Fast & Furious 5 (2011)

Movie: Fast & Furious 5 (2011)
Ratings: 4.99999/5

This has got to be the greatest movie of the year! I’ve probably watch 1 or 2 of it’s sequels before but seriously dont have an impression. Just the title bores me, as I thought it will be another stupid show about racing and nothing else.

I was so wrong. Thanks to the 4.5 star ratings at, they certainly encouraged dearie and me to catch it. I’ve always find them pretty zun, as to my taste buds. What can I say? For 90% of the show, my fingers were in my mouth(please dont think in the obscene direction) so you can just imagine how thrilling and engaging the show is. Not only that, it’s also freaking funny and full of surprises. I’ll say the script writer, the director(Justin Lin, an asian!!) as well as the stunts coordinator were almost a match made in heaven.

Would vastly prefer Bruce Willis to star as Dominic, but still, this is a must-watch! It’s more than just mere racing and explosions. =)


Movie: The Lost Bladesman
Ratings: 2/5
Comments: Hmm I’ve watched this movie? Oh yes, I think I did. Somehow left no impression. It might be because I’m sick of Donnie’s fighting scenes, might be. Particularly those at the stairs. The lighting sucks lah! Anyway I thought the plot is simply boring and doesnt link very well. The 曹操 is unimpressive too. I think the 曹操(starring 刘丹) in HK TVB series of 洛神 wins hands down. 洛神 is a great show, do catch it. Not to mention, the abrupt ending by simply announcing the death of Donnie doesnt suit me very much. Hello, the whole movie is titled 關雲長, I think a proper beginning and ending is essential.

History has been always painting 曹操 as the bad guy, but this movie is trying to depict otherwise. Highly debatable. I might read up on 曹操 if I have the time.


Summer’s 4th Birthday + Happy Mother’s Day

Ahh….I have so many overdue events to update.

One at a time!

8th May 2011

It’s Summer’s 4th birthday as well as my long-lost meet with Hanni, whom I haven seen for the last 10 years!! We’ve been in contact in facebook and I miss the babe ever since she left for Aussie and then subsequently, U.S, 10 years ago. Her hubby is a Caucasian, love her to bits and they produced 2 charming kids, Summer and Scott. The party was pretty crowded so I didnt really take many pictures. So glad to meet Ash too who’s staying in the same condo, whom I haven seen for quite a while too. And no joke, both of them still looked as hot as they always do, despite with no make-up!

Isnt she the most adorable and sweetest creature on earth?

Summer is like a breath of fresh air whom you cant help loving no matter how much kids might not be your cup of tea. If I ever have a baby daughter like her, I’m sure she will be my sunshine everyday I woke up. =) If you’re still having the burning question as to when I’ll have a baby, “the answer is “no, no yet”. =)

Happy Birthday Summer!!

The 3 of us chatted for awhile and said about meeting up for another drink soon before I left to meet Mummy for dinner as it’s Mother’s Day too.

Happy Mother’s Day, my dearest and greatest mummy in the world. I got her 2 pairs of earrings and I really hope she likes it. Actually, seriously, I’ve already run out of ideas on what to give her. Her favorite colour is purple. =)

Earrings from Kaori’s Creations, of course. =)

Blossoms of Love

Violet Dreams – wearable in 2 ways

Hope she likes it. =)

We had our dinner at West Mall, Swensen, which is Mummy’s favorite. I wished to let her try Mayim Cuisine but the queue was simply horrible. Nevertheless, we waited for a prettttty long time before the dishes arrived. Ahh….they’re not really worth a mention and seriously disappoints me because I’ve always feel Swensen’s dishes have a minimum standard. Anyway, at least we enjoyed the Earthquake(icecream). Keke!

It has been ages since I took photos with Mummy. And seriously, after I got my hair cut quite horribly, I’ve been shunning the camera like a plague. =S However, it’s Mother’s Day! So pictures it is!

Love you much Mummy and I wish you the pink of health, stay happy and beautiful always. =D

We shopped around in West Mall and I spotted a lovely oil burner at a pushcart!!

It’s love at first sight.

Love the artsy paintings on the uniquely-shaped burner. It reminds me of a light house. =) Was kinda worried that it will be overly expensive. I inquired the price of a simple burner before, one with at least 3-4 hours capacity and it was a freaking $49.90!

I also love it that the tray is removable. That will probably decrease the chance of clumsy me breaking it while carrying it to and fro. Erm, I broke the last one we bought from Bali. =(

Taken by iphone via Instagram

Oh And it’s only $25! =D

Now it’s sitting on our newly bought side table from Seahorse. =)

Love it! Matches the bed perfectly! Love the deep deep drawers too! I love storage anywhere, anytime.

Actually we ran a few places to find a suitable side table but it’s not easy because room runs Victorian style. I cant believe we found the perfect one at Seahorse while shopping at Causeway Point and it’s around $200 only! Like less than half price of our “old” side table. (=.=)”’

What happens to the “old” side table?

It’s main purpose is to hold the Avante Humidifier. It’s also appropriate else the bedroom look abit empty at this side.

Reviews of Avante Humidifier
There’s a knob to adjust level of humidity. I much prefer the highest for my dry skin but water really gets depleted really quickly, like 2 days. I know it’s probably much longer than those little humidifier which only lasted hours. But it’s troublesome to refill the large tub of water la…so I reduce the that the water can last around 3days or so.

Strictly no oil-based aromatherapy, it will get it stucked. Only water-based can be used. So far so good. It’s $88, pretty economical for it’s large capacity I supposed. =)

Brainless idiots

Extremely busy but can’t really put a finger to what I’m busy with? I need better time management since time can never be enough.

Soooo annoyed that Im blogging through my iPhone on a perpetually-moving vehicle. Im growing excessively annoyed with brainless lowlives who barged across roads when they shouldn’t, disregarding their lives and their precious ones. I know, we all jaywalk right? But jaywalk with your eyes open lah. Some cross the roads without even flicking a glance! Some simply dare you to knock them when they jaywalk right infront of your eyes, when you’re extremely near, demanding you to slow down, as if jeering, “you dare then you knock me lah, idiot!”

Whenever such things happen, I will subconsciously think, “insurance buy too much is it?” When in fact, most Singaporeans are under-covered and stubbornly refused to admit it.

Of course it’s different people’s priorities as to “spending money” but just be informed that this so-called “expense” is going to replace your income and gives you money when you so need it.

Alright this isn’t a post to preach insurance. Back to topic. There was 1 instance when hubby is going to turn left where there’s a traffic light. Obviously when he can turn, it meant that the traffic light was a red man for pedestrians. Then there was this stupid man who insisted on crossing the traffic light(already red) by running. Hello, how fast can you run? You Liu Xiang is it? Liu Xiang will leave behind millions for his family after screwing someone’s life? You leh?

To my disbelief, my so-called kind hubby actually stopped his car and gladly, smilingly encouraging the stupid man to cross the road.

“Go!” I screamed. Hubby obliged and I bet, must be feeling apologetic to the stupid man when he had to stop and wait for us(the vehicle) to leave before he can reach the end of the road.

“It’s drivers like you who spoil all these people who disregards everyone’s life. You make him think every driver will stop to let him cross the road when they obviously shouldn’t. If one day he met one who isn’t willing to stop or couldn’t stop in time? Then how? He’s gonna to die the silliest way! And it will be (all) your fault!”

This isn’t kindness please. I always bug hubby to horn at any pedestrian who crosses the road blindly. This is not rude, this is not, of course for haolian whatsover. Think of it as a reminder, to these people, to be more careful, and at a deeper, more spiritual level, to treasure their life more.

Im sorry if I come across as harsh because I feel it’s extremely silly to risk your lives for an unworthy cause(that split 5 minutes of time etc). I feel jaywalk is okie but not when there’re cars coming closer than they should.

So far, the most “admired” winner was one who jaywalked a bend, a bend to the freaking BKE highway. Moron.

FYI, insurance claims associated with jaywalking still remains a controversy.

(what the?? With the Prudential Ad above my post? Duhz. I’m so sick with some P agents who always ask people to surrender policies of other companies at a BIG loss, then to buy from them!! Don’t know lor, those black sheep whom hubby and I met are allllllll from P company, no other companies lor, don’t know why. )

Things I dont like

Can I say something?

I dont like being threatened.
I dont like being bribed.
I dont like being hidden in the dark for many things, which I should know.
I dont like the minority to suffer for my(or the majority) happiness.
I dont like foul play (e.g, jail without trial or re-drawing the boundaries etc) or double standards.
I dont like high-handedness and total dictatorship, a.k.a using power for everything)
I dont like arrogant people who dont admit mistakes and find excuses (Everyone make mistakes, simply admit and make amends.)
I dont like people who only care for the whole nation’s GDP and in turn their lovely salaries, instead of loving the whole nation together with their people.
I dont like the ridiculous number of foreigners in my country, especially the 1 nationality who’s notorious for breaking people’s families up.

If you love me, I cant feel it, oh, of course, unless the “token of love” “delivered” to me just in time when you “need” me.

Of course there are more things which I dont like, but the above are the more serious ones. =)

Btw, I respect MML too, thank him for bringing Singapore so far. Thanks so much. Too bad he’s already 87 and he’s not so involved in policy-making already. As much as I do not agree with some of the things he did, I still wish him the pink of health and a blissful retirement. Ultimately he’s so old already, cut him some slack.

Voting fever

Ahhhh there’s so much I wish to say but I cant say, for fear of unintentionally offending some friends and creating dispute

How to say leh? Sigh.

*Shakes head*

Not all things can be seen from the surface, you need to see deeper.

Actually I thought it’s rather obvious lah so I’m actually surprised friends of other industries or around my age didnt see… But again, it’s not very surprising because these group of people have something in common. Oh ya..I suddenly realised all of them are females. Hahaha. I’m with all the other guys on the other side.

Talk to them, really. You’ll learn so much more. Not that they swayed me, I was always in that direction, just like my stupid hubby. =P

Meant no offense to anyone. Peace~

And happy holidays!

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My glorious weekend

I had a glorious weekend! Wondering where should I start. Sheesh, just because I haven been blogging for like 9 days, I suffered blog-constipation already. =P

Had mj with Se, Iv and Jac at my house from the evening. Like I said before, the whole gang had started playing shooter-style and I think this will be the way from now on. Hmm…so far…I think nobody has protest…because in a way,’s fairer. But really, I feel game somehow dragggs alittle. Especially me, I’ve become sOooO careful. Anyway, lucky win of $80.

Rushed hurriedly to St James straight after the game ended and met my dear colleagues at Power House. A whole lot of them were looking gorgeous. =) There were at least 60 pax of us so really, difficult for me to name names. It was majestic when we had like a whole row of 10+ round tables…and dont know how many martell “big bomb”(da4 pao4). However, the music was merely so-so/

Dearie went to join his guys for his buddy’s bachelors night instead. Coincidentally, Cel was also there at DF and she came to find me. Iv and Tra reached DF later and we did went over to say hi and such. Had alot of drinks, alot of fun. Was kinda tipsy too…but was glad I didnt puke. Est was so gone! It’s quite Cel’s and my fault because the 3 of us played 5-10 before the others reached…and made her drank quite a lot. =P

Est splashed her drinks on my feet for like…3-4times during the night! Another 2-3 times were by other people. But I dont really remember having any discomfort though. At one time, Est accidentally poked her finger into my eye and immediately I experienced a sharp pain and blurry images followed. I thought my contact lens had shifted out of place but Cel suddenly said, “Dont move!” Then she plucked a piece of lens from my hair. (=.=)””

“Wah! Your eye sight very good leh!” I said.

Then Cel said, “Nope…because it was shining in the dark!”

Hahahaha. Anyway, the lens was so shrivelled and dry that I spent some time trying to fix it back. =/ Anyway, dearie came to pick me up in a cab as he’s also drinking and by the time we reached home, it’s like 5+am. He, obviously was knocked out too.

Obviously, we felt so lethargic after a heavy night of drinking. That I almost forgotten we’re meeting another group of friends, Alv’s gang at Settlers Cafe! Thank god we’re didnt have hangover and had a wonderful time with them. Again, too many to name, a total of 9 of us, 4 couples and 1 new guy friend.

This time round, I felt it wasnt as enjoyable as our last time, mainlyyy because we didnt play for very long and the games we played were..not as exciting. We had 4 hours but much time was wasted because there was only 1 server(initially) and she was super lo-soh while taking our set dinner orders. We wasted alot of time trying to get her when we wanted games too because she was also attending to other customers. Arrrghhhh Now I really hate those coupons deals thing. All are foul play!! I shall update another incident soon when I have the time.

Still, we enjoyed ourselves lah. But I think next time have to choose other games. The games that night was kinda…not as exciting? =P The night ended early at around 11+pm after the groom-to-be, Alv briefed all the guys for his wedding with his dearest Cat, which is coming soon in May at Four Seasons. =)

Dearie really made me boiling mad!

(Entry continues above in password-protected entry. It’s a small thing but yet, not very small thing. Just ask me for password. =)


Thank god Se, Cel and Jac finished their movie at Vivo and came my house to play mj with me, around 11pm. Else I’ll be super sian the whole night. Lucky win of $38, made me happy.