Brainless idiots

Extremely busy but can’t really put a finger to what I’m busy with? I need better time management since time can never be enough.

Soooo annoyed that Im blogging through my iPhone on a perpetually-moving vehicle. Im growing excessively annoyed with brainless lowlives who barged across roads when they shouldn’t, disregarding their lives and their precious ones. I know, we all jaywalk right? But jaywalk with your eyes open lah. Some cross the roads without even flicking a glance! Some simply dare you to knock them when they jaywalk right infront of your eyes, when you’re extremely near, demanding you to slow down, as if jeering, “you dare then you knock me lah, idiot!”

Whenever such things happen, I will subconsciously think, “insurance buy too much is it?” When in fact, most Singaporeans are under-covered and stubbornly refused to admit it.

Of course it’s different people’s priorities as to “spending money” but just be informed that this so-called “expense” is going to replace your income and gives you money when you so need it.

Alright this isn’t a post to preach insurance. Back to topic. There was 1 instance when hubby is going to turn left where there’s a traffic light. Obviously when he can turn, it meant that the traffic light was a red man for pedestrians. Then there was this stupid man who insisted on crossing the traffic light(already red) by running. Hello, how fast can you run? You Liu Xiang is it? Liu Xiang will leave behind millions for his family after screwing someone’s life? You leh?

To my disbelief, my so-called kind hubby actually stopped his car and gladly, smilingly encouraging the stupid man to cross the road.

“Go!” I screamed. Hubby obliged and I bet, must be feeling apologetic to the stupid man when he had to stop and wait for us(the vehicle) to leave before he can reach the end of the road.

“It’s drivers like you who spoil all these people who disregards everyone’s life. You make him think every driver will stop to let him cross the road when they obviously shouldn’t. If one day he met one who isn’t willing to stop or couldn’t stop in time? Then how? He’s gonna to die the silliest way! And it will be (all) your fault!”

This isn’t kindness please. I always bug hubby to horn at any pedestrian who crosses the road blindly. This is not rude, this is not, of course for haolian whatsover. Think of it as a reminder, to these people, to be more careful, and at a deeper, more spiritual level, to treasure their life more.

Im sorry if I come across as harsh because I feel it’s extremely silly to risk your lives for an unworthy cause(that split 5 minutes of time etc). I feel jaywalk is okie but not when there’re cars coming closer than they should.

So far, the most “admired” winner was one who jaywalked a bend, a bend to the freaking BKE highway. Moron.

FYI, insurance claims associated with jaywalking still remains a controversy.

(what the?? With the Prudential Ad above my post? Duhz. I’m so sick with some P agents who always ask people to surrender policies of other companies at a BIG loss, then to buy from them!! Don’t know lor, those black sheep whom hubby and I met are allllllll from P company, no other companies lor, don’t know why. )


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