Crack crack

Fantastic mood today! Because Auntie Crimson had left! Muahahaha.

When “she” comes leh, you pray to god she faster leave. Or rather, wishing that she’ll never come back again.

BUT if she dont come leh, you’ll worry if you got p******* or near meno*****(which is a bad thing too if it happens too early)

In the end, you still have to pray to make sure “she” comes. 你说女人是不是犯。。。X。。。啊?

Aiyea, you say, arent we girls contradicting? Sometimes we say yes, but we meant no. Sometimes we say no, but we meant yes. But you cant blame us! We’re just made like that! =P

Had a super duper tiring day but it was pretty well spent. Finally ran some errands which were due for the longest time. I still have a pretty long list of to-do though. Got to bathe Vic tmr too.

I’m like yawning now in every 10 seconds and making the jaw-break-crack sound whenever I opened the biggest-mouth-in-the-world in order to yawn properly. ZzZzZzZz. Maybe I should continue Jess’s ROM entry tomorrow. Just in case my jaw suddenly dislocate or something.


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