Chest pains + Zouk on Good Friday Eve

I think for once in the last 3months, I’m able to sleep well without any “heart pains” or rather, chest muscle spasm or aches or whatever. It simply hurts like hell! Taken painkiller prescribed by a doc at Mt Alvernia, I’m glad it works. The last 2 docs didnt seem to help at all. Sigh.

Dr Yam said there is an mis-alignment of muscles at my 3rd/4th rib cage and I was simply flabbergasted. While saying, he tried to press a few pressure points on my back saying he can re-align them. But it’s too painful for me till I cried for him to stop. He said the joints of my right rib-cage are probably mis-aligned when I carry too heavy things with right hand(and snapped out of alignment) and now, they’re probably swollen. That’s why it hurts so much and is difficult to re-align back. He further prescribed me medicine to reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling…so that I can go back next week for the re-alignment…..

It’s still going to hurt…but probably not as much as today. He said it’s inevitable..else I’ll have the pain long as nothing is done. It’s just like when you dislocate your shoulder, you just have to locate it back lah. When I complained that I have difficulty breathing at night on top of the pain when I breathe, and all this is affecting my sleep. Doc then explained the whole rib-cage kinda work like a dragonboat team. So let’s say 2 out of a team of dragonboat players are not rowing the boat, naturally, the other members need to work harder, the direction might go haywire etc. It’s the same scenario when say, 2 ribs out of the whole rib-cage is mis-aligned…thus…I’m unable to breathe properly….which resulted in pain in the chest.

Haiz…..on to happier things.

Had a wonderful night out with Jov, Cel, Iv and Ed at Zouk, Phuture on Good Friday Eve. Didnt take pictures because I stupidly left the camera in the bag which was being locked in their lockers. Oh Just knew CITI Bank card got free entry. Is this new or what? Totally dont know about this, since I haven stepped into Zouk for like 5 hundred years.

1-for-1 drinks before midnight too. We had so much to drink. Beer, Long island tea, Vodka….etc. Madness! Some, I dont even know what they are. Submarines..of…was that red bull? Ahhh Dont know lah. Was kinda tipsy but okie, still steady. Kekeke. But hor, reached home puked. =X Thank god no hangover.

It’s a pity Jov left early. We still had fun with games…and…socializing. Haha. Love the R&B music too. And seriously, with the 1-for-1 promo…beer is even cheaper than in Boat Quay. So surprisingly. Phuture’s crowd run late though…it wasnt until 12+ then people flowed in. The club was totally empty when we first arrived. (=.=)”” Planned to meet Shan who always frequent Zouk but she only called me the next day saying she got food poisoning. Poor girl. We had a chat and she cheekily remarked that Zouk guys are guys whom most girls will like. Lol. Haha…hmm….ya I got to agree leh. Okie well, cant say much because hubby reads my blog you see. Boo~ =P

Thanks guys for the fantastic and fun night! Thanks to Iv and Ed for the huge amount of drinks! Jov dont accept my money for the cab, Cel dont accept my money for the drinks. I owe them another round of drinks! Zouk again soon! =D

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