CNY Chu 4 2011

Chu 4

Went Boss’s house to bai nian. As usual, the 3 storey estate was swarmed with people. Just giving warm handshakes to half the crowd made my hands limp. Haha. Okie, a gross exaggeration. It was indeed a very joyous event seeing so many happy faces. I had to marvel how time flies when every new year, I’m amazed by the growth of the little kiddos of my colleagues. Some of the toddlers had grown so tall and some babies had also grown so much hair since I saw them last year. How I wish I can experience the same “growth”. Lol. Muahahahahaha. =P

After satisfying our growling stomachs with the buffet, shortly after, I began mahjiong session with Lyn, Dor and Qi. Hohoho~Sometimes I really wish dearie can be more participative with games. I mean, not all the time, but at least during festive seasons or when I’m playing mahjiong. Although he’s supposedly enjoying himself with his iphone while sitting beside me, I wish he can join in the fun with the others at the gambling table. It’s ultimately, Chinese New Year mah. But it’s also not that he’s unsociable, he’s just not a “gambling person” that’s all. He dont like anything which is associated with gamble. Actually I dont like gambling too. However, for new year, sometimes I will play cards awhile for the sake of fun. I still enjoy the mahjiong game more, though again, it’s merely the game and not the gambling part with money which interests me. Of course, can win is good lah. =)

Half way through the game, we paused to lo hei!! It was an impressive lo hei session comprising of no lesser than 50 people. I think we had a total of 7 boxes of lo hei? You can just imagine how happening when all were “lo” at the same time! Pandemonium simply broke loose especially when some colleagues were super enthu in lo-ing the highest they can! At times like this, it’s super disadvantageous for me lah when I’m so short!! It was as if they “lo” above my head instead and all the carrot la, cucumber la, sesame seeds la, all landed on my head and arms. =(  Actually I merely “lo” once(a single stroke) before I fled to safety. But dearie was behind me and he blocked my pathway. =((((( He is a very superstitious person lor, dont see him like that, =P So he also “lo” until very very high, which is no difficulty to him la since he’s so tall. By the time I escaped to the safety zone, poor me had became a “christmas tree“. I had to remove the clip in my hair and gave a hard shake to remove all the debris in it. =.=”’ Thank god it’s not alot.

We resumed the mahjiong game. Qi was super lucky and zi mo 5 dai twice. Thus emerging as the big winner. It was still a pretty friendly game with me losing around S$50+ and Lyn $70+. =) It was already 6pm and most of them left. Dearie and I stayed to play cards. This time round, Dearie did “take part” by betting on Des’s cards because he was super lucky! In fact, just the bet on his cards ALONE come up to around maximum $200. Imagine how stressful it was for the zeng(banker), who was Boss. I played my own with a friendly bet of merely S$6 per game. Dearie won around S$100+ while I lost S$20+.  Adjourned to Jalan Kayu nearby for prata before heading home. Shag!!

Next year I shall wear a cap to Boss’s house for lo hei so that I can “lo” properly without emerging as a christmas tree!!!

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