Day 02 – The meaning behind your Tumblr WordPress name

Since I dont have Tumblr, I can probably blog about the meaning behind my wordpress name instead.

Little Chilli Padi

Kinda obvious right?

“Little” refers to my height loh, sadly, not my age. =P  Call me short or petite or whatever you want. =) The words doesnt matter, the hidden meaning behind the words then matters. And that is something not easily hidden. =)

“Chilli Padi”, as the nick suggests, I’m not one to be trifled with. Actually I’m not that potent, merely the tongue only mah. Muahahahaha. Dont think YY, I merely meant, I can be real mean with words if I really want to. I used to be reallyyyy reallllyyy mean. For example, I can say things like, “Can you leave me alone? You very 烦 leh!” or “I will never be free. I will never go out with you. We are impossible, get it?!” In short, I say things without any brain processing and disregard people’s feelings. But well, sometimes, some people just dont get it! You just have to be damn blunt about it, it’s actually better for them. The saying goes, 长痛不如短痛 mah.

That calls to mind this particular group of people whom I absolutely abhor.

Despite being rejected countless times, despite being informed clearly that they dont stand a chance, they still continue to 死缠烂打, harboring a ray of hope that one day after many manyyyy years, that the person they love will finally be touched by allllllll his/her actions and reciprocate their love.

Ya Possible lor. One in a million.

Even if they did, is that love? Or simply gratitude? Nobody knows.


I can understand where you’re coming from if the one you love is a B* who enjoys leading you on.

I can also understand if you cant get over a previous relationship for years because you cant let go.

But here, I’m talking about people who has NEVER get together with the one they love and despite being informed clearly that they stand no chance, they still continue to wait wait wait wait wait while suffering in agony, doing all sorts of things trying to make a difference and lastly, whining and complaining to the whole world.

They always like to act happy and carefree, that they dont mind waiting.

But once in a while, they will update their facebook status with words like, “只要你快乐,我也快乐。” or “Love is about giving and not expecting anything in return. =)” or “no idea why I’m doing this to myself….”

Duhz! Is there a need to announce how noble you are, or rather, how silly you are? If you are really that noble, then just keep quiet and dont post those kinda things. People who dont know the details might think otherwise. They will probably wonder, “Wah….dont know who so heartless. X treat him/her SO WELL but he/she still dont want to accept him.” or “Must be him/her keep leading him on, that’s why X cant let go. Etc etc”

And if the target had made it clear at the very beginning, he/she must be fuming mad.

“I also never ask you to do all this nor wait for me. Just stop all this foolish acts! It doesnt make a difference!”



Sometimes I also dont know whether to commend them for being 痴情 leh…or…..sigh…. Personally I dont like this kind of..whiny behavior. When it’s clear that you dont stand a chance with someone else, why not move on and open your door to other people who might be willing be take a step in?

I believe many would have caught “下一站,幸福” by 吴建豪, 安以轩.

I find that 花拓也 super irritating. It’s already damn obvious that 慕橙 dont like him at all, except treating him as her buddy. She did not mislead him with any body contact or words and only chose to accept his help when she’s really desperate. Despite so, he still continue to force himself on her again and again, especially in vulnerable situations where she dont have a choice.

Is this love? This is 趁火打劫 leh.

When he finally threw a tantrum with tears rolling down his cheeks that why 慕橙 has never trusted him enough to approach him for help at first thought, I was like rolling my eyes. That’s because 慕橙 is very independent and dont wish to accept his help, for fear of misleading him further or owing him any favors. And all this is because, she knows she cant and wont accept his love!

Not everyone is like 慕橙, and there’s another group of people who loves leading people on and breaking peoples’ hearts.

变态 lor, and simply too free. Compared with people like these, I think I’m still not too bad. =P

I couldnt be bothered to waste my time AND other people’s time and feelings. Most importantly, I merely feel it’s very evil to play with someone else’s feelings when you have no intention of reciprocating.

In the past, L did persuaded me to be moreeeee t-a-c-t-f-u-l   in rejecting people but as I was still very young and impudent then, I merely brushed it off by saying, “But it’s very effective!! Works like a charm!” Hahaha Saves so much trouble and time. =P Sweet-tempered L can go to great lengths just to let someone down easily. For example, she can lie that she already got a 4 year old son so as to deter suitors whom she’s not interested in. But just imagine my amusement when one of them said, “I dont mind you have a son. I will treat him as my own. =)” L was obviously stunned and had to crack her brains for another way out. Lol. So nice of her, wasnt she? =)  For me, I prefer short-cuts lah. Wahahaha And I dont like to lie. You need many lies to cover up one lie. Very troublesome. =P

I only get to become more tactful was when I entered sales line. It improved my temper, tolerance and tact in communication. I dont say such mean words anymore. Although I can still get pretty riled up when people continuously try to test the waters by irritating me. Still have room for improvement!

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