Twilight, Book Review

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I had finished “Twilight” yesterday. Fast huh, yeah I’m a fast reader. Hmm…But I have to drag back the purchase of the sequel because I’m afraid it will hinder my study. Lol. Erm…reviews huh…

Ok it will not be a fair review being, I’ve watched the movie BEFORE I read the book, which denoted that the movie has probably ruined all the fantasies that I can conjure prior to reading the 1st page. I do notice some differences though.

In the movie, I would say Bella was pretty much a mature(from the way she behaves), cool, reserved and stay-out-of-the-scene kind of girl.

In the book, yes, she’s pretty much the girl which was portrayed in the movie, reserved, avoids attention etc. BUT the movie seemed to miss the fact that she’s such a lovelorn, giddy little 17 year old in the book who was so hopelessly in love with Edward for no other special reasons except that he’s gorgeous.


It’s imminent in EVERY sentence the author wrote. I cant read a single sentence without Bella gushing over Edward like a puppy adoring a movie star.

It goes like, “Oh whenever he looked at me, my knees go weak. Oh and when he touched me ever so slightly, I forgot to breathe! Oh my heart will simply stop if he kissed me. Oh I cant believe someone as gorgeous as him is for me to have!”

Wah lau.

It’s quite disgusting to me actually, frankly speaking. Especially I’m not really the type of girl who will go jelly-like at the sight of a mere nice face. Instead, sharp wit, intellect, charm and manners seduced me more than a cold, hard, nice face. Okie lah, meant no offence with the “cold” just because he’s a vampire. But I pretty much meant, Edward was terribly cold to her at first acquaintance. Surprisingly, Bella actually got abit of spunk and character you can call it(when she’s not so obsessed with Edward’s godlike features) when she’s holding her stand. Can be obstinate too.

The difference of Edward in book and in movie. Oh Edward’s certainly more interesting in the book in fact. Hmm, he’s meaner(at first impression) and more sarcastic in the book and nothing like the cool, collected, sinister Edward Cullen in the movie.

Definitely in favor of the changes the producer has arranged. It makes the whole movie much more appealing, attractive and definitely more suitable for mature audience.

And 1 thing I wish to..comment is that…hmm..Stephenie Meyer has really mediocre writing leh. It was written like some…primary school book. I think Enid Blyton can write an even better suspense and thrilling scene better than Stephenie Meyer. The last suspense scene I remembered reading off her book was in “The Wishing Chair” where it almost flew away without the kids who were escaping from a terrible fairy land.

That was decades ago. Oh Okie not a fair assessment. But, I just have to say that..I cant feel any emotions..just any…while I read the book.

I feel a good book should be able to EVOKE feelings in…compassion…empathy…indignation…
displeasure…ire..suspense..surprise etc. And I assure you I’m definitely not cold-blooded. Just ask Adrian. When I read romance novels, I WEEP.

I think even Francine Pascal who wrote the Sweet Valley series can concoct a much more suspense and touching story in her style. Of course not her normal Sweet Valley High series, it’s in her those “thriller” series. I used to read them when I’m in secondary school.

You know, a GOOD book, or a good writer for that matters, will be able to EVOKE emotions in you. Other than that, descriptions can come alive in your brain despite reading words off a page. It’s like, vivid images forming in your brain. It’s just like a movie! Think Judith Mcnaught…my ultimate favourite, till now. You will get what I mean when you truly read a good book.

Then when am I still buying the sequel?

Because it is still engaging to read. Why? Because all the vampire legends and myths all that are up to the author to concoct. And it’s intriguing and interesting to me, no matter what she wants to assume in her book, I will follow. Like,

E.g, vampires can come out in the daytime (unlike the normal story that they will burn), just that their skin will sparkle in sunlight. They dont eat, dont sleep, dont breathe on top of their immense strength, speed. Alice can see into the future, Edward can read minds. They’re the best predators because their looks, their smell, their voice, everything will draw you to them. Etc etc.

It’s interesting to me perhaps because I have never read a book about vampires. I have to give her credit that some parts of the book are funny too.

Stephenie Meyer, she got interesting little ideas here and there but her writing style dont appeal to me. And sometimes I just cant get past some words she used.



Interesting choice of words…

Oh well, perhaps language in her country are taught pretty differently from us.

And that is why the speed which I read her book is even faster than my usual..because…I’m eager to know how the story turns up but not very interested to linger with her dully constructed sentences. Kinda boring lah. And mostly because the book was written in the 1st person language, something like a narrated version of Bella Swan. WAH! Makes it even more boring.

So all in all, it’s not too bad a read for the 1st try…just go easy on the writing. But I probably wont read a second time that is.

Book Title: Twilight
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Ratings: 3/5

For a book to be written in 1st person language, I tell you the author must be damn good lor, or else sure cant carry off.

Sigh. I think I’m very mean. But since she’s making so much more BIG bucks than me, I guess it wont harm her in any way~