Meagan’s Baby Shower

Last Sunday was darling Princess Meagan’s baby shower! It was such a joyous event and the whole house was so crowded. =) Congratulations to Rem and Eil on their first new born! Many more to come ya! Hahaha!

The next Megan Fox okie! Dont pray pray. =P

See the proud daddy and mummy? =) Just a few pictures with some dear colleagues(too many to name). Ehhh, just realised dear Angie not in the pics. Ahhh~ The angel is tying the knot very soon too. So happy for her. =D

Hate my puffy face. Whenever I dont have enough sleep or rather, even when I have enough sleep, I’ll just have puffy face and eyes when I woke up. It wont be few hours later until the puffiness go away. Argghh! I’ll have another baby shower just tomorrow and it’s 1pm at BEDOK. I can just imagine my face will be as swollen as a pig~

Hubby made me irritated. No mood to blog. That’s about it. Till the next entry.


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