Long time no see ah!

Thursday 30th Dec 2010

Finally got to meet the super busy Jess with Lin. She was on leave, thus was able to meet us. Her work was the super hectic kind and it was almost impossible to meet, not even weekends. The bride-to-be was as cheerful and funny as ever. GOd, I cant remeber the last time the 3 of us met! I think it was at my last last birthday chalet! Very happy for her as finally she’s settled down but the ironic thing was she kept lamenting that it was “bo biannnnn because the house come liao.”

Lol. Looking forward to their ROM in March and it will be an outdoor event. oOo Great! Though, I might have to prepare super powerful sunblock and oil control primer liao. Else you will see a ghost among the pictures when all my makeup meltzzzz! Haha.

We had a late lunch at Olio Cafe and we used my voucher!! 1 for 1 pasta/sandwich/pizza!! Yay!!! I’m auntie can? =P

Left: Lin’s Club Sandwich      Middle: Jess’s bacon aglio olio     Right: My crayfish and crab claw meat pasta(tomatoe-based)

Review: Olio Cafe(Marina Square)

We shared one another’s food and they were all very tasty. Though I do feel mine was the most outstanding one, with their fresh and tender crayfish and generous amount of crab meat! The crab meat were actually all scattered in the pasta but literally you still can taste the crab meat. The tomatoe based pasta was cooked perfectly so much so the sauce made me slurps!

This dish was actually spicy with black pepper in the menu? Couldnt remember however I requested it to be non-spicy tomatoe based. It did not disappoint me. =D

Will definitely go back again. With or without voucher. =D

We walked around for some shopping and I bought a shirt and 2 ties for dearies from Domanchi. Call it belated Xmas pressie if you want. =)  And yes member discount 10%. =D Lol. I’m starting to think that if I didnt receive any discount for any meals or shopping, I will get abit 心里不平衡. =P I mean, with all the credit card welcome promo vouchers or dining discounts, very seldom you dont get priveilges. Only a few ya-ya restaurants dont have it, like Mayim, Lai Lai and Watami. =P

He’s sick of plain colour shirts and has been searching for nice shirts like above. But it’s difficult because his hands are extraordinarily long so sometimes the sleeves are too short, despite the shirt does fit. Domanchi’s shirts has slightly longer sleeves for their largest size so it’s great. Always love his broad shoulders and long legs. =D~~~ Muahahahaha!

After the shopping, we settled at Anderson’s for some creations. I have vouchers again! Muahahahahaha! One for one creation(Puff creation, banana split and single fondue). Since the portions are so small, we had 4 instead. Max 2 free creations per voucher mah. =D Somehow, they only left 1 Puff creation so we shared that and each of us had single fondue.

The single fondue hor, was definitely as lonely as it sounds!

Review: Andersens’ Icecream

The puff was mediocre and the cream was very slimy and kinda tasteless. Coffeebean’s whipped cream tastes better ok! As for the single fondue, it’s worse. See the fruits so pathetic. My honeydew was tasteless and bland-looking. Their strawberries were not fresh at all, not to mention totally unappetizing with it’s bland colour. Lin said even the kiwi sucks. As much as the fruits were supposed to be dipped into the chocolate, I think they should at least taste like the normal fruits bah, with the minimum sweetness and not totally bland! Especially when the chocolate is not very sweet(which is good). I think only my banana tastes normal. And because the chocolate wasnt served in a burner, they solidified very quickly-sianx max. The wafer cone and ice-creams were good, especially my Rum & Raisin but the scoops were pathetically small. Hng! Even with the voucher, I feel it’s a rip off. I think we paid a total of $27 for 4 creations, which amounts to around $9 each. Without voucher, it will be $18. Wont be trying their creations again. But perhaps scoops of icecream still okay.

Hopefully they understand the most important part of a fondue is that the fruits must be fresh and with a minimum standard of taste to start with.

We loiterred for awhile before our partners came to fetch us home.

Meet up again soon!! I guess it will be March already. =P


Christmas 2010

Xmas was spent at Nex Mall with dearie!

It’s humongous and definitely so much bigger than Vivo. Lyn was right. We were really spoilt for choices for food. Interestingly, we saw a few new restaurants and cafes. =) The mall was crowded but was already better than expected. We were very lucky as we found a lot at the nearby multi-storey carpark. It was by chance that we reached there but thank god it wasnt a bad choice. =)

Review: Grandma’s Restaurant

This was a restaurant serving local delights but other than the claypot toufu, all the other dishes disappointed us. The prawns was very unfresh with a very bad smell. I had no choice but to call the manager. He didnt say much but merely ask us to order another dish. So we ordered chicken instead. However, it was probably over-fried so the outer skin was more tough than crispy. The flavour was actually not bad…but after chewing 2 pieces…dearie’s and my teeth were both very strained. Lol. So we didnt finish the dish. Looking at the prices and food standard, we’ll probably wont go back again.

Actually, only a few shops were new to me. Most of them are commonly found in neighbourhood or heartland malls. Hmm…..so after awhile, we were tired and looked for a place for some drinks and snacks.

Dearie and I really miss the custard pastries we had in Switzerland!! They were really the best we had. Not too sweet, soft and fluffy. However, still didnt manage to find nice custurd puffs in Singapore yet. Not even Swissbake make the cut. If Switzerland’s pastries score a 9, Swissbake probably score 2. However…since we’re tired and hungry…we just sat down in their cafe. Was surprised to know that they serve rosti with smoked salmon too! Love them! Unfortunately, the rosti was hard and unappetizing. Sigh. I remembered it was priced pretty steep and it made me kinda annoyed especially when the rosti sucks. I mean, you’ll think how bad can rosti go right? I suspect their rosti is the frozen type. And was merely heated up with some cheese in the oven. =P

On the way to carpark………….I saw a lovely walkway….and I forced dearie to take these pictures. Lol.

I’m a inspiring photographer okie! How? Got any “feel” or not? LOL. Realised how bulging his tummy was in the 3rd pic? Wahahahaha. I love him anyway. =)

It was a lovely Christmas spent with dearie. =D

Wine Company @ Dempsey + Shanghai Dolly

We had planned this like eons ago. It’s not easy to get Kel due to her commitments. She had suggested Dempsey and well, I wasnt particularly in love with this place because it’s so inaccessible. But Jy and me went along with it because Kel haven been there before. Her notti colleagues laughed at her because of that. Haha. Very bad ley. =P

As expected, we got lost inside despite going there on a cab! I meant to find the lounge which Rain, Jas and me had spent the last enjoyable night out but we couldnt find it. I dont even remember it’s name. Arrghhhh. My 2nd choice was The Wine Company but we also cant find despite walking along uneven roads and slopes for more than 15minutes . Duhz! I only know these 2 places at Dempsey. Haha. Oh not that I always decide where to go among us, but usually they dont have much ideas where to go because they seldom drink/club outside. Except with me of course. Muahahahaha.

Okie Eventually we tried to look at the map(geez….) and had to flag a cab AGAIN to get to The Wine Company. Totally famished and tired upon reaching!

Ordered a mountain of food but yet cant finished. They were fantastic!!

From left to right; 

1) Sausage Platter ; A variety of sausages but no doubt my favourite will be the cheesy ones. Served with mustard. Yummy! Pretty big portion.

2) Wine Company Signature Pizza(w/ chicken mayo) ; Very big portion, definitely to be shared among 3. Drenched with mayonnaise and fish flakes. Thumbs up!

3) Smoked duck pasta ; Smoked duck was tougher than expected but was okie. Okie I shouldnt expect the same smoked duck as per the one I had in Dozo. However, still a nice but pretty normal dish.



If it werent for my precious darlings beside me, guess I cant even smile for pictures. Btw, this perm was before the re-perm, so the hair was longer…. The pic of 3 of us was self-taken by Kel, she li hai siah!! Actually there were a few more lah, but not well taken, seh one side. Haha Practice makes perfect!

Oh…I was so fascinated with the food that I forgot to take pic of the wine we savored… Well, being a foodie. Heez. We had a total of 2 bottles of white wine before Kel and I cried for red, to much of Jy’s annoyance. The chit was so particular with her teeth that she was reluctant to drink red wine, for fear of it staining her teeth. Aiya, then I told her, “Since you’re going to laser your teeth soon, you should drink all the red you can, THEN go laser teeth mah! Laser liao then cant drink for a long long time liao!” Eventually she gave in. Keke. Somehow, the red chosen was too strong and powerful…and we didnt manage to finish it. =(  I hate wasting alcohol. Haha.

After that we adjourned to Shanghai Dolly. Meant to show Kel how fun was it, just like how Jy and I enjoyed it the last time. But sadly, it disappointed US that very night. The music was so boring, house music all along. The band was not fantastic too. I had a surprise that night too, for someone nudged me and asked me whether I was from CCHSM.


It was my secondary school classmate but I totally cant recognize him. However, I recognized the pretty lady beside him. =) So funny. They were boyfriend and girlfriend then and I…stupidly exclaimed, “Oh you 2 are still together!” I’m happy for them of course!! You know how weak relationships are these days mah! You cant blame me for being surprised! However, she exclaimed a big “NONO” and said he’s married but not to her.

It made me so embarrassed that I also dont know what to say. Ah….then I asked why a group of them were out. Some are my classmates but some were from the neighbour’s class which I dont know. Turned out all of them attended another of my classmate’s wedding. =)

Eventually Kel, Jy and me shifted to another table because it’s so cramped there and we old ladies prefer to sit than stand huh. So also didnt talk much with them. I was still pretty melancholy that they can recognise me because I was hideous back then in high school.

Maybe I still am. Sianz.

And why I have to bump into them with my f* hair leh??!!! Can understand how I feel?

Bleh~ OF ALL DAYS!! DUhz!!

Deary Rose Co-Q10 hand/foot therapy & Home-baked escargots

Share some good stuff with you all!! Pardon quality of pictures because they’re from iphone.

DEARY Rose Co-Q10 Brightening Hand and Foot Therapy!

This is for your hands and feet!!

Do not neglect them for they will reveal your age also wor.

Am very glad for the tester because else I wouldnt have bought it.
Why? Because I’m a lazy person who dont use hand/foot cream. I dont even care much about the face liao la. Duhz.

But how can you resist such a cute and sweet packaging?? It’s a very small 50ml tube in real life and absolutely adorable and convenient to put it in your bag. The gold little round knob simply shouts “cute”!

I love it because of it’s Co-Q10. As you well know, I’ve started using anti-aging products(wipes a tear) and I simply love Co-Q10! And the rose smell is wonderful, not over powering. Comes with brightening properties too! And the most important thing is? You all hate creams which leave a sticky residue isnt it? Especially annoying if you have sticky hands, thus making EVERYTHING you touch sticky. I hate them too! But this DEARY tube dont!! Hands felt moisturized but yet is totally matt enough to turn a door knob successfully. =) Or maybe my hands are simply too dry? Also dont know lah, but it really suits me. Happy~

They’re less than $10 and available in Robinson Raffles City.

20% sale now on for all toiletries!! Dont know when end though.


Any escargots lovers here????

Oh I love them so much. Fell in love with them after our virgin experience with them in France. =)

But we all know Escargots are not readily available in many places in Singapore. And those which serves, usually dont serve them cheap, since most are fine dining restaurants. So what can you do when you just feel like munching a few, dont wish to spend a bomb nor dress to the nines and make-up to visit a fine-dining french restaurant?

Go to Cold Storage!! These escargots were from the frozen food department and sold in pack of 10(or 12, dont rem).

1) Pre-heat oven to 220 degrees Celsius
2) Bake for 10minutes and Serve!

Easy peasy!

We dont have oven at home so we headed over to mummy dearest for help! Instead of 220 degrees, she used 200 degrees, mentioning that her oven’s temperature run a little higher than normal ovens. And we merely baked for like 8+minutes.

And the escargots turned out fantastic!!! Whilst they cant be compared with the ones we had in France, they are certainly tasty enough to make you want to gobble 10 at once! Lovely garlicky and buttery taste! Could be slightly more tender actually. Perhaps 7-8minutes would be perfect. =D If you dont have the 2 teeth fork, toothpicks can do the deed of picking them out as well. =)

By the way, if you have a question whether they can be microwaved, oh I wish to know too because I only have microwave at home. However, I scared not hot enough and they wont be cooked. And, I do believe they’ll taste nicer when baked. =D
Do share your experiences if you tried microwaving instead.

Dont remember how much they costs but definitely not more than $20!

Dearie’s birthday 2010 Part II @ Park Regis

Continued………………..4th Dec 2010

As compensation, the manager volunteered to treat us a dinner at their restaurant which looks very inviting. Yes, very inviting restaurant but so sadly empty. Hence, actually we also werent very enthu. However, because we checked in so late at 5.30pm. And if we were to go Clarke Quay for dinner(as my planning), it means we only can rest 1+ hour before we need to get dressed and walked to Clarke Quay which was 10minutes away. When you’re tired and hungry, you just dont wish to walk too much. So, we relented and had the dinner at their restaurant downstairs which serves fusion cusine.

My initial planning was dinner at Indochine, Clarke quay, and was fully prepared to sneak out to TCC to smuggle a cake back to surprise him. Since it’s not possible now, I requested a cake from the manager and he said he’s unable to do it! I also asked if his staff can help me buy a cake and I could pay them back but it’s not possible too. Argghhh!! What’s a birthday without a cake?? But dearie said nevermind. Haiz………….


Restaurant at Park Regis

So nice but So empty


The menu was actually….pretty pathetic. Imagine only 3 main courses to choose from. =.= Beef Tenderloin, Pan-seared Salmon and Fish & Chips. Oh, we clarified with the waitress what does the “apology” dinner includes? Since the manager wasnt around. She said anything on the menu are included so long so they’re food. But we have to pay for own drinks.

Our order: Wild mushroom soup, Tiger prawn salad, Beer Tenderloin, Pan-seared Salmon, Tiramisu and 2 scoops of ice-cream (We shared the soup and salad, not greedy okie~)

SURPRISINGLY HOR, the dinner was fantastic!! Especially the tiger prawns caesar and my medium Tenderloin with mushroom sauce. Such a huge and thick slab too! I think it’s 250g or so! Tender and yummy! Even the sides like broccoli, braised carrots and wedges were delicious too! The tiramisu(too moist) and ice-cream(too sweet) did not impress though. Dearie said his salmon was also pretty good, however, it will be better if it can be firmer.


I asked dearie, if we can choose the outcome, would he prefer that we check in punctually or having this complimentary dinner? He chose the latter and I actually agree too! I dont know how much our dinner costs, however, it’s really having good food which matters and not whether it’s complimentary or not. Of course, it’s good to have lah. =) Only kinda remembered the tenderloin costs $38++.

Servers were attentive too, I mean, since we’re the only customers. Haha. When I requested for more mushroom sauce, it came hot too! However, their waitresses really pretty jialat. The elderly one, I got problems deciphering her English. The young Filipino one, was simply….I dont know how to say.

Me: She’s very “innocent” huh

Dearie: Innocent?? Is very blur lor!

Me: Cant you see I’m trying to be nice?

Dearie: Cant you see I’m trying to be nice too, else I’ll add a 4 letter word which starts with “c” behind the word “blur”.


When I ordered a Lychee Martini(S$16++) from her, she registered this super blank look and dont understand what I’m saying. I had to open the menu, searched for that particular item and pointed it out to her.

A very satisfying dinner. The chef said they will be extending their short menu soon, since their hotel and restaurant was still very new. FYI, Park Regis was only opened in mid Nov 2010.

Rest of the night was spent walking around Clarke Quay for digestion of food and buying a bottle of white wine from 7-11 to savour in room.

Wine opener and glasses given on request at as late as 1-2am. Not bad not bad.
And as compensation of the late check-in, we were allowed to check out at 3pm too. But our room dont come with breakfast. Hmm, maybe their restaurant not ready yet? I’m also not sure but their business were good. They ran full-house the previous day and we suspected they over-promised late check-outs, hence the failure to present rooms punctually the next day.


Next day 5th Dec 2010

Lunch at Cream Bistro, Pacific Plaza.

1 for 1 main course for Standard Chartered Cards




Although it says 1 for 1, but they dont allow 1 cod main course for another. =|

So I have to choose the salmon instead.

Dearie’s cod was very nice, crispy and fragrant as we love garlic!

However, my salmon got a very typical salmon fishy smell. Usually salmon have a tad of that smell, just that it’s heavy this time. Didnt manage to finish all of it.

Dont like the avocado milkshake but dearie was okay with it.

We love the cream of asparagus soup though. =)



Went window shopping for awhile before heading home.

Sweet mummy bought Dearie a cake. Great, just nice for compensating my bad. =P

No candles because birthday already over. =P

He very ban-dang one, you know? =P

Dearie’s birthday 2010 Part I @ Park Regis

Might as well be done with it(the blogging I mean)!

It’s supposed to be a surprise but I let the cat out of the bag because of 1 stupid silly little quarrel we had after our movie on his birthday eve.

It went something like;

1) He said something which annoyed me the first time. I let it go and laughed it off
2) After 10minutes, he said it the second time which finally got under my skin
3) He argued that it’s something very minor, so why get angry?
4) I then said if it’s that minor, why the need to mention twice?
5) Again, his(or rather guys’) typical style, he acted as if nothing happen and didnt apologise
6) I was waiting for it but it never came and my “fire” grew bigger.
7) In short, he felt he shouldnt need to apologise because it’s HIS BIRTHDAY! And I should 让一让他。

Woah! Birthday dai sai(cantonese=big shot) ah?

8) And of course I dont agree that you dont have apologise even if it’s your birthday loh.
9) Oh and he mentioned it’s a way of giving in when he initiated to talk to me. That does not equate an apology leh.
10) And I said I did tried to give in(on the account that his birthday) that I hinted him to say “sorry” so that I can let the matter rest in 3seconds.

He did took the cue and apologised grudgingly and gave me attitude and smelly face thereafter.

That irked me to the MAX and I sadly thought “To think I already went to such efforts to plan your birthday~ Dinner, movie and hotel stay at Park regis the next day etc~~” and then I started to tearrrrrr~ =( Then I sent him a message asking him to check in Park Regis himself the next day since it has already been charged to my card, dont waste it. And also, he will now prefer to spend the day without me.

Then he came into the room, apologized and we made up. =|

I said I realised he or rather guys dont apologise easily, as if it got something to do with pride. AS IF we ladies no pride? I ALWAYS apologise when I’m the wrong. Usually what he do is to initiate talking, that’s his way of giving in, his way of saying sorry.

I said that’s okay with me SO LONG SO in future I also wont apologise to him for any wrong I do. I will follow the same and “initiate talking” as a way of saying “sorry”. Be fair to me right?

“You okay with it? If so, deal, we’ll NEVER apologise to each other again. Just initiate talking signifies giving in will do.”

But he never take up the deal. Bleh~

Anywayyyyyyyy, once we made up, we forgot about everything. We’re not people who keep things inside heart or remembers, especially myself.


Next day~~ 4th Dec 2010

We woke up late and only reached Park Regis at 3.30pm when the check-in time was 2pm. Guess what? The room was not ready. Very annoyed. Left our bags there and walked to The Central, Watami to have lunch. When we’re back at 4.30pm. Guess what again? The room was STILL not ready.

Well, I thought another 15minutes or so, it should be ready.


We waited for another 1 HOUR before the room was ready!!!

CHECK-IN TIME = 5.30pm

You cant imagine how black my face was and you cant blame me! Half the day was gone~~~~~ The manager treated us to drinks at their lounge while waiting but what’s the use? We’re tired and wanted to rest!! I felt sOoo argghhhhh because it’s dearie’s birthday! He then tried to console me.


Nice room though!

Kudos to the interior designer! It was actually a very small room at 20sq m but it totally dont look small or cramped. In fact it looks very cosy and warm. Love the decor and colour combi too, green with dark wood. =) Huge TV! But not many channels. =.=”’

It’s a open-concept bathroom where there’re no doors to section the basin area, for fear of making the room look smaller. 2 frosted glass cubicles, 1 with toilet bowl and another for shower(Rain shower). They’re big enough. 1 bad point will be you will need to off the aircon when you’re bathing else it’s very cold when you came out of the cubicle to dry yourself. Else, you just have to dry yourself inside the cubicle, which wasnt really big.

Many many mirrors. And 1 thing I dont like and superstitious about was 1 piece of mirror actually captured the bottom part of our bed. It also means every time we looked at the mirror, we didnt see ourself but will see the walls of the room too.

Which is………….erm….I dont know how to say. I just know if *touch wood* I saw anything in the mirror which wasnt supposed to be there in the middle of the night, I will freak out BIG TIME!

So I tried to sleep in the direction where I dont have to face the mirror. It’s not my usual preferred side and it took me awhile to fall asleep.

After we check in, we rested around 2 hours before we went downstairs for our complimentary dinner.

To be continued………………..

Dearie’s birthday eve 2010 Part I @ Dozo Restaurant

3rd December
Dearie’s birthday eve

The day started with a jacuzzi bath at Spa Elements, The Cathay, and followed by a massage.

We cant help but notice some differences from our last experience, which was also Dearie’s birthday.

They used to serve a jug of icy cold Ribena drink which was utterly refreshing.

This year, it was substituted with chinese tea. =.=”””””””’

And the worse thing was…………we noticed the edges of the tub had powder-like debris only towards the end of our soak. =( It was super dampening because it was grosssssssssss. I was very unhappy and demanded an explanation from the manager. She said perhaps the previous customer poured some aromatherapy thingy into the tub, thus some power-like debris stained the tub edges. And we just got to know they only change the water in the jacuzzi once everday no matter how many customers booked the jacuzzi that day!!

OMGGGGGGG~~ What they did is to dump 1 chlorine pill inside the tub to kill the germs. But still…………very gross lor. =(

To cut the story short, we werent charged with the credits(credits were charged for package users). And we went on with the massage. I had Shiatsu as I dont wish oil on my body after a bath while dearie had Swedish style.

Still, it was very relaxing after the massage. It did indeed loosen some knots in my back. After which, I told dearie to drive towards Valley Point Shopping Center for our planned dinner.

It was a pretty ulu place. Other than searching for the carpark, we actually walked 15minutes around the mini mall because we cant find any lift or stairs up to the 2nd floor! This is the time where you quit acting shy and smart and open your mouth to ask a damn stupid question, “Erm, how do I get to the 2nd storey?”

“Oh, please go OUT of the shopping center this way, turn right and go up a flight of stairs to the 2nd storey.”

Brillant! Which goon-du architect designed the mall this way huh? No wonder we cant find because there’s NO lift nor STAIRS inside the mall that can lead to 2nd storey.

Finally!! We reached, 30minutes late.

Dozo, it is.

Presented with the menu……

When opened……………

Pardon me, but it’s my first time reading a menu made of frosted gold, cold hard acrylic. Klass with a capital K, baby.

Other than the starter which cant be chosen, we made our choices as those marked by the star. =D Actually dearie only decide his main and prefers me to choose the others because ultimately I’m the one who researched this restaurant and knows what are their signature dishes. But of course, I’ve known him well enough to like what I picked. That’s the main reason why I chose this restaurant too.

You see, while I’m more of a fine dining person and a lover of french cuisine; Foie gras, escargots, lobster bisque etc(Ya, so typical Leo right), dearie is not that much into french stuff. He loves cod fish, scallops, and Asian delicacies like chilli crab, sambal stingray, chilli la-la, steamed fish in Teochew style etc. Not that I dont like them, I love them too. But when can I find yummy Asian dishes coupled with a flair of atas, romantic fine-dining leh? I mean, I cant bring him to Balestier market to eat on his birthday bah? He will probably kill me. Haha. Nahz, just kidding. =P

Hence, I searched high and low and this is the best I’ve come up with. Dozo serves fusion cuisine and suits us both perfectly. Codfish, scallops, beef broth for him while escargots, foie gras, crab bisque for me. Actually we love all on the menu, just in different degrees. =) Basically we love seafood lah.

Passport photo

Seriously, this expression for me, when I’m treating SUCH a nice dinner? Duhz!

We tried, or rather I tried to order all the signature dishes as recommended online but we settled on similar items for main course; Atlantic baked Cod and dessert; Chocolate Lava cake with Ice-cream. However, the starter for the day cant be chosen.

Interior of restaurant. Plush.

Apéritif served. Nice, little sour and refreshing.

Hur hur~ An apéritif did improved his disposition.

Starter – Advised to eat in the following order, center, right, left. =.=””

All were yummy! Wished the foie gras chunks can be bigger though. =P

Cold dish

Dearie’s king crab claw salad was so much ooomph!! Huge, juicy and simply fresh!! Topped with sweet mango, uber delicious. Smoked duck breast was very nice too. My first time, no doubt, the most tender duck breast I have ever eaten too.

See, he became so happy.

Hence concluded anything smoked is nice, like smoked salmon, smoked turkey breast/duck breast/ham etc. =) NOT SMOKING THOUGH. =P

Also ordered a glass of white wine at S$12++, pretty nice!

Side Dish

As much as I love cheese, I still prefer escargots to be cooked in their traditional french style in garlic and butter. It’s still a nice dish. Foie gras chawanmushi is a very unique dish. Amazingly, it really combines the taste of foie gras IN a chawanmushi! Nice. However, still very much prefer to eat foie gras AND chawanmushi separately as it is!

Yes, I forceeeeeed him to took a picture of me because he can never zi-dong and appreciate his wife. =P


Dearie commented his beef consommé tasted kinda weird and I agreed. Not very nice. My crab bisque cappuccino, as the name suggested, was super thick. Whilst the flavour was nice and rich, it will be perfect if it can be less “bubbly”(too much bubbles!) and not as thick. Feels like drinking a gravy instead of a soup. Still, it’s nice!

Main course

Baked Atlantic cod. Crisp on the outside and flaky in the inside. It’s very fresh and texture is great. However, it’s quite bland! We had to request for salt else it will be so wasteful of such a thick piece of fresh cod. Though they took 5minutes to present us with the salt, I’m very glad the salt was super fine and perfectly suitable to go with cooked food for consumption.

To date, best Atlantic cod is still from Fullerton, Forlino.


Yummy! Wish the lava cake can be bigger though! Crisp on the outside and absolutely warm and moist inside. Not much “lava” but will do, not too sweet. =)


Loved my Iced fruity refresher. Not overly sour and utterly refreshing. Dearie’s hot lavender tea is so-so.

See how contented he was?

So glad he liked the dinner. =D

Oh as a final review for Dozo, as much as business were flourising for them, their service was excellent and prompt. Nothing much to be fussy about. However, it’s certainly not very quiet inside the restaurant because waiters were bustling around and many inconsiderate people talking loudly. =( Kinda spoil any ambiance the lush restaurant might have given.
Perhaps weekdays might be better. =)

Guess where we headed next? =)

To be continued…………………..