The thing with photoshop and rising bloggers

I dont have an issue with massive photoshopping pictures especially when I understand where popular bloggers are coming from; that everything must be nice nice, sui sui on their blogs.

But hor, can have a consistent standard in the photoshopping or not? As in, photoshop to the “same pretty face” lah. Some pictures looked as different as day as night! Despite as ravishing as they can be, they totally looked like different people. It calls to mind that even photoshopping can have a professional standard. Hmmm………. XX’s photoshopping skills is pretty good, for 90% of her photoshopped pictures looked pretty much the same. At least people who dont know about her(photoshopping) or people who havent seen her before might be conned into believing she really looks like that.

I cant say the same for her. And it boggles me how some bloggers, after risen to fame,  can totally change 360degrees. While I perfectly understand the view from her angle, I think it’s unnecessary to spew vulagarities at people like nobody’s business. To which, if she saw this comment, will probably reply, “It’s NONE of your BUSINESS and f*** Y**!” Lol.

You see, no matter whether you’re in the right or wrong, the moment you start cursing and swearing, it just doesnt reflect well on your upbringing and it evidently showed that you’re at a loss of words to defend yourself. Which in turn hints, that you’re guilty at whatever others might be claiming.

Can almost hear her swearing “F*** Y**” at me from a distance like an echo…..”F*** Y**…..F*** Y**….F*** Y**”. Lol. =.=”””””””’

It’s a thin line between being blunt, straight-forward, true-to-yourself, or 真, between downright insolent, haughty, rude and behaving like a total shrew. While the words I used may not be friendly, at least I dont sound like a whore who only got that 2 words in my dictionary.

As much as some bloggers, after risen to fame are trying hard to establish a famous(or infamous) identity and showing people, “I got ATTITUDE OK”, there’s still a tact to go about it. You can be mean, haughty and anything, but if possible, try to veer yourself towards the direction of a classy b*t** than a cheapkate wh***.

There’s a difference. =)


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