WordPress’s connection just f*cked up and 2 of my long posts are gone!!!!

What the helllllllllllllllll

I’ve emailed the support, not very politely but rather straight to the point about WHAT they can do to retrieve my long posts. It’s nothing against the support admin but seriously they need to do something!! Like increase their bandwidth or whatever shit they call it, because the connection is going bonkers!!! For 1 moment, the website wasnt responding. For another moment, there is an error and post couldnt be published. For the next moment, the entry I want to delete cant be deleted.

FOR THE FINAL MOMENT, the latest post got published with the right heading but with the previous entry’s body text!! What happened to the body?? DISAPPEARED INTO THIN AIR?? And when I tried to delete the duplicate entry under the different title, HOORAY, the duplicate entry AS WELL AS the original entry were being deleted together!

*breathe deeply*

Obviously my previous issue of pictures appearing distorted in wordpress(but perfect in friendster and blogger) is because of their limited bandwidth or something. MUST BE SOMETHING THEY ARE INSUFFICIENT OF LAH. Otherwise how can the same pictures appear perfectly elsewhere but not here? Even though they solved my problem by asking me to UPLOAD ALL PICTURES ONE BY ONE INTO THEIR SERVER and using their method to post(which is extremely troublesome), it proves they’re just plain LOUSY! They’re like the worst domain I ever had, compared to livejournal and blogger.

I feel like changing a domain.


**P/S And FARKkk. While posting this entry again, the connection was being reset AGAIN for the umpteenth time. Pressing “back” gets me back to this screen. FINE. This time I’ll save a draft. I cant let my outburst be unheard again!! **
**The second try: “Your attempt to edit this post: “” has failed.

Please try again.”



Zirca Night



Because Im having a hangoverrrrr. Booooo!!

It feels like a dozen fairies dancing around in my stomach. =(

Yesterday Jes and her bf, James got the exclusive invitation to Zirca’s party at Clarke Quay and asked me along. Im so happy to go because I havent club in ages! Erm, got lah. Got go Dragonfly and St James few times some time back but perhaps I didnt enjoy at all, thus not shiok. I still prefer clubbing with my darling girls like Jes, G, Kel, Jy the usual gang. Initially wanted to ask dearie too but he cant make it. Last minute also difficult to jio others already. Free flow from 9.30pm to 11.30pm. It was the first time I heard of “Zirca”. It’s actually the newly opened disco to replace MOS. We reached around 8.55pm but was told that the club haven open and will only open at 9.30pm. When we returned at 9.30pm, we were shocked to find hoards of people and a super long queue. Many people from the media industry as well as the dancers were being granted advance entry. Somehow, dont know how lah, we end up around the beginning of the queue but were only being admitted at 9.50pm. The door host claimed the club wasnt ready before that.

Duhzz rubbish.

Anyway, when it was our turn to be admitted, Jes and I were shocked to know that they were very strict on checking I.C. Why, they even checked the I.C of a malay woman infront of us, who looked at least 28 to me. =.= I panicked, because I didnt bring I.C at all! So flustered that I frantically pulled out all my credit cards, and stupidly claimed “credit cards only for above 21 years old right? Can that prove Im above 21?”

Oh yes. But the cards only show a name, without my face. Arrgghhhh.

Anyway she finally let me in after I pleaded with her silently with my starry puppy eyes, whispering to me not to tell anyone or she might lose her job. ZzZz Okie. So I got in.

Upon reaching the interior of the disco, our sight were immediately draw to the sexy Caucasians dancers atop the open metal-structured hallway across the 2nd storey. From the bottom, all of us have a lovely view of their cute derrière. Some old uncles seated at tables beneath the bridge gazed lustfully. *faintz* I wonder are they due to withdraw their cpf? At least 55 and above manz. I really applaud their “activeness”. But the crowd is not bad though, mix mix lah.

Every batch of dancers will dance for around 20 minutes and thereafter every 45minutes, there will be a new batch of dancers in different costumes. Most of them are Asians, only the first dance are by Caucasians. Though the way they danced look about the same. Provocative and sexy, yet not sleazy. =) All the dancers have good figures and looked stunning too.

Apart of freeflow housepour, there is also free flow of chivas. Too bad no green tea as mixer. Only 7up and coke. We had alot of fun drinking. =) James might look quiet at my ROM when we met for the first time but he’s not that quiet, though of course not as chatty as Jes la. Haha.

When the time reached 1+am, Jes and me were like half gone. Not from drinking but from fatigue.

“We really old liao hor?” She asked out loud, as if she totally understood how I felt, unbearable of the loud music, stuff venue, on top of the fatigue.

“Yeah. We are.”

I was really fine even after reaching home. But dont know why after awhile then stomach became uncomfy and even vomited once. Haiz. Perhaps the maggie mee I ate digested before I started to drink loh.

Im starting to admire those clubbers above 25 years old who can club till 3am+. It’s really not easy leh.

Blog appearances are deceptive

My hair is becoming more and more like Sadako. Long, messy and black. Hmmmm……hands itchy. Feel like doing something to it.

Quiteeeee…interested in the cut+dye+highlight for $188. Though I know it will definitely make the hair less healthy.

Had 2 pleasant experiences with Jeric Salon. The first experience was at The Central when my long hair(with extensions) was styled by Michelle(the manager recommended by Iv) for Kel’s wedding as jiemei. They(my long hair) were not easy to manage but she did a great job. My second experience was my rebonding at Bugis Junction. was done by some guy whom I’ve forgotten the name and sweetie chris. It was good. I dont want the typical rebonding which will make the hair look flat but yet not to the extent where it looks like nothing has been done. I got what I wanted and the great thing is, the effect is lasting. It’s not that straight now la but that wasnt my priority. I rebonded merely to make my hair more manageable and to improve the texture.

Jeric surpasses Jean Yip anytime. I had a few bad experiences with them. Let’s not go into it.

Anyway, anyone interested to join me? Maybe I’ll dye my hair copper and highlight with pink ash strips. Yeah, “and you think you’re still a sweet 18 year old studying accounts or 22 years old working in a company where nobody cares whether you got hair on the head.”

Less adventurous.

Coffee brown. With….red highlights?

By the way, are there any more unique colour combinations but yet subtle and sedate enough not to be seen as a freak?

This looks cool. Copper with lilac highlights.

I koped this from some blog, who also koped from some other sources so I think no need to quote any. =P

The colour looks cool hor! But too bad Im not a doll, cant take those colours lah. Oh ya I suddenly realised with a pizza face(like me), you can still afford to look chio! That is to have ultra-humongous -eyes-like-the-ET and a tiny-till-cannot-see-mouth atop translucent perfect complexion, JUST like this doll. For the complexion, Im working hard on it. For the former 2, they’re only possible if I go for plastic surgery manz. And Im not going under the knife. So scary! Not that vain to warrant the operation and aftermath.

Anyway, I think the promo starts only on 1st Dec. Stupid poster, not very clear lor. Nevermind, maybe I can call Chris to ask when Im ready to go do it. Thanks to her that I got the member card too.


This article is damn funny! I wonder who’s the author.

How to buy a house

(This column will make use of many abbreviations without explanation. It is the author’s opinion that if you don’t know what CPF or O$P$ means, you have no business buying a house in Singapore.)

IF you are a young couple, you might be looking for a place of your own.

But you may not know how to begin.

As someone who just got his own home, let me help you.

Since most of us aren’t filthy rich, we will be looking for an HDB flat, which is subsidised. That means it will take you only one lifetime to pay it off, not several.

If you are not over 35, the first thing you have to do is get married.

Often this begins with a proposal.

This can be very complicated, if you (the guy) decide to take the romantic route.

I don’t recommend this.

You can also do it the simple way, which is how I did it, and how thousands of happily married Singaporeans did it.

First, turn to her and say: “Let’s buy HDB together.”

Girls love surprises, so you want to do it where she least expects it, such as in a hawker centre.

She might say, as my own wife did: “Was that a proposal?”

Look her in the eye now if you haven’t already and reply, loudly: “Yes!”

You can start the ROM application, right after she stops crying.

Now you’re on the way to being married, it’s time to check your CPF account.

Since you can’t use the funds there right now, it’s not really money, is it?

The next step is to work out what your budget is and compare it with how much the flat you want costs.

At this point, resist the urge to flee to some place with cheaper homes, like Malaysia or Europe.

Now, you can apply for a new flat, a built-to-order (BTO) flat, or a resale flat.

There are pros and cons for all of them.

A. New flat

Pros: Cheap. Fast to get.

Cons: Much depends on your getting a good number in the lucky draw. Hundreds of flats, thousands of applicants, all desperate like you and willing to kill.


Pros: Relatively cheap.

Cons: Takes a lot of time. You may have to live with your family for many more years until your “dream home” is built.

C. Resale

Pros: Fast. Versatile.

Cons: Expensive. Crazy people.

Decided? Now, apply for a loan.

Next, lie in bed all weekend wondering when you’ll ever pay it off. Make plans to flee to Malaysia/Europe.

Personally, I did resale, because (A) required luck I didn’t have and I’d rather deal with crazy people (C) than live with them (B).

You need to understand that some home-sellers and housing agents are insane and/or money-grubbing weasels.

On the phone: “We are looking at $300,000.”

When you meet: “We are looking at $350,000.”

When you do agree: “Sure, let’s sign on Monday.”

On Monday: “Oh, I can’t sign right now. Uh… My mother, the co-owner, left the country. Yesterday.”

As for how to pick the right home, it really depends on each individual.

The rule of thumb is, if someone spraypainted the address with O$P$, or the neighbour is a strange old man who looks oddly like Gary Glitter – avoid.

Also, ensure your home is not within walking distance of your in-laws, for the same reason as O$P$.

Once the sale is agreed upon, you will have a cooling-off period of one week before you need to sign anything else. Then there is the first meeting, the loan approval and so on.

It can be depressing, with the realisation that until you pay off your debt, the bank/HDB owns you.

But perk up! Because you are now a homeowner! Congratulations!

This article was first published in The New Paper on November 9, 2008.

Was randomly reading a few blogs where I came across a female friend who blogged that she interpreted her husband’s invitation to go live overseas together as a proposal.

You can also do it the simple way, which is how I did it, and how thousands of happily married Singaporeans did it.

First, turn to her and say: “Let’s buy HDB together.”

“Thankfully my husband did not say that to me. BUT… well… it was something similar. I think it was something like “Let’s go live overseas together” which was interpreted by me as “Let’s get married 1st then go live overseas together.”

Give up my life, family, friends and career in Singapore? In the name of love?? Sorry! Not my cup of tea. For a happy marriage, a loving husband and possibilities of wonderful kids? Ok. That sounds doable.
Yes. That’s how and why we got married. How unromantic.

But that’s Singaporean man for us. :p”

How ironic and amusing. Because a group of us heard an entirely different story from the hubby BEFORE they got married. And he didnt sound happy when he’s relating how he’s being cornered into a marriage. You know the stage whereby “shit or get off the pot”, just like in The Bachelor movie. We all knew he was going overseas for work that time and were all so happy for his double good news of getting married. Little did we know that he was seriously vexed when the girlfriend suggested that they go ROM and then she can accompany him to the states.

“and what’s wrong with that?” I asked. “Arent the two of you very stable? Together for 3 years already isnt it?”

“3 years doesnt mean we’re ready for marriage.” He finally confessed. I dont remember his exact words but it’s something about their personality mismatching. Like, they always quarrel over small matters and they always get blown up by the dramatic girlfriend. As in, she will stalk off immediately, ignore the boyfriend for 3 days etc. Lol. I must confessed I was like that when Im 18. Keke.

“eh, you 2 usually quarrel about what?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Like, there was once when I told her Im going to play in a live gaming competition which requires teamwork and reflex, Counterstrike(C.S) between some timing. That is to prep her that Im either unable to take calls nor chat for long during that time. But she dont get it and still called me. You know C.S la(Yeah I know because I play too). If we stay motionless for more than 5seconds, most probably get shot by enemy liao and die liao. How to take calls? To answer her calls, I’ve already “died” numerous times. This is a game where team win is important. And finally when Im anxious to put down the call, then she got angry. *sigh*

When I said Im going to the states, she enthusiastically proposed we go ROM and then going with me. She think things so simple. What can she do when she go to the states with me? It’s not easy to get a job here and meanwhile I have to support all the finances. Im so stressed out down there with the current situation but yet she’s so enthu and excited about going oveaseas to stay. *faintzz* And from the frequency which we always quarrel, I really dont think we’re ready to get married, YET. But perhaps because all her close friends are tying the knot, she wants some sort of reassurance too. I cant possibly say “no” now already after she happily announced to her friends. If I did, it’s the end of us.”

A few of us were shocked as well as sorry to hear that from him because on the outside they look OK. And his gf doesnt look like that kind who will easily get angry and then sulk for few days leh. Rather, she look like the very mature, sensible and realistic type! But anyway, they got happily married and still are now! Good for them! Im just surprised to see that how one can say different things on own blog, especially about own personal matters. Or either that, either 1 must be lying lor. And blogs are really not accurate at all for deciphering a person’s personality. Why, “Give up my life, family, friends and career in Singapore? In the name of love?? Sorry! Not my cup of tea.” can sound so realistic and unsentimental but little do we know the real person in question is a such sentimental softie at heart who willingly proposed to the boyfriend that she will give up her family, friends and career to accompany him to the states, just so the hubby dont have to eat canned food everyday!

So ah…even blog appearances can be deceptive. Haha.

Ok…I mean, since they were already happily married and I doubt they read my blog, so I think it should be okay to post here bah. =P

Admiral Grill at Sembawang

Movie Title: Body of Lies
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Erm..I almost forgotten I’ve watched the show. I only remembered it’s not too terrible. But totally no impression at all. So you think la.

Dearie has been encouraging me to do more exercise because he knew that my state of health is in a really bad shape. As in, I really cant walk for more than 10minutes without feeling breathless. Just 10 steps of stairs can make me pant and my legs ache. It really scares me sometimes but I really cant help it. I think Im really too reliant on dearie fetching me or else cabbing. No wonder Im getting fatter and fatter again. Die lah, dont know the altered cheongsum can wear or not.

After my ROM, I’ve been eating like a pig again. I already tried to curb liao but very difficult. I meant to visit Admiral Grill & Bar in Sembawang after seeing good reviews at However, I was vastly shocked and disappointed when we reached after a good 45mintures or more journey from bishan(I was at bishan and dearie came to fetch me).

It’s not at all like what I’ve expected. I know they have both indoor and outdoor seating but I didnt expect it to be as noisy like a market! It’s located at a hilltop. Short of complaining how long we drove in circles in Sembawang just to find that Old Nelson Road. Upon reaching, I saw a few lao beng smoking just outside the place which was brewing with smoke. Alas, shouldnt they keep the BBQ area more discreetly. That smoke, reminds me of temples. I requested a 2 pax table and they showed me to a table which was beside a table of guys who were smoking. Irritating. Therefore I asked whether they have non-smoking area. As the indoor was already full with their own 1year anniversary party, we only have to take the outdoor seating. The waitress merely showed me the table BESIDE the table which she showed me previously(further away from the smoking table) and said that’s the non-smoking area. =.=

Fine fine. I was damn hungry already and upon minutes browsing the menu(no variety anyway), I ordered the so-called must-try BBQ baby ribs which was highly raved by many go-ers on Dearie wasnt hungry and merely ordered Topshells. The taste was not bad but slightly too spicy for our liking and it has a slight fishy taste, as if it’s not very fresh. When my ribs came, they really dont look appetizing. For they look as dry as twigs without any sauce. I’ve never seen such “dry” ribs before. When I asked whether they have any sauce like BBQ sauce to go with it, they said they only have ketchup.

Okie Nevermind. I tried to cut with the knife and fork but apparently wasnt very successful. Nevertheless, I cut up the ribs so that I can grab them to eat by my thumb and index finger. Im simply too hungry already. They smelled good, a slight peppery BBQ smell but that’s where it ended. The taste? The meat was so tough and so little. They’re like the skinniest ribs I’ve ever eaten. No meat one. I chewed and chewed, really is no meat lor. Or else too tough to come off. You can probably guess Im not very full after I’ve finished them.

What a coincidence. I bumped into Sha, an ex kbox colleague there who was drinking with her boyfriend and friends. She is on friendly terms with the boss and told him about my complaints, much to my grimace. Anyway, the boss offered ANOTHER rack of ribs for me which I panicky declined. Please lor…another rack of tough dry ribs…no thanks… Then he offered chicken chop….still I declined…….they dont have any desserts…and finally he insisted on giving us calamari on top of the 10% discount. Duhz…I’ll prefer a 20% discount anytime. We ate a few pieces of calamari and then passed the rest to Sha because we were full with the consumption of water when the topshells were too spicy. The calamaris were over-fried by the way.

I dont know how they got the high ratings in the website..but I’ll definitely wont go there again. The crowd…cannot make it. The indoor have pool table and ktv system…looks like some boat quay pub huh….but I think boat quay is not as bad lor. Dont know how to describe lah. The whole place like very no standard, low class, messy, noisy, smoky…argghhhh

So I think cannot believe all of’s ratings…because some might be fake. I just dont know why my ribs turned out so bad when many complimented them to be superb…either that that day the chef was being replaced or something lah. But again for the atmosphere and thanks.

I need ideas

Geez. I cant help indulging in the festive mood although Christmas is still like quite far away. Partly because few happy occasions are just around the corner. James’s wedding is on 29th Nov. Dearie’s birthday is on 4th Dec. So far no plans for Christmas. Nobody invites me to parties or gathering. Oh boy, Im so lifeless. But you know what? Im still very blissful and happy. =D Because with dearie, I seem to have the world. =)

If you’re wondering why should you marry or why you should even marry your current boyfriend(if he ever proposes), then your answer, should preferably be like mine;

That is,
There’s nobody else except him whom you like to see after a whole day of hard work.
There’s nobody else except him whom you like to see whenever you wake up in the morning.
There’s nobody else except him whom you wish to call to complain after meeting a nasty client.
There’s nobody else except him whom you wanna hug to share happy news with.
There’s nobody else except him whom you wanna kiss after watching a touching movie scene.
There’s nobody else except him whom you wanna spend the rest of your life with.

IF you’re attached with a boyfriend and you have more than 1 image or name in your mind for all the above questions, please re-consider the proposal(for any).

IF you’re attached with a boyfriend and you have different images or names in your mind for allllll the above questions, then seriously something is wrong with you.


Im definitely not the so-called SA–>Snugly Attached…hmm…or rather…SM–>Snugly Married. I just dont wish to see couples marry for all the wrong reasons and go through a whole lot of episodes and end up back to square one with a by-product which wails and screams for milk all the time. That’s such a waste of time and effort, and money.

Though nobody knows what will happen in the future(I dont even know mine), well, at least try to go for one which is promising…and not…vague.


Dropped by my bridal, NewImage to browse some of their gowns because I know they got quite a few new ones as some brides just had their weddings in Nov. It’s a good thing IMM is near my place, hence I can pop down whenever I want to. It’s not super near lah but at least better than tanjiong pagar or town. And also, I wanted to try on my new pair of silver super-super-high-heels with different cuttings of gowns(especially ball gowns) to see how I look in them, before I decide on the design on my MTM wedding gown. I wont want to look like a pumpkin.

One must know her flaws and attributes. *winKz*

I always know they have a pathetic range of gowns because they have been aggressively, indirectly discouraging me to see their studio. Their company is very new, I know that. Before viewing the studio, I’ve already thought of the worst. But..I would say…they really WIN liao lah. Because, it’s really really really pathetic. Erm..they asked me not to worry so much because many more gowns will be added to the collection for my selection next year. Okok. Anyway, I just tried on a few different gowns and roughly got some ideas. It seems ball gowns are not entirely out of the list for me…but I still need to analyze a design with caution.

I actually spent few hours in IMM and it was a disaster. Somehow I loittered here and loittered there…and…eventually loittered into a shop with a nice cheongsum on their display mannequin.

“You bought another cheongsum, AGAIN?”

*head low low*

“not one but two?”

I really cant help it if the first piece was at a 30% off and the second at 50% off, can I?!

And you wont know I fit their S size PERFECTLY!

Oh well, one of them need some alteration at the waist…but…but…it’s only a $8 extra. And both cheongsums are of good quality, length just nice(knee), came up to around a $100 only. That’s about $50 1 piece. Very value for money!

“You buy so many cheongsums, got occasions to wear or not??!!”

*blushed furiously*

BY HOOK OR BUY CROOK, I WILL FIND OCCASIONS TO WEAR LAH! At most, for James’s wedding, Xmas, New Year, Chinese New year, Huey’s wedding, Bridal photoshoot and Wedding Actual Day(in chronological order), I ALL WEAR CHEONGSUMS LOR!



Im really getting incorrigible. It’s my 5th cheongsum already. *stuck out tongue*

Also bought a nice long sleeve shirt top and a pair of slingback from Mondo. =)

Okie that’s all for now till Feb!! No more shopping already!! Because Im going Macau/Hongkong in Mid-Jan. =P Buy there instead.

My things to buy there
1) cheap gloves to match cheongsums
2) cheap fur-wraps
3) cheap heels to match cheongsums

Abit headache on how to celebrate dearie’s birthday. Another hotel stay I think. We just love to nua. Dearie told me dont spend so much..hmm…but I do wish we have a lovely night stay. Fullerton and Furama abit sian already…maybe trying other hotels. But shunning 5 star hotels since I wanna save money. But I also dont want sleazy hotels leh….headache….

Do comment if you have any ideas. =)

No Singapore Flyer please. It’s so boring!

We have no time for a bintan/batam getaway too.

ROM Solemnisation pictures

Finally got to see our pictures taken by Calvin. There are surprises as well as disappointments. Surprise is he got some really wonderful shots taken. Disappointment is, those fantastic shots are kinda few. I think Roy capture more good shots with my Sony 8.1mp camera… I was hoping to get back at least 200 pictures but I only got 145. And around more than 50% are a mixture of non-living things and people without a decent portion of the face. Not that they shouldnt be taken. Journalistic feel, artistic, I know lah. But at least the ones capturing the face must be more than those mah. Moreover this is not photoshoot, this is ROM. Capturing the moments are more important. Even for photoshoot, I also wont choose more than 35% pictures without my face in it lor. I think it’s kinda stupid and waste money. No offence though, personal opinion.

Then half the time, dearie’s eyes are closed or half closed. Either that, his smile is damn constipated, like, he’s not even smiling! He’s just opening his mouth a wee fraction as if that is smiling already. Duhz! If I didnt know, I will think he dozed off. Most of my pictures, my bouquet blocked the top of my gorgeous gown and I didnt even noticed. Stupid lor. I should have hold my bouquet lower. And Cal is not sensitive and helpful enough to advise me nor advise us of the standing arrangement most of the time. We were so lost sometimes. Fortunately, either his photography skills or his camera flash/lens damn powerful, even without outdoor lightning, I think his camera flash did an even more fantastic job. And I noticed Cal did not give me all the pictures he snapped, perhaps only the cream of the crop. But, I realised some of the mono(black/white) pictures are better in colour and the coloured copy is not inside the DVD. So Im getting them from him. Meanwhile, here are around 50 pictures which are not-bad shots from him, other than the ones I took with my Sony camera. Enjoy~ *Warning: Image heavy*

In the room–>Chaos. Damn damn. Cal didnt take a picture of the room number! 1909!

Yeah the same towel swans you saw before.

Okie I repeat. It’s Furama Riverfront Hotel, The Waterfall Lounge. A white building in between King Copthorne Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel at Havelock Road. WY and Li, just in case in future you have another solemnisation there in future. =P

My brothers as receptionists. Dearie’s bro signing attendance.

There you go. Journalistic feel shots.

Yes, Im so sorry that I reached later than my guests. Just blame my MUA for messing up my hair. Argghh Ugly birdnest head.

Apparently, Cal took dozens of shots of my lovely back. Yeah, that must be because the front got nothing to rave about.

Please sign

Solemnisation Table

Flower piece with mikes

Cute M with Sweet Est signing off, with my lovely pink feather pens! I wish got more shots like this. Alas, but others were all pictures of my guests’ lovely asses.

Thank you for all your wishes

Taking picture with 2 gorgeous ladies, WY and Li. Who seems to have alot on their minds. Hmmm…

My besties, G and Kel!

Rey, Iv and Ce. Rey dont know said what during that day which kept makes me laugh. =P

My 2 brothers who look sibei sianz.

Chirpy Viy with Sexy Ser

With KT and his wife. I attended their wedding at Mandarin too!

The rings which bind us to eternity. Yeah kinda lame..but yeah..our wedding bands.

全家福 New family members joined in

My dearest family. If you noticed something missing, dont ask~

My FIL, MIL, dearie and dearie’s brother.

Haha. When M viewed our pictures, she said dearie’s family and friends all look somewhat like him, decent decent wearing spectacles, guai guai type. While my mummy and ger friends all chio chio pretty type. Well, thank you! Though I feel my friends were all so much prettier than me. =) S commented my didi(brothers) look very cool. I said, “Oh yes. You dont know him then find them cool lor. After you know them, then you will find them “attitude”. =P

Did I mentioned mummy was so touched during the ceremony that few tears dropped. Thanks to Huey who immediately tended to my mummy. =D

Bunch of playful and cheeky colleagues

Oh yes Ash, here I found you. Together with my long-time bestie, Huey with her helpful hubby, AL.

Energetic Jes with long-time bf Ja. Hope they tie the knot soon!!

Mik & Eil. Hope your turn soon eh

Solemnisation in progress

Is it me, or does he look very sian?

“with you I surrender my love…care..concern…bla bla..”

You are mine liao

Please appreciate this tiny waist and slim arms which I starved myself into. You might never see it again.

Muacks Muacks

Signing proposal form……..policy inforced soon.


Witnesses with Solemniser, Mr Chan Kai Yau on the right.

No offence….but…do you feel Mr Chan look like Happousai, the Ah Gong in Ranma 1/2?

Cute hor? haha

All the handshakes of congrats. Thanks

Hand in hand

We’re married

“Hannar! know you married lah”

Big bum

Do re mi fa sol

排队吃东西 This photographer likes to take pictures of people’s bums. =.=

Going back to room for more shots

Eh just realised photobucket got special functions like this, i.e, Sepia effect. But..I already uploaded so many prior to this liao. ZzZzz.

Omg…Im dying from all this uploading

I prefer this in colour actually

My crystals studded heels!

Very happy. =)

Okie That’s all. Anymore I’ll update again. =D

I will post more pictures on our wedding website…once done will update here. Cheerios!~!

Cheongsum Fetish

After I bought my 2 cheap cheongsums at Lucky Plaza and was raving about all the shops there because they sells great stuffs at great prices, Dearie was mumbling, “die liao loh, another new fetish, CHEONGSUMS”. He said that because earlier on I was having this…not fetish lah…but obsessive liking with bling bling hair accessories. And I spend over a hundred on those, plus few pairs of bling earrings too, at a shop in Lucky Plaza.

“Simi fetish…wont lah…now that I have 2 cheongsums liao…wont buy already lah. More than enough.”

Few days ago we stroded into Centrepoint because dearie wanted to redeem his robinson vouchers. Since we’re there, I’ve decided to shop around lor…and just a little curious about one particular cheongsum shop here. Because weeks ago, Ser and me passed by a shop selling gorgeous cheongsums at Fareast and the lady said the Fareast branch is just a showroom and their main branch is at Centrepoint, which has more sizes.

“Browse only lah..” I assured Dearie.

After 1+ hour, we walked away with a redemption card to collect my cheongsum after it’s altered. =P

I simply cant resist! Dammit! Yes. I might be “infected” again.

Cheongsum fetish.

The 2 which I bought from Lucky Plaza are full halter necks with a low back. One is a gorgeous red with reflecting mini golden phoenixes while the other is a sweet pink flowery ordinary cheongsum. Both falls below the knee and backless till mid-back and as I said, need alterations for the length as well as waist. Fabric is rather thin and not so fine, but still look good, especially the red, with colours that reflects the light at different angles. From far, they simply looked simple and elegant.

For the one at Centrepoint, Mazzario by Mimi, it’s a stunning mini cheongsum. Mini merely means “mini skirt”, as in, it’s super short for a cheongsum. It falls few inches above the knee with sexy oriental flexible closures on both sides. I likeeeeeeeeeeee~ Wahahaha Halter neck but not backless, merely a hole infront on the chest. Not low cut, I feel it’s just nice. =D Based in green with other colours like gold, lined in blue, gorgeous fabric. But was it flowers? Dont quite remember. But it’s fabric definitely looks more complicated than the ones from Lucky Plaza. It looks modern, chic with an oriental flair. But it costs a $230 after a $20 discount. *frownz* Dearie sponsored me $100. Not full amount. Haha Better than nothing. =P Free alterations included. I fit a S nicely but just need to shed alittleee off my waist and alittleee off at the chest.

So G was exclaiming with incredulousness, “where are you going with so many cheongsums??!!”

“They can be tea-dresses to be worn when serving tea…or to be worn after dinner is over(thank-you-for-coming-say-bye-bye-dress)…or even Chinese New year ah!” I claimed innocently wide-eyed, trying to justify my purchase of 3 cheongums in a row. Or for themed nights such as Shanghai Nights ah!! =P

Considering that it costs less than Kelly’s piece which costs $300, Im trying hard to justify my good purchase. Lol. Anyway, met up with her, G and Jy yesterday at The Central for a dinner at Waraku restaurant as well as some catching up. I just knew her $300 cheongsum is made-to-measure with full bareback.

Aiya, I didnt got to see her back leh on her wedding night. So wasted. She was looking all radiant with her 8months big tummy in her bright yellow flowery flowy dress. Not fair one, her arms still so slim. Jy still have a slight tummy after her delivery. She gained 14kg while Kel gained 12kg. WAH!! Jy remarked that she wanted to be on a diet and 43kg is her desired weight when her normal weight was 46kg before the pregnancy. Wow! What an ambitious goal! But hope she can succeed! So that we can all go beach in bikinis. Kekeke.

G still looked as youthful as ever with her baby face with great complexion. Time seemed to stay stagnant on her! Anyway we yakked non-stop in the restaurant before/during/after our dinner then we adjourned to Starbucks where we continued to yak till 12+am. Didnt bring camera so no pictures. But baby Enzo is so freaking cute!!! Really!! His face is like machiam got 2 bah baos stuffed in his cheeks. Super cute. Jy said he looked like her because he got bao bao face. Whatever lah. Because I always feel Jy looks good even with her slightllllyyyy chubby face, which she’s always complaining. Cheeks got some flesh then got shape mah, she’s photogenic too.

Most probably Kel cant meet up for Christmas because she will be in confinement. Estimated delivery date will be beginning of Dec. But she said can meet up for new year lah. Meanwhile I also wish to see baby Enzo leh…so see how la…whether the busy and popular G can be available. If not we all meet during new year at Jy’s house then, since her house is the biggest, semi-detached. How did I spend my last Christmas? Hmm…went dearie’s fren Xin yin’s house I think. His friends quite funny, food were great too. =)

Few days ago(Im sorry every event states few days ago because I dont remember dates/days one), dearie accompanied me to ktv. Finally manz…poor me…hardly have ktv or mahjiong kakkis available at matching timings. Dearie dont like to sing that much so practically I was holding a mini concert in my room. He no choice lor, as my hubby, he have to endure my terrible singing the whole night. Geez, Im really rusty.

Sincere thanks to Ser who passed me my belated pressie months ago!

Thank you!!!!!! I really no need buy perfume liao. Hahaha!

Ok, going to meet Calvin to take our ROM pictures liao. Pleaseeeee…let them be nice, just once for me okie??