iphone cover frenzy

I missed this spree. =(

Awwwww……………feel like buying all of them!

I’ll wait for the next spree. =D Finally I can get fancy iphone 3G covers with flap!


Praying for Japan. Hope everyone is well, especially L and her hubby. Heard it’s still pretty safe in Tokyo and surprisingly, the country is in no frenzy. Sad thing is, we cant visit them just yet because our April Japan trip is cancelled…as it’s totally not safe to travel. Might consider to either postpone it…..OR change destination to Melbourne, Perth or Sydney…..OR anywhere where else equivalent in value.

I’m considering to postpone the trip the August during my birthday. Since I will have holiday mood then, might as well spend a holiday. Dearie’s birthday is too far away, in dec, the absolute peak period so that’s out.

Haiz..kinda pek chey now because I cant find my FchFP cert. I need it to attend a course about investment funds because I dont have M8 cert. Dearie found his. Argghhhh! Where can mine be??? =( Thankfully though, I found my AFP cert and that should be able to suffice. And ironically, dearie cant find his AFP cert. ZzZz.

So we both lost 1 cert each. *pengz* It’s weird. We both thought we had already submitted to the company to update but stranglyyyyy….as usual….somehowwww…..it’s not updated lor. Kinda worried I might have thrown it away while shifting house. (=.=)””’ Please noooooooo~~


2 Responses to iphone cover frenzy

  1. Hua says:

    Hihi, sorry i really like the iphone covers do you mind sharing the spree link with me?
    They are all so pretty!!!!
    Thank you!!!!

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