Good things must be shared. =)

Today’s Deal : 72% off on 90min Classic Mani or Pedi with Full Set Customized 3D Nail Art @ Deniz Nailz.

Only $38 instead of $137.

Despite not one who always do manicures/pedicures, this offer is too tempting to resist! I’ve bought! Join me! =D Hopefully the service is good though. Gonna go on weekdays, I think service will be better as less crowded. =D

3 Responses to Good things must be shared. =)

  1. Mint says:

    I’ve just went for this deal but it’s not what you think.. Despite this deal mentioned FULL SET clearly, i was told by the manicurist we only get 3 nail art on each hand and we cannot choose the design too. I didnt want to create a scene nor argue the voucher stated full set since i know it’s useless arguing. The skills of the manicurist are not good as well… Just 2 days my nail art dropped. Have you went for the mani?

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Hi Mint
      I haven go. Damn, that bad? If me I really will argue with them and threaten to smash them in forums because they dont deliver what they promise. Actually you can feedback to Wondering is it possible for me to ask for a refund from them. I read their blog before, they’re supposed to serve artistes before and have a minimum standard.
      I bought 2 vouchers somemore you know! Intending to take my mum there one. Arrghhh!

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    I’ve emailed regarding the issue. Will update when I have a reply.

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