Things I dont like

Can I say something?

I dont like being threatened.
I dont like being bribed.
I dont like being hidden in the dark for many things, which I should know.
I dont like the minority to suffer for my(or the majority) happiness.
I dont like foul play (e.g, jail without trial or re-drawing the boundaries etc) or double standards.
I dont like high-handedness and total dictatorship, a.k.a using power for everything)
I dont like arrogant people who dont admit mistakes and find excuses (Everyone make mistakes, simply admit and make amends.)
I dont like people who only care for the whole nation’s GDP and in turn their lovely salaries, instead of loving the whole nation together with their people.
I dont like the ridiculous number of foreigners in my country, especially the 1 nationality who’s notorious for breaking people’s families up.

If you love me, I cant feel it, oh, of course, unless the “token of love” “delivered” to me just in time when you “need” me.

Of course there are more things which I dont like, but the above are the more serious ones. =)

Btw, I respect MML too, thank him for bringing Singapore so far. Thanks so much. Too bad he’s already 87 and he’s not so involved in policy-making already. As much as I do not agree with some of the things he did, I still wish him the pink of health and a blissful retirement. Ultimately he’s so old already, cut him some slack.


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