Aiyooooo~~ My poor back! =(  Just back not long from Peg’s house, MJ together with Kt and Suan. And the chairs have no backsssss. I’m really lousy. Peg is like 8months preggie and was totally fine without the back support. I’m so impressed. Thank god, for the first 2 rounds out of 3, I actually had the privillege of leaning against the shoe cabinet. The last round simply wore me off. Lucky win of $180. Pleaseeeee dont always think I win la. This certainly doesnt happen often okieeee~ Treated the girls Mac as an littleeee appreciation, because Suan always refused to accept my money when she tabao food to my house and Kt always fetch/send me home. =) Oh, today dearie came to fetch me instead and I accompanied him to eat Roti prata nearby. =)

Had been super busy lately. I kinda got sick too but had recovered. Hmm…some summarized updates will be the joyous outings with dearies, movie reviews(the post below), mum admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the pub gathering with Iv and gang.

For those who are concerned, thank you very much, my mum is much better already. Guessed she overworked and therefore fainted in the office. Ambulance was called. Am very glad that she finally took MC and took some rest. Am sorry that I missed Yu and Cyn’s baby shower. Simply too exhausted to be running to and fro taking care of her. =( Sometimes…I can get so frustrated…she simply refused to listen. I hope she understands that she needs to rest when she’s sick and not insisted on going to work. Sometimes even though she is okay to work, sleep and rest is needed to recuperate fully. That is probably the problem which most workaholics and old folks dont understand. 休息是为了走更长远的路. It’s no use that you dragged yourself to work but you’ll never recover for one whole week or more! Isnt MC 1 day and thereafter fully recover to resume working a much better and comfortable choice?

Finallyyyy, dearie took time to accompany me shopping! Felt as if I’ve never shop(other than online, Hahahaha!) for so long!  I finally visited dear Ser’s pretty little shop at Fareast Plaza!

Pou Pée

Fareast Plaza at #03-42, Shop 19!

Do add their facebook for exclusive promos!! Online shopping at their facebook is available too if you’re lazy to step out from your house! Currently there’s an exclusive online promo with everything going at $20 only! But do act fast because their stocks finished realllll fast!  I so loved the light pink lacey top and pearly cardigan I bought there! I wished I’ve taken pic of them. They are really sweet and gorgeous. Very very good quality too and I dont see other blogshops selling them. =) Oh, their shop is on the 3rd level. From the escalator, simply head towards your 1pm direction into the very corner. They’re around there. =)

Sweet dearie also accompanied me shopping at Haji Lane. =D Heard from Cori during our mj game that it was pretty fun to shop there. Certainly, I saw a few really exclusive and vintage items. Not alot though. Most are still blogshop items. Hmm their items priced from low to high. As low as $10(blogshop racks) and as high as $100 a top at boutiques. And actually there werent many shops…perhaps because not all were rented out bah. Was kinda disappointed when the shopping lane came to an end. I didnt buy anything at all! =(

Just bought vouchers at for dearie and friends. We’re going Settlers’ Cafe soon!! $11 nett for 4 course dinner and 3 hours gaming. Woo!! Looking forward! I hope there’s enough games for our big group of 8!

Tomorrow, or rather later, is Rem and Eil’s baby girlie’s shower. Looking forward to baby vivi’s shower too, which is soon! Baby girls have been sprouting like crazy around me this year, that it’s almost scary. Hahaha.

Busy busy busyyyy~ But I’m loving it. =)


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