)

What about signals when he’s so in love with you?

1) He messages or calls often(when he can)

2) He will go out of the way to do something special for (at least) your birthday no matter how unromantic he is!

3) He loves to see you anytime anywhere, even if its a dinner. And you are always top priority during weekends or PH.

4) He brings you home to see his parents and most importantly, he hopes very much you click with them

5) He introduces you proudly to his friends that you are his girlfriend.

6) Loving gestures here and there. No need kisses in public but at least he would hold your hand

7) He’s protective and somewhat extra attentive when he realised you’re going out in lesser clothing or has someone wooing you

8) Whenever he sees you, that smile he has is just more heart-warming that any of his smiles. The way he speaks to you is also different from the way he speaks to other females/people

9) It hurts him as much to see you cry

10) He’ll say you’re beautiful no matter what!

Now…dont go getting paranoid about all these signals below when he has it, because they are still GUYS!

Signals which he has but doesnt mean he dont love you!

1) He forgot your favourite colour of tulips

2) He forgot you reminded him to sweep the floor just now or trivial things, meticulous stuff.

3) He dont say what is bothering him

4) He kept quiet when you nagged him forever

5) He didnt realised that you’re naked when the worldcup is on.

6) He glanced distractedly at a female who has 3/4 of her boobs visible

7) He didnt join in your complaints about an unjust incident or sickening boss but instead tell you “tomorrow will be a better day” and “dont brood about it”

8) He’s not interested in your pretty eyeshadow colours nor which lipstick looks better. (he’s more interested in the overall image you project, exclude the process of how you did it)

9) He didnt sign your purchase of your LV bag very willingly. (unless he’s f*cking rich that is. Because you know why, to them branded goods are just extravagant, impractical stuffs. He would be more willing to buy something practical for you for that price.)

10) He’s not that anxious to meet your parents nor hear the word “marriage”(unless he’s a cancerian or 35years old and above. Haha)

Of course I meant all the above pointers AFTER the dating and honeymoon period lah. Guys are always xtra duper nice when wooing you.