Summer’s 4th Birthday + Happy Mother’s Day

Ahh….I have so many overdue events to update.

One at a time!

8th May 2011

It’s Summer’s 4th birthday as well as my long-lost meet with Hanni, whom I haven seen for the last 10 years!! We’ve been in contact in facebook and I miss the babe ever since she left for Aussie and then subsequently, U.S, 10 years ago. Her hubby is a Caucasian, love her to bits and they produced 2 charming kids, Summer and Scott. The party was pretty crowded so I didnt really take many pictures. So glad to meet Ash too who’s staying in the same condo, whom I haven seen for quite a while too. And no joke, both of them still looked as hot as they always do, despite with no make-up!

Isnt she the most adorable and sweetest creature on earth?

Summer is like a breath of fresh air whom you cant help loving no matter how much kids might not be your cup of tea. If I ever have a baby daughter like her, I’m sure she will be my sunshine everyday I woke up. =) If you’re still having the burning question as to when I’ll have a baby, “the answer is “no, no yet”. =)

Happy Birthday Summer!!

The 3 of us chatted for awhile and said about meeting up for another drink soon before I left to meet Mummy for dinner as it’s Mother’s Day too.

Happy Mother’s Day, my dearest and greatest mummy in the world. I got her 2 pairs of earrings and I really hope she likes it. Actually, seriously, I’ve already run out of ideas on what to give her. Her favorite colour is purple. =)

Earrings from Kaori’s Creations, of course. =)

Blossoms of Love

Violet Dreams – wearable in 2 ways

Hope she likes it. =)

We had our dinner at West Mall, Swensen, which is Mummy’s favorite. I wished to let her try Mayim Cuisine but the queue was simply horrible. Nevertheless, we waited for a prettttty long time before the dishes arrived. Ahh….they’re not really worth a mention and seriously disappoints me because I’ve always feel Swensen’s dishes have a minimum standard. Anyway, at least we enjoyed the Earthquake(icecream). Keke!

It has been ages since I took photos with Mummy. And seriously, after I got my hair cut quite horribly, I’ve been shunning the camera like a plague. =S However, it’s Mother’s Day! So pictures it is!

Love you much Mummy and I wish you the pink of health, stay happy and beautiful always. =D

We shopped around in West Mall and I spotted a lovely oil burner at a pushcart!!

It’s love at first sight.

Love the artsy paintings on the uniquely-shaped burner. It reminds me of a light house. =) Was kinda worried that it will be overly expensive. I inquired the price of a simple burner before, one with at least 3-4 hours capacity and it was a freaking $49.90!

I also love it that the tray is removable. That will probably decrease the chance of clumsy me breaking it while carrying it to and fro. Erm, I broke the last one we bought from Bali. =(

Taken by iphone via Instagram

Oh And it’s only $25! =D

Now it’s sitting on our newly bought side table from Seahorse. =)

Love it! Matches the bed perfectly! Love the deep deep drawers too! I love storage anywhere, anytime.

Actually we ran a few places to find a suitable side table but it’s not easy because room runs Victorian style. I cant believe we found the perfect one at Seahorse while shopping at Causeway Point and it’s around $200 only! Like less than half price of our “old” side table. (=.=)”’

What happens to the “old” side table?

It’s main purpose is to hold the Avante Humidifier. It’s also appropriate else the bedroom look abit empty at this side.

Reviews of Avante Humidifier
There’s a knob to adjust level of humidity. I much prefer the highest for my dry skin but water really gets depleted really quickly, like 2 days. I know it’s probably much longer than those little humidifier which only lasted hours. But it’s troublesome to refill the large tub of water la…so I reduce the that the water can last around 3days or so.

Strictly no oil-based aromatherapy, it will get it stucked. Only water-based can be used. So far so good. It’s $88, pretty economical for it’s large capacity I supposed. =)


Packed and shagged

Wow I really like this current template. Though it doesnt really matter. I get bored easily and will probably change the template again after few months, provided wordpress got nice themes borne. Thank god I’m not that fickle-minded with my partner, else have to change every few months. Hahaha. Hey, it’s very tiring to manage a relationship. So time and effort consuming. From getting-to-know to know-deeper-and-click to developing chemistry/feelings to get-together and so on. Well, I’m pretty old-fashioned though I dont look like one. I prefer things to be done stey-by-step. Even when I’m in my teens, I can never understand how people can get together after only knowing each other for 1 day and then break off the next day. Yeah, I’m talking about you Li. Lol.

Alright. I really had much to accomplish over the weekend and I’m pretty thankful for dearie, for his utmost co-operation and never-say-die spirit for our 8hours marathon on Saturday. I know it’s especially tiring for him when he had appointment in the morning.

Actually I know it might be too early to start buying Guo Da Li items but anyway, we also dont have much places to go especially when we got so sick of Orchard, PS and Bugis. It was a bright, sunny Saturday. I thought we’ll visit Chinatown! And just to browse Guo Da Li items, to get a gist of things since basically we dont know what to do on a Saturday.

It all started when dearie wanted to park at People’s Park so we actually started shopping from there, the stores at the old market place. I was delighted when I finally saw the material I need for the angbao box which I’m going to meet. What’s more, I spotted a great handicraft shop which was selling kawaii lebbins and stuff at dirt cheap prices, like less than $1 per yard. I realised handicraft shops seem to have huge ranges huh. The shop next to it was selling lebbins at around $5 or $6 per yard, which I’m silently scolding “siao”. No wonder that shop was empty while the one I raved was filled with people. Naturally, I bought a few nice lebbins without any idea what to do with them. But duhz, so cheap…just buy lor, I will just find something to decorate with them. Haha!

Next up, ahhh, we finally browsed 2 shops which are selling Guo Da Li stuff. One of them was having 2 shopfronts, well-renovated and fully air-conditioned while the other was so badly ventilated that I thought I’ll just die of suffocation inside the shop. I had to come out of the shop to breathe for few minutes before I can resume my browsing of the items admist the messy shop. I’m sure you can guess which shop is selling cheaper stuffs and which 1 we bought our items. Amanda Dreamweaver.

The prices would be alittle-to-much cheaper than the other shop. However, we didnt buy all the stuff we need on the spot, for items which 1) I feel I can get a better price elsewhere, 2) I feel there are better designs elsewhere and 3) didnt caught our interest at all.

List of items we bought:
1) Dearie’s set of pyjamas.
Plain and baby blue at $16.90.
When I said I will buy mine on my own elsewhere, the uncle instructed me VERY CAREFULLY not to buy any flowery designs.

“Haha! Why, because that will make me “hua1 xin1″(fickled-minded flirt)?”

“yes! Remember must plain and single colour okie?”


I nodded my head but once he’s out of sight, I told dearie that I dont care.

” I “hua xin” nevermind lah, you dont can already. Hahaha.” I said.

“Oei, how can like that?! Unfair!” Dearie protested. Haha pretty funny.

2) A pair of Bedside lamps, with 3 degrees of brightness and option of aromatherapy. ($38.90)

3) 2 pairs of dragon, phoenix candles ($10+ ea.)

4) 2 pairs of gold candle stands.
$9.90 ea., duhhhzzz!

At first the uncle asked me choose whether want the gold or red candle stands or another type of cyclinder stand($11.90 ea.) where you filled rice inside to hold the candles. =.= So troublesome and extra cost. I asked him “got any candles can stand on the own or not?? Like, dont need the stand but buay toh those kind?”. The uncle looked at me as if I got hair sprouting out from my ears and dearie laughed out loud. Then I realised my question pretty stupid. ZzZzz

5) Different angbaos

6) Different “XI” stickers, including those sticked on doors.

I cant believe we spent like $25 on the angbaos and stickers ALONE.

7) 2 pairs of red and auspicious-looking bedroom slippers ($10.80 ea.)

8) 2 pairs of miniature plain red traditional clogs
To signify smooth advancement in career.

At first we chose another similar size miniature pair but with a smiley couple painted on them. 2 pairs came up to $13.90 x 2 = $27.80.

“Artwork.” The female assistant smiled.

WAH LAU! I’m really feeling all sorts of emotions manz. Part of me dont bear to spend the cost of the 4cm tall miniature clogs which I dont have use for it after the Guo Da Li. Another part of me was indignant, okie no, annnoooyed with the price hike just because they’re wedding items. Immediately I grabbed another plain pair without any couple paintings and asked how much is it. The girl said $8.80 each. “Artwork too. They’re miniature.” She smiled.


I hastily grabbed stickers of a smiley “xi” couple which costs around $1+ and said I want them. Then I told dearie gruffly, “we can bloody stick the stickers of a happy couple onto the clogs ourselves and they wont cost anywhere near $13.90 lor”.

Dearie cheered up immediately and said, “dear, you very smart leh!” Looking at his expression just make me want to laugh. I just dont wish to pay for something which doesnt seem justifiable to me. The painted happy couple looked like drawings of a primary school kid loh. Just that the colours made them less plain.

9) A pair of bowls/spoons for eating of dumplings on actual day ($26.80)

We actually chose a gold flowered patterned tea set at $22 but they’ve forgotten to include in. Arrghhh. Still need to go back again unless I find better ones.

They are some more items which we have to get, but maybe when the date gets nearer especially for the foodstuff. Meanwhile, we have gotten the baby bathtub, spittoon, baby oil, baby powder, set of toothbrushes. We didnt see any red baby bathtub but instead saw a pink, adorable one. So I just took it. Therefore, to match, instead of red, we got a peachy pink spittoon. Hahaha.

Dearie asked will it matter then I said “nevermind lah…they’re just used to signify I will and can give birth bla is also an auspicious colour too mah..near red.”

“ya la ya la. So long so you like then nevermind right?”


My mini kimodo baby powder looks cute too! And so is my mini purple Johnson & Johnson aromatherapy baby oil which can helps in sleeping. Haha, as if I’m going to use like that…but who knows right. =P

Okie so basically we follow by our own general rule.

Things which can be useful or used again in future or pose great visual effects, we generally buy better ones and those we like. If not, we’ll go with the simplest and cheapest. Despite so, our Guo Da Li items already costs near $200 and it’s not even complete.

We then grabbed our dinner at the market before continuing by going OG since they’re having selected 20% sale!!


We have been looking for a quilt and fussy me havent been satisfied with any. Finally we found one. Jean Perry silk quit Queen size going at $97 after a 25% off. Not a bad deal right. It’s very comfortable. The SA did said it is able to adjust it’s temperature according to the surrounding temperature but I kinda dont believe those stuff. Despite he’s the 2nd who mentioned the same thing about those “high-tech terms” which I’ve forgotten.

We also saw a nice oriental dark red with black swirls bedding set which would be perfect as the bridal bedsheet but Q size was sold out. So too bad…I might buy the one I saw on Ebay recently.

Remember I said we haven bought our bolsters? Yeah we found a very comfortable one going at $39.90. I feel it’s pretty costly so we settled for one since dearie seldom hug bolsters. However…we loitered and saw 2 cute mini bolsters in hot pink and red furry covers going at $14 each after 20% off. I grabbed loh..since they’re so soft. They can be cushions for the sofa for our new home. =)

Next up is Huey’s housewarming gift. The electrical appliances were having discounts too but not much, only 10%. But I really have headache choosing as I dont know what Huey has and what she doesnt. And I dont wish to spoil the surprise by asking..I mean…then what for right when it’s supposed to be a gift. I shall be practical, and yet, surprising! In any case, if she already owned the “thing” I got for her, the “thing” still got many uses so it wont be wasted away in the storeroom!

Then then, while we’re browsing for Huey’s stuff, I also saw 1 electrical appliance which I like and NEED. So we bought it. It’s kinda similar to Huey’s gift.

After that, we even wandered to Pearl centre for last minute shopping. There was this large mart selling super cheap stuff and we wandered in. Recalling the uncle at the GDL store saying we must wear new inner clothing as well as pyjamas on the wedding day, I browsed the bras and panties. Since for auspicious purposes, I got a red colour set of bra and panties…and they’re priced at…you cant guess it…$4.80! Ya the bra is like $2.90!

Lol I have never worn such a cheap bra in my life but anyway since I already have so many so just grab 1 red one for symbolism on actual day lo. I also urged dearie to buy a box of briefs, also red colour. What’s more, got a small “cai2” on it one. Pretty funny. Haha. Heng heng mah.

Woah! We bought so much stuff that day, total around $500+ including GDL. Thank god, OG provides free delivery for over $200. Our stuff are arriving coming thursday. I might take pictures of them and post it up if I’m free. Basically I’m very happy with all our purchases!

Here’s a checklist for myself. Things which we haven got for Guo Da Li and An Chuang.

1) All the auspicious gui4 yuan2, beans and stuff

2) Yuan2, the discs (dont really know what is that but mummy said it’s important, denotes “yuan2 fen4”)

3) 24 oranges

4) 2 hard liquor (going to buy from X, who left a carton after his banquet. Haha. Hmm…am thinking should I buy duty-paid or duty-free as he has both…Because if I’m using for banquet, need to be duty-paid)

5) Sewing kit (aiming for a simple but nice one..I might use it. =P)

6) New bedsheet set (aiming a $99 one at Ebay)

7) Tray, to hold the stuffs

8) 2 Teapot sets

9) Betrothal Basket
$35, currently negotiating for a meetup at Raffles place. Adjunied is simply too far, I rather give it a miss despite it’s nice. Can use it for CNY items I feel.

10) Pig trotters, to be replaced by angbaos since we dont eat pig trotters!

11) Wedding cakes, most probably getting vouchers or from Prima Deli etc when date comes near

12) Red Umbrella
Forgot to buy from the air-conditioned shop, at $16.90

13) Comb (just refer below “Hair combing”)

14) Ruler (I might skip use one.)

15) Basin (missed it just now!)

16) My pyjamas (baby blue)

Sunday (Mother’s Day)
We had a nice dinner with our parents and siblings except Xiang who cant make it. I’m glad both families have more things to share and laughed about than the 1st time we had dinner, which was also 1 year ago on Mother’s Day. Time really flies.

Dearie searched for his baby pics and me for mine. It’s so funny! He looked exactly like a GIRL while I looked exactly like a BOY. It’s so humiliating to have a hubby who is so much fairer than you, slimmer than you and what’s worse, have longer eyelashes than you, since young till old. Our photo montage will definitely be interesting because I dont think ANYONE can differentiate who’s me, the bride and who’s him, the groom. I swear lor. Just wait till we scanned the pictures. You will be in for a shock.

Lastly, some useful which I got from the web. Rather than bookmarking so many stuff which I might forget, here’s a copy with compliments and credits. Toopig hubby, please read this and dont look perplexed when I mentioned them okieeee~


1. Guo da li or betrothal

When: One or two wks b4 the wedding

What: gifts and cash delivered to the bride’s home by the groom’s family. The bride’s family
will take some of the items and return the rest to avoid the impression that they are selling
their daughter.

Why: It shows the groom’s financial dependability and assures the bride’s family that she
will be well taken care of after marriage

Must haves: Pin jin (money in red packets), jewelery for Teochews (si dian jin), dried
seafood for Cantonese, pig trotters for Hokkiens, oranges, liquor and dragon and
phoenix candles.

Symbolism: Pin jin is given to the bride’s family for taking care
of her. Accepting the dragon candles signifies that her family accepts him as a
son-in-law. Offering the phoenix candles to the groom’s family symbolizes the
giving of their daughter’s hand.

2. Dowry

When: On the same day after offering the guo da li

What: Gifts are presented from the bride’s parents to their daughter and future son-in- law.

Why: The gifts are to bless the couple and to show that hte bride is ready to take the new roles of wife and mum.

Must-haves: Baby bathtub, basin and potty are to encourage the couple to have children.The sewing kit signifies a capable wife, the wedding lamps a brigt future and the bowls abundant food

3. An chuang

When: 8.30pm on the eve of the wedding (or any other auspicious day)

What: Items are placed on the marriage bed and the couple is not allowed to enter the room till wedding ceremony is over

Why: Symbolizes gd health, abundance of fortune and offspring for the couple.

Must-haves: Eight types of auspicious seeds and grains, oranges, red packets, metallic discs (da yuan and xiaoyuan) My mil used red packets. She placed them on each corner of the bed. Some will even get little children to jump on the bed

Symbolism: The discs signify a blissful marriage while the foodstuff is to bless the couple with children early. The whole process is usually done by a woman with good fortune ie, have loads of children, parents still alive etc

4. Hair combing

When: After 11pm on the eve of the wedding. In the Chinese calendar, any time after 11pm denotes the next day.

What: The bride and groom’s hair are combed by their parents. The father recites the blessing while the mother combs the hair three times.

Why: Each stroke holds and auspicious meanin for the various stages of life after marriage.

Must-Haves: Combs, sewing kit, mirrors, red string and ruler.

Symbolism: The red string, which signifies a blessing, is used to tie the bride’s hair. the ruler is to remind the couple to cherish the relationship and take care of the family.

Compliments from
Great deal of typos and spelling errors which I edited..=.=