“Most men don’t find the Singapore woman perfect”

Most men don’t find the Singapore woman perfect

A whopping 73.29 per cent disagreed with a report that claimed local women possessed the ‘most ideal’ qualities. — ST FILE PHOTO

NO, THE Singaporean woman is not the ideal marriage partner. That was the response straitstimes.com received from its readers through a poll tagged to the article titled ‘Singaporean women: the perfect partner?’.

A whopping 73.29 per cent disagreed with a report released by an unnamed international dating agency that claimed local women possessed the ‘most ideal’ qualities namely beauty, loyalty, adherence to tradition, initiative and fluency in English, hence the label of ‘perfect partner’.

A number of readers were quite critical of Singaporean women. Wen Wei wrote on Facebook: ‘The report should be written as: Are Singaporean women the most pampered?’ Nine others decided to ‘like’ his statement on Facebook. Echoing Wen Wei’s sentiments, Massi Rites wrote: ‘Materialistic I must say. Majority of Singapore women seek men with cars. Public transport is a no-no.’

Only 25.55 per cent voted ‘Yes’. Eu Jin Gabriel Tan sportingly wrote: ‘ I support local produce.’ Kelvin Lee wrote: ‘Heck, I ain’t complaining. I married one!’

Ph Koh wrote: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no such thing as a perfect partner. Gotta work work work on it – takes mutual effort.’

The remaining 1.48 per cent decided to sit on the fence. Steve Boyce, who married a Singapore Eurasian, wrote: ‘She certainly is not pampered. I didn’t specifically seek a Singaporean wife though. It’s just how things happened.’ Taking a more holistic approach, Xavier Tan wrote: ‘It depends on how they’re brought up.’ John Tang wrote: ‘Perfect but many stay single.’

Yet another article to attack Singaporean ladies are less than perfect. This is not the first time I’m reading such content and I’m growing excessively annoyed by such articles. Rather than continuously preaching on how imperfect Singaporean Ladies are, why not reflect on how whiny and empty the journalists are – complain and complain over and over again over the same thing.

And what a stupid piece of article.

Hello~ Nobody is perfect okie.

And please dont stereotype. It all depends on how one is brought up and mutual effort between the 2 parties. Who dare to say they’re the ideal partners? There is always room for improvement. We have never said that we’re the ideal partners. And in my humble opinion, there are never ideal partners, only ideal relationships.

I dont believe in anyone being perfect. Only people who love one another perfectly.

(P/S Why I cant find the name of the journalist who wrote the article? He/she must be clueless of what to write and thus come up with a highly controversial but bland article.)



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