Comments: Actually dearie and I have decided to boycott Jennifer Aniston‘s movies long ago. Because most of her movies(where she’s the main lead) are a dead bore. However, we heard a couple of good reviews from friends and such that the movie is very funny, hence we caught it. It’s really entertaining and pretty funny. After the show, dearie said the reason why the show is not a dead bore like all Jennifer Aniston’s movies is because “Just go with it” is not all about her. There’s another main female lead whose parts are almost as heavy as her. Oh and I love Nicole Kidman’s special appearance. She had an irritating role but somehow, just cant bring myself to dislike the angelic her. =)



Ratings: 4.4/5

Comments: I might be somehow biased in my ratings because I simply love Liam Neeson! He’s one of the rare few hollywood stars who actually really fights swiftly with punch! The movie has all it needs, action, suspense, thrill, intriguing plot. Perhaps not much of a comedy though there are still a few funny parts. =) Definitely a must-watch!


Another movie which I meant to catch is “Black Swan“. Heard excellent reviews of it despite the poster looking grim and serious. Hopefully dearie have time to accompany me before it’s off screen.

Lately, I’ve been eating very little. Not much appetite. One of the most annoying thing will be my nose will be like stucked for 50% of the time. Hence, it’s very difficult to breathe and I have to breathe with my mouth. When you’re trying to EAT and BREATHE at the same time throught the same opening, it’s pretty tiring. It’s never the mouth’s primary purpose to breathe so somehow I dont feel good. When you breathe with your mouth, it means more air gets into your stomach. And when the stomach is bloated, you might get tummy pain. Sometimes, I try so hard to breathe with my nose(even when it’s not stucked), it’s still pretty uncomfortable, so much so the lungs hurt.

After consulting a colleague, I’m suspecting my asthma might be coming back. I’m having all the symptoms, including the very tell-tale hu-hu sound during breathing. Hmm…..I might visit the doc for some Ventolin soon. Haiz sian. It’s not as if I didnt take medicine for my flu and nose block but they dont work leh. =(



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