Happy new lebbit year!!!

Happy new year everyone!! Sincerely wishing everyone has a smashing great abundant year ahead!!!

祝:身体健康! 心想事成! 天天开心! 龙马精神! 兔年行大运!!

This has been a real busy CNY, to date. And it doesnt help when I’m not feeling well at some point of time. I’m glad I’m better now. =)

The night before 除夕, we went Jurong Point Ntuc Extra to buy lotsa groceries so as to prepare for meals for the new year period. There were hoards of people and the queue was simply horrible. While shopping at the ntuc, I saw some families full force out with both the young and old doing new year groceries shopping together. It was a very sweet and rare sight. =)  Some old couples had small squabbles like, e.g, the uncle(grandfather) said “Aiya! That one we have liao! No need buy lah!” and the auntie(grandmother) said, “Finished liao lah! Trust me, this one must buy!” Lol. Kinda funny.

Most of the time though, we always see the uncles complaining, “Faster lahhhhhh. Can faster or nottttt?” Then the wifeys will give an indignant, fierce stare. Muahahaha So funny. =P  You hardly see the husbands accompanying the wives and when they finally did it a.k.a yearly mode, then they still complain. So bad. Aiyoh! =P  Thank god my hubby not like that. But then, few more years down the road then difficult to say liao la. Hahaha! Oh Initially we shopped together, but when we see the “amazing” queue, we finally relented and co-operated by splitting 2 ways; i.e, dearie go queue first while I quickly picked up few stuffs on my own. =D

It has been a long time since I cooked and I have to wake up like 3 hours earlier to defrost the ingredients and prepare for cooking etc. Cum washing the dishes…it was really very tiring. Dearie did help me though by washing sometimes.

除夕 night was of course spent having reunion steamboat dinner with the in-laws. After the steamboat dinner, we went Lot 1 for movie.

Movie title: All’s Well End’s Well 2011


Comments: It was such a disappointment. To think I was looking forward to newbies in the series like Donnie, Cecilia, Carina and ya the popular Louis Koo. I dont mind they have a crappy plot or story whatever but the main thing is it should be funny mah and it wasnt. Probably because I have a high 笑点 bah. Only few parts were funny lor and most of the scenes were super redundant. Definitely NOT a must-watch lah. This series’ standard has been dropping….might skip the movie next year(if any), unless of course my dearest Jacky Cheung or Ady An in it? Heez!

Btw, anyone sick of Louis Koo like I do? I dont like him, neither do I detest him. He just strucked me as a ordinary actor with a nice face. However, even if nice face, if he always appear in almost every movie, still will sian one lor. Especially when the TV new year shows are mostly his. ZzZzz

After the show and after sending all of them home, by the time we reached home, it was well past mid night. Shag man!



Went mummy’s place to bai nian and had steamboat. I was very thankful for the mass amount of meat because I’m more of a carnivore la. Had little to eat at in-laws place because they’re more of herbivore and there’s not many choices for me. Practically I had a few prawns and stuffed myself full with quail eggs. =.=””’ The soup was super yummy though. =) Mummy’s shabu-shabu meat was super delicious because they’re so thin and tender. However not much taste as mummy didnt marinate them. So we had to dip soya sauce when cooking. Still turns out great! Though I still think my marinated chicken and beef were better. =P

After the dinner, dearie and I went river angbao to join parents-in-laws to 猜灯谜. FIL is very good at it. When we reached, I got very excited because this year is very different from the last. It was held at the floating river opposite marina bay sands and it was beautiful with all the lanterns and deco etc. However, I was kinda disappointed when there were very few food stalls and the few were either serving very common food at exorbitant prices, else they made it difficult by making it compulsory to buy coupons. I dont get it, I simply wanted to buy a stick of curry fishballs at S$2.00, and I still need to buy a S$5 coupon? So troublesome, forget it. There were some game stalls and I was very tempted to try my luck. However, MIL gave many negative comments, I mean, being old folks and all, saying things like, “Aiya very difficult to win one lah. Confirm lose money one etc.” She said until I paiseh to try to play, so eventually didnt play la.

It was then I realised, sometimes when they say love have no boundaries, not nationalities, not age, not race whatever, it’s true. BUT when there is too big an age gap, such an incident will/might happen. As in the older, more mature partner will be less enthu with such kiddy stuff, and in a way, more practical. DOnt you agree, the older you get, actually the more practical you get, more or less? Of course I know the game stalls are difficult to win la, so do the people who play. But it’s merely for the fun of it mah. =) Anyway, once a year only.

I would have pull dearie to play the pong pong car if it werent too crowded on the floor. At one glance, there wasnt much space to move at all! As expected, when it started, the cars can hardly move at all. ZzZz Nahz anyway, even if there were enough space, we also paiseh to play while letting parents-in-law wait for us lah. =) Actually I also wished to play a few(merry-go-round!) but dearie said they might cause giddiness, I also paiseh to let others wait so eventually didnt play.

I guess an age gap of 5 years is roughly like that one lah. Wahahahaha. However, it’s not that bad because I’m also not a fun rides kinda person as I’m terribly afraid of heights. =P

The 灯谜 were so much more difficult this year, many were left unsolved. If you’re interested, they will be there till 13th I think.

After that, we went for supper and again, by the time we’re home, it’s past midnight again! Shaggggggggggg~~~



Mummy came over our house to cook her fantastic yummy king prawns etc and watched tv with us. I think tonight will be a less tiring night. Which is good, because tomorrow we have 3 houses, or maybe 4(if got time) to visit. =P



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