Spoiler Alert – 宫心计 episode 28

Okie, dont say I dont warn you ah? I’m watching episode 28 of 宫心计 and the story went:

Tavia, 丽妃 was furious with how her husband, a.k.a Moses, the emperor 李怡 leaps to Charmaine, 刘三好’s defenses instead of hers. Therefore she worked out a plan to get the 吐蕃王子 to be attracted to 刘三好. Eventually it worked because the ham sup 吐蕃王子 requested the emperor to bestow 刘三好 to him as wife, who was merely a servant in the palace.

丽妃 was of course very happy that it worked that way because the emperor had to say “yes” else it might affect the friendship of 2 countries. The kind 贤妃 thus suggested the only way to avoid 刘三好 to be married off to foreign land is to make her the concubine of the emperor.

Now, this is the stupidest idea that one can think of loh.
No wait, there’s an even more stupid idea, by the emperor; by asking 高显扬 to elope with 刘三好. ZzZz.

For 贤妃’s idea, kind as she can be, she might not mind 刘三好 to have the same status as her but it’s still a sucky idea. Because before the 吐蕃王子 had request, 刘三好 was not concubine’s choice. Now that he has request, and suddenly the emperor wants her as concubine. What would he think? He would obviously think the emperor was at odds with him, over a mere servant.

For the emperor’s solution, not only he will lose his important general 高显扬, 马元贽 also have the right to haunt them down nationwide forever. And if they are found, confirm is death penalty. Such an act is totally irreversible and they will be forever on the run.

Unless…the emperor follow up with what I proposed;
Get a female corpse of same age/height/weight as 刘三好 and male corpse of same age/height/weight as 高显扬(dont care how you do it lah), dressed them up in their costumes and…ah-hem, burnt them till they cant be recognized, to fake as 为情自杀. It will be convincing. No matter 马元贽 believe or not, at least for show lor to him and 吐蕃王子, better than nothing. If he did this, 阮翠云 will not get trouble up her sleeves already. 做也要做全套啊!

But even then, the emperor will have a high risk of losing his throne if he dont have 高显扬 by this side. So it’s still a sucky idea!

While I’m watching the drama, at least half a dozen ideas were working on my mind; on how to save 刘三好 from the foreign marriage.

Since obviously the emperor cant say “no”, the only way to save 刘三好 is to let the 吐蕃王子 say “no” instead, or at least, he cant say “yes”. =P

1) Find another prettier female to attract the 吐蕃王子 so that he shifts his attention from 刘三好

2) Let 刘三好 take some medication which will give an impression of some incurable and infectious disease. This method damn popular leh.

3) Let 刘三好 take some medication which will temporary disfigure her face and lied that it’s permanent.
Worse come to worst, then really disfigure her lor. Anyway, if there’s true love, Kevin Cheng, 高显扬 will still want her right? =P Better than marrying off to a foreign land to someone she dont love, with no friends.

4) Firstly promote 刘三好’s status by saying she’s not an ordinary servant but a favourite of the dowager. And that the 吐蕃王子 have to win all 3 of the challenges she threw before she will willingly marry him. Just tease abit on the male’s ego, 吐蕃王子 will definitely accept. After that, just make sure he cant win, by hook or by crook.

5) Secretly spread rumours to the 吐蕃王子 that 刘三好 a jinx and will curse the husband to die abruptly.

6) Secretly spread rumours to the 吐蕃王子 that 刘三好 no longer a virgin. If dont work, go to 9)

7) Let the dowager acknowledge 刘三好 as god daughter and she is not allowed to leave her till she die. To strengthen the idea, dowager can act as if she got an incurable disease and is dying soon, hence need 刘三好 by her side till her last breath. After that, can slowly drag la.

8) Setup 刘三好 so that she commit a minor crime but let the emperor act very furious till he post her to other foreign land(with convicted charges, she cant possibly marry off happily to a prince). Can either get her back in future by saying her crime committed wasnt that serious in the 1st place or allow 高显扬 to leave the palace to find her.

9) *laughing as I’m thinking* Get 高显扬 to erm…make l*ve to 刘三好. HAHAHA. Then set-up an evil person(preferably someone which the emperor wants to eliminate and obviously not an eunuch. HAHA) so that he’s faced with the rape charge. The rapist can be executed for all we care. But 刘三好 cant marry the 吐蕃王子 already since she’s no longer a virgin. Dont think he dont mind. Haha.

10) Get a pretty female to seduce 吐蕃王子 into bed(if really cant succeed then give aphrodisiac or something la) to set him up for rape. Let the emperor to act REAL ANGRY and force him to marry the female instead. If really fail, he also cant marry 刘三好 anymore since he obviously committed a crime in the palace.

Hahaha! I’m truly very 古灵精怪. =P

In comparison, 宫心计 is a disappointment if you use 金枝玉孽 as a yardstick. The latter’s plot is much more thrilling and out of expectation. 宫心计 is too mediocre. It makes Moses, the emperor look…not very bright leh and on the other hand, makes Tavia look smart when she’s only like so-so loh. I mean, when you compare her with 尔淳(Charmaine) and 玉莹(Gigi) in 金枝玉孽 la. =P

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Charmaine, 刘三好 get back to the palace eventually. I cant think of any way she can come back smoothly as yet, except the lie that she got a identical twin sister. Blearh!

富贵门 is much more thrilling! Great! I’m amazed how Gallen, Yatming, managed to con *almost* an entire bank out of sheer boldness and evil when he has no experience in business or whatsoever. If you’ve realised, he’s very very sensitive and he understands all the people around him very, very well. Fast reflex too, of course, intelligent.

The producer of 金枝玉孽 probably went to make 富贵门 and leave the producer of 覆雨翻云 to make 宫心计 instead. Haha!


Feminine vile

I’m still impatiently waiting for episode 17 of 宫心计 to load. It’s insufferably long. It’s such a enjoyment and thrill to watch because it’s interesting seeing how the concubines plot against each other, who win and who lose etc.

It’s obvious that the main lead, Tavia, starring as 丽妃 will win the other concubine, 贤妃. And each time she plots against, or defend herself against 贤妃, it’s very mind stimulating at my side because at the same time, I will think about the what step she will take and it’s such a kick when it goes the way I guessed. Sometimes, I will have my own ideas too, whether evil or good, all for the sake of analyzing the show. Hahaha. I often think I can be very evil if I want to, just that I choose not to, I’m just not that kind of person. Lucky you people. But if I’m riled….then I cant guarantee loh. Hahaha.

Thank god in this century, I dont have to do such things to pursue a man’s heart because Singapore dont allow bigamy. But again, evil plotting are common in the palace and are not popular in the modern world. Why? Because in the palace, only the emperor seems to matter and ONLY he can give you a better life. In our modern world, we can achieve a better life with our own hands so we do not need to squeeze so much brain juice just to please a guy! Moreover, they’re so many guys around. If one fails, just get another one, you might even get a better one!

There is 1 exception though, when we might need to work our feminine vile in our modern world. That is, when women tried to seduce our husbands. That calls to mind the other popular HK drama, 富贵门. Angie(starred by Kenix Kwok), the 3rd party in the show tried so damn hard to seduce her long-lost love, Marcus(starred by Ray Lui) who was already married to Connie(starred by Jaime Chik). So again, you get to see all sorts of plotting between the 2 females who tried hard to get the man they loved.

Interestingly, in the show, they fought in the dark without letting the guy know. I think in the modern world, the wife would have directly demand an explanation from the husband already. Haha.

Seriously, I dont know if I will care to “fight” if *touch wood* one day someone is to vie dearie with me. It’s actually very contradicting. If dearie has feelings with another women, then I will let him go because I dont feel there’s any use to keep a man who has betrayed me, much less spending effort and making myself busy to snatch him back. True or not??

On the other hand, if dearie only have feelings for me, then it shouldnt be difficult to get him to kick the other woman away, nor will it be too much work for me to do so on his behalf, WITH his support, right? So in both scenarios, there’s no need for 勾心斗角 or 尔虞我诈 liao mah.
It’s clear and direct. =)

Ok, by the time dearie read until here, he will mumble, “又在胡思乱想了!” Hahaha. My mind merely works all the time. Especially when so many things happen around me in my social circle, sometimes I will get curious and ask for his views. But he always dont have any constructive comments for me la, keep saying “nahz, it wont happen one lah. You think too much.” Ya right, nobody knows lor. Guys. Hng~ =P


If you’re a crazy fan of HK TVB dramas, then you’ll know the 2 hottest shows now are 富贵门 and 宫心计. The former is a modern show with a story of a conman who impersonates as a rich man’s son while the latter is a story about the rivalry for the empire/emperor’s favoritism in the Tang dynasty. Both are on par with 10 episodes currently available on PIPI, not more not less. I can only alternate watching them to ease my impatience on their slow streaming. It’s only 1 episode in 1 and a half or 2 days. S-L-O-W.

I love 袁咏仪(Anita Yuen) in 富贵门! She looks so naturally gorgeous! Unlike Charmaine, whom I always think she always look abit weird weird when she smiles, like the whole set of teeth is…fake…well I dont know. She does looks quite different from last time. Anita is so full of character. Her acting was superb as she practically brings out the real 一心. Perhaps it’s very close to her own personality as well. Lol. Heard about the rumour about her husband Chilam with the main lead in 宫心计, 佘诗曼(Charmaine). It’s something about her “over-stepping the propriety” with Chilam and made Mrs Cheung mad.

Seriously I cant bring myself to have a liking for this girl, despite how pretty and sweet she might look. They say the negative rumours with half the guys in TVB are all because she’s too famous bla bla bla. Ridiculous. Over the years, how many females had took turns to become the 一姐 of TVB? 关咏荷? 邓翠雯? 陈松龄? 宣萱? Each and every one of them were as popular as her currently at their prime. But which one has SO MANY negative rumours like her? No one. I certainly dont think she’s the prettiest of the lot. What I do believe is her viles and her “teh(whining)” gong, reportedly so.

I was watching 1 episode of 铁甲无敌奖门人 hosted by 曾志伟, 钱嘉乐, 阮兆祥, 王祖蓝. There was 1 episode(CH01) which both Charmaine and Michael(苗桥伟) attended the game show. 阮兆祥 was the one who introduced their appearance and I was shocked to hear 阮兆祥 introduce Charmaine as, “外表斯斯文文, 但内心却很开放的佘诗曼!” I think it’s pretty obvious what he meant by this sentence and he had expressed himself eloquently how he view Miss Seh. Insiders sure knows more stuff than outsiders. If you’re not familiar with 阮兆祥, he’s the one who starred as the 舅舅 in 溏心风暴.

If she’s single and flirt with single guys and all are willing parties, it’s no big deal. But I despise females who thinks they’re so gorgeous and able to bring any man down their knees, lay their hands on married men, even when they’re not serious and merely playing.

Despite so, most of TVB’s big productions always include her and I always watch them with an indifference, only concentrating on her role in the show and not her real identity. Else I will just vomit.

Recalled one admission she made, saying she has many suitors now but not one of them are suitable for her. She wants one who wont interfere with her acting career but will always be available to accompany her when she’s spontaneously off from her work. Duhz. Why dont she just explicitly say she just want a rich man? Otherwise who can do that? You work let you work. You free then suddenly pop out accompany you. Duhz.

And I really buay tahan how she always like to brag she got many guys after her. ZzZz Of course we all know she got many guys after her la. Have you ever heard Michelle Reis or Maggie Q bragging about how many guys are after them? Oh duhz.

To be guilty ashamed, I was once a fan of Charmaine too, charmed by her sweet looks, who wouldnt? But after all these news about her, my view of her is so tainted. Initially, when the rumour about her snatching Niki Chow, 周丽淇’s bf, Kevin Cheng, 郑嘉颖(the b*stard who 2-timed) surfaced, she insisted they were only friends. NOW that she has just DUMPED him(he deserves it anyway), she admitted that they were together before but she was never a 3rd party. WTF? She thought the whole world are idiots.

When I was watching the 宫心计, with Charmaine and Kevin lovey dovey together, I really feel like vomiting..it’s like..duhz..I dont wish to say much…but they “suit” each other PERFECTLY la.

No offence to any of their fans though. It’s your choice to like them and it’s my choice to dislike them.

I never wish to openly show my distaste for her, like machiam wow it’s such a big thing. But I guess, while I was blogging about Anita, slowly it “accumulates”…from the one who attempted to seduce a pregnant’s wife’s husband to the one who broke up a 5years relationship by being the 3rd party. I guess some females are just pyscho by nature and need to do such stuffs to keep their self-confidence and happiness in check. 变态.