Advance Happy Valentines =D

On hearing that I love the movies screened on SCV channels 866, 867 and 868, dearest hubby subscribed them for me!!! It really came as quiteeee a surprise for me because the usual him will always ask me to go ahead and do it myself because this busy man is a workaholic and I’m a very neglected wife. =P But as much as I love the movies(both new and celestial), I was hesitant about increasing the monthly burden of dearie. So…I was like…….procrastinating about it, because I thought it will be like another S$100 extra monthly. Therefore, imagine my surprise when dearie sms me this afternoon and said he had subscribed and I can watch them immediately!! So sweettttttttttttttttttttt!!! Smuacks!!!

Our basic channels consisting of some Taiwanese variety shows, GEO channels and some HK drama costs around S$70+ per month. And the extra 3 channels surprisingly cost another S$20 more only. So total around a hundred per month. I blame it all on the stupid Mediacorp! You guys have seen what kinda CRAP Taiwanese old folks shows they screened on Channel 8 right? And sorry to say, I simply have no interest in local productions other than the news.

Really loving the movies screened on the newly subscribed SCV channels!! That explains why I’m still up at this hour, 5am! =P

Valentines Day is coming soon! And I almost didnt know it until dearest hubby insisted on meeting me on sunday(Vday eve) even when I told him I’m meeting Lin, Jes, and Jas. Opps! He almost never do that(except once) and especially not without giving reason. That’s when I realised it must be an important date. Had no choice but to say I cant make it. =( Initially the gathering date was set on Sat and we all said okie until Lin backed out because she’s meeting her bf. When we finally fixed on Sunday instead, then now I backed out. *stucked out tongue* OMG! Jas is okie with postponing to next week but Jes didnt reply. Hopefully she’s not angry with me. =( Dont worry though, I’ll definitely be there on her ROM in Mar!!

Wonder what did dearie plan…..he seldom plan for our events nowadays,, usually is me. So I’m pretty curious about it. Heez! But as usual, he asked me not to expect too much because I’m one with super high expectations. So he always tend to lower it abit so as not to disappointment me. Hahaha! I’m already very happy that he tried to plan something as he’s always busy with work. So no worries my dear~ =D

Happy Valentines Day in advance everyone! I hope everyone, no matter single or attached, will enjoy this lovely day with happiness and have a smooth-sailing family/love life always!!! =D


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