I know….

I know I shouldnt feel…dejected….

But I cant help it…. =(


I really hate to have too much emotions sometimes.

Why I always care how people feel but nobody care how I feel leh?

Beneath all that tough and strong exterior, I’m still a sensitive and emotional being.

How I wish I can be as practical, pragmatic and emotion-less like some people(absolutely NOT pin-pointing anyone in particular. Just feel there are people like that in this world).

I think I will be happier.



Note to myself

Nail art is not for me.

Somehow I accidentally kicked HALF an acrylic lebbin away which was supposed to be sitting prettily on my right big toe nail. Chor lor me.

And just now, seeing how ugly that half lebbin was lying there, eventually I scraped it away too.

Top off all the toe nails with glitter nail polish for fun(to protect too) but yes, the left big toe nail still have the lebbin intact.


It’s soOooOo UNBEARABLE!! Hands very itchy!! Suddenly realised I dont like 3D stuff on my nails at all.

I hereby conclude I’m not suitable to have nail arts, ESPECIALLY 3D nail arts.

1st time to………..Shanghai Dolly!

And Joy & me love it!!

I believe it will be our new clubbing ground, NOT that we always go clubbing though.

Due to our own different commitments, actually we dont meet up very often. But whenever we meet, we always have loads to catch up and not to mention, have loads of fun!

As usual, Joy and me hanged around BQ area for beer as warm up and catching up, as it’s more conducive for chatting. Also, the free ktv dont hurt. =P And usually, after few jugs of beer, Joy will want to change venue, mostly to club. Haha. We were actually both pretty sian of the usuals….like St James etc. Frankly speaking, our favourite still remained as the old Madam Wong. But it had already closed down. The old double-o was not too bad until the crowd got younger and younger. Joy detests young crowd. Hahaha. She finds them(the young dandies) not very…appealing! Lol.

And I suddenly thought of Shanghai Dolly which is located at Clarke Quay. I saw it before when I took cab from Clarke Quay before but has never went in. So I asked Joy whether wanna give it a try and she said go ahead. Surprisingly, there was no cover charge on a PH eve and we simply strode in.

Once inside, we simply love the disco music which they were playing. =D One look around, we saw mixture of different age groups. I’m not that particular with the crowd(unless they come ka-jiao me) because I love dancing to the music more. So music’s more important to me. But I’m relieved that the crowd were mostly not very young, which is more of Joy’s preference. 😛

So I told her, “You always complained crowd too young. Now here many aunties and uncles, you happy liao la?”

Then she “Yayaya!” Lol.

I dont really care lah but I added, “Good also lah, among the aunties, we’re considered young. Muahahahahaha!” and she agreed. Lol.

So we stayed and ordered a jug of beer. Holy shit, coming S$50 for 1 jug of tiger. No difference from having a cover charge. Oh well, at least it’s fun. Every 1 hour interval(I think), there were band performance. Something like dragonfly’s style. But their songs were more ancient. Lol. I kinda enjoyed them. Haha. *paiseh* Well, I’m semi-ancient, can or not?! =P I like the band too! I think the guitar/drum/keyboard players all played very well.

I think many people were inside because of the free entry but few bought drinks. Hence, we’re even able to get a table with a mere jug of tiger. Lol. Made some new friends and shifted to an even bigger table with sofa seats. The girls were pretty friendly and not snobbish at all. It’s really a pleasant surprise, considering…considering most girls are not friendly with strangers bought to their table in a club. Haha. I talked to one and her name is Tiffany. When I asked about her age, I almost fainted.


So “fresh”. I mean, YOUNG, was the first thought that came to mind.

When Tiff saw my exaggerated action of flopping back into the cushions, she promptly asked for our ages which…….of course I’m not willing to say lah! Embarrassing k?!

However, I whispered to Joy, “Oei, she’s 22 you know.”

Joy’s expression was like “Wtf?” HAHAHA

Anyway, I asked Tiff, “Eh….are you the youngest in the group or you’re all the same age?”

“Oh…..She’s(pointing to another girl) 1 year older than me, 23. ”


“Then that guy is the OLDEST. 24 years old.”


Me: “Erm, okie.”

Joy and me were feeling pretty ridiculous because there’s so many people closer to our age in the club and yet we still end up in a group which was SO MUCH younger than us. MeH~!

Anyway, the young chit kept pressed for our age and when we finally told her, she said things like, “Oh really dont look like…bla bla” those kinda things.

She should have seen me in broad daylight and without makeup manz. Bah~

Drinks were plentiful but we were real full so we didnt drink much with them too. Before we knew it, it was already 4am! Oh my god!

Great times flies fast!

Alright, here’s a galore of pictures. Of course they’re from my Lumix LX5.

I love my camera!! No more dark, blur and grainy pictures please! =D

Again, slideshow lah huh~ =P Hover on pics for captions.

Joy has so many coolz(hip hop style) and cute expressions! =)

I’m so freaking tired.

(Applied “off” days from blog for 1 week. =P)

Ah Lin Pre-birthday post

It was so impromptu! KS sms-ed saying wanna give Ah lin a surprise the next day. However I cant make it for the next few days but I said I’m available that very night. So 择日不如撞日! It was that night where we met up for a SURPRISE dinner buffet in Ah Lin’s honour! Dearie couldnt make it though. When Ah Lin saw Elaine and me, she was a little surprise only because she kinda expected something was up KS’s sleeves. Haha. But very wu xim ah!! =)

Took many pictures of the very very pretty birthday girl and I merely picked some nice(and sharp!) ones to load in slide.com. Took me more than an hour to load them all up, around 38 pictures I think. Slideshow it is! =P

Our buffet was at UE Square, Shin Minori and as I’ve captioned, it’s not really worth mentioning if you’re going for the food. Still, we had alot of fun as it’s the company that matters. Wah, I realised KS is super good at making expressions leh! Very sayang that he’s not an actor. Hahaha. It’s my first time meeting Elaine and it’s very nice to meet this 美女. =D

I was actually still pretty sick that day so my eyes were like only half opened. KS apologised for dragging me out. It’s no prob lah! I’m okie, just that I’m not my usual cheerful and talkative self because wasnt feeling very well. Paiseh huh. =P

Because it was so impromptu, I dont have time to wrap up the pressie for Ah Lin(paiseh!) but HENG I had already bought her pressie in advance. =) Elaine’s gift is so pretty and adorable. Inside the beautiful HUGE box, she got Lin a Doraemon massager(operated by battery) which KS looked so ready to usurp it already. Haha!

Happy 2Xth birthday Kawaii Lin!!

I wish you all the best in your career, love life & stay cheerful and pretty always!!!

(P/S Lin, too many pictures! How to transfer you ah??)

Great buys from JB

Damn! I left my Lumix LX5 in dearie’s car, so there’s so much stuff which I cant blog about as the pictures are inside. Have to wait till he’s back then I can pass Ah Lin her pre-birthday buffet dinner pics too. =P

Meanwhile, I still have my Panasonic Lumix pink compact so I just snapped pictures of my JB buys and going to post them here.


(English translation: Having ever seen a vast ocean , one may not content himself with a pond of water.)

After using Lumix LX5, I’ve grown so critical of blurry pictures, even if it’s only slight. It made me feel how could I possibly posted those not-very-sharp pictures online? =P Anyway, just a simple post of my shopping buys, guess it doesnt matter. =)

Kat, Suan, Gra and me enjoyed ourselves totally during our JB trip. No pictures as I didnt bring my camera.

We first went for our late lunch at a kopitiam on Kat’s recommendation. She was right. The soup was really nice. It wasnt really bah kut teh’s taste. It was just some soup lah, I only know it’s nice with some bah kut inside. We also ordered other side dishes like 麻油鸡, 金针菇, 猪肚, 油条 and tau pok. Perhaps I was realllyyyy very hungry, I felt they’re very nice.

After that, we went City Square as they wanted to do pedi and mani. Actually I wasnt very keen and preferred to go shopping. But Gra tried very hard to “seduce” me with the salon’s designs booklet, showing all the gorgeous nail arts. Blatantly coercing me to indulge together. =P I know they’re cheap but to ask me to sit there for an hour plus with my hands and feet stiff, hmm……………………

Eventually I gave in. Because I saw gorgeous leopard prints nail art! I love leopard prints!! Yeah leopard prints, not prings okie. Kekeke. Aiya, but eventually I got disappointed all over again because they said my nails are too small to be able to see the nail arts properly. =(

So I merely did simple ribbons nail art on my big toenails only.

OMG!! It’s only when I took this picture then realised 1 tiny gold pearl had dropped. =( Anyway, not really obvious lah. *Couped* this design from some Japanese mag there.

I was very pleased with the ribbon and it’s pearl on it but was extremely disappointed when she started to dot the nail in chocolate in some malay style. It was supposed to be checkerz style as in the magazine. =(

I did wanted some nail arts for my thumbs but by then, they had finished and I dont wish them to wait for me so I forsaked that. Not that it matters alot lah, I’m also not tai tai, manicure wouldnt have last very long too. I have to compliment them for my manicure though. It’s done very nicely and trust me, my manicures are very difficult to do nicely. =P

Mani + Pedi = RM$55

3D Nail art(RM$16 each) = RM$32

Total = RM$89

Is nail art supposed to be this price? Omg! You girls really bear to spend huh. It’s very expensive to me! =P I did heard 3D nail arts are slightly more expensive. Among us, only Gra did elaborate nail arts on both hands and feet so she incurred bigger damage, like over RM$100.

When we’re finished, most of the shops were already closed or a few were closing soon too. We popped into Watson which was still lit up. =)

Just looking at this makes me smile. =D

Didnt see this in Singapore Watson. And I love shower gels!! Especially in Sakura blossoms. =)

And I bought something which I normally wont buy………


2 sets of home slippers. Too bad dont have different colours to differentiate dearie’s pair from mine.
Tumbler and mug with lid. =D

I adore the little sweet thing but will vastly prefer it to change it’s name, to like, something sweeter? I’m ok with Rila, but not very okie with kuma. =P The name totally dont suit at all.

They’re so cheap, only RM$9.90 each. You’re only supposed to buy only 1 item with every RM$10 purchase. But because we girls got so crazy with ALL the Rila’s items and the young malay cashiers were pretty chin chai so they let us get whatever we want!!

Kat and Suan also bought Rila’s small blanket. Very cute. Okie, I shall refer Rilakkuma as Rila in future. =P

Just when we’re about to turn into the carpark, I saw a shoe shop yet to close! Immediately I yelled at them and promptly took a step into the shop. It was S.U.M.M.I.T and they have such nice shoes!!! I kinda remembered they werent very outstanding when I visited them ages back.

This time round, there were soOOo many pairs which I love but as usual, my size run out very quickly.

Told you to produce more size 3 shoes liao lor!!


Eventually I managed to grab 1 pair which I absolutely love!!

Lovely isnt it??!!!

It was priced at RM$129.90, coming to approximately S$55 maybe? I intended to get it because designs like this usually costs like S$80 or more in Singapore’s Charles & Keith. =D

All of us were busily trying out our favorite pairs when our very sharp Gra saw the adv of RM$15 for their membership which entitles the member to enjoy 10% off regular items at all times, as well as……

30% off during birthday month!!!

Yeah!!! But whose birthday is in Nov??!!

Suan!!! Suan!!! Suan!!! Suan!!! Suan!!! Suan!!!

Lagi happy lah. If the 30% were’nt limited to 5 items, and if the shop werent closing so early, we probably would have lugged more items!!

Coincidentally, Kat, Suan and Gra all had their eyes on the SAME pair of shoes and they all bought the same design. (=.=)””’ Suan and Gra bought the light blue wedges while Kat got it in dark blue.

I also lugged 1 more sling bag which is very nice too!!

Always love bronze and gold prints like this

Costs only S$20+ after 30% discount


Suan also got another 20% voucher. =D Oh the membership is for 2 years, fyi.

They gave us a catalog and I’m so lemming the new products already. Should be launched next year I think.


After these purchases, we went 40mins foot massage at 满足乐. Costs RM$30. Very relaxing till I fell asleep. =) They were very careful with our pedicure too. Lol.

Of course what’s a JB trip without a sumptuous seafood dinner/supper??!!! We popped opposite hawker for it. =)

Hiang Kee Restaurant


Yummy salted egg crayfish!!! Thank god for them for curing my phoebia(Damn you Peony Jade!!
) for crayfish because they’re so damn delicious.

Sambal stingray – slightly overcooked

排骨王 – Crispy and nice!

红烧豆腐 – OK

Including rice and some drinks, total came up to less than RM$30 per pax.



I always love JB trips!!

Kat went to pump petrol and washed car. While her car was being washed, we’re were’nt free either. We had sinful, oily lok-loks. =D

First to reach home. Feeling was great! I think only go JB then I will be the first to drop off. Lol. Thanks Kat!!

JB soon!!

What’s up tomorrow??

50% discount sales for mini.bits, minitoons and miniprincess!!

I’m more in mini.bits for their hair accessories!! Damn I bought quite many just few days ago.

I love Pressies!!

I’m deadbeat!!

Last week, met up with Gra. The pretty princess had just came back from…Hongkong, yup! Eh really, all my friends are flying EVERYWHERE that I lost of track of who and who, when and when, went where and where. =P Lin also just back from Bangkok. Not long ago, Rain also back from Europe. Ya! It’s only me who’s always stuck in boring Sg. =( Humph! But I’m going Tokyo next year!! Before April. Great! =D

I didnt actually planned to meet up with Gra but I was at Clementi seeing my family doctor as I was sick. And because he’s such a great doctor, I always have to wait up to 45minutes for my turn. I tried seeing other doctors but I hate it. Not only are their charges more expensive, I ended up being miserable and didnt recover at all. So I always stick to the famous Dr Tan from Jurong Dispensary located in Clementi. It’s my habit to register for my number first and then go and take my lunch or loitter around to buy time.

Clementi Hawker centre has re-opened. Definitely cooler, cleaner and bigger. I didnt notice whether the prices has gone up alot or not because aiya, hawker, also wont expensive till where lah. After my dinner, realizing I still have alot of time left(before my turn), I went to queue at KOI. It’s NEVER my passion to queue standing up for bubble tea but dont know why that day I had a craving for KOI’s tea. I thought I can buy 1 more cup for Gra who was staying at Clementi too since she loves KOI bubble tea.

And so I trotted to the end of the long long queue which comprised of mainly students.

What is it that students eat nowadays that make them SO TALL huh?? Wah lao. All of them were like at least 1.65m AND ABOVE and I’m like a gin na amidst all the students. (=.=)”’ Not helping especially when I’m in my flats, spag top with shorts with no makeup loh. I was just about to start thinking what should I have for myself when an uncle right in front suddenly turned 180degrees behind to look at my direction, pointing a finger enthusiastically. Dont know for what? He got all of us(the crowd which he pointed at) curious and started staring at one other.

It became so comical when I stared at the tall tall female students behind me with them staring back at me in the same odd manner. Finally they pointed at themselves, silently asking the uncle was he referring to them. When he started to shake his head and continued to point at us, I started to………..point 1 finger at myself disbelievingly, inquiring.

He started to nod his head vigorously and signaled me to come forward.


But I dont know him leh.

Anyway, I just gong gong went forward…thinking hopefully the students will still allow me to go back to queue at my original position after the uncle finished whatever he wanted to tell me that is.

Who knows, the uncle said, “I dont want to buy liao. You take my place okie? Dont waste it.” with a smile, and motioned me forward to take his place, without lifting a finger on me.

I was like, “Errrrrrrrrrrrr…………then thanks hor!”

He smiled and left.

Wah! It was like the most amazing thing which happened to me this year(ya, my life so boring. =P)

There was just another ONE guy infront, before it’s my turn. And guess what, the guy infront turned behind, and said, “You can go first.”

I croaked, “Wh-aa–t? Why???” Auntie my age cannot take too many surprises in a short span of 5minutes.

Then he waved his handphone and said his friend haven decide what to drink, so I can go first.

Ohhh…….I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked him. At least I felt better. Though I was still pretty embarrassed for being infront of the queue just like that. But what’s done was done lor.

When it’s my turn, I “recited” my order of Gra’s drink as I know she drinks Oolong tea. When it’s time to order mine, I blanked out.

“I want………I want………..I want…………..I want…………..shit!”

I cant decide what to drink! Because I did not have any time to think before I was “teleport” to the front of the queue!

The young cashier giggled, obvious with my confusion at choosing the drinks. She was very kind, she did not look impatient nor pushed me for an answer. Anyway, I anyhow blabbed Passion fruit red tea with my usual 50% sugar level and got off the queue. Promptly called Gra and told her I will be dropping by to pass her her favorite KOI tea(I knew she’s at home) but she insisted on coming out as she did not want me to walk so far to her house. Aiya, it was okie lah since I had so much time on hand.

I got my queue number and waited around for my drinks to be ready. Either I’m too sensitive or what, I kept feeling that eyes on me. (=.=)”’ So I hid behind a pillar and only popped out when my number was beeped.

We met up at MOS burger.

My passion fruit red tea with 50% sugar was a wrong choice. Sigh. I’m so sure if I finished the whole cup I will kanna diabetes. So I merely drank 20% of it. =( But I’m glad Gra enjoyed her Oolong tea. =)

The lovely chit bought me some pressies from Hongkong!! Guess what are they? Hee!

Kawaii bracelet!!!

I simply LOVE it!!

My wrist is very small so most of the time, it’s very difficult for me to buy bracelets or bangles. But this one fits me perfectly! Most probably because Hongkong-ers are skinny. =P

Majolica Majorca Palette!

Pretty pretty!

Haven try them but I think it’s lip gloss cum eye shadow palette. Haha.

Thanks sweetie!!

After that, dearie came to find me and I accompanied him to eat while Gra went home. =)

Had a lovely time meeting her. =D

2nd year anniversary – Part 2

I didnt expect any anniversary pressies because we dont have anything we really want. Really nothinggggg to buy. But dearie still managed to surprise me with a very sweet gift. It doesnt cost much but makes me very happy. Guess what it is?? =D

Kevin’s Perfect Beauty Guide!

Kevin’s make-up magic book!!

My friends will know I love makeup and love to read about them. I saw these 2 books(packaged together) at Popular bookstore before but it costs around $28? Somemore I’m unable to browse it as it’s sealed up, hence I cant determine whether it’s worthy to buy. Hence I didnt buy, but actually I’m pretty interested in the book one lah. =D

And I’m super surprised why dearie knows why I like that! I mean, I picked books and mags up to browse all the time, but somehow he knew these 2 books are different to me. Wow! The feeling of getting a pressie, which you love but dont bear to buy in a surprise is so damn shiok!! Even though they dont cost much. I mean, dearie always buy me pressies for occasions but they’re almost always with my very obvious hints or direct help. ZzzZzz

This is really very unexpected and very sweet. =D

And I told dearie, “hmm…but I thought you’re always very insensitive and “blind” one leh…how come you know?”

He said, “aiya….of course “secret weapon” cannot always use one mah….arbo in future how?”

=.= So cunning.

Sinking into the pillows and bed, amidst the fluffy quilt, it’s heavenly. And guess what we saw?

Pillow menu!!

Wu xim leh!

The choices!

The most interesting one would be the lavender-filled pilow and jasmine green tea pillows!

Haha! However we didnt request for any, because the current ones were already very comfy! And lazy to request lah. Already very paiseh borrow forks, spoons, plates, wine opener, wine glasses liao. =P

Next morning

Bath salt for relaxing bubble bath for bath tub!

Breakfast!! Love it!!

Breakfast, I usually dont have much appetite, nor do I eat much. But I really cant reject….

Smoked salmon!!! So smoked salmon salad it is!! =D
Of course still got other food also very nice. =)

My own pot of tea. I really like it when I can refill myself without limit. Haha.

My dear hubby, although you kept apologizing you never really plan anything, you have made it perfect just by booking the room, buying crabbies for dinner, giving me my pressie, paying all my bugis buys and giving me a wonderful time with your presence!!

Love you lots and to many loving and happy anniversaries ever after!!! Smuacks!!!