Hopefully these reviews arent too late for you. =)

Ratings: 1/5
Comments: Sorry, totally cant accept the plot. Main female lead cant act. Emma Stone would have been a great choice. What a waste. Wonderful animation, excellent visual effects and actions…just the most riduculous plot. I simply dont like plots concerned with siao char bor.



Ratings: 4/5
Comments: This is my first time watching a movie by Won Bin. Prior to that, I dont even know who is he. He’s super coolz and charismatic in this role though action moves can be choreographed better. And oh man, beneath those sensual lips and engimatic eyes, he sure can act! Definitely worthy of the many “best actor” awards which he won. However, the show has a lousy ending.



Ratings: 1/5
Comments: The visual effects is kinda disappointing. Expect nothing like “Aliens” or “Star Wars”. Common plot…and well…simply nothing exciting lah. The most sickening thing was that it was filmed in a way that it was superrrrr shaky. I understand that some scenes were delibrately filmed like that, but definitely not too many scenes! It was so bad that it made us both pretty giddy for the first hour.


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