Lovely friends, lovely drinks

It was a day out with Suan and Gra at Vivo to catch dinner and drinks. We met at 7.30pm, had some shopping then started dinner at BakerzIn. We later adjourned to The Wine Company after a lovely walk overlooking Marina Bay Sands. It was a beautiful sight. We chatted all the way to 12+am and still wasnt satisfied! Plopped over to Suan’s house and continued with beer and chips. I reached home at around 4.30am. Quite insane huh, but we had lots of fun! =D Thanks so much for Suan’s hubby’s kind understanding. =X

Oh, and I’m very happy Suan likes my housewarming gift for her,

Novita Water Pitcher NP190.
(Image link from Novita removed!) (Stupid Novita website spread virus to my blog! Arrghhh)

NOVITA Water Pitcher NP 190 effectively reduces contaminants and odour while helping to improve the taste and quality of the water. Easy to use and economical, NP 190 is certainly a trusted water purification essential for clean & fresh water in the home and office.

I knew Suan will like that but never thought she meant to buy it.

Damn funny lah. I told her to open the pressie. And she was so happy with the pitcher(somemore in green, to match her living room) that she popped into the master bedroom and told her dearest hubby, something along the line of….”Hey, see what Fion bought us! You dont let me buy this pitcher, but now Fion bought for me!” Haha.

It’s kinda funny that Gra teased me about using chinese proverbs frequently. Like those 4 words 成语 or 7 words 谚语 etc. LOL. Because most of the time, I merely listened intently…thinking silently…and will sometimes summarized with 成语 or 谚语, as a comment. They simply popped into my brain and I wished the same for English, which I have to struggle hard to just express myself fully and precisely. So that night’s context had me reciting proverbs like…杀一儆百..and a few others which I dont remember. And when I eventually blurted “冰封三尺非一日之寒” as an auto reflex, the pair stared at each other, “Wah….” until I turned pink with embarrassment. It’s not for hao lian whatsoever, but seriously I can save so many words with just these chinese proverbs!

to execute one as a warning to a hundred

(pinyin: bing1 feng1 san3 chi3, jue2 fei1 yi2 ri4 zhi1 han2)

* Literally: Three feet of ice does not result from one day of cold weather.
Moral: Trouble, for example, in a relationship, indicates a long history of problems.

Felt so funny just thinking about it. =P
Anyway, these are very simple proverbs, very easy to use and quite widely used. Wait till you see the power of my dear friend Hui. Her’s then is power!


2 Responses to Lovely friends, lovely drinks

  1. efatrie says:

    this reminds me.. mine big tummy is also 冰封三尺非一日之寒 ;p

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    Please leh, you where got tummy? =P
    Hey you got my message on the butterfly prints skirt? =P

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