Plush Chill

Found some pics in my camera from the last chill out with Iv and guys. Here they are. I’m really lazy in posting pictures because it’s so troublesome. I usually post them all at 1 go. Anyway, I’ve cut and paste the entry which I’ve blogged days ago.

Chill out at Plush Bar, Boat Quay

It has been a long long while since we(Iv and gang) meet up for ktv pubbing! Yes, was very ecstatic when Iv, the center of influence jio. Because I usually dont club, so I hardly join them on every friday to dragonfly. So imagine my glee when I finally can meet Iv, Cel, Jov, Ja, and Edm for drinks other than MJ, even though I sang terribly. I’ve almost forgotten our daily drinking games too! Shortly after arrival, Cel, the drinking queen, said she cant drink much that night. I was appalled and exclaimed, “You pregnant again???” Haha she said she wasnt but she had to stop drinking by 9pm because she might have to breastfeed when she’s home.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm….breastfeed cannot drink meh? I didnt know that leh!

“Arbo Brissha have to drink baileys leh.” Cel said.


I laughed for a full minute!

Then Jov said, “Aiya…if you want her to sleep better than continue to drink la.”

Hahahaha Trac also came to join us later. Anyway after awhile, Jov alsoooo said she cant drink much because she was driving that night. (=.=)”’

The night ended early at 1+am but it was very enjoyable. Thanks Jov for dropping me near her home and dearie came to fetch me. =D

Meet up soon again!!


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