I love totes

I always love totes and here’s 1 more to my very own FION bags collection. HAHA.





I got served by a lady who bore resemblance to Cecelia Cheung. Woot! She was po-lo-sohing me for so long to buy the 2 bags which I was lemming from their platinum limited edition series. She emphasized so much on the “limited edition” part as each model only has 30 pieces, specially produced by Takashimaya. =.=”

Eventually, I settled ONLY for this light gold big tote which I feel is a steal at only S$196. FION bags are seldom that cheap, especially at this size. Usually they cost S$300 or more. I love the material because it’s glittery and durable, sturdy shape too. I hate bags which goes easily out of shape like a heap of poo. Lol. Totes are my favorite too. Of course, I love FION bags mainly because it bears my name. Haha. Kinda have the feeling it’s like specially made for me. HAHAHA.

Thanks to dearie who bought it for me. =) So sweet of him. Although he can never understand why I keep buy bags which looks identical. I tried hard to explain it’s different from the ones I bought but guess guys can never understand. 😛 Oh yah, eventually I gave up the other rectangular small hand bag. It’s only like $15 cheaper than the big tote. Adorable as it is, I have handbags of that size and shape, thought slightly different colour. And I make it a point not to buy 2 bags from similar series unless I really really like them or they’re super worth it.

Nowadays, I really dont quite dare to go out shopping. There’s so many amazing stuff which I cant bear to keep my hands away from. I should stop going out these days. 😛

Movie title: 2012
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: It’s very thrilling and it’s a visual kick looking at the animations because they’re SO REAL. It will be boring if they look fake. Although the plot is predictable, there are surprises here and there so it’s not boring. Worth watching!