My glorious weekend

I had a glorious weekend! Wondering where should I start. Sheesh, just because I haven been blogging for like 9 days, I suffered blog-constipation already. =P

Had mj with Se, Iv and Jac at my house from the evening. Like I said before, the whole gang had started playing shooter-style and I think this will be the way from now on. Hmm…so far…I think nobody has protest…because in a way,’s fairer. But really, I feel game somehow dragggs alittle. Especially me, I’ve become sOooO careful. Anyway, lucky win of $80.

Rushed hurriedly to St James straight after the game ended and met my dear colleagues at Power House. A whole lot of them were looking gorgeous. =) There were at least 60 pax of us so really, difficult for me to name names. It was majestic when we had like a whole row of 10+ round tables…and dont know how many martell “big bomb”(da4 pao4). However, the music was merely so-so/

Dearie went to join his guys for his buddy’s bachelors night instead. Coincidentally, Cel was also there at DF and she came to find me. Iv and Tra reached DF later and we did went over to say hi and such. Had alot of drinks, alot of fun. Was kinda tipsy too…but was glad I didnt puke. Est was so gone! It’s quite Cel’s and my fault because the 3 of us played 5-10 before the others reached…and made her drank quite a lot. =P

Est splashed her drinks on my feet for like…3-4times during the night! Another 2-3 times were by other people. But I dont really remember having any discomfort though. At one time, Est accidentally poked her finger into my eye and immediately I experienced a sharp pain and blurry images followed. I thought my contact lens had shifted out of place but Cel suddenly said, “Dont move!” Then she plucked a piece of lens from my hair. (=.=)””

“Wah! Your eye sight very good leh!” I said.

Then Cel said, “Nope…because it was shining in the dark!”

Hahahaha. Anyway, the lens was so shrivelled and dry that I spent some time trying to fix it back. =/ Anyway, dearie came to pick me up in a cab as he’s also drinking and by the time we reached home, it’s like 5+am. He, obviously was knocked out too.

Obviously, we felt so lethargic after a heavy night of drinking. That I almost forgotten we’re meeting another group of friends, Alv’s gang at Settlers Cafe! Thank god we’re didnt have hangover and had a wonderful time with them. Again, too many to name, a total of 9 of us, 4 couples and 1 new guy friend.

This time round, I felt it wasnt as enjoyable as our last time, mainlyyy because we didnt play for very long and the games we played were..not as exciting. We had 4 hours but much time was wasted because there was only 1 server(initially) and she was super lo-soh while taking our set dinner orders. We wasted alot of time trying to get her when we wanted games too because she was also attending to other customers. Arrrghhhh Now I really hate those coupons deals thing. All are foul play!! I shall update another incident soon when I have the time.

Still, we enjoyed ourselves lah. But I think next time have to choose other games. The games that night was kinda…not as exciting? =P The night ended early at around 11+pm after the groom-to-be, Alv briefed all the guys for his wedding with his dearest Cat, which is coming soon in May at Four Seasons. =)

Dearie really made me boiling mad!

(Entry continues above in password-protected entry. It’s a small thing but yet, not very small thing. Just ask me for password. =)


Thank god Se, Cel and Jac finished their movie at Vivo and came my house to play mj with me, around 11pm. Else I’ll be super sian the whole night. Lucky win of $38, made me happy.


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