Black Swan

Ratings: 4/5

Comments: Usually I avoid award-winning or award-nominations films because usually they have an artistic flair which I cant appreciate or decipher. But I pulled dearie to watch with me because of the excellent reviews given around me. Hmm… was a great movie, no doubt. I was so entranced by the performances by Natalie Portman that I sat riveted in my seat. There were a few horrible bloody scenes which were so damn well-executed that every time dearie and I twisted in our seats as well as twisted our faces.

All I know about the movie was it’s a psychological thriller, mystery, suspense movie with a story revolving around the star role of a drama performance or something. “With a twist you can never expect”, as quoted by a friend, I fully expect the movie to be one of a battle of wits between the female co-stars. That was only, what I imagined. Therefore,  imagine my glee when the first few spooky scenes hinted of an ghostly, evil, unborn twin. I love horror movies, and it reminded me of the thai show, “Alone”.

But as the show progressed…..I got more and more…perplexed and somewhat skeptical. “Pleaseeeee dont tell me she’s a siao ding dong…….. =.=”’

There are 2 kinds of story which always groused me. One type is whereby the lead woke up to realise the whole series of events is a dreammmmm! Another type is whereby the lead is an Ah Siao who imagines every freaking thing in her siao ding dong head. =.=”’

Haiz…despite the story is of the latter…and the sad ending, it’s still a good movie, worth a watch. Natalie had an exceedingly stellar “best actress” performance.


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