Ratings: 3.8/5

Comments: I heard from dearie this movie’s plot is copied from a Hollywood movie starred by Mel Gibson. In any case, I haven watch before and it’s a very refreshing and interesting movie. It’s quite funny and worth a watch. And wow, didnt expect Andy can maintain such a….erm…nice body at his age. Haha. Oh and Gong Li is getting more alluring and lovelier!



Ratings: 3/5

Comments: It’s a rather slow-paced movie so if you’re impatient, you may skip it. Almost no horror scenes. I didnt see any scenes as depicted in the terrifying posters. Somehow I can never understand the pastors’ way of exorcism. It’s as if so long so you have a strong faith and a strong heart, literate and able to read the bible with a deafening voice, you can perform the ritual. And what’s with the must to ask for the devil’s name? Is it essential for the subjugate? And why in some instances, the devil said it itself, isnt it like of…you know..?



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