Fast & Furious 5 (2011)

Movie: Fast & Furious 5 (2011)
Ratings: 4.99999/5

This has got to be the greatest movie of the year! I’ve probably watch 1 or 2 of it’s sequels before but seriously dont have an impression. Just the title bores me, as I thought it will be another stupid show about racing and nothing else.

I was so wrong. Thanks to the 4.5 star ratings at, they certainly encouraged dearie and me to catch it. I’ve always find them pretty zun, as to my taste buds. What can I say? For 90% of the show, my fingers were in my mouth(please dont think in the obscene direction) so you can just imagine how thrilling and engaging the show is. Not only that, it’s also freaking funny and full of surprises. I’ll say the script writer, the director(Justin Lin, an asian!!) as well as the stunts coordinator were almost a match made in heaven.

Would vastly prefer Bruce Willis to star as Dominic, but still, this is a must-watch! It’s more than just mere racing and explosions. =)


Movie: The Lost Bladesman
Ratings: 2/5
Comments: Hmm I’ve watched this movie? Oh yes, I think I did. Somehow left no impression. It might be because I’m sick of Donnie’s fighting scenes, might be. Particularly those at the stairs. The lighting sucks lah! Anyway I thought the plot is simply boring and doesnt link very well. The 曹操 is unimpressive too. I think the 曹操(starring 刘丹) in HK TVB series of 洛神 wins hands down. 洛神 is a great show, do catch it. Not to mention, the abrupt ending by simply announcing the death of Donnie doesnt suit me very much. Hello, the whole movie is titled 關雲長, I think a proper beginning and ending is essential.

History has been always painting 曹操 as the bad guy, but this movie is trying to depict otherwise. Highly debatable. I might read up on 曹操 if I have the time.


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