Movie reviews

Movie title: Jennifer’s Body
Ratings: 2.8/5
Comments: I think most were there for Megan Fox’s body, just like I did. Lol. I always think Vampire movies cant really go how badly, but was wrong. The whole show was so boring. Also be prepared for some disappointment as our foxy lady is not gorgeous for 50% of the show.

Movie title: Poker King
Ratings: 2.8/5
Comments: The plot was really weak, not that I mind as most gambling shows are anyway. The least I can hope for are some laughs but it really failed badly. Some parts are funny here and there but it was mostly monotonous. The romantic scenes arent romantic, the exciting scenes(when the last card was revealed) wasnt exciting. Lastly, I’m very disappointed with the acting of the cast. It’s like nobody is taking the film seriously, I cant even convince myself I’m actually watching a movie. For experienced actors like Liu Qing Yun, am pretty disappointed.


Online Shopping

Just because they look so uber cute! =P

Stila 24kt Luxe Lipgloss in “Brilliant Pink”

Stila Convertible Lip Color in “Rosette Bloom”

Pop Beauty Ribbon Gloss in “Pink Ribbons”

Smashbox Limited-Edition Tokidoki Lip Gloss in “Drammatica”

Hard Candy Lipgloss Keychain

Hope none of them goes out of stock. ๐Ÿ˜€
Only Hard Candy is not available in Sg and even if they are available like the others, I think they’re much cheaper. Too bad the spree has a cap, else….Hiak Hiak…

Foodie Post

More reviews of Yummy Food!!

The Indulge Restaurant

Dont worry! It’s not the same Indulge as the one Xiaxue recommended because that one sucks big time! This Indulge Restaurant is located at B1 at The Cathay.
It’s our 3rd time there but unfortunately the standard has dropped due to a different chef on duty today instead of the main chef(cum boss) Kelvin. However, I will just upload the pictures taken on 1st visit for visual purposes and blogged the best experience out of the 3(which was the 1st visit though the 2nd was as well).

For all 3 visits, we ordered the Lobster Spaghetti Promotional set which includes the following items:

Appetizer: Crispy Prawn Tossed Garlic Mayo & Sunflower Seeds

Giant QQ prawns with a crispy skin, wonderful sauce, topped with crunchy, fragrant sunflower seeds. Yummy!


Soup: Chicken Herbal Soup

This soup is unlike any canned soups. We can literally taste all the herbal goodness and believed the soup will need at least few hours to boil. (However, it was a disappointment at our 3rd visit today because it was so bland that we asked for an exchange.)


Main Course: Lobster Spaghetti

It’s available in Aglio Olio, tomato base, cream base and sambal base(I think). We opted for Aglio Olio. At first, we really didnt really expect a full, big-ass lobster but it really came! Giant lobster was BBQ, QQ and yummy. (However for the 3rd visit today, it was again a disappointment. Lobster was small and overcooked so it’s tough. Spaghetti was in one dark colour and tasted like some Hokkien Mee!)


Dessert: Chocolate Icecream with Panna Cotta

The icecream tasted like it was from King’s. Great, always love it. Panna Cotta was so-so though.


Guess how much the full set will costs?


Only $28nett!!

Super worth it right? Though I think it’s better to make reservations when you’re sure Kelvin is the main chef preparing your food. Else it’s really unpredictable. =)

Beauty Reviews

Lose a 5 bucks in Mahjiong again. Sometimes feel I really dont have much luck in gambling. Seldom get to win. Humph.

Shall blog a short post about beauty reviews while waiting for my Pipi player to load.


Product: Bio-essence Tanaka White Ultimate Whitening & All spots Fading cream.


Reviews: It really does wonders! Initially I was having doubts because I never have tried 1 which works! But somehow, I gave it a try since it costs only 30ish. Amazingly, after 3 applications, my pimple marks has significantly lightened a lot! Although they haven disappear yet, I will continue to use it. I was hesitant to try Bio-essence products because I was sensitive to their face firming cream before, the older version(before the Pollen was added). I developed rashes, however, it is a superb firming cream, hence I use it for my neck. For the mentioned fading cream, I was lucky it didnt cause any sensitive reactions. =)


Product: Beauty Credit, Lovely Green tea BB cream

Reviews: I dont know if it’s my wrong impression but I thought my skin improved when I subsequently uses it under my makeup. Before that I was using 2-way cake which was rumored to clog pores. After few weeks of use, not only did it excel as a makeup base, it does makes my pores slightlyyy smaller.


Product: KOSE Supreme Refining Lotion I (toner)


Reviews: I have to say I’m a sucker for whitening products because I was born so tan. I think I can never forget those products which whitens me significantly though one can get pretty immune to it after long period of using it. Hence I always change after some time. Exactly in chronological order, my saviors are

1) Olay(previously known as Oil of Ulan)
2) KOSE Sekkisei Lotion(toner) (classic dark blue bottle)
3) THE FACE SHOP Su Hyang Snow series
4) KOSE Sekkisei Supreme

Yeah so I’m back to KOSE again, using SUPREME which was said to contain 3X whitening effects than the classic blue bottle. There are series I and series II and II are more for matured(dry) skin. Other than it’s heavy alcohol smell and high alcohol content, it indeed whitens effectively. Though be careful of continuous usage because my skin became pretty dehydrated after I used 1) for a long time although it does whitens.

The old me(around 10years old? Dont remember)


The now me(some time back lah, random pic in com)

Wearing the mentioned Green Tea BB cream with loose powder.

I dont feel I’m very fair now lah, especially after I went swimming a few times and Wild Wild Wet too, as I tans easily. =( But it’s already a far cry from how I’m used to be. So who says you cant whiten naturally with strictly no whitening jabs or whatever. Oh ya. Nivea Visage. It’s great in whitening too.

ๅ†ฌ่™ซ่‰(Cordyceps) and a walk with Vickki

It has been a long time since I got this sick, other than the occasional coldsores. So I guessed the ๅ†ฌ่™ซ่‰(Cordyceps sinensis-the wormy-like chinese herb) capsules from Hock Hua Tonic really does work in strengthening the immune system. Because I just recalled lately I forgot to take them.

I ate the capsules lah, I think I cant never stomach the look of it. If you think the name ๅ†ฌ่™ซ่‰ only originated from it’s worm-like look then you are so wrong! Because indeed, it bears some link with worms(่™ซ)!!!

The first time L told me alittle about it’s origin, I was sure my eyes expanded to the largest size it can ever do. I was hoping to WIKI it and copied it here but arrgggg, they were too chim and I dont think anyone with a right mind will bother to read it. So here’s my very very simple and vague introduction.

ๅ†ฌ่™ซ่‰ is also known as ๅ†ฌ่™ซๅค่‰. In English, it’s more popularly known as Cordyceps or Caterpilla Fungus. It’s actually a combination of decomposed worms and plant, a.k.a, half-worm-half-plant. I’m sorry if this grosses you out but it’s the truth! If you split up the name, it will interpret as ๅ†ฌ่™ซ and ๅค่‰. The ๅ†ฌ่™ซ here refers to larvae which feeds on plants(ๅค่‰) as parasites during winter times. Gradually they fed themselves with the nutrients until they’re fat and strong. However, while doing so, some harmful spores from the plant invade their bodies and replaces the host tissue and eventually they died. Despite their death, the spores(็œŸ่Œ) continues to grow within their bodies and when it reaches summer, amazingly a purplish-red sprout will grow out of the insect’s head(argh!)..and that is termed as ๅค่‰. So if you combined both, it’s ๅ†ฌ่™ซๅค่‰ because they’re combined in 1 body! I guessed some mutation(or whatever scientific term) took place.

Okie My introduction is very layyyyy-man(and gross) terms. If you wish to know more, here’s the chim-mer version, Wikipedia(English version) and in Baidu(chinese version). =)

Interesting(and gross) hor? But it does have medicinal effects, especially for the lungs. I guess it’s not very gross if you consume in capsule form or ground it into powder. ๐Ÿ˜›

Okie Back to topic.

It might also be because of how I tired myself out with the intensive 1.5hours walk/slow jog(to me it’s BIG thing ok) with Vickki followed by her 3 hours grooming session and some other housework, which made me sick.

Horrible sneezing, leads to cough and minor sorethroat. I think I sneezed no less than 300times. My lungs felt as if they’re going to punctuate any moment. But thank god I’m better today. I hope it doesnt aggravate after the 8hours course tomorrow.

I felt bad as I seldom take Vickki out for walks because I’m so lazy and mainly because I will turn to ashes in the sun. Ya, I’m a vampire or maybe in my past life, as dearie reckoned. For I always have a urge to bite him whenever I can. Ha! ๐Ÿ˜›

It was cute seeing Vickki enjoying the outing. Sorry no pics though. Initially she was enthusiastically sniffing here and there and actually having a slow jog. Poor me had to jog with her, which might as well, since I’m so unfit. We slow walked or jogged along the route behind our house near to the railway track and because we took the exit too early, ended up we took 1 big round before we reached our house again.

By then, Vickki had stopped jogging and each step was as heavy as lead. Dearie wanted to carry her but I insisted only so after we reached the carpark because I dont want to spoil her. It happened before when we(Vickki and me) were out for awhile and she lazed on the ground, refusing to move and it ended up with me carrying her home. Which of course made me tired lah! So I dont want history to repeat. From this, it is obvious who will be the more benevolent parent in future when/if we have kids. Haha.

Now my right ass cheek and my lower right thigh hurts due to muscular-aches. Is there something wrong with the way I walk or jog huh? Otherwise why only 1 side pain siah???

No action talk only(NATO)

Where got husband like that one? Wife sneezing non-stop plus coughing. And he only know how to say,

“Go take medicine lah aiyo!”

“Go take a handkerchief to cover your nose, then you wont sneeze so often.”

And enthusiastically repeated the above for at least twice.

While still holding on to his PSP and so engrossed in playing it.

Finally I buay tahan and kao pei him, “Instead of talk talk talk only, cant you go fetch it for me?” then he thought for a good 3 seconds and said, “I dont know where you keep the handkerchief.”

Oh Yeah. Great Excuse.

Eventually he went to find it and presented me with one.

No action talk only. Asshole.

P/S I dont like to take medicine because I feel they always make me weaker and weaker. I only take medicine when I really “CMI” liao. Anyway, I’m really too busy sneezing.

How and why did I ever marry such an un-feeling husband?

He did, however, specially went to the central and bought me my favorite Long John Silver Crunchy Shrimps with cheese just because I want to eat. Sigh. So what…my love enemy is the PSP?



Has been reading on forums about flea stalls since I’m interested to start 1 on weekends to get rid of stuffs which I dont need anymore. Clothings, accessories, old and new, post-wedding stuff too. The last time I went to Hui’s home, both of us with Tra had chatted excitedly about how we’re going to book 1 and start doing flea business. It will be Hui and my first time and I was so freaking excited that I repeated twice to Tra, “I’m really serious leh. Weekends, airconditioned stalls, I’m definitely on!” And she replied, “Okok, I shall check it out and let you all know. Most probably it will be mid Oct or something. =)”

However weeks past and we got no news from her. The anxious me finally messaged her on facebook to ask about me and she suddenly threw me 1 website and that’s it. I was SO BLUR. Anyway I went to that website which contains very little information, in short, telling me no more slots la. I forgot how the conversation went with Tra but it was, ไธไบ†ไบ†ไน‹. Haiz, I’m seriously very disappointed when a flea stall wasnt coming soon and more so when people make empty promises. You’re not free to check or book or if no good ones are available, say mah. Dont let me wait down there like a goondu with high hopes…. dampening mah…

I know it’s a small thing la…but cant help feeling sianz. Initially I thought it’s better for her to source because she is experienced in flea-ing. But finally realised it’s always difficult to depend on people lah. So I googled it and god..there are really many types of different sprees. Apart from the different locations and set-up, they also have different profiles and the locations will determine the type of crowd and of course the booth price. Usually 2 get to share 1 booth though I definitely prefer setting it up with Hui rather than some stranger.

I had checked out forums and did some minor research with some friends and people online. It’s really not easy because the good booths were all being booked very very fast. What’s bad is that Hui seems very very busy these days. Poor her. I doubt she can find time to set up flea stall with me because you need time to pack all the stuff. I’m still so green in flea-ing, how I wished I got someone to guide me. Haiz. Though the main aim is not to make giant big-ass profit, but I also dont wish the sales to be pathetic. It’s most demoralizing. And I feel I ought to be responsible for it if I’m the one who pick out the stall.

Gra, Ser might be interested but they’re always so busy. Currently there are some hot booths on 26th Dec 2009 and 30th Jan 2010. Christmas special and Lunar special but I’m contemplating whether I wanna sacrifice either 1 of these holidays….I doubt Hui can too.

Oh damn…I suddenly remembered SL might be experienced in flea-ing because I think she did before. Alas…but she’s also so busy with work now..doubt she can join me too. =( Anyone interested to join me…drop me a message…

(P/S Ya..I just realised the header image can be changed. And the only panorama pictures I had are the wedding photoshots, so this is just 1 picture which I’ve uploaded and plucked it there. The size fits perfectly! So Easy! I’m not that pro to stitch all the different pictures into 1 manz… But they just appear blur even though I tried cropping or resizing. Sigh.)