The Blue Hole – William Trubridge and the French Spiderman – Alain Robert

Dearie just showed me a video which was just, oh so amazing!

Many would have heard of “The Black Hole” but have you heard of “The Blue Hole“?

The Great Blue Hole, located near Ambergris Caye, Belize

I think all the divers will probably know. =) Of course not me lah, the aquaphobic freak.

A blue hole is a submarine cave (inland) or underwater sinkhole. They are also called vertical caves. There are many different blue holes located around the world, typically in low-lying coastal regions. The best known examples can be found in Belize, the Bahamas, Guam, Australia (in the Great Barrier Reef), and the Red Sea. The deepest blue hole in the world—at 202 metres (663 ft)—is Dean’s Blue Hole, located in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas. Other blue holes are about half that depth at around 100–120 metres (330–390 ft). The diameter of the top entrance ranges typically from 25–35 metres (82–115 ft) (Dean’s Blue Hole) to 300 metres (980 ft) (Great Blue Hole in Belize).

Can you imagine? A freaking cave in the freaking ocean! Just the thought of it send fears through me. And it’s not a horizontal cave okie~ It’s a vertical cave! So it gets deeper and deeper….




But this man, or rather, fish…………………………

William Trubridge freedives THE ARCH at Blue Hole, Dahab

No suit, no tank, no fins!! With only the skin on his back and just one breath…….

I’m sure even for no swimming/diving experts like me, you’ll know how amazing that is. He can hold his breath for at least 2.5minutes…and I think my max is only 30seconds. =/ What is even more admirable is how well and calm he took the whole dive, it is a pressure as well as mental challenge. Not to mention the courage to dive further and further and the acute, precise estimation of the distance taken. Hell, you still have to dive back to the top! I simply cant imagine if breath was out half-way through….*shivers*

Currently he sets the world’s free-diving record(Constant Weight Apnea Without Fins, CNF) at 100m…..

There are many forms of free-diving, you can read here.

Here’s another breath-stopping video. It shows a much clearer view of “The Blue Hole”.

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier

It’s a fiction video…hmm…nevertheless, still a tranquil and heart throbbing one.

Along the youtube page of his videos…you’ll see other videos like….”Last dive of so-and-so”….”38metre dive goes wrong”…..”The death of…”…..and it really deeply saddens me. And I have no courage to watch them….

Another legendary figure would be Alain Robert, known as “the French Spider-Man”. He’s famous for scaling skyscrapers with nothing except his bare hands, climbing shoes, and occasionally, a bag of chalk powder. His current most prestigious record is Taipei 101 building at 508 metres in Taiwan. Here’s one video of him scaling an 150 meter building in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It’s probably peanuts to him. =P

I had the privilege of hearing him speak at one MDRT experience(been to many, dont remember which one) and I vaguely remembered the words he said ever so offhandedly, “I wont allow myself to fall…because I know I cant afford to fall!”. It was indeed such drive and determination that propelled him to scale greater heights even after massive operations. And did I even mentioned he has Vertigo?

What can I say? These people risk their lives just to fulfill their dreams! Mountain climbing? You can still stop when you choose to do so, you can choose to quit, you can save yourselves.

People like Alaine Robert….they dont allow themselves to fail because they know they cant fail! They know they must succeed or else death will be the outcome.

Dont give yourself another easy way out or you’ll tend to take it unknowingly.

Give yourself NO WAY OUT.

Remember “I MUST”, “I WILL” and dump words like “Probably”, “Maybe”, “Perhaps”.

And WE will succeed!! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

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