Laughter & friends, the best medicine for almost anything

Just realised I haven been out drinking for ages. Which might be good too as too much alcohol is bad for health, especially when I’m not getting younger. Sheesh. Had been spending a couple of weekends mahjiong-ing instead. =P I’m really really getting from bad to worse…as in…I’m so lazy that I dont even wish to step out of the house. 真是越来越宅了! Haha. My friends came my house to play instead. Lately pretty lucky, won some. =) Though they are peanuts considering how much I used to lose. =P

It wasnt until last Sunday that I touched alcohol with Gra and Suan. I really felt like I didnt go out for centuries, except settling my meals simply nearby. So I asked Gra whether we can have a nice dinner somewhere. Eventually the 3 of us met at Holland V. We settled our dinner, yummy soy chicken horfan, at a air-conditioned(thank god) cafe. Chatted for HOURS until the manager came to offer another round of drinks. Damn funny. At first he asked, “Any drinks for you?”, we all shook our heads as we thought of shifting place for my drinks soon. Then he said, “It will be on the tab for you ladies, then you can take your time to chat(machiam we very talkative like that, which is, actually the truth lah. Muahahaha). I was pretty BHB and replied, “Er..then another glass of water chestnut for me, thanks!” =P Thennnn, we continued chatting again.

After another 45mins or so, we adjourned to Harry’s Bar. Gra had a cocktail, Suan had margarita while I had Chardonnay. The whole of Holland V was very crowded because it was a night for both Liverpool and Man Utd fans. =.=”’ The 3 of us had to raise our voices and lean forward to hear each other properly. Finally when we finished our drinks, I proposed that we shift to another quieter place. When the bill came, we realised there’s an error in our bill and the manager offered us another round of drinks. To which Suan and me declined with thanks(Gra was in toilet). Because I cant drink anymore lah. Somemore, I got meeting the next morning. Sigh..I used to enjoy at least 3 glasses of red wine with my fantastic wine kakkis but dont know why…lately, simply 1 glass of Chardonnay is enough. =.=”’

When Gra came back from the ladies, we told her we declined the complimentary round of drinks. And she looked surprised and disappointed, “Actually I dont mind extra round leh!” Lol. Oh no. It was too late to erm…take back our words. Paiseh! =P Anyway, we finally settled at The Coffee Club. Same old me was still the first one to cry for more food. =P We shared Shepherd Pie and Passion fruit Ice-cream tea. Yums! It was slightly past midnight and Suan’s dear hubby came to fetch us. Thanks Suan for sending me home.

I had a lovely evening/night girls. Meet up soon again!

I’m very thankful for all the wonderful friends who simply delights me with their presence, and soothe me with their smiles and kind words. They always make my day! =D


Ratings: 2.8/5

Comments: Fully expecting it to be no less than exceptional, since plot is almost similar to “Next” by Nicholas Cage, but it was a disappointment….. NATO, no action talk only. Very minimal action and there was no thrill at all. In addition, despite the story revolves about the amazing one true love between the leads, I really cant feel the connection between the both of them. There’s no chemistry, and that was why the never dying devotion from Matt and all those crap with “they were meant to be together” came as totally unbelievable for a couple who merely seen each other twice.


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