Day 01- Challenge

Day 01 – A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I think amongst everything about me, the most interesting fact will be I totally dont look like my personality, as commented by many friends. Or rather, I look the opposite.

=.= That’s sad……….. Really makes me 哭笑不得……

Okie, to start the ball rolling, about the interesting facts about me, the first thing will be getting to know… the real me is like.

1) I’m not a smoker, although I know very well I look like one. Sigh. No, it’s not the yellow teeth, I have fairly white teeth…just the smoker look I guess. I did smoked before when I was around 21(pardon, 年少无知lah) but quit shortly after when I realised it gave me sorethroat and super dry skin.

2) I’m not a sucker for money or branded goods and not a materialistic b*tch. There’s definitely reason for every item or branded goods I bought, be it for it’s design, it’s quality, it’s value etc. Similarly, I also own non-branded goods, so long so I like it. However, I have absolutely no issues with people who are brand conscious and I particularly dislike people who termed these people “brand wh*res”. I think it’s really rude and immature because no one has any right to judge someone’s likes and dislikes.

3) I’m not as wild as people think I am.

I’m definitely more fun-loving when I’m younger but definitely not to the extent of being “wild”. I have never tried drugs nor abortion in my whole life and will never will. Erm, the wildest thing I had ever done in my whole life, lol, will be like, erm, clubbing in more than 3 different places till daybreak(still conscious) and walking back home alone on foot in drizzles all the way from Choa Chu Kang to Yew Tee one night when I got my heart broken at 21.

4) I’m definitely not a flirt. Not even when I’m single. I’m more of the tom-boy kind and speaks whatever on my mind. I have NEVER 2-time before nor snatches anyone’s boyfriend in my whole life. So stop asking me whether did I snatch who-and-who’s bf just because some girl has a problem with me. Seriously, do I really look like those type who will and who CAN snatch someone’s boyfriend meh? You think too “highly” of me liao lor. Frankly speaking, if a guy can be snatched so easily, it’s also not worth keeping.

5) As much as how “tough” I look……I cry superrrr easily………whenever touching and sad scenes in movies….or when sad news of children/animals being mistreated….That’s why I always avoid watching touching/sad movies. I’m a softie at heart actually. =P

6) I’m er…actually not as dumb as I look. I dont know why some people always like to lie to me, sometimes for the most trivial stuff. Though I usually wont voice it out. For what? =) I’m very sensitive and usually can detect mood changes if I care to notice the people around me.

7) I’m one who treasures relationships, kinship and friendship alot alot. Very very sentimental. However, once anyone used up all my tolerance and the love I have for them, they’re as good as dead to me. Oh, not that I wish them to be dead, I still wish them well, =) But merely, they cant affect me as like before.

8) I dont like to get calculative with money unless it’s with people I super super dislike. So much so I’m often taken for granted(chopped like a carrot) just because people doesnt want to pay me back automatically and I’m paiseh to ask.

9) I have a stronger interest for guy’s games, like counterstrike, pool, snooker. I can spend 3-4 hours playing such games when I was younger. But sadly, not many kakkis now. For sports, I like badminton, cycling  and volleyball.

10) I have aqua-phobia, because I nearly drowned once when I was 9 during a swimming lesson in a public pool. Stupid relief teacher! When I meant I nearly drowned, I really really nearly drown because no one knew I was struggling at 1 corner in the deep pool. All the students and relief teacher had left to the middle pool. I haven learnt how to come up for breathing yet and it was by sheer luck that I managed to struggle to the side by mere kicking. I drank buckets of water. =(

11) Hmm….the only feminine side of me will probably be when I’m playing the organ. I’m actually 1 grade short of reaching the teacher’s grade and was my teacher’s best student. The memory of being the lead player during my first performance playing “The Phantom of the opera” will forever etched in my mind. I’ve stopped then because dad cant afford the fees anymore. Eventually, I got busy with work…and didnt get around to playing it again. Kinda lost touch already.

12) My best and favorite subjects at school were mathes(E & A), Chinese, E.literature and Biology. English is my WORST subject, barely passing. And imagine how appalled I am when friends commented my English is good when they read my blog. =P  My most frequented website is you know. =) And wait till you see Adrian’s English, his then is power. =)

13) I love Chinese history, Shakespeare, weird sea creatures, natural disasters etc. And I love reading romance novels in both English and Chinese and 武侠小说, especially’s 金庸. I own almost all of his novels. And I absolutely adore Judith Mcnaught‘s romance novels and I own all of her books. =) Hmm yeah…I’m quite a nerd…who loves reading.

14) I’m mostly nice but can be real sarcastic to people I detest, which is very seldom. I have a wide ruler towards all people as I believe no man is perfect, especially myself. If I can detest a person, that person must be pretty jialat.

15) I’m short-tempered, but I forgive and forget easily. Sad memories are not worth keeping, though I do remember not to make the same mistake. I dont believe in hating someone because one can never be happy with hatred in his/her heart. Embrace the world with love, only then will you achieve peace and happiness!


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