Vivienne’s Baby Shower

It seems like a dream. It felt as if I’ve attended Christine’s wedding not long ago and pop, here comes the cutie baby, Vivienne! Time really flies, dont you think?

Love this pic! So sweet!!



Vivi with dear grandpapa(I think)


Was craving for my turn to carry sweet Vivi and snap pictures but she started crying. =( It wasnt then Chris told me she’s suffering from colic. =( It’s not a serious condition lah, but just persistent crying for no discernible reason. I can just imagine how 心痛 Chris might be because of the need to give Vivi medicine at such a tender age. Cel too….when she spoke of the blood tests which her dear Brissha had when she’s newly born…..I can clearly feel the nobility of all mother love. No worries though, Brissha is very healthy now. Vivi’s also gotten better, thanks to the specialist at Thomson. From what Chris said, the other GP doctors consult are mediocre. Hmm….I shall take note.

With another 2 mummies by my side, Cel and Jovi, they began to share meaningful and heart-melting stories in the course of their pregnancy. I’ve learned so much more about breast-feeding now, keke, but still, rather distressed…erm no, disturbed, by some of the..out-of-the-norm stuff…which involves…bleeding and pain… Okie, I shall stop here lest I scare some mummies out from their decision to breast-feed. But it’s all so heart-warming you know. The guys will never understand. Breast-feeding is also not as simple as you think.

We chatted for quite a long while, while waiting for Sean to finish his mahjiong. We then adjourned to Jov’s house for more mahjiong. Pengz! Haha. It’s my first time playing shooter style(5/1 stakes). Kinda nervous but actually, it’s not as frightening as I thought. It’s pretty hassle free lah because rather than every round having the need to open your drawer at least once or twice, because of win/lose, flower/animal bite or 杠(4-of-a-kind), now you hardly open because even 杠 is shooter style. Woah! That really depends on your luck already seriously. I’m still not accustomed to it. Everytime someone let another someone 杠, I will still open my drawer. (=.=)”” Until Sean said, “We play hor, open drawer means need to pay liao.” ZZzZzzZ

It’s actually less tiring, less hassle and perhaps in a way, fairer bah. I can dont open my drawer for like 3 consecutive rounds, as if no win no lose. ZzZz. Machaim playing free games. Haha. But seriously…if you’re really down on luck, shooter style is really not advisable. But again, if one is really down on luck, do what also lagi suay…just like when I’m down on luck, wait 20minutes for cab also no use. And when I finally got one, the driver is like a direction idiot just like me. Bleh~

Ok, overall, lucky smalllll win of $30. Hmm…I seldom shoot lah, usually 1 or 2 dai only. Initially I won double but because Jack 哥 keep 自摸 and there’s a few 暗杠, so decrease the winnings. Anyway, 开心就好. Heez!

Yay! I survived through my virgin shooter-style mahjiong. Lol.

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