This is the typical Singapore standard of service? So sad

Some people r just so cheapskate! Buy one small lipstick want to ask for paper bag n free gift wrapping.. Done Liao then still want to complain abt not nicely wrapped.. So fussy..not happy then DIY lah!
    • Steven Limdont let such thing spoilt ur mood

      15 hours ago
    • Cce SooHaha! This is Singapore… must cheap must good and since they pay for it… it is their right!!

      14 hours ago
    • Sharon Pow Liyi ‎@ steven: no la I wun this kind of ppl I dun gv a damn
      @Cce: complain nv mind.. Still throw the thing on ur table Tats wat makes me mad! So uncivilized!!!

      14 hours ago
    • Richard ChenWah piangz… O_o These people sia… so elitist. Need to cull them someday… Rahhhh!

      14 hours ago
    • Steven Limthese kind of people think this is thailand or wat,can get cheap n good stuff

      14 hours ago
    • Sharon Pow LiyiYa la.. This is sg lor… No wonder ppl say singaporeans are well educated but super uncivilized!!

      14 hours ago
    • Mei Mei’s Signaturesit’s a person characteristic. typical cheapskate 🙂

      14 hours ago
    • Danial Laisharon haiz service line wat to do…

      14 hours ago
    • Laea Hidayahwhat kind of lipstick?…. haha

      14 hours ago
    • Nick LimHa!

      14 hours ago
    • Oh Chee SiongCool down…they r singaporeans?

      12 hours ago
    • Sharon Pow Liyi Ya typical cheapskate! Just because we r in service line doesn’t mean can vent anger on us.. We oso human leh..
      @Chee Siong : ya singaporeans

      10 hours ago
    • Sharon Pow Liyi‎@laea: a Dior lipstick $42

      7 hours ago

Seriously, I really dont think requesting for a paper bag for a Dior Lipstick retailing at S$42 is overboard. While the gift-wrapping can be slightly over the line, and “throwing the thing on the table” is being insolent, it’s sad that a simple gesture such as:

1) explaining politely that such services are not provided

2) gift-wrapping a mere little lipstick

can be soOOoo difficult for someone who is obviously not very refined and gracious herself.

*shakes head*

And I suppose she thinks she is civilized as well as very well-educated in a job which asks for Min’ N level huh? Lol. What a joke.

It’s not difficult to guess how her attitude must be like. If you’re giving an attitude to people then naturally people will give attitude back to you.

And she even dares to complain publicly on her facebook and showcase to everyone how she thinks customers who bought a DIOR lipstick from her and requested for a paper bag is cheapskate? OMG…LVMH…please choose your employees carefully leh!

Imagine my horror when I see some of her friends agreeing with her. No wonder they say birds of a feather flock together. Only Laea, who has the brains of asking what type of lipstick first before commenting with assumption.

Some people always complain about how difficult their customers are.

But they never realised they behaved exactly like how their customers behaved when they are the customers to other sales people.

So, think for others in their shoes.

Oh well. Sometimes I feel I’m an alien. Because…well…these people made me feel so.

Haiz…Singapore customer truly pathetic with such people around.

I really admire the Japanese…most of them are just so refined and gracious. Not just the people in service line, is like, everyone is so nice. You nice to me, I nice to you. You dont steal my things, I dont steal your things. That is like the perfect place. Unlike Singaporeans, when someone sees another person left behind an iphone, they’ll be gleaming silently and waiting to pounce on it, instead of having the integrity to call out to the person that he/she has forgotten his/her phone, or returning it at all.

Now, this is call cheapskate okie.

You can google more about how the Japanese handle the earthquake crisis. They’re all very considerate, queue in order, no pushing, calm and collected. Just imagine an earthquake in Singapore? There will be chaos……maybe that’s why Singapore has no natural disasters. (=.=)”’