Chinese New Year Chu 3

Before I start my entry……… let me express my deepest condolences to M, my colleague, whose mum had passed away on 3rd Feb(Chu 1)..only got to know it few days later.

I still remember the fateful New Year Eve when mum was hospitalised…it was as if the world had caved in on me… That was probably the lowest point in my life, I felt so alone. With 2 younger brothers gloomy and clueless on New Year Eve…I had to be strong and try to “produce” a New Year Eve’s reunion dinner. I always thought I’m independent and strong but I felt so wrong then. With all the spring cleaning then on my shoulders, I was on the verge on breaking down mentally and physically. Eventually I made it…steamboat is actually not that difficult…just cut up the ingredients will do…though it all tasted pretty bland to all of us.

I was already wtih Dearie then but he was not the sensitive and caring hubby yet. He merely went home to have dinner with his family and did not helped me one bit…though I know he had to and he SHOULD do that…I really felt all alone and wished he could stay. =( He did not offer to invite me back to his home for dinner, neither do I think I will want to impose on them anyway. I felt terrible…fearing what will happen to Mummy…Thank god eventually she was discharged. I can just imagine M and his family’s grief and fear must have been more than 10times of mine… Hopefully his mum can rest in peace.

Anyway, I know all that’s in the past already and dearie, I’m not PURPOSELY bringing it up okie. But I have my memories and did not suffer amnesia. =P I’m glad he loves and cares more for me and mummy now. Oh and we’re bringing mummy to OUR favourite Jacky Cheung’s concert on Aug 28th 2011!!!  Thanks to dearie for sponsoring our pretty “indulgent” tickets. =D

Okie…time to recap the happy CNY events. =D

Sian, today is “officially” my last day of CNY holiday. =P Woke up with a bad throat and sneezing non-stop. Was super gloomy when all other SCV channels were no longer available. Emo Emo. =( Was wondering should we subscribe to it? They really have nice chinese movies and “celestial” movies!! I’m “ancient” mah. I love old movies!! But I’m afraid I will glued to the TV and stopped moving after I subscribed. Lol.

Chu 3

Supposed to wake up earlier and go mother-in-law house but we overslept and didnt go. =P Anyway, I think they had “enough” of us as we had meet them both on Eve and Chu 1. Hahaha. My parents-in-laws are very independent and modern parents who loves their personal space. Kinda scared they find us irritating, keep bothering them. Lol. So glad to see them so loving all these years. =)

Went J and SH’s lovely home at Duxton around 3+pm. HR and wifey were overseas and HS was sick, so didnt join us. Including Al and wifey, we had 3 couples, total of 6 people. We gorged on KFC delivery and had fun playing monopoly card games and our special “daidee”. Although, it seems the crowd was not as lively as our New Year Eve(31st Dec 2010) gathering. More people were present then and we had more games.

Around 8+pm, we left for Shir’s house at Bedok. That’s when even more fun began! We had a total of 7 people and had a lot of fun catching up because I haven seen Rey and Shi for a pretty long time! I think since my wedding! So ya lah, with Joh and Rey around(I called them the crappiests, hahaha), we had alot of laughs. Was glad dearie had fun mingling as well because this is the FIRST time that he’s joining me and my friends.

Rey was helping himself to the pyramid of bottles of red wine at Shir’s house. Lol So funny. Too bad my throat STILL wasnt feeling okay so I merely had maybe 2 glasses or lesser. The others simply…wah…machiam free flow like that, opening 1 bottle after another! Lol. Heng the generous Shir dont mind. Heez!

Shir got her rewards too for she was very heng1(lucky)! We played a new card game call “Caribbean” as taught by her and it was our first time playing. Basically still a game which requires lots and lots of luck and almost no skill needed lah. We also played blackjack. The generous host won a total of hundred odd maybe because we did not bet very big also lah. Friendly friendly. =) Then we moved on to mahjiong because cards kept lose mah. So the non-mahjiong players basically helped themselves to MORE wine and gossip while the mahjiong players “fought on”. Dearie accompanied me by staying by me. =)

Shir was losing mahjiong untilllll her dear hubby, Mike came back! The moment he sat down and took her place hor, immediately he zi mo(self touch) a 5 dai game. ZzzZzz. Hahaha And then he kept winning and diao zeng(stay as banker) for few rounds untilllll Shir came back to play and lost the zeng. Lol. It was very funny lah. Still, the lovely couple, together with the crappy Rey won some bucks while poor Joh and me contributed to their happiness. Lol. But it was not alot lah. I lost a S$30 while Joh lost a S$50 maybe. =) We were laughing like hell that it was still very “worth it”, as we treated the mahjiong losses as “cover charges” and red wine charges. Muahahahaha. After the game, we were so famished that we gorged on the Mac which was delivered just in time! We later left at 3+am. =D

Do gather again soon!! Missing you all already!! =)

We had missed going Roy’s lovely home together with other colleagues because we simply couldnt split ourselves up into 2. And also because most of our friends had to work on monday(today), so most of them wanted to meet on Chu 3, which is a Saturday. Anyway we got to meet our colleagues the next day on Chu 4 at Boss’s home. =)

Tomorrow(tues, Chu 6) is lucky heng gang day(lucky-to-work-day)!!! And I have a long long long day tomorrow, starting from 10am. So might rest earlier tonite.

Unknowingly wrote such a long entry, continue tomorrow. =) Nite peeps!


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