Jess & James Solemnization/Wedding Lunch @ Raffles Town Club

It was Jess & James Big day!!! Attended the event with joy as well as apprehension, because you know why? While I was very very happy for the lovely couple, I was also appointed the emcee with 24hours notice because Jess’s friend put her aeroplane at the last minute. I really dontttttt understand why people can be like that. (=.=)”””’

“Dont you have a better choice???” I asked Jess in exasperation after her SMS. Because while I’m very willing to help her the most I can, I really cant do a perfect job because I’ve never been an emcee before and I’m soOooO terrified that I’ll jeopardize their BIG DAY! I guess it’s difficult to get help at such notice… =(  So yeah, I was the emcee. =/

Immediately after the notice, I dug my lappy for the old emcee script for my own wedding(dinner). But hor, da match leh. Because it’s just very different! And I havent the foggiest idea what to say. I could only do the least by reaching earlier to discuss with the bride and coordinator, Cindy. Erm, in any case, I’m glad everything went smoothly. =P

It was my first time attending a solemnization/wedding lunch at Raffles Town Club and I was so impressed and awed by the splendor of the decor. Everything, just everything was purrrrfffect!! Really! The venue decor, the food, the service, wedding favors, right down to the feather pens, every little or big thing was simply heart-warming and tastefully arranged. I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Spent quite some time organizing them. =P


At reception.


The opulent entrance




Absolutely stunning bride! It’s my first time seeing Jess with makeup. Lol.

She has always been a natural beauty and even more so ravishing with her beauty enhanced by make-up. =)

Okie. I know I look fat with my mushroom hair(top and bottom different colours, lol) =P


The solemnizer, Mr David Ong did a fantastic job. Should have asked him to double as emcee instead of me la. A dignified-looking man of forties or so, impeccably dressed. I say, he’s a good choice for people who are very concerned with aesthetically pleasing solemnization pictures and well-executed solemnization. =P

When he appeared punctually at the reception, the receptionists asked him whether he’s a friend of Jess or James. One look at him and I concluded he’s the Justice Of Peace. He simply got the “JP look”. Muahahaha. And I said it out loud.

“And I suppose you’re a pop singer?” He asked me back.

I almost fainted at the outrageous assumption. ZzZzz

“No! I’m the last minute appointed emcee. ” I corrected him after recollecting my shock.

“You should join Star Search or something, dont she?” He looked to James for affirmation.

Both of us smiled awkwardly and unnaturally at each other for the ridiculous notion. ZzZzZzZz. That image was so simply so funny, like we’re both forced to smile at something so nonsensical. (=.=)””’

This is pretty bad. So I appeal to old men? Jialat. Hmm….or maybe he should have his glasses checked. Muahahahaha.


After the solemnization, we adjourned to The Dining Room for our sumptuous and delicious lunch!


Pianist playing in the background….so coolz! =D


Now….the food!! It’s my first time having a fine-dining wedding lunch/dinner! Just imagine my delight!


Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!! They simply tasted as divine as they looked!

And this is just the appetizers!! =D

The superb service by RTC staff were commendable too!


I chose Lamb for my main instead of Chicken. What can I say? Did you see the perfect pink? =)



By this time….I was simply so full….that I simply cant stomach all of them…

Not a connoisseur of cheese, the dish was left untouched. Oops!

The ice-cream was wonderful though! It tasted exactly like Rum & Raisin and I’m pretty sure it’s not vanilla! Anyway, it’s okie because Rum & Raisin is my favorite. =D


The sorbet was served before the main course.

Cute lollipop given by Jess! It was actually from her “lollipop” bouquet! So cute!


Personalized wedding favors!


No time to catch picture with the groom, just like all weddings, everyoneeeee were vying to snap pictures with the couple. And I couldnt wait because dearie arrived to pick me. Oh well~

It was a very sweet and heart-warming solemnization and I wish Jess and James an eternal and blissful marriage ever after!! =D


3 Responses to Jess & James Solemnization/Wedding Lunch @ Raffles Town Club

  1. Wan Ling says:


    I came across your blog while trying to search for an ideal venue for solemnisation..& your pictures of your friend’s ROM (Jess & James) was so pretty!! Which prompted me to go down to RTC.. However, RTC says that we need a membership no. & member’s name to book the venue. I do have a friend who had RTC’s membership but returned her membership just earlier this year! Now i’m kinda desperate & wanna ask if you could be so nice to help us ask your friend?? PleaSse…?? Let me know if you could help!! Thanks dear!

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